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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

The Milli Gazette Online 

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Proposal to set up Prem Chand Centre in JMI
New Delhi: Few people know that Munshi Prem Chand, the famous novelist and short story writer had written his famous story ‘Kafan’ (Shroud) in Jamia Millia Islamia and was first of all published in Jamia house journal ‘Risala Jamia’. Prem Chand wrote his stories and novels both in Urdu and Hindi and under different names sometime as Dhanpat Rai sometimes as Nawab Rai in contemporary journals and magazines.

According to Jamia Millia vice chancellor, Prof Mushirul Hasan, Jamia in a letter Govt of India’s ministry of culture has forwarded a proposal to set up a centre in Jamia to be named Prem Chand Archive and Literary Society. If approved, all his works in Urdu and Hindi and other relevant information will be available to interested persons in JMI under one roof. The fact that translations of Prem Chand’s Urdu and Hindi creations in other languages, particularly in English are being undertaken in Jamia strengthens its request for setting up Prem Chand Archive and Literary Society in this institution. If this centre is set up translation work will be undertaken with greater zeal.

For the present an exhibition of paintings of some well-known painters including Rajinder Arora, Elina Yagnik, Aparna Kaur, Saba Hasan, Jahangir Jami all centering around Prem Chand was held on 10 February. A seminar on Prem Chand was also held on that day. 

women’s education 
New Delhi: B Jahan, a social worker said while addressing a conference on ‘Education in Muslim Women’ organised under the auspices of Woman’s Welfare Committee in Seelampur that educating a woman is like educating a whole society because lap of a mother is the first or primary class of a child. It is the mother who makes a child educated, civilised and virtuous. She said that in these modern and advanced age girls in no way are considered inferior to boys and therefore Muslim society too must change its attitude about providing higher education to its girls. 
The area Councillor, Ishwar Singh was also present on this occasions who said in his address that if women’s participation is encouraged in reforming society, sharing power and authority and promoting culture and civilisation, it will produce good results. 

Lecture on ‘Features of Islamic Citizenship’ 
New Delhi: Students Union (Nadi Al Tulaba) of Jamia Islamia Sanabal organised a lecture on ‘Features of Islamic Civilisation’ in the Sanabal complex, Jama Masjid. Speaking on this occasion, Prof Naqi Husain Jaffery of Jamia Millia Islamia’s English department said that Prophet (SAW)’s speech on the occasion of his last Haj is the first manifesto of Islamic citizenship. During the initial period of Islamic rule, consultation, political tolerance, patience, simplicity and humility etc were the hall mark of political and social life but in later years laws were framed only keeping the interests of rulers and the ruled in mind. Principles of Islamic Citizenship were not laid down.

Concepts like consultation, consensus, transparency and corruption free administration are now accepted and adopted almost all over the world which are all enshrined in Qur’an and Prophet (SAW)’s Hadiths . He further said that religious leaders and intellectuals, while themselves adopting Qur’an and Hadith as their manifesto should clarify and publicise important features of ‘Islamic Citizenship’ in the light of Islamic teachings. He said that they should prepare a charter based on the principles and rules of Islamic citizenship, clearly mentioning therein all Islamic rights, and following of which must be made compulsory in all Muslims countries. 

Fifty percent seats FOR AMU students
Aligarh: The proposal to reserve 50 percent seats for Muslims from all parts of the country in MD, MS and post graduate diploma courses has been approved in a special meeting of Aligarh Muslim University’s Executive Council. Of the remaining 50 percent, 25% will be for all India quota and remaining 25% seats will be reserved for internal students.

According to a University press release, directorate of health, Govt of India had given directions to implement Supreme Court decisions of October 2002 and August 2003 regarding minorities educational institutions. In pursuance of these decisions of the apex court, Medical Council of India, Health Directorate and ministry of human resources development had directed all universities and higher educational institutions all over the country, specially minorities educational institutions to implement Supreme Court’s directives. The executive committee of AMU approved the above proposal in accordance with the orders of the above three government bodies.

Eat only once a day but educate children 
Rudrapur(UP): Speaking at a seminar on ‘Muslims and Education’ held in a small town in Rudrapur constituency (UP), district secretary of National Loktantrik Party, Dr Michael Ali said that the main reason for the backwardness of Muslims is their poverty and lack of education. Every body wants his son to acquire good education and hold a high office but because of excessive poverty and unemployment in Muslim society, children without completing education are engaged in some petty jobs to supplement family’s income. He regretted that in Rudrapur’s Inter College, the number of Muslim students in High School and Intermediate classes will not be even a hundred. Those Muslim children who have passed Inter find it very difficult to seek admission in higher classes and their parents cannot afford to send them to other cities for further education. In this way their further education comes to an end. Seeing this, other parents also get discouraged and they engage their children to some kind of job to add to family’s income instead of providing education to them. He emphatically asked the people to have their meals only once a day but must educate their children because without education life is a burden.  

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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