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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online 

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MOS For External Affairs E Ahamed meets the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at Algiers on 22 March 05

MOS For External Affairs E Ahamed meets the Algerian 
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at Algiers on 22 March 05

AMU’s role in country’s freedom
Aligarh: AMU vice-chancellor Naseem Ahmad, after unfurling national flag at Victoria Gate followed by national anthem on the occasion of Republic Day, said while addressing the audience that national unity is even today our national need. While thanking the framers of the Constitution he said that in spite of partition of the country on religious basis, they gave the people specially those belonging to minority communities the fundamental right to set up their religious and educational institutions and also provided complete security to the minorities. He said that our Constitution serves as a role model for the countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East and added that providing constitutional rights to all its citizens is an important duty of the government. 

Speaking about the students he said that the role played by students of this university in the freedom struggle and independence of the country is a golden chapter in India’s history. Many students of this university are among the framers and architects of the Constitution and Indian Constitution has given national importance to this institution. He called upon the students to actively participate in the educational progress that is taking place all over the world and create new records.

Many cultural and social programmes like group songs on patriotism, tree plantations by top authorities of the university organised by Land and Garden department, unfurling of national flags in all schools and institutions of the University such as Bal Biradari Club, AMU Girls High School, Abdullah Nursery School, A.P.K. Union High School, Ahmadi Blind School, S.T. High School, Senior Secondary (Boys and Girls) Schools, Tibbia College, Dental College, J.N. Medical College, University Polytechnic, Women’s College, Engineering College etc and speeches were organised. 

Students of some schools also took out a ‘Prabhat Pheri’ (morning procession) which, passing through the entire University Campus, terminated at VC’s residence where the VC Naseem Ahmad welcomed the participants. 

Mosques damaged by tsunami to be repaired 
Kolkata: A meeting of responsible authorities, volunteers and supporters of Kolkata branch of All India Talimi wa Milli Foundation was held in Matia Burj, Kolkata to review the progress of relief and re-habilitation of tsunami-hit people and places in which many ulama, intellectuals etc took part. State president of the Foundation, Mufti Israel Qasmi presented a report on the relief work undertaken and being undertaken on large scale in Adaman and Nicobar islands to help the tsunami - affected people. He said that in spite of difficult and hostile conditions the Foundation’s relief team provided essential commodities of daily use like grains, clothes, medicines and other things to hundreds and thousands of homeless and severely hit people. Similarly, Foundation’s medical team comprising 26 doctors played an important role in providing medical relief such as medical examination of sick people, distributing free medicines etc to the people for ten days. Convenor of relief committee, Dr Waliul Islam Ghazali also presented his report. 

National president of the Foundation, Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi, while thanking the volunteers, doctors and others who took part in the relief work on behalf of the Foundation, said in his presidential address that the way they have worked in providing relief to the affected people and rendered sacrifices is really praiseworthy. Reward for all their services and sacrifices can be given by Allah only. He presented complimentary certificates to the doctors on behalf of the Foundation for their services. People among the audience presented bouquets to them and other volunteers. Doctors team members said that even now people in several areas are in dire need of medical help. 

Maulana Qasmi, chief of the Foundation said that soon he will tour the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu to assess the damage caused to mosques and to have them repaired or take steps for building of new mosques in place of those which are totally destroyed. He called upon Muslims not to forget the people severely affected by this horrible event because much work is still to be done. 

Lunar Islamic Calendar 
Hyderabad: For the first time in the history of Hyderabad, a lunar Islamic calendar starting from Ist of Muharram and ending on 30th of Zil Hijj was released on 1 Muharram 1426 Hijri (11 February 2005), the Ist day of Lunar Islamic calendar by Mohammad Baqar Husain Shaaz, convener of International Gharib Nawaz Mission in Hyderabad. The salient features of this calendar, prepared by International Gharib Nawaz Mission particularly for the younger generation, are that it is totally in English, in addition to Arabic Islamic dates it also contains corresponding dates of Gregorian (international) calendar, meanings of some Suras and Hadiths in Urdu written in Roman script at every page, Gazetted and local holidays, dates of Urs of famous saints and other important events in religious history of Islam, timings of sunrise and sunset, timings of daily 5 namaz (local) etc. The calendar is titled ‘Gharib Nawaz Islami Calendar’. 

While releasing this calendar Baqar Husain Shaz, after giving its detailed description, said that in addition to younger generation, our Hindu brethren and senior people can also benefit from this calendar. Prof Abdur Rahim while speaking on this occasion said that these days when younger generations do not know even the names of Islamic months, this calendar will be useful to them and also other people for Islamic teachings and information. 

Rampur’s Madrasa Aalia to be revived 
Rampur: Bazm-e Khyal, a literary organisation of Rampur organised a function here to release poet Khyal Rampuri’s collection of ghazals ‘Pahchaan’ by Mohammad Azam Khan, UP’s minister for Parliamentary affairs and Urban development. While releasing the book he paid tributes to the late poet and said that he was a great poet. He also said that Rampur’s old Madrasa Aalia which at one time was famous in Bokhara and Al Azhar University had fallen on bad days because of a false adverse report of its one time principal, will soon be revived for which chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has allocated crores of rupees in the state’s budget. Speaking about Jauhar University he said that because of partial attitude of the governor, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Private University Bill will be introduced and passed in the current session of the Assembly after which an amount of Rs 12 crore (Rs 10 crore as security and 2 crore for purchase of land) will be required immediately after passage of the Bill. He requested for cooperation by resourceful people. He further said that Model Montessoori School building has been acquired for opening Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Research Centre in Rampur. 

Reservation is our Constitutional right
Fatehpur: Addressing a district level Muslim Reservation Conference in Azad Industrial College ground in Barabanki, Zafaryab Jilani, convener of the reservation movement said that no country can progress unless its people are given the opportunities of progress. We have helped different political parties including Congress and Samajwadi parties but no one helped us sincerely and honestly not because our community is lacking in talents. We are no doubt capable but we are not given opportunities to demonstrate our talents and capabilities. Reservation is the constitutional right of all of us and it is our duty to strive for getting it.

He made a fervent appeal to unite and join a common platform for demanding reservation. Leader of Parcham Party (Aligarh branch), Saleem Peerzada said that for making progress, we should create leadership in our own house and then only we can make our presence felt from minor jobs right up to Parliament. He said that there is virtually no representation of Muslims in official committees that are appointed by the government and because of this the number of Muslims in jobs is very low. 

Convener of the Conference, Mi’raj Ahmad put forward a proposal containing 3 demands which was unanimously accepted. 

Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu-e Hind 
Hyderabad: The annual conference of Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu Hind’s (ATU) executive committee and general body meetings were held in ATU (Andhra Predash)’s office in Hyderabad on 3 February ’05 under the presidentship of Dr Raj Bahadur Gaur. In this meeting Dr Raj Bahadur Gaur was elected President of ATU and Prof Siddiqur Rahman Qidwai and Sayyad Shariful Hasan Naqvi were elected vice presidents. 
Some of the important decisions taken in this meeting were publication of 12 books in this year. One of these books is a dictionary of common words generally used by women. It was also decided that the books of late Prof Jagannath Azad which were given to the Anjuman by his widow will be gifted to college and university students and libraries who are interested in these books. It was also decided that Urdu Week should be celebrated in different cities of the country during the current year. Dr Khaliq Anjum was elected general secretary and Nusrat Mohiuddin was appointed coordinator of ATU’s branches in different cities of South India. 

Rs 3 crore only for Waqf in Karnatak 
Bangalore: Chief executive officer of Karnatak State Waqf Board, Khwaja Fahimuddin while talking to representatives of Urdu newspapers said here that for the current year the present government of Karnatak, which poses to be sympathiser of Muslims, had announced a budget of Rs 13.18 crore only for six Muslim institutions namely Waqf Baord, Haj, Madrasa Board, Waqf Tribunal, Women’s Foundation and Waqf Council. The Waqf Board was not informed how much of this budget will be for the Board, though an amount of Rs 12 crore was demanded for this Board only. Out of this amount of Rs 13.18 crore, an amount of Rs. 2.97 crore only is allocated for Waqf, he said.

He said that last year, out of an amount of Rs 6 crore, 3.10 crore was sanctioned for the Board. In reply to a question he said that for the next financial year an amount of Rs. 32.91 crore is being demanded. The minister for Waqf has given an estimate of more than Rs. 20 crore for the current financial year for 400 Dargahs of the state at the rate of Rs 5 lakh for each Dargah. 

Mulayam Singh’s intentions towards Muslims 
Mubarakpur (Azamgarh): Rajya Sabha member, Abu Asim Azmi while addressing a development convention in his home town Manjeer Patti said that Mulayam Singh’s government in UP is better than all other state governments. His government is the sympathiser of minority community and Mulayam Singh’s intentions towards Muslims are very sincere. In spite of all this if we do not support his government, which other government will help us? he asked. He said that instead of finding fault with others, we should improve and reform ourselves. We should think what we should do and what we are actually doing. Special emphasis has been laid in the Qur’an on education, unity and cleanliness but today we have distanced ourselves from all these things, he said.

He said that the only aim of his political life is to take Azamgarh and particularly its Muslim population to the heights of progress and for this he is prepared to render all kinds of services and sacrifices. He further said that greater part of his MP quota amount is being spent for developmental projects in Azamgarh and there may be hardly any area where some project or the other has not been or is not being done with his quota. But, he said, simply building of projects is not enough; its proper maintenance and utilisation is more important for all of us.

In this convention a detailed description of 106 different projects completed with Abu Asim’s MP quota amount, involving an expenditure of about Rs 5 corer, was given. At the same time more than two dozen other developmental and welfare projects were also inaugurated.

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