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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters Page 4

Not real Mushawarat
In a brief report on a meeting of the dissidents who had separated themselves from the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat in June 2000, after I was elected as the President, but which continues to parade itself as the ‘mother organization’, the Milli Gazette has described it as All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat. This is bound to cause confusion and misguide your readers.
This dissident group, generally known as the Salim Group, has never published the composition of its Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat and its Markazi Majlis-e-Amla or when and how its office bearers were elected when it separated from us, and since then it has never published its annual budget or annual statement of accounts or annual report on its activities. 
I may add that both the banks in which the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat maintained its accounts, namely, the Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank and the Central Bank of India have rejected the claim of this dissident group and the accounts are being operated by us. 
I may also add that other leading Muslim organizations of national eminence like Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, All India Shia Conference, All India Momin Conference, the Movement for the Empowerment of Muslim Indians, the J&K National Conference and the Indian National League are our members. Others like Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind and All India Muslim Personal Law Board maintain fraternal relations with us and we are in constant touch with each other.
In the meantime, this dissident group has rejected our repeated overtures for reunion. We amended the Dastoor to provide for the right of any past member of the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat to rejoin the AIMMM without any condition and to participate in elections.
In short, this dissident group has no moral or legal authority to use the name All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and is nothing but a divisive force.
There are numerous small organizations in the Muslim community in our democratic country. We cannot object to the existence of this group. But it should not claim to be what it is not and misinform and misguide the public and divide the community by using our name.
President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat

Taslima Nasreen
It seems to be Our Honarable Home Minister Sri Shivraj Patil or some officials in his ministry is having sympathy towards the Bangladeshi women Tasleema Nasreen.That is why discussions are on to grant Citizenship to that lady. A lady who has been discorded by her own Home-Land and disliked by the 20 Crore Muslims of India is under discussion for her citizenship,proves that in the Congress regime also there are many faces of RSS .More over this matter also going to be politicised.Regardin the Women it is clear that she is anti-Islam and have become an agent in the hands of anti-Islamic forces.Some people are having more sympathy towards her books rather than her self,because she writes baselessly against Islam. Meanwhile hundreds of Bangladeshis are being deported daily who want to live here for their livelyhood-----What a contradictions? Hence we request to Hon'ble Sonia Gandhiji and the Hon'ble Prime Minister
Sri Manmohan Singhji not to grant Citizenship to Tasleema Nasreen againt the will of 20 Crore Muslims and to remove the RSS faces having sympathy towards her from the Congress regime. A women who is having many male companions and characterless being deported from her own land, how can become a Sita Devi to our women? The Government should think immidiately and action also be sought. A women whose books are being personally read and banned mersilessly by Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bangal Shri Budha Dev Bhatta Chrya,is under sympathy by the Congress?
Anees Fatima

IPC, Cr.PC enough to check riots 
This is with reference to "Minorities panel to discuss draft bill on communal violence," (MG, 1-15 March 2005)
Making any law will not serve any purpose if its implementing agents and concerned agencies’ intention become biased and prejudiced. Indian constitution and IPC and Cr. PC are sufficient to check a riot if they are honestly followed and implemented. 
During Gujarat riots, the President of India, failed to convince the then PM to suppress the riots. There was a law to do the needful. However, there was no intention to make use of any the law to contain the riots. 
S. Shafiq Ahmad, Meerut

Disgraceful for India
It is indeed disgraceful for India that, in Gujarat, a fellow at whom no gentlemen would like even to look is ruling over the state. A top leader of his own party had confessed publicly many times that he was ashamed because of the misdeeds of Modi and state-managed murder of humanity after the Godhra train torching. The riots were, according to many, a ploy aimed at grabbing power. Recently, I came across one more ‘feather’ in the crown of this Nero. The Council for Social Justice, Ahmedabad, in its 40 page report has charged that the Gujarat government never implemented the Atrocities Act 1989 and that it has been acting against its spirit despite repeated strictures of the courts of law. 
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150

Sick society
In 58 years India has managed to become what the U.S. took more than 300 - like them we are slowly but surely turning into a Sick society. India TV and their "Sting" operators may be patting themselves all over their slimy backs but the entire premise is SICK - the lechs who exploit the girls, the girls who let themselves be exploited, the people who first entice and then film them, the public that salivates while watching these sordid tapes....whats interesting is the gall they manage when they claim to be actually doing this only to "warn" young girls....all they really are are Fortune Hunters. Welcome to the Indian Paparazzi.
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai

Peaceful co-existence
Communal and caste disturbances are a blot on the name of religion and defame our motherland. Every religion promotes tolerance, co-existance and human values. 
Communal and caste conflicts provide an opportunity to atheists and irreligious persons to malign and defame religions and their followers. In fact without religion a noble character cannot be built. Therefore, the first duty of all the religious heads and their followers is to preach and promote peaceful coexistance, tolerance and human brotherhood. 
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Founders of communalism 
Swami Sharaddha Nand a leader of Khilafat movement set up an organization in 1909, to reconvert Muslims and Christians into Hinduism, and named it Hindu Maha Sabha. 
Shuddhi (reconversion) movement was used as a tool of communalism. Walter K. Anderson and SD Dalme wrote in the book, ‘Brotherhood in Saffron: The Rastriya Swayam Sewak Sangh and Hindu revivalism, that "In 1922-23 after Hindu Muslim riots the sleeping Hindu Maha Sabha was enlivened. Its branches were established in U.P, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar and Maharashtra. 
Meanwhile V.D. Sawarker’s book, Hindutva got him fame in Hindu Maha Sabha circles, in which he offered an idea of a new Hindu nationalism. 
Dr. Keshu Bali Ram Headgoer gave a peculiar ideology that Muslims and other non-Hindus citizenship should be annulled. 
In September 1925 he convened a meeting in which a decision was taken to float a para-military forces of Hindu youths which was named Rashtriya Sewam Sewak Sangh. 
RSS was founded on the pillars of communal sentiments, division, and detestation for Muslims. This is the organisation which erected the walls of hatred between Hindus and Muslims. It built the edifice of hateful ideologies based on hostility and racial discrimination. It is the organisation which proclaimed that Hindus only, are the patriotic nationals of India while Muslims and non-Hindus are traitors who must be deprived of all rights.
RSS. is proud of its majority, nationalism and Indianness to the extent that it is ready to destroy national interests, diversity of India culture, its unity and integrity. It has been trying its best to bring in a system by which a particular community of India not only could be deprived of all its rights and humiliated. It is in search of ways and means from which it could drive away the away the entire community from Indian soil. It wants and end of the ego, self-respect, and identity of the Muslim community.
Anis Ahmad Nadwi, Lucknow

Sangh atrocities
Sangh Parivar atrocities Coastal karnataka have seen a huge rise in recent times, but this episode, where a Muslim father and son were paraded naked and assaulted for 3 hours in public, is absolutely sickening. This comes close on the heels of the meeting of the RSS Pratinidhi Sabha, and a massive rally held recently. The Sangh Parivar have been intimidating the Muslim community at will in the region, especially taregtting butchers transporting cattle or youth in love. The police and the administration - either under pressure from local BJP politicians or on their own free will- has been a silent spectator to such acts .In most cases, the culprits go scot free, or are held temporarily to be freed within a day. All this under what is supposed to be a Congress Government! 
Anwar Malik

Congress train derailing? 
I am afraid that the Congress train is bound to derail if the talents of Laloo Prasad Yadav to deal with people like Modi and Advani continue to be ignored. Down with the tendency of sticking only to chair instead of sacrificing everything including life to punish the guilty and to established justice in the society without any consideration of caste, creed and even party.
S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150

Dropsy disease
In view of rising dropsy disease in the state capital, the district magistrate Aradhna Shukla’s direction to Lucknow Municipal Corporation and Health Department officials to take immediate action against zonal health officers and food inspectors who failed in their duty is a welcome step.
The laxity on the part of officials of the health department is quite evident and they need to be pulled up for playing with the lives of innocent citizens. It is hoped that district authorities will do their best to check the spreading of dropsy cases.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Accounts of Police brutalities are reported in the press from time to time from Kerala to Kashmir. Many of the vicitims succumbed to their inhuman torture. They are adept in getting confessions by third degree methods of torture and threats so that they can boast that they have been successful in arresting the 'cluprits'. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are waiting for justice behind bars for no fault of theirs. Many of them would die in jails itself thanks to delayed justice and tardy system. At times the police pick up innocent ordinary people and stamp them as a criminals and force them to sign on dotted line of a blank paper with a promise of freedom. But they are immediately implicated and criminal procedure started. 

In the recent times three cases come to our mind. These are cases of Afroze, S A R Geelani and Khwaja Yunus. While the first and second persons are acquitted, the third person Khwaja Yunus was killed and his body burnt in an attempt to remove all evidences. He was innocent person who came for holiday from abroad to his home town Parbhani but he was caught and jailed and tortured and killed by the police. His mother had a heart rending story to tell and his father died of shock and depression. He was a brilliant engineer who never was involved in any criminal activity. Similar was the case of Geelani, who is a professor or Arabic language in Delhi University. But police are after him and they made vain attempts to kill him in the custody as the police could not prove charges against him. Gun shots were fired at him while going to his advocate after his freedom from jail as his acquittal was challenged by the police. His is an inconvenient existence for the police. Here in Mumbai it is reported that supporters of Vaze and others who were arrested took procession against the CID enquiry and the police of his batch wanted to tender mass resignation, to force stopping of arrest of police personnel. Many in the khaki has communal orientations which does not behove well for the police force. All these were Mulsims. These three innocent persons were implicated for no fault of theirs. 

Police should be protectors of law abiding citizens and not their killers.

Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Congress-led Union government has acted wisely by reversing its decision for a Presidential reference on Supreme Court’s intervention on Jharkhand. Already main Opposition Party BJP has expressed desire for a no-confidence motion against Lok Sabha Speaker for his stand on the issue. Somnath Chaterjee has thus practically lost confidence of both Congress and BJP for his views which could have created a serious rift between legislature and judiciary. It is regretted that a person posted on impartial seat of Lok Sabha Speaker may try to impose his political views as per the stand taken by left parties on the issue. Under such circumstances, Somnath Chaterjee should voluntarily quit his post also because left parties have a healthy tradition for not sticking to the post! 

Post of Lok Sabha Speaker must be made above politics by upgrading it to that of a second Vice President. Elections to posts of two Vice Presidents may be held simultaneously with President in the same manner as President is elected by all MPs and MLAs. In case of vacancy at post of President, senior Vice President may be made President for rest of the term. However in case of a mid-term vacancy at post of a Vice President, an interim Vice President may be elected by MPs only for rest of the term. Persons once occupying posts of President or Vice Presidents must not be allowed to take part in active politics for rest of their lives. In case of violation, all their post-retirement benefits and privileges may be abolished for ever.

Dariba DELHI 110006

Somnath Chaterjee wants legislature’s right secured but without insisting on legislature’s duty for instant reforms to improve the system so that politicians may not be able to make mockery of democracy. Frauds on constitution through their acts by biased persons posted as governors or speakers, and unlawful activities like violence in legislative bodies rather call for bringing legislative business under judicial purview.

Dariba DELHI 110006

The Shakti Kapoor incident has brought to fore the issue of casting couch in Bollywood. Shakti Kapoor has spoken the truth in front of the spy camera and it is said that a person always speaks truth in an inebriated state. Bollywood believes in "give and take" concept and everything is done with consent so why make so much fuss about the casting couch. Only when innocent or gullible women are exploited then it is wrong. It is quite possible that almost everyone - the newcomers, models, beauty queens, Number one heroines, established heroines might be indulging in casting couch. Only the reason for indulging in casting couch would be varying for different persons. Newcomers, models and beauty queens might be indulging in this to gain entry and to make a foothold in Bollywood, established and top heroines might be indulging in it for bagging plum roles in big banner films, and some heroines might be even indulge in it for grabbing their rival's role. Nowadays even male actors succumb to this casting couch. Those who deny that casting couch does not exist are lying. Every Bollywood personality admits that casting couch exists but also denies indulging in it. This is double standards. Since India TV claim that they have information on many Bollywood personalities they should have exposed some well-respected big personalities instead of a much-maligned & fading villain like Shakti Kapoor so that people would have believed that casting couch is ubiquitous in Bollywood and that respected & big personalities also indulge in it. But India TV knew that exposing big and respected people would mean that people will not believe the channel and would criticize the channel for maligning the respected personalities. But since a small actor like Shakti Kapoor has been exposed, India TV does not have to worry about public or Bollywood backlash. After all Shakti Kapoor is only a small fry and was always in the news for wrong reasons. Now people are only interested in criticizing Shakti Kapoor, rightly so, but the issue of casting couch has taken a backseat. Finally, if the undercover reporter had really been a struggling actress would she have rejected the sexual advances of Shakti Kapoor? Very Unlikely. Heroines are as guilty as the heroes and filmmakers. It's up to the heroines to decide whether they want to be part of this casting couch syndrome or not? But then fame and money does not come for free. Everything has a price in this world. Either pay the price or be starved. Or else have the guts to expose the sleazy actor/producer right in the beginning and not when they cheat you for years after promising moon and then renege. 

601, Shringeri - A, Holy Cross Road, I. C. Colony, Borivili (W), Mumbai - 400103

"amjad maruf" <

The admonition of Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav to senior administrative officers at the IAS officers recently concluded conclave in Lucknow assumes importance. He has rightly said". The officers have distanced themselves from the public and it was time they resume making visits to rural areas to solve public problems."

In this context, it would be apt to mention that the law and order situation in U.P. is pathetic. The rate of crimes is on increase. A report regarding crimes revealed that Uttar Pradesh surpassed as compared to Bihar on crime front.

Keeping in view the present scenario of the State, it is imperative that the administrative set-up must be geared up so that criminals, fascist forces and anti-social elements may not raise their ugly heads to dampen the situation.

An able administrative set up may indeed bring about an atmosphere of peace and amity in the State as a whole.

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
Nadwa College
obaidur rahman nadwi <>

Casting couch
It refers to film-actor Shakti Kapoor being caught video-taped for his asking sexual favours from a woman expressing desire to act in films. Authorities must have acted fast for instant lodging a sue-motto first-information-report (FIR) against the film actor following camera-revelation of his indecent activities with the lady (reporter), and for defaming others named in his camera-version. It becomes necessary first to induce morality amongst celebrities, and also because film-personalities named in his revelations may not file suits to avoid harassments in courts.

It is indeed ridiculous that President of All India Motion Pictures and Television Producers Association (AMPTPP) has tried to save Shakti Kapoor by saying that persons in other fields engaged in such indecent activities against women are not punished because they are not caught! Such an argument may make complete Criminal Law useless because all criminals are not caught. Enactment of law is necessary for those caught to maintain rule of law.

Dariba DELHI 110006

By calling opinion of Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) on request of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to close case against former UP Chief Minister Mayawati in Taj corridor case, the Apex Court has endorsed working of CBI under influence of political rulers changing its stance according to change of guards in Delhi. To ensure impartiality, persons on posts requiring impartiality including CBI chief should also be chosen by consensus of the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader in a manner CVC is appointed. 

Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Why Election Commission of India a Holy Cow?

Dear Sir

I was the candidate for Shiv Sena in 1998 Loksabha elections from Kota Rajasthan and presently residing at Bangalore. I am writing this letter with full sense of responsibility and in the best interest of my party Shiv Sena, whose member I am for the last 18 years consistently.

The resignation of Sanjay Nirupam from the membership of Rajyasabha in the wake of his cowardly resignation from our party Shiv Sena (due to his alleged insistence on raising in Rajyasabha the extremely important issue of gift shares of Reliance at throw away price to nears and dears of influential members of NDA Govt. during their regime), has once again highlighted the dangers of treating Election Commission of India (ECI) as Holy Cow.

The high profile M.P. Nirupam could gain this much prominence because he was thriving merely on the patronage of President Bala Sahib Thackeray and Working President Udhav Thackeray, whom he was once chummy to, but for the same reason he could be forced out of Shiv Sena as he did not emerge out of the grass root support of Shiv Sainiks.

Curtsey ECI, which do not enforce mandatory organizational elections in Shiv Sena for the reasons best known to ECI only, such disgraceful dramas will keep on coming to light regarding Shiv Sena especially. Where Udhav Thackeray could be anointed arbitrarily as Working President (along with appointment of other central office bearers) in a party conclave of Shiv Sainiks from only Maharashtra in early 2003 without even observing the elementary courtesy of inviting the Shiv Sainiks and office bearers from rest of India ( where central leadership do not go even for canvassing in favor of Shiv Sena candidates during general elections lest it may harm the interest of their ally in Maharashtra, the BJP with which Shiv Sainiks of rest of India are engaged in a fierce political battle).

People have not realized that these derelictions of ECI, regarding organizational elections of Shiv Sena, has not only deprived the Shiv Sainiks their political rights but it has also lead to the arbitrary appointment of the criminal, like North India President Jai Bhagwan Goyal, as some of the office bearers who against the wishes of overwhelming majority of Shiv Sainiks could attempt to dig in complicity with other such criminal office bearers (as per media report) the cricket pitch at Mohali & Kanpur and they may further try their diabolic hands at Bangalore and at other places also during on going Indo – Pak cricket series, in deference to the so called wishes of the so called central leader ship of Shiv Sena. 

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

3077, First floor, 3rd Main
Near Water Tank, Kumarswamy Layout
Bangalore – 560078

Phone: 9886861734 
hem raj jain <>

INDIA TV is doing remarkable job in exposing some of film and TV personalities by a bold sting-operation. Even though only very few of a large number of such culprits which include Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma may be exposed, yet video-filming of their indecent activities by secret camera must act as a threatening move to have an effective check on immoral sex-crimes against women in our male-dominated society. At the same time such selective sting-operations can also be a game-plan aimed at personal enmity of those in TV channel against the exposed personalities. It is regretted that despite strong sentiments of Chairperson of National Women Commission, Maharashtra government has not initiated action against Shakti Kapoor or Aman Verma.

It should be hoped that other news-channels will follow such sting-operations like one by AAj Tak against corruption in Sales-Tax office in Delhi, and now immoral sex-exposures of TV and film personalities by India TV. Time has come to expose corrupt ones found place in legislature and judiciary to induce accountability in public life where country ranks very poorly in honesty-ranking.

Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

The proposed nomination of US deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz as the new President of World Bank, would hardly find any popular support around the world, as his appointment will be seen as an attempt by US President Bush to shift his imperialist strategies to World economic arena. The infamy that the Hawkish Wolfowitz had earned for sticking to Neo-con American Jewish plan to use American fire power to take over and control weakly defended developing countries, to usurp their resources and rob them of their de facto sovereignty. 

Bush said in his Press Conference that Paul Wolfowitz is committed to ‘development’. The world has only seen the destruction of a Middle East Muslim country in Wolfowitz watch and could hardly believe that any less than destruction of other countries economies will be Wolfowitz agenda, all for the exclusive benefit of the US, possibly under the tame belief that what is good for the US is good for the whole world. Short of resources to wage war on battlefields of the world, Bush is redeploying the same neo-con warriors, to a new field to wage war through manipulating world credit resources.
World Bank is an international organization and its role in the health and development of the world economy can hardly be underplayed. However, domination of the US as the biggest shareholder, gives US a position, that is no longer appreciated by other participating nations of the world. Again, if Bush continues to aggressively push their own self-interest without any consideration for any sense of justice and equity in distribution of world credit resources, shorn of the vagaries of world politics on World Bank policies, the hostility to America will increase further and the voluntary cooperation and understanding from friends, allies and wider group of sympathetic nations to World Bank may turn to vigorous demands for reforms in World Bank’s membership equations and its policies. Its preposterous that world’s biggest debtor nation, should be in control of the world biggest credit agency and should be in a position to arbitrarily deny genuine credit needs of other countries of the world. Paul Wolfowitz’s association with America’s illegal invasion of Iraq, can hardly inspire confidence in his leadership being any less controversial and high handed, if he gets appointed to be President of World Bank.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Apropos my letter on the subject I have been subjected to many letters, some demanding source where the Holy Ptophet had sanctionerd it. 

Kindly allow me the courtesy of your columns to claify my position which as under :-

I didn't say that. Mr, Ahmed Nassef said it (posted it on a discussion forum). Sheikh Gum'a of Egypt (a Mufti) approved of it very recently. Mr. Nassef goes on to say that respected scholars like Imam Tabari and Imam Ibn Arabi found the practice permissible. (implying existence of some reference material on it).

I have not come across such an incidence of a woman leading mixed gender prayers, but now that Dr. Amina Wadud, who is a professor of Islamic Studies has actually done it in N.Y she must have had some very good reasons for doing so. I can only conjecture upon an instance of early Islamic history that we all know of. During the Jang-e Jamal Hazarat Aisha Siddiqa led the forces against Hazrat Ali. As a commander she took an active and bold part in the battle. She commanded the troops from the howdah of a camel, directing them by the wave of her sword to attack the front or the flank of the opposing troops. Her handling of the troops was so effective that it was considered vital for the battle to dislodge her from her commanding position from where she was controlling the battle' The legs of the camel she was riding were ordered to cut which brought her down from where she could not direct the troop! s. This cutting of the legs of the camel gave the battle its name Jang-e Jamal (Jamal is camel in Arabic). 

It was customary in those days for the Sipah Salar to lead the prayers also. Could it be that she in her such capacity did lead the prayers of her force also? And if she did, we have a very high precedence at our hands.

Riaz Jafri
Rawalpindi 46000

The nation has observed the 75th anniversary of the salt Satyagrah. The Dandi March has enlivened the spirit of patriotism and has shaken us from the slumber of inaction.

Gandhi violated the rule to show the Britishers that we are a self-respecting nation and our fight with them is based on principles.

In this context, when we see our politicians, our heads bent down with shame. Too grab power and exploit the situation for personal gains and agrandisement have become the sole motive. Jhankhand and Goa depict the true picture of present day India politics.

Strangely, scant attention is paid by them as to how to set the country in its progressive front and save it from fascist forces and Naxalite menace.

It is time we must get up to follow the path shown by Gandhi. Once he had rightly said, "True democracy cannot be worked by twenty men sitting at centre. It has to be worked from below by people of every village (Harijan, 18-01-48)

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
Nadwa College,
obaidur rahman nadwi <>

Does Israel practice true democracy?
If US President Bush is for freedom and democracy in Middle East, it is imperative that he should start with Israel. Israeli democracy is a fake democracy, as those who were sons of the soil were ethnically and racially cleansed to create a state with Nazi-like homeland for a distinct and exclusive religion, which restricts its membership to those born to only Jewish mothers. This is the ultimate apartheid religion. Israel’s democracy cannot be a true democracy if millions of Palestinians, the sons of soil of the land of Palestine, are not allowed to vote in any election to decide the fortunes of their country.

Just because those civilians that fled their homes and villages, under the threat of mass massacre at the hands of immigrant European Jews, does not debar them from not only voting in the democratic Israel, the successor state, but even robs them of their citizenship rights. Israel’s democracy can only pass the muster, if all sons of the soil, scattered around the world as registered as voters and allowed full rights of return and rehabilitation in their homeland. 

President Bush, if he is as good as his repeated exhortations on democracy is supposed to establish, he should start with Israel by introducing true democracy, by bringing back the lost tribes back to their nation.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



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