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Published in the 16-31 Oct 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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President APJ Abdul Kalam receiving on 6 October a Pankha  from members of Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan who organise the annual Phool Walon Ki Sair in Delhi

President APJ Abdul Kalam receiving on 6 October a Pankha from members
of Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan who organise the annual Phool Walon 
Ki Sair in Delhi


New Delhi : Kerala Women’s Commission has dismissed the concern of National Commission for Women (NCW) over the increasing marriages of state’s Muslim girls to Arab nationals and criticised it for making much ado about nothing. Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission, Mrs M. Kamalam accused NCW of continuing the campaign against such marriages only on the basis of complaints of some persons. She said that Muslims in Kerala are a very progressive community and should not be projected in any other way. She asked if NCW knows that the biggest problem of Kerala girls today is their ill treatment when they go abroad for employment and asked whether it is doing any thing for redressal of their grievances?

Khandwa : Muslim Educational Society has decided to set up 20 professional training centres in Khandwa for different courses. Four of these courses will be of interest to ladies. After completion of training in different fields the Society will also arrange for loans for their self employment. Sayyadna Burhanuddin, religious head of Bohra Community has sanctioned an amount of Rs one lakh to the state unit of this Society. Chairman of the state’s Minorities Commission, Ibrahim Quraishi who is also president of the society, gave this information and said that in view of the growing trend towards education of girls in Muslim society if some social organisation comes forward to set up girls hostel in Khandwah, the Commission will provide 90 percent grant for this purpose.

Kolkata : Help has come to Sultana Begum, a descendent of Moghal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar from unexpected source. News about her wretched life who was running a small tea stall in Kolkata’s poor locality to eke out a living had appeared in many newspapers. When Sardar Raj Pal an Indian living in Florida (USA) came to know about this, he felt great pity for her and decided to help. He was in India recently in connection with 400th anniversary celebration of Guru Garanth Saheb. After that he went to Kolkata and some how was able to locate her. He spent the whole night in Sultana Begum’s narrow and dingy cottage. Thinking that if he gives her cash by way of help, it will be spent soon and her condition will become as before. He suggested to her to procure jewellery items, leather goods, gift items etc and send them to him in America for which she will get commission which will be a good source of income for her. He said that he intends to adopt her 12-year old grand daughter Roshan Ara but only after consulting his wife in Florida. 

New Delhi : All India Milli Council has welcomed Delhi government’s decision to grant merit scholarships to students belonging to minority communities, backward caste and backward tribes the annual income of whose parents or guardians is not more than Rs 48,000. Boy and girl students from 6th to 8th classes and living in Delhi and who have secured marks between (and including) 55 and 60 percent will get monthly scholarships of Rs 300 to Rs 500, Students of 9th to 12th classes securing marks between 55 and 60 percent in their last examination will be given monthly scholarships of Rs 1200. Also, such scholarships will be given only to those students who are not getting any scholarships from any other institution.

Jaipur: Zarron ki Hararat (Heat of Particles), a collection of short stories by Rajasthan’s authoress Sarwatunnisa was released by Prof Waris Alvi at a function held at Jaipur’s Press Club in the presence of prominent men of letters. A number of poets, writers and intellectuals paid rich tributes to Sarwat’s short stories. Since she blongs to Tonk, a former princely state in Rajasthan, many speakers said that this daughter of Tonk has added to the glorious and rich literary history of Tonk.

New Delhi : Jamia Millia Islamia’s department of Arabic and Dr Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies jointly organised a function in honour of Mohammad Al Amin Rishwan, a senior journalist of Sudan. Paying tribute to India’s democracy in his speech, he said that people of Sudan have always been considering India as a model of democracy and creation of Hizbul Mo’tamar on the pattern of India National Congress and naming a road after Mahatma Gandhi in Khartoum (Sudan) are living examples of this. He further said that Sudanese society is not divided on racial lines. Prof Akhtarul Wasey, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Prof Zuber Ahmad head of the Department of Arabic and others welcomed him in their speeches. 

Ludhiana : Ameer of Majlis-e Ahrar Islam, Maulana Habibur Rahman said here recently in a press conference that his organisation will soon start a distance education course regarding finality of prophethood so as to make people aware of anti-Islamic and apostatic beliefs. He said this course will be very brief, compact and in simple language so as to strengthen the belief of Muslims that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of God and Islam and that Qadianis and such others who are projecting themselves as Muslims are not only outside Islam but they are also enemies of humanity. He said that initially this course will be in Urdu but later on it will be started in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Kolkata : Garden Reach Road in Kolkata has officially been renamed Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Road. Kolkata mayor, Subroto Mukherjee unveiled the board of the new name of the road. In his speech on this occasion Mukherjee said that Wajid Ali Shah’s name denotes a historical era and therefore this road should have been renamed much earlier. He regretted that Matia Burj, where this road is located, is today in a bad condition which Wajid Ali Shah in his time had made beautiful like paradise. 

New Delhi : Prominent milli and political leader Sayyad Shahbuddin claimed that no Muslim leader or organisation has demanded reservation for Muslims on religious ground. He accused BJP of concealing the truth by making false statements and said that Art 15(1) of the Constitution gives equal status to caste and religion and reservation cannot be given merely on the basis of religion or caste but if any class or section is declared backward, it deserves reservation. He further said that under Articles 15 (1),15 (4) and 16 (4) of the Constitution Muslims are entitled for reservation on the ground of backwardness.

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