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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Upside down: criminals in command

By I K Shukla

I will take here only three examples of moral somersaults that the HinduTaliban and their cohorts like George Fernandes have quite nimbly and amusingly performed.

1. Babri Mosque's demolition. They said they were proud to demolish it. Then they asked was it really demolished? Then they said, those who say it was demolished, and that by us, are dreaming. It was neither demolished, nor by us, in any event. They do not know who demolished it though it deserved to be demolished.

Advani, quite imaginatively, believes there are two kinds of crime, one political , the other social. The political (read,
"religious") crime should not be punished. Thus he and his ilk would be absolved of Hawala crime, Babri demolition crime, and scores of other crimes like voluminous bribery, and murder of Staines, mass murders of Muslims-Christians-Dalits-Adivasis, gang rape, and communal robbery in the cause of Hindutwa 
(as in Gujarat Genocide 2002).

What would you call them? Afraid? Ashamed? Amnesiac? Addlepated? Abysmal Liars? Inveterate Vandals? Of shame they had congenital deficit, of criminal attitudes and achievements congenitally, they have bulging abundance.
So, they shrilly ask us to forget that Murli M Joshi, UmAbharti, L. Kishenchand AdVani were in Ayodhya on 6Dec. 1992 exhorting the riff raff wreckers, most of them brought from Gujarat, inciting the demolition, and cheering every hammer and crowbar blow to the 500-year old historical monument and religious symbol.

The arch conspirator of the demolition, who launched a blood yatra for the purpose from Somnath all across India, blazing a terrorist trail of massive death and destruction, who roared from housetops Mandir Waheen Banayenge (We'll build the temple there only), lied repeatedly about the Demolition, alternating his mendacity with meandering and maundering or playing mute. Witnesses of his perfidy and sleazy lies, among hundreds of others and the media, also his then daughter-in-law, Gauri Advani, a solicitor, now resident in London.

These troglodytes scream: "We did not demolish it. It is not a historical monument or historical mosque but only a "disputed site". But we applaud and rejoice at its destruction as a symbol of slavery."

The saffrom hyenas howl all of this crap in the same breath. You are left wondering: So much crap gushing out of their mouths even when they open it a little and, in this matter, so infrequently?

But the tribal cabal whose chieftains are Bull, Mud, Toga, SinHowl, A-Tale A-Tail, could not perform any better as ventriloquists, conrolled by a fascist ideology which wires them to intone slogans, and perverts their minds and putrefies their morals.

It is a pathetic plea from the criminals to exempt them from consequences of their crimes, a bathetic bid for impunity, a claim of "religious exceptionalism" from anti-social bullies and anti-national brigands.

Would the nation endure letting the criminals go scot free?

2.Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi muth. He is alleged to be involved in murder, assault, onspiracy to murder, and malfeasance. The saffronazis claim it is they who should try him, not the courts. So they want him in Gujarat which would absolve him of all crimes, with sham or no trial, since he is a venerable vvip among his acolytes, the VedicTaliban, who want to reward him for siding with them on the Babri issue in his saffron garb of a mediator.

So, they are trying the Tamilnadu government, UPA, Congress, the Pope, and Sonia Gandhi on the streets for their failure to condemn Jayendra Ji's arrest and demand his release on the ground that he is a religious person. They want the above-mentioned to join the law-breakers as superjudges!

As I said earlier, they do not have even an iota of shame, nor even an atrophied mind, all destroyed by their fascistic and upstart bent of mind.

This angle needs analysis. Advani, quite imaginatively, believes there are two kinds of crime, one political , the other social. The political (read, "religious") crime should not be punished. Thus he and his ilk would be absolved of Hawala crime, Babri demolition crime, and scores of other crimes like voluminous bribery, and murder of Staines, mass murders of Muslims-Christians-Dalits-Adivasis, gang rape, and communal robbery in the cause of Hindutwa (as in Gujarat Genocide 2002).

Instead of being hauled before the courts for suborning law and impugning its authority, they are being allowed by the UPA to stage carnivalesque and cacophonous spectacle, entertaining the gullible, raising the moraleof their cadres, and stumping for Jayendraji's release.

It is this that breeds lawlessness, and empowers the outlaws. It is this that disillusions the masses about the polity and its priorities, its avowed principles and actual policies.

3. Tehelka. George wants those tried who exposed Bangaru taking bribe (justified and recast by the saffronazis as serving Hindutwa, therefore above and beyond law) and Jaya Jaitley assuring the "defence conractors" of a deal.
Here two things are in question. One, crime should not be exposed as betrayal of national interests. And, it is the criminals, again, who will prevail in determining if any crime was committed and who committed it. That is, a robber-rapist-murderer-vandal-demolitionist-wrecker will decide who the criminal is, what the crime is, and whether there is a crime which has been committed.

Having illegally escaped from the consequences of Babri Demolition 1992, the saffro criminals were emboldened after ten years to bleed Gujarat in 2002, again going unpunished for their monstrosities and magnum mayhem.
It is these escapes that encouraged more crimes and more escapades on a continual basis on the part of saffronites. One crime unpunished spawned many, in succession. Every consequence has a cause.

Was the Kanchi muth not earlier too involved in murders? Two Keralites were murdered there two decades ago. Both Brahmins, like Shankarraman, and the murderously assaulted Radhakrishnan. These young students were Kesavan Nampoothri and his roommate Sankaran Nampoothiri. Brahm Hatya and Go-hatya, in scriptural Hinduism, are traditionally regarded to be most heinous of crimes.

Narayanan, the brother of Kesavan, resident of Thiruvananthpuram, recalled the sordid twin murders thus: "Both Kesavan and Sankaran were students of Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Nyaya Shastra Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya in Kanchipuram, run by the Kanchi muth. In October 1985, we received a message that my brother died of electric shock while trying to put a bulb. But when his body was brought home, we found injury marks on his genitals and head. We approached the Tamil Nadu police, but nothing happened. Two weeks later Kesavan's roommate Sankaran Nampoothirii was found dead near a railway track."

Calling the cause of death "shrouded in mystery", Narayanan said he would take up the issue again with the authorities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. "I am determined that we get justice. Let us see what happens in the light of new developments at the mutt", he said. (Indian Currents, 28Nov. 04).

That Kanchi Mutt has gotten away with such crimes in the past cannot be quoted as legal precedent by the HinduTaliban to allow it immunity in the present and the future. For if it had been brought to justice in the past, it would not have resorted to its habitual crime spree.

How many of its crimes remain shrouded in mystery? How much of similar sleaze and sordidness remains shrouded in "religious" miasma in the case of various other akharas and maths? Why are there regular murders and rapes occurring in them, going unpunished, uninvestigated? Which agencies of the state are complicit?

Is it not a case of class solidarity by the upper class-caste officialdom that protects the criminals as "saviors of Hindu dharma"? Why are they tax-exempt? How, and on what do they spend their money? What religious or scholarly funtions are they performing?

Are they anti-social dens, cockpits of intrigues, and mafias aligned with various sects? Why are the akharas in Ayodhya and elsewhere in need of so many firearms as reported in The Telegraph, Kolkata, 6Dec. 04? And, why are they given licenses?

Is it not long overdue that these questions be asked by the law-abiding citizenry?

Is it not time that HinduTaliban were probed thoroughly for their anti-national activities, terrorist antecedents, murky money, and impudent violations of law day in and day out?
Will not laxity in the matter toll the death knell of India, a nation and a democracy?

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