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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters Page 3

RSS on quota
On one part of the RSS tantrums on quota for converts I would like to comment. RSS seeks to punish Dalits if they convert (change their religion) to escape their Manu-mandated oppression and degradation. RSS is adamant that they should permanently remain enslaved to Hindus of the upper caste. Dalits' quest for dignity (equality) and the bid for freedom (religion of choice) will be violently crushed and they would be kept perpetually in the Hindu fold as detritus and dregs, so asserts RSS (Rashtra Sanharak Sangh/ Destroyers of the Nation).
But the Indian reality of power equations and invidious distinctions is riddled with the caste cancer. That reality must be demolished, and caste first and foremost.
Since the establishment is rigged in favour of the casteist hegemons, and abolition of caste is a far away fancy, the next best to insist upon is justice with subsistence, and freedom with dignity for the Dalits, be they Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, atheist. This is a bitter pill for the supremacist fascists masquerading as spokesmen of Hindus.
"Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose except your chains." This emancipatory slogan, in the context of India's social pathology of caste, must be changed to read: "Dalits of India, irrespective of your religion, unite; discard the casteist filth that is lodged like a tumor in the social fabric of India. Defeat the degenerate desperados of Hindutva and their foul tricks to keep you either enslaved or retributively deprived".
The Hindu fascists have no use for the Indian Constitution, and its democratic institutions, which they misuse and abuse at their whim. Their quoting the Supreme Court is like the devil quoting the gospel. The same Supreme Court, very candidly called them Neros (in the context of Gujarat Genocide 2002).
How can Neros presume to be the arbiters of fairplay for Dalits? They have no locus standi in the matter. And their loud pretensions must be gagged, for they are just pretensions.
The "concern" they show for "their" Dalits is like the worship of Kali by thugs who have committed a successful murder, or feeding ants by a notorious scoundrel planning and executing crime after crime.
I. K. Shukla

The important part is missing in the article. It concludes by discovering the magic of arithmetic. The fact is that More muslims are studying in the low score schools. Hence the average is low.
% Muslim Pass % Muslim Sudents 
High Grade Low grade 
96.4 59.3 
78.4 92.6 
Total 84.9 77.0 
Yahya I. Kammukutty, Bangalore.

I am pained by the attitude and the vocabulary used by Mr. S.S. Ghaziuddin in his rejoinder on Shivdharma, in MG, 11 March 2005 issue. He has not informed the readers on any errors of fact in my analysis nor responded to any mistakes in my overview and perception.
Every one has a right to comment on any development in the country and to publish his views. It is absolutely anti-democratic and unconstitutional to suggest that the commentator should first travel to the place of occurrence and learn the local language and presumably live there!
I may add that I had a long correspondence with Mr. Ghaziuddin when he first came to my notice as a standard bearer of ‘Shiv Dharma’. However, I did not explore his connection with Mr. P. Khedekar.
In my own experience, I have come across many such ‘revolutionary’ movements, not only in India but elsewhere. They rise, occupy the stage for a while and then disappear in the limb of time.
I am prepared to wait till the next census to see the number of adherents to the Shivdharma and the fall in the number of Hindus in Maharashtra.
Shivdharma like Shiv Sena has adopted a name which has a double meaning. They attract Marathas by reference to Shivaji and they attract the worshippers of Shiv by reference to the Hindu god Shiva.
I request Mr. Ghaziuddin to reply to the points raised by a citizen and not to abuse him. Abuses are not arguments.

AFMI: unfair criticism
Radiance weekly has published an article on AFMI by Br. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj. The article is based on fabricated charges and in bad taste. Also there appears some personal grudge. You very well know the activities of AFMI. They did commendable job in flood, drought, earthquake and riot situations. Beside this, their main task is eradication of illiteracy. Br. Siraj has made fun of all their activities. He must be condemned for defaming a good organisation without verifying the facts.
Irfanullah, Faizabad

I need your help
My name is Jacek Kosierb. I am 30 years old and a football fan. I am collector photos football teams of the world. I ask You for sending e-mail a photo of football team Jammu and Kashmir Football Association? Can You help me? Who can help me? Maybe President Jammu and Kashmir Football Association - Nazir Ahmadkhan? It is very important for me.
Jacek, Wianiowa, Poland


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