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Published in the 1-15 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Eid milan at Tirchy on 8 December 2004: Qibla magazine editor N Abdus Salam speaking; city mayor Mrs Charubala Thondiaiman is also seen

Eid milan at Tirchy on 8 December 2004: Qibla 
magazine editor N Abdus Salam speaking; city mayor 
Mrs Charubala Thondiaiman is also seen


New Delhi: A directory of Delhi’s Unani Physicians was released by Union minister for food, Subodh Kant Sahai at a function organised by Dilli Unani Medical Association at Rajinder Bhavan on 8 January. Deputy speaker of Delhi State Assembly, Shoaib Iqbal was the chief guest. Chairman of Indian Medical Council, Yuvraj Tyagi and Vice Chairman of the Council, Chandra Ketu also participated in the function. Subodh Kant Sahai, speaking on this occasion said that the directory would be useful in solving problems related to Unanipathy.

Hyderabad: South Asia Foundation (SAF) has decided to grant scholarships to 150 post graduate distance education students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University at the rate of Rs 4500 each. Presently, since only MA (Urdu) course is available in PG (postgraduate) courses in distance education, all these scholarships will be given to MA Urdu students on the basis of their educational achievements in the previous examination ie graduation. For this scholarship, students will have to become members of SAF whose membership is given without charging any amount as membership fee.

financial scandals
Faizabad: State president of UP Urdu Rabta Committee, Dr Urfi Faizabadi while addressing a meeting of office bearers of Urdu and Hindi organisations demanded an enquiry by a retired High Court judge into misappropriation of funds of Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy through withdrawal of lakhs of rupees under forged signatures and exemplary punishments to the guilty persons. He also demanded resignation of Academy chairman on moral ground and in case of refusal, he should be sacked by chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav in his capacity as constitutional head of the Academy because Academy employees in complicity with bank employees have misappropriated money which is meant for scholarships to poor children and for promotion of Urdu. 

Jeddah: As many as 29 Indian Haj pilgrims have died in Saudi Arabia during the past one month or so because of lack of medical facilities and inadequate food and water. News to this effect was given by a social worker in Jeddah. He said that many of them were old people. They were made to wait for long hours in Jeddah by Indian authorities before being taken to Makkah. The social worker, Mohd Farooq Azam, alleged that the authorities had not made proper arrangements for their accommodation and health.

Meerut: Hafiz Mohammad Usman, newly elected chairman of UP Sunni Waqf Board said in an interview to newspapers that UP government has exempted Waqf properties from Rent Control Act but people are not aware of this. Taking advantage of this exemption, caretakers of Waqf properties should try to increase the incomes from such properties and legal action should be taken against those who are using Waqf properties but not paying rent, he said. Regarding his priorities as chairman of Waqf Board, he said that these will be safeguarding and proper maintenance of Waqf properties, legal action against illegal occupants of such properties, registration of residential and other Waqf properties which are still not registered in Waqf ‘s name and bringing them under Waqf’s control so as to further supplement Waqf’s income and to bring about improvements in the administrative set-up of Waqf offices at Lucknow so as to make it responsive to people’s complaints and grievances. 

Lucknow: After Muslim Personal Law Board (Jadeed) of Barelvi Sect of Muslims, a third parallel Board ie Shia Muslim Personal Law Board has now been formed. This was announced by Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar in Lucknow on 11 Jan, 05 after the conclusion of a meeting of Shia Ulama who said that this Board has been formed after all attempts of understanding with the existing All India Muslim Personal Law Board had failed. Accusing the people of Barelvi sect of creating discord among Muslims, he justified creation of this Board and asked when Barelvi’s can form their own separate Board, why not we? He further said that this Board of Shias will start functioning from February 05. He also questioned the role of Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, Shia leader and vice president of AIMPL Board. He said that there will be 200 members of this Board and two separate committees-one to look after Sharai aspects and the other to look after social problems, have also been formed. 

Nadira Babbar’s drama on women
New Delhi: Ji. Jaisi aapki Marzi, a drama written and directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar and sponsored by Ek Jut Sanstha, Mumbai was staged in Kahani Auditorium, New Delhi on 12 January during 7th Bharat Rang Festival and was highly appreciated by the audience. The drama is based on pitiable condition of women. 
Nadira Zaheer Babbar wants to convey a message to society through the drama that women since ancient times in every society have been subjected to cruelties and indignities and their character doubted. Even today women’s freedom is frowned upon. There are four women characters and they represent different ways of life in different regions and at different times. These four characters are related to each other and give a message to society about its customs, traditions and values. 
Nadira said that through this drama she wanted to highlight the stigma put on women and give a message to society with the ultimate aim of improving condition. She said that women in our society are subjected to discrimination.

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