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Published in the 16-31 Oct 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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ustice S. Natrajan, Chief Guest, distributed the awards to students and also presented the SIO Honourary Award to the correspondent of Noorul Huda Primary School Mohammad. Shafee
Justice S. Natrajan, Chief Guest, distributed the awards to students and also presented the SIO Honourary Award to the correspondent of Noorul Huda Primary School Mohammad. Shafee

New Delhi : In Delhi these are the days of annual functions in Islamic madrasas and religious institutions when ‘Dastaar Bandis’ (convocations) are held and certificates given to successful students after passing different examinations. Such functions were held in many institutions like Madrasa Rahmania Darul Qur’an, Zeenatul Qur’an; Janta Colony; Madrasa Al Jamiatul Islamia, Masjid 64- Khamba, Meer Dard Road, Madrasa Qadiriya Rizvi Talimul Islam, Janta Colony; Darul Uloom Ghausia in Khyala; Jamia Rashidia Noorul Islam, Ashok Vihar etc. Prominent religious leaders like Maulana Shaheen Jamali Chaturvedi, Maulana, Anees Ahmad Azad Bilgrami, Maulana Shamsuddin Chaturvedi and a host of others spoke on these occasions. In their speeches they exhorted the students to follow the teachings of Qur’an and lead a pious life. 

Mubarakpur: Noor Jahan, a poor girl became a victim of dowry a couple of years after her marriage. Ghulam Rasool of Mohalla Shaheed Nagar of Mubarakpur married his daughter to one Qaisar Ali of Mohalla Badarqa, Azamgarh in May 2002. The poor man took a loan of Rs one lakh for marriage purposes and gave dowry according to his status but finding these insufficient, Noor Jahan’s in-laws started harassing her shortly after marriage. According to post mortem report, her hands and feet were first tied and she was severely beaten. Thereafter she was strangulated, locked in a room and set on fire. At first police described this incident as a case of suicide but later on registered it as a case of murder for dowry. 

Srinagar : Jammu and Kashmir minister for Haj and Auqaf, Sarfaraz Khan inaugurated the first Computer Training Centre of its kind of Auqaf situated at Residency Road in Jammu in which students of schools run by the Auqaf will be given admission. Two hundred and fifty students in each course will be imparted basic training in computer in stages. During the training period the students will also be given monthly scholarships of Rs 250 each. 

Azamgarh : After 3 weeks educational atmosphere is back to normal in all schools and colleges here. Shibli National College also opened on 30 Sept though the students did not turn up in full strength and a sense of fear was writ large on the faces of students and teachers. District authorities posted two companies of PAC inside and outside the College campus. According to these authorities PAC companies will remain in position for many more days. In any case people by and large have appreciated the steps taken by the district authorities for maintaining peace. 

New Delhi : The Congress Party has demanded Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujrat to apologize for a map in a text book showing Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. Addressing a press conference, Congress representative Jayanti Natrajan said that the education department of Gujrat Government has published a wrong map of India that should be removed from the book as soon as possible. She further said that regarding National Anthem published in a book in Kerala which failed to mention the name of Gujrat, Mr Modi had told that ‘that was a sacrilege of Gujrat’ while the current matter is, in fact a sacrilege of the whole country on which Modi should apologize to the whole country.

Mewat to have new district
From 1 November, Mewat area will have another district: Satyameo Puram which will be carved out of Gurgaon and Fridabad. It will be Haryana’s twentieth district. Meos have been demanding a separate district for their majority area so that their most underdeveloped area may grow. Haryana chief minister OM Chautala has promised to bring SYL canal to the Mewat area.

Ulama Council for tactical voting 
A breakthrough was achieved in Maharashtra's keenly contested assembly election campaign when the traditionally Congress-NCP-dominated Ulama Council in Mumbai for the first time agreed not to issue any blanket endorsement to any particular political party in the coming state assembly eelctions. Muslim voters constitute 13 percent of the electorate and have decisive presence in some of the key state and Bombay city constituencies. In view of the failure of the so-called Secular Alliance of the Congress and NCP, to prevent communal riots around the state and the communalised and discriminatory behaviour of state police and NCP's home ministry, there is great disenchantment with both parties, who are engaged in a close contest with the Hindutva protagonists coalition of Shiv Sena and BJP. Ulama Council's courageous move on 19 September is designed to register Muslim voters' utter disdain with the vote bank politics and a clear warning to the secular parties that their scare tactics have lost their stranglehold on Muslim voters. (Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai)

New Delhi: Independent Councillor from Okhla, Asif Mohammad Khan who was arrested on the eve of Independence Day for likely breach of peace was shortly released by a Delhi court but re-arrested by police under National Security Act (NSA). A-3-member bench of Delhi High Court, while criticising Delhi police for malafide intention, rejected his arrest under NSA and released Asif ‘honorably’ on 5 October.

New Delhi : In view of the dangerously low level of representation of Muslims in different departments of government, Jamiatul Ulama-e Hind in its recent working committee meeting decided to launch a campaign at all-India level for demanding reservation for Muslims. The committee also laid emphasis on the need for delimitation of electoral constituencies anew. The committee’s thinking is that re-organisation of electoral districts is necessary because under a planned conspiracy, electoral districts with Muslim majority have been divided or merged with Dalit areas so as to make it a reserved constituency for Dalits. The government idea behind such arrangement is to divide Muslim votes, thereby weakening their collective political power. Campaign to undo this, therefore, has become necessary, the committee believes. 

Community Polytechnic of Aligarh Muslim University’s Women’s College organised a function on 5 October to award certificates to successful trained students of first and second batch. All the speakers who included Aligarh’s Mayor Savitri Varshni, Vice Chancellor’s wife Mrs Anjum Naseem, Engineering College principal Prof Razaulla Khan and others expressed the hope that poor and needy persons including women, after completing their training will definitely succeed in building a good future for themselves and their family. Prof Razaulla called upon trained ladies to set up their own business and employment avenues with the help of cooperatives and build bright future.

Delhi’s Jama Masjid Complex, it appears, has been taken over by encroachments. There is Maulana Azad’s tomb also. Four public parks were built by DDA and supposed to be maintained by it but no one bothers. The entire complex has been occupied by illegal encroachers. There are more than 10 thousand illegal shops, auto workshops, parking lots etc which are patronised by the law enforcing authorities at a price. On an average shop keepers have to dish out Rs 2000 a month for carrying on their illegal business. Local MP, Kapil Sibbal and Union Minister for urban development Ghulam Nabi Azad recently visited the area and promised to clean up the mess’. Let us see what they do.

Rampur: Chairman of UP Arabic-Persian Madrasa Board, Maulana Khalil Athar Ashrafi said here that Mulayam Singh government has taken several important decisions in the interests of Muslims. He said that no Arabic and Persian madrasas will be required to get themselves registered now and like Sanskrit Pathshalas, these madrasas will automatically be affiliated to Madrasa Board and teachers of Madrasa Board will also get their salary equal to that of Sanskrit Board teachers.

Afzal Hussain Awards
he Student Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) presented this year’s Afzal Hussain Awards to meritorious students in a function held at the L.L.A Building, Chennai on 26 September 2004. Justice S. Natrajan, Chief Guest, distributed the awards to students and also presented the SIO Honourary Award to the correspondent of Noorul Huda Primary School Mohammad. Shafee (photograph below).

Addressing the function Dr. Haji Mohinuddin, Zonal president of SIO, said that the SIO is a national organisation striving for the educational awakening, upliftment and guidance of students. He proposed to start several programmes such as scholarships, coaching classes and career guidance cells etc. for the benefit of students.

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