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Published in the 1-15 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Uprooting and disenfranchising of Indian voters
It is like adding insult to injury. While the world over voters are courted even by postal ballots to affirm the right of all citizens to vote, Maharashtra’s Sonia Congress and Sharad Pawar’s National Congress Party coalition, after uprooting 70,000 families from slums of Bombay, are planning to disenfranchise them by striking their names from the electoral lists; this where even Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers get elected or nominated flaunting all rules of residence. The anti-people havoc wrecked by the newly elected Democratic Front is any thing but democratic. It is more a Democratic Affront. As the news is trickling out, electoral politics is robbing ordinary people of their peaceful life in the city ---- all because a new conspiracy of ethnic cleansing is taking shape, where the Marathas from both ruling as well as opposition parties are trying to usurp Indian citizens right to their constitutional freedom to live anywhere in the sovereign territory of India. As a matter of fact, Election Commission and courts should make it sure that all those with their names on the electoral list of last assembly elections, and uprooted in slum demolitions, should be provided alternative accommodations within the same areas from where they had voted.

It is not without reason that two days in a row, the defeated Shiv Sena’s supreme Bal Thackerey had openly invited pseudo-secular NCP’s Sharad Pawar to join hands with his hard-line Shiv Sena, to not only take away Maharashtra from the over lordship of Sonia Congress, but "to enable Maharashtra to give direction to the nation". Politicians have every right to play their games for all it is worth, but not at the cost of poor people whose lives are so cruelly shattered. 

It is sad that the Sonia Congress Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and a prominent Congress MP, Gurudas Kamath too are in on the game of ethnic cleansing to rid Bombay of all Uttar Bharatis. Though it is made out as if the tussle is between Yadav Raj or Maratha Raj, the real objective of the whole exercise is widely believed to be nothing but sharing of corruption funds from the huge borrowed budget of rebuilding the city of Mumbai supposedly in the image of Shanghai or Singapore. 

International agencies extending huge amounts for slum rehabilitation and development should make sure that India remains democratic and peaceful and that its citizens are not so brutally oppressed in the name of rehabilitation.

While Seymour Hersh’s article: Coming Wars published in January issue of The New Yorker, about Bush plans for invasion on Iran had made big headlines around the world; a new reaction seems to be growing around the world about the possibility of Hersh himself being in the Bush loop, cooperating with the US Administration for drumming up a world-wide hysteria about the danger of US invasion of Iran. 

The truth may or may not point to an coordinated effort by Hersh and Bush administration to raise a big hue and cry about the imminence of such a repeat of US invasion on another Middle East country, and thus building up pressure on Iranian people and its leadership, the pattern of news management over a period time, with the US journalists and Think Tanks breaking news and Bush administration denying the whole scoop, seems to be now assuming a highly suspect and discredited reputation. 

The propaganda may be timed to warn Iran against any interference in Iraqi affairs, now that the Iraqi elections are due within a short time. However, the way Sistani has been cooperating with the illegal US/UK occupiers in the hope of Shia majority finally getting its rightful majority rights, Iran would have hardly any motivation to rock the boat.

Still the resounding silence from rest of the world leaders, who had been rightfully vocal against US invasion of Iraq, is most glaring. Both Pakistan and India should not remain complacent about their own integrity, if Bush is determined to carry out the Neo-con plan to take over the whole world through the use of power or threat of power during his second term. 

A US commentator, Chris Floyd has compared the American Jewish Neo-con's New American Century plan to that of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. 

Floyd writes: ‘Adolf Hitler clearly spelled out his plan to destroy the Jews and launch wars of conquest to secure German domination of world affairs in his 1925.’ 

Ironically the same American Jews who were victims of Nazi holocaust are now bent to outperform Hitler in their bestial plans to colonise the whole world.

Bush invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq follows that same Hitler blue print of advance warning before moving his forces into defenseless countries. The rest of the world has not much time to prepare a proper response, before the tyranny of the neo-fascists becomes unstoppable.

Howsoever, the United States of America tries to paint the face of world Muslim community with the black tinge of terrorism, howsoever, it continues to degrade and humiliate the believers with its unprecedented and unmatched technological prowess and howsoever, it remains indulged in unethical and unscrupulous propoganda of profaning the world`s greatest religion, Islam continues to dominate the psyche of modern world with its formidable message against barbarism and inequality. The tussle between the west (headed by USA) and Islam is neither between the two opposite poles of power nor between the clashes of civilization but between the wrong against the right and the unjust against the just. The rest of the world has resigned to the colossal strength of the USA and its allies and is a helpless spectator against their brute except Muslims who, despite lacking modern artillery, stand against the tide. Islam does not promote inequality and is totally against barbarity, brutality and injustice. The Holy Quran speaks:

"...And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression ,and justice and faith in Allah prevail. But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression."
(The Cow, 'Baqara' 2:193)

The USA and its allies must understand the undercurrents in order to avoid long-drawn-never-ending battle between the two antithetical camps. Fighting for a just cause is not terrorism, it is heroism.
Mohammad Azeemullah
Lecturer(Education), Anoopshahar,Bulandshahar

Bush is to be inaugurated for his second presidential term on Jan 20, 2005. In his new 4-year term, the world should expect more of the same havoc that he had rocked in Iraq and Afghanistan. He treats his reelection as a blank check by the US voters to him to stay the course and fight 'international' terrorism, a convenient handle for American imperial redesigning ambitions of the Middle East, to serve as slave states of America. America has determined to rob all Middle East countries of their freedom and their resources and lord over them through proxies like Allawi, who will kneel before the great power, even when asked to bend. After all, they will be put in the highest post of their 'independent democratic nations' through the blood and sweat of American soldiers fighting a neo-colonial war. Whatever hubris promised by the US propagandists may or may not be delivered, but US will exploit the countries to the hilt, just as colonists of the 18th century had gone out and conquered territories and ruled over them by bilking their resources and leaving them with bare subsistence level existence. Why is that while all European colonists have developed economies, built through colonial loot, while all former subjugated colonies are still ‘developing’? What ever is good for America, is not automatically good for the rest of the world and action is bound to be followed by reaction --- in due time. 

Meanwhile, one of America's most credible whistleblower, SEYMOUR M. HERSH has gathered the following intelligence over Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Feith plan for Iran. Neighbours especially India will have to learn some lessons from Iraq and Iran's fate and should not forget how the British came to trade and ended up ruling the country for over a century. India should not forget, how even while leaving, they partitioned the country and left their old device of 'divide and rule' infused in the partition and independence plan.

Election commission order to political parties for compensating Railways, in view of their posters, hoardings defacing Railway property, is commendable. One wish the same should happen in all parts of the country at all time instead of its being restricted to election time only.

In our city posters, hoardings, banners are strewn all around which makes the city look ugly. In times of student union elections, college walls bear the burden and people compete to make it look as dirty as possible. The dangling banners on streets not only shield the skyline but may also be a security and traffic hazard.

The district administration along with NGOs should take the initiative in creating awareness among the masses about the existing laws for defacement of public and private properties.

Dr. Salman Sultan
Department of Computer Science
Shibli National College
Salman Sultan <>

Bad effects of obscene films and literature 
Sexual anarchy, drug addiction, violence, obscene and vulgar films are some of the causes of moral degradation in society. The evils injure, spoil and weaken the social fabric of society. They are like cancer for the moral health of our society. The film censor board should vigilant and strict to obscene films. 
Screening of obscene English films should be banned in the country. The Indian film makers imitate English films. The permissiveness has become a trend among modern film makers and writers in India. Such films and literature are having disastrous effects on the mind of youth and creating grave social problems. 
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

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