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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters Page 2

Modi's visa
So the ever-moaning Muslims got the State Department to deny a visa to Mr. Narendra Modi, the chief Minister of Gujarat.
Here is something for you morons to think about - just in case if you have the slightest bit of inner conscience left in you.
How many Islamic countries provide adequate religious freedom to their people? There Islam is the only officially recognised religion and no other religion has even the basic right to exist! However, the US gleefully rolls out red carpet to welcome the heads of those countries (e. g. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries). Why don't you losers go and protest against the heads of those countries whenever they visit other countries? You don't, because all you Muslims are hardcore racists to the root. This is a fact well known to even President Bush.
It is then stunning that the US values the voice of these non-entity NGOs composed of a few lampoons, more than the democratic voice of the 50 million people of Gujarat that elected Mr. Modi as the Chief Minister with a gigantic majority.
As "Indian Muslims", you should hang your heads in shame. You have put yourselves in the same league as those 18th century traitors of India who preferred to support the foreigners (British) rather than supporting their Indian adversaries.
It is this reason why the RSS says that no Muslim can ever be a true Indian. 
Anurag Pathak

A big question mark seems to be hovering over Sonia Congressís instant and very robust criticism of the US administration, for its decision to refuse diplomatic visa to Gujaratís Chief Minister Narendra Modi and adding insult to injury, cancel the current US tourist/business visa on Modiís Indian Passport. 
The reason cited by David Kennedy of the US Embassy in New Delhi to Indian Electronic Media was that the legal requirement that the consular staff had to strictly abide under which those directly holding responsible post couldnít qualify if there is a case of gross human rights violation and serious breach of religious freedom against them. 
The public announcement of the reason for non-issue of visa, was taken up by many quarters as rubbing salt to the injury. Under the circumstance, the Congress Party as well as Congress Prime Minister zeroed in to question the very ground on which such visa refusal and revocation can be sustained, maintaining that the Gujarat riots, being internal matter, the US government or its agencies had not right to intervene.
In this legalistic wrangling, the Congress Party as well as the Prime Minister did appear to be condoning the Gujarat riots and in effect giving Narendra Modi a blanket reprieve for the ghastly incidents that rocked the conscience of the whole world. 
The systematic and widespread orgy of massacre, rapes, people burnt alive were all the more sinister as it were proudly owned and justified by an ideology-based political party, in as much as for over past 80 years, its votaries have publicly called for complete annihilation of Indian Muslims. 
There is a plethora of literature as well as public record of the words and deeds of Sangh Parivar that are freely available for the world to make an objective assessment of the basic philosophy of the RSS, Jan Sangh, Hindu Mahasabha, BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal. India being full signatory of international agreements on human rights and genocides cannot treat the matter as internal and therefore not be available for international intervention. 
Observers are coming out for three reasons for instant support by the Congress government and the party to Narendra Modi in this affair. 
One, Congress is under heavy pressure from BJP over its inapt and mismanaged handling of Jharkhand affair. 
Two, Congress needs BJP support to pass very controversial legislations, which are being scuttled by its communist coalition partners. 
Third, Congress is itself in the dock, not only for the 1984 genocidal attacks but even for a long list of communal riots throughout 57 years of Independent Indiaís current history. 
It could be that Congress is making a common cause with BJP, so that it too may not come into spotlight for its sordid record of anti-minority pogroms. 
People should not ignore the new threat of sanctions issued by the US over Indiaís record on women trafficking. All such issues may come as a convenient tool for the US to blackmail India into bending to its onerous demands in practically every sphere of our political, social and economic life.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

As per the law of USA, Modi is debarred from entering that country. Similarly, India has its own laws to debar any one from entering our country. USA is not supposed to uphold our constitution. Our constitution is sacrosanct for ourselves and we cannot thrust our views on others and ask others to follow our constitution. Telling USA that they have violated our constitution is hence not logical. Modi says that he was not convicted by any court and hence USA cannot blame him. He will recall that Supreme Court has time and again passed strictures against him and also called him a Nero. Commissions after commission have indicted him. All the newspapers exposed him. Since he was meddling in the delivery of justice, the cases were transferred out of Gujarat. There are proofs of complicity against him. Everyone knows that he is a rabid commuanalists and his words are sufficient to prove it. But due to peculiarity of our laws, he could not be booked so far. His own party leaders have called upon him to practice rajdharma. Yet he says he is not convicted. He says five crores of Gujaratis are behind him. But Waghela has called him a criminal, who has the courage to say so. Congress as usual buckled under pressure and Manmohan requested USA to reconsider the decision of not granting him visa. It was not required of him to say the least. How can he support a person who gave call for a genocide of minority community in Gujarat? If other many Indians are denied visas to visit other countries, will the Congress govt. intervene in their cases too? We have got a weak Foreign Minister and a weak Prime Minister. 
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai


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