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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

The Milli Gazette Online 

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JKLF leader Yasin Malik showing the 1.5 million signatures of Kashmiris for self-determination displayed at Gandhi Peace Foundation in Delhi 

JKLF leader Yasin Malik showing the 
1.5 million signatures of Kashmiris for 
self-determination displayed at Gandhi 
Peace Foundation in Delhi 
(report in the next issue)

Kozikode: On the occasion of 27th anniversary of Sunni Cultural and Educational Centre of Kerala in Kozikode the Centre held its twelfth convocation on 25 February in which distinguished Islamic scholars from India as well some Arab countries participated. The function was inaugurated by Karnatak’s minister for Waqf affairs, Nawab Malik. Other dignitaries who also participated in this function were Sheikh Abbas Alawi Maliki, from Makka, head of Jamia Ummul Qura, Sheikh Mohd Ali Asabuni and others. According to general secretary of this Centre, Abu Bakr Masliyar, in addition to more than 5000 madrasas, many other educational institutions and orphanages are being run by this Centre. Set up in 1978 there are now more than 1500 boy and girl students including 200 students from Kashmir whose boarding and lodging expenses are being borne by this Centre.

An Urdu Cell has been set up in the Collectorate of Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh to solve the problems of Urdu-knowing people. Whereas it is a highly commendable step, the ruling Congress government, chief minister, minister of information and broadcasting, minister for minorities affairs and welfare, MPs, MLAs, Muslim political, social and religious leaders of all districts and cities are requested to fallow the example set by Nizamabad Collector’s office and set up Urdu cells in their offices to popularise the use of Urdu and to seriously and honestly implement such schemes. This is necessary because what normally happens is that a lot of schemes and promises are made to promote Urdu but later on forgotten. Among such schemes, one is to appoint at least one translator of Urdu-English or Urdu-Telugu and vice versa. Secondly, a high power agency should be appointed to supervise the implementation of such schemes. 

New Delhi: Union minister of state for home affairs, Sri Prakash Jaiswal said in a written statement in the Lok Sabha that in view of internal security at present 37 extremist organisations are banned in India under Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. Among these, almost half are Muslim organisations like Laskar-e Taiyyeba, Paasban Ahl-e Hadith, Jaish Mohammad, Tahreek-e Furqan, Al Umar Mujahideen, Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Front. Harkatul Jehad Islami, Hizbul Mujahideen, Al Qaeda, Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Dukhtaran-e Millat, Jamiatul Mujahideen, Deendar Anjuman, Harkatul Ansar, Hizbul Mujahideen, Peer Panjal Regiment etc. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) is also a banned party. 

Aligarh: Addressing 56th Annual Convocation of Aligarh Muslim University here on 2 March, Union minister for human resources development Arjun Singh said that his ministry has granted AMU the status of a minority institution. In addition, he also announced financial assistance to the tune of Rs 7.63 crore to the University when the Vice Chancellor Naseem Ahmad said that current year’s non-plan outlay of Rs 91.45 crore as approved by UGC was extremely inadequate. He said that this additional amount will be used for construction of girls hostel for 200 inmates costing Rs 2 crore, repair of old hostels, a convention Centre, necessary equipment and facilities for J.N. Medical College and Hospital and also for Laser Technology Laboratory. Speaker of Iranian Parliament, Ghulam Ali Haddad Adil, who was conferred a Doctorate Degree, said that Iran will give AMU 4000 micro films based on educational and research materials and rare objects. He also said that 8 volumes of Encyclopaedia of Islam will be given to AMU. It may be noted that Encyclopaedia of Islam, which is being prepared under the supervision and guidance of Dr Haddad Adil, is expected to run into 41 volumes. AMU’s VC said that with the grant of minority (Muslim) status under Art 30 (1) of the Constitution, management of this university will be in the hands of Muslims.

New Delhi: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s 47th death anniversary was observed on 22 February and various functions at different places in Delhi were held. Prominent personalities of Delhi, including Delhi’s Lt Governor B.L. Joshi, chief minister Shiela Dikshit, Union minister Meera Kumar, Ulama and many others paid floral tributes and offered prayers at his mazar near Jama Masjid. Meetings were held in Zakir Nagar, Welcome Colony etc where tributes were paid to him by prominent people like Shahid Siddiqi, Smajwadi Party leader, Aziz Burney, joint editor of Rashtriya Sahara, Union minister Kapil Sibbal, Gopi Chand Narang etc. Firoz Bakht Ahmad, president of Friends for Education, speaking in such a meeting said that today when efforts are being made all over the world to target Islam, Muslims and Muslim countries, a study of his writings shows that he had foreseen the problems and difficulties that will be faced by Muslims in the 21st century and he had also sought ready answers to all accusations that are now being made to defame Islam and Muslims. Shahid Siddiqi said that Azad’s writings are a sort of medical prescription for all the diseases and ailments of Indian society.

Upkeep of Jama masjid
New Delhi: The question of Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid being declared a protected monument was raised as far back as 1957. At that time Pundit Nehru had said that he would not like it to be under the control of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) though its upkeep and maintenance should be done by ASI. Same problem has been raised once again now. 

Delhi High Court in one of its verdicts had asked the ASI as to why Jama Masjid cannot be declared a protected monument? Supporting the Court’s views, well-known conservationist and INTECH president, O.P. Jain has said that as a rule it should be fully under the control of ASI because in that case only its beauty and grandeur can be maintained. Also, since unauthorised structures also come up frequently within the Masjid complex, ASI should better have full control over its maintenance and upkeep. Recently when Pakistan’s former cricket captain, Imran Khan had paid a visit to this mosque, he said that he found it more beautiful and majestic than what he had heard about it but he added, it should be looked after in still better way.

Modernisation of madrasas in UP 
Saharanpur: Government plan of modernisation of religious madrasas is now dependent on the mercy of bureaucracy. There are about 45 religious madrasas in Saharanpur district which were selected by Waqf Board where subjects like science, mathematics and English were to be taught. Their applications were sent to the concerned departments at Lucknow for further action but even after several months, their fate regarding approval or rejection is not known.

District officer for Minorities Welfare, Iqrar Ahmad says that his powers were confined only to select religious madrasas which fulfill the conditions laid down by the government and forward their applications to Lucknow. Depending upon the instructions from Lucknow, permission to appoint science, maths and English teachers will be accorded. It may be stated in this connection that Mulayam Singh government had laid down the condition that for modernisation of religious madrasas which are registered under Societies Act and which are affiliated to Waqf Board, for 40 students one teacher on a salary of Rs 3000 p/m will be appointed for teaching of modern subjects. Under this plan, applications from all madrasas were invited and accordingly madrasas of Saharanpur district also had sent their applications. Out of these, 45 madrasas were selected by the office of District Minorities Welfare which fulfilled the conditions laid down by the government. Now their fate depends upon the bureaucracy as to whether those madrasas should be modernised or not. 

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