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Published in the 1-15 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Message of the Eid of Sacrifice 
Eid of sacrifice – also known as Baqr Eid or Eid-ul-Azha is observed every year during the month of Haj Pilgrimage. The slaughter of animals for food is approved by Allah and all major religions of the world. Allah the creator, nourisher, sustainer and destroyer of the Universe, has made it a rule that to sustain itself, a life must necessarily feed on another life. There is nothing we all eat that did not have life in it in its original condition. All plants and vegetable also have life. The Sanskrit saying – Tivo Jivasya Jivanam – is quite true and vividly describes the Universal Law of the Almighty that governs the Universe with about 120 billion galaxies in it known to this day.

This Eid seeks to inculcate into every Muslim of highest degree of obedience so that they readily and willingly obey Allah and His apostle Muhammad (pbuh), Qur’an and Sunnah wherein is given the criterion of Good and Evil for which a Muslim must be ready to offer sacrifice of his life or the lives of his dear ones. Love for Allah must transcend all loves.
Muhammad Iqbal Sulaiman 
Begum Peth, Painter Chawk, Maharashtra

Rays of love and brotherhood 
The tragic tales and pictures of tsunami have touched our hearts deeply. It shows the helplessness of human beings before God. From religious viewpoint it was a punishment of our sins. We should apologies for our sins and follow the right path.

According to an IANS report, a mosque and dargah on the outskirts of Chennai’s outskirts sheltered 2200 tsunami victims mostly Hindus, irrespective of religion and caste. In fact religion teaches love, brotherhood and help to fellow humans beings. In the darkness of hatred and violence, the love and compassion shown by the people are rays of hope for human beings
G. H. Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Sharon's clout
Not only the Muslims but intelligent, informed and well intentioned righteous people everywhere are asking the most pertinent question - would there ever be a president in America or a prime Minister in UK who would have the guts to say ‘no’ to any diktat that comes from 'master' Sharon? The old man is not going to come down from the shoulders of M/S Bush and Blair no matter how much the world dislike the caricature. It is an authentic hadith which Islam's both schools of thought believe in that the Muslims should always be equipped for defensive purpose with the best available arms. Now for Israel, USA or UK governments to tell the Muslims that they can have only this or that kind of arms and USA, alone with its master Israel and few friends should possess such and such weapons is sheer arrogance. America wants to keep its monopoly on arms of mass destruction to remain a lone super power for ever and as such does not want others particularly the Muslims to have them. Could the zionist mercenaries go to Muslim Afghanistan/Iraq if the later had the nuclear weapons like USA and Israel? The answer is obviously a no. Would America dare to attack any nuclear state such as Russia, China, India or France? The answer is a simple no. Big mouth American rulers' arrogance and idiosyncrasy and for that matter their cowardice know no bound. In their vocabulary we, all Muslims are Islamic terrorist (a derogatory and contemptuous term coined by the zionist terrorists and advertised by their agents) if we do not obey their diktat. The entire American empire was built on the bones and skeletons of the innocent Red Indians. And these people have the audacity to speak of liberty, freedom, democracy ! If true democracy is allowed to be functioned and prevailed in the Jazeeratul Arab would the people there allow the shameless American sex-maniac soldiers in their soil to stay for a single day? And the oil thirsty American rulers know the answer. They are not all that ignorant though subservient to the zionists to the furthest extent. Anyway, a true Muslim worth his faith and dignity is duty bound to obey the prophet of Islam, blessings of Allah be upon the holy prophet and his pious households and not the arrogant tyrants. It is, therefore, an incumbent duty upon all Muslims to equip themselves with best available arms to protect themselves and their national interests. And there is not a single true Muslim who would not abide by this hadith? Islamic Republic of Iran is a sacred trust bestowed upon the Islamic Ummah by the blessed Imam Ruhullah Khomeini, may Allah honour him in paradise. Hence, it is a religious duty of every Muslim to defend the Islamic Republic at all costs from enemy aggression. Islam will survive many a Karbala, Insha Allah. All over the Islamic world there should be Muslims' protest against zionists' run American governments antagonistic and uncivilised policy it has adopted on zionists prodding towards the Islamic Republic. For writing this article I might as well be harassed by the almighty and invisible secret agents but a Muslim will die only once and that would be a martyrdom.
Mohammed Hayath

Practical Lab Of Allah
The recent earthquake and the tidal waves known as `tsunami` killed lakhs of people within a fraction of moment. It created a sheer havoc, and damaged life and property unprecedented in the history of calamity in the south east Asia. The world was taken aback at the turn of event, and painfully struggled to overcome the situation. The scientists began to study its cause and effect. Geologists in the United States of America blamed the unavailability of high-powered technology to warn of the poorer nations from the impending danger. The common masses began to explain the destruction with awe and wonder. In short, human mind was centered around logic and reason behind the catastrophe. None of them related the disaster to the verses of the Holy Quran in which possibility of such misfortunes beyond human control are bound to occur, time to time, in order men to warn of ephemeral life on the earth. But men seem to have fallen into oblivion and deny the existence of Allah and His signs even after the tragedy of this magnitude. The entire episode has clear reference in the Holy Quran:

"Are they confident that Allah's scourge will not fall upon them, or that
the Hour of Doom will not overtake them unawares, without warning?"
(Yusuf 12:101)

At another juncture, the warning is summed up in these words:
"The Disaster! What is the Disaster? Would that you knew what the 
Disaster is! On that day men shall become like scattered moths and 
the mountains like turfs of carded wool."
(Al-Qaria 101:1)

In the same vain, the Holy Quran goes on:
"When the sky is as under; when the stars scatter and the oceans roll
together; when the graves are hurled about; each soul shall know what

it has done and what it has failed to do."
(Al-Infitar 82:1)

Such warnings which are prevalent throughout the Holy Quran are meant only for men to return to the right path chosen by Allah. What has been explained in the Holy Quran as theory, Allah, sometimes, experiments 'this' into His practical lab of the planet creating havoc in myriad forms in sea or on land unsurpassable from the understanding and thought of human beings. It is high time, the humanity at large is sensitive to the tragedy and is a faithful servant of Allah on the earth shunning all forms of evil and all traces of human pride and glory.
"Pride and glory be only to Allah
Mohammad Azeemullah, Aligarh

Letter to Editor Pages: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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