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Published in the 1-15 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Central & Eastern UP school results

By Nusrat & Ahmad Rashid Shervani

High School board examination results of 57 (mostly) Muslim institutions of central & eastern Uttar Pradesh are arranged in order of pass percentage in 2004. The first 6 have 100% pass. The next 21 have 90% - 99.99% pass. Another 17 have 80% - 89% pass. Then 6 have 70% - 79% pass. So, 50 institutions have above 70% pass. The combined pass of these 50 has improved from 63% in 2003 to 89% in 2004 and the proportion of first-divisions has improved from 7% in 2003 to 19% in 2004.
Report continued below after this table

Central & Eastern UP school results

Then there are 3 with 60% - 65% pass. Yet another 2 have 58% - 59% pass. So, each of these 55 have above 58% pass. There are only 2 with less than 
58% pass. The renowned Shibli National Inter College of Azamgarh, with 41% pass, is 56th out of 57. The very last is the Muslim Niswan High School of Sitapur with just about 24% pass.

Of course, there may be 101 reasons for the deplorable results of the last two of the above-mentioned institutions. If you ask the most respected office- bearers of the last two, they will, perhaps, be happy to tell you that the trouble started when, misguided by Iblees and prodded by Lady Eve, Adam committed the original sin and consequently got thrown out of heaven. Otherwise, all Muslim children would have been born and brought-up in heaven, taught by holy angels. As there could obviously be no kaafir/mushrik in heaven, the question of Muslims lagging behind Non-Muslims could not have arisen there. Could it ? So, Adam's original sin is responsible for the problem of educational backwardness of Muslims.

From there they may come to the most tragic decline and fall of the holy Mughal Empire which left us Muslims orphaned in India. Then, of course entirely due to the sochee-samjhee saazish of unbelievers, the calamitous partition of the country broke the back of the dear noble innocent millat and since then we poor dear Muslims have been just surviving ( and multiplying ) like a tongue between 32 teeth.

And then, don't you know, the eemaan of Muslims has weakened so much. There is hardly any khauf-e-Khuda left in the hearts of Muslims. Hubb-e- Rasool seems to have become extinct..

But has all this happened only in Azamgarh and Sitapur? How did above 70% pass in the first 50 ? How have results improved in most other Muslim institutions of U P?

The fact is that the learned Principals of the last two institutions have done NOTHING, made no real effort, to effect improvement in the results. In fact, the Principal of the renowned and most respected and cherished Shibli Inter College of Azamgarh took the cake in sheer cussedness. We sent Prizes for the best students of 2002 of this college. For more than a year the Principal did NOT even acknowledge and did NOT respond to our various reminders. This Principal did NOT send us the 2003 results and prevented the best students of 2003 from winning Prizes. The result figures of 2003 given above are only estimated. No wonder the result of this college is one of the two worst.

The story of Muslim Niswan H S S of Sitapur is only a little different. For many years one Principal went on making a mess of education here. She was replaced. We thought some improvement will come but the new Principal seems to be making a bigger (or at least as big a) mess.

The second reason is that the respected office-bearers of these institutions do NOT even seem to know that the X result of their institution is so poor or that it has fallen. If they know this, did they even ask the learned Principal the reason(s) for this marked deterioration even in a year of general over-all improvement in almost all institutions of U P? If yes, when? What did the learned Principal tell them?

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