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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Communications & IT Minister D Maran releasing commemorative stamps to mark the 350 years of Taj Mahal on 16 December

Communications & IT Minister D Maran releasing commemorative stamps to mark the 350 years of Taj Mahal on 16 December.


Ahmadabad: Reliance Industries chairman and Mg Director, Mukesh Ambani said here that for the promotion of research and professional education, two communication and information technology institutes, one each in Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir will be opened soon. He said this on the occasion of distribution of degrees to 95 post graduate students who had passed from such an institute here.

Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Aligarh Muslim University’s Chancellor, Justice A Ahmadi laid the foundation stone of a new hostel for students of AMU at Jaffarabad by-pass when the Vice Chancellor Naseem Ahmad and treasurer Nawab Ibn Sayeed Chhatari among others were also present. University Grants Commission had sanctioned the funds for this hostel in the country’s Tenth Five-year Plan. University engineer, V.P. Mittal said that this double-storey hostel with 48 rooms and costing Rs. 1.5 crore will be completed in 18 months.

Department of Posts and Telegraphs organised a 2-day Zonal Postal Stamps Exhibition 2004 at Rae Bareily Club, Rae Bareily on the occasion of which a special Cover ie pictures and photos on the life and works of Sufi poet Malik Mohammad Jaisi was released by the director of Posts and Telegraphs, Rama Kant Pande. Speaking on this occasion he said that release of a Special Cover or Album on Malik Mohammad Jaisi is a matter of pride for this department. He said that this saint is our ideal who has raised the honour and stature of Rae Bareily. It may be stated in this connection that this great Sufi poet, who wrote the famous epic ‘Padmavat’ in 16th century in both Urdu and Hindi scripts was born in Jaaes, a small town in Rae Bareily district. 

New Delhi: V.K. Tirpathy, a senior officer of Indian Revenues Service is not a professional or career poet but his poetic temperament finds expression in his ghazals. An anthology of his ghazals ‘Tere Khayalon Mein’ (In Thy Thoughts) was recently released at a function organised by Universal Music. About his album Tirpathy, who is presently working on deputation as administrative director in National Textiles Corporation, Mumbai, says that in his spare time he is used to put his thoughts in verses. Firaq Gorakhpuri award winner and poetess, Shabnam Naqvi described Tirpathi’s book as an excellent selection of nazms and ghazals. 

A 200 -page monograph containing about 150 photographs of Bismillah Khan on different occasions, is being designed and compiled by Neena Jha, a science teacher of St Thomas School on the occasion of 90th birth day of the Shehnai maestro for sale and collection of funds for the orphans and arts and music students of poor classes all over the country. The book will be available in the market in March next year and its publication is being sponsored by South Asia News Network International. It contains approximately 15 chapters including The Cultural Transformation in India, Holy Ganga: Mother of Swar, Ghats of Varanasi, Voice of One Billion People etc. 

New Delhi: All India Ittehad-e Millat Council, in a meeting held in Delhi’s Ghalib Academy under the chairmanship of its president, Maulana Mohammad Tauqeer Raza Khan of Bariely, announced the formation of a parallel organisation, Muslim Personal Law Board (Jadeed) because, according to him, the existing Personal Law Board is unable to protect the interests of Islamic Shari’a and Muslims. Tauqeer Khan and members of the newly constituted Board, blamed the exiting Board of ignoring the interests of Muslims and undue interference in Islamic Shari’a as well as violation of centuries old Islamic traditions. He also clearly said that Shia and Deobandi Muslims will have no place in the new Board and they will not be allowed to become its members. He also challenged members of the exiting AIMPL Board to question the validity and formation of the new Board in court, if they have the guts. Reacting to this, AIMPL Board spokesman, Maulana Abdur Raheem Qureshi expressed his sorrow and disappointment over the formation of this parallel Board and statements of Maulana Tauqeer Raza against the old Board and its members and said that this is an attempt to create rift among Muslims as a whole.

New Delhi: National Commission for Minority Education Institutions Bill 2004 along with an amendment was passed in the Lok Sabha on 16 December by a voice vote in spite of stiff opposition by BJP and some other opposition members who staged a walk out in protest. This Commission, in terms of the bill, will have the powers of a civil court and will also be empowered to resolve the disputes arising from affiliation between a minority educational institution and scheduled universities like Delhi University, North Eastern Hill University etc. The decisions of this Commission will be binding on all the concerned parties. According to Arjun Singh, human resources development minister the Bill is meant to remove the discrimination being meted out to minority institutions during the NDA regime and that it will in no way curtail the powers of University Grants Commission, as feared by BJP. Though the formation of this Commission has been welcomed by Muslim intellectuals and organisations, their views are that many important things are left out from the scope of this Commission and after careful consideration they will send their suggestions for incorporation in the bill. 

Lucknow: UP chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav laid the foundation stone of a Unani hospital, to be named Dr Abdul Ali Unani Medical College and Hospital in Khatauli, Malihabad district near Lucknow and announced a grant of Rs 1crore for the hospital and Rs 50 lakh for construction of a road leading to this hospital. He said that now Unani system of treatment is becoming popular in western countries also and hence the state government will provide all help in its development in the state. He urged for quick completion of this hospital so that poor people of the area could be benefited from this project. 

New Delhi: A 3-day conference on ‘International relationship of Urdu’ was recently held in Japan under the sponsorship of South Asia Department of Japan’s Osaka University of Foreign Studies in which among other, Prof Gopi Chand Narang from India and Dr David Mathews from London were invited. In addition to them professors and scholars from many other universities were also invited. Prof Narang, on the basis of statistics collected from print and electronic media, Press Registrar’s reports and other sources, said in his speech that whereas Urdu has been facing great difficulties in India after independence it is becoming the lingua franca in Gulf countries, England, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, America etc of people who have migrated from India and Pakistan and whose mother tongues otherwise are Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Blauchi or any other in addition to Pakistan where of course, it is the main language.

Aligarh: On the occasion of Human Rights Day a health awareness campaign was launched in Aligarh under the auspices of Health Wise and CREATE. Students and doctors of Aligarh Muslim University’s J.N. Medical College visited different places and spread the message and importance of heath consciousness. Members of Health Wise explained to the people that with the help of vaccination serious and fatal diseases have been controlled and cured throughout the world and therefore all of us should benefit from these vaccinations. They also enlightened the people about the diseases and ailments resulting from the absence or shortage of vitamins A,D and iodine. This organisation is also a member of America’s White Zone for Safe Motherhood whereas CREATE is a non-government organisation associated with UNICEF. 

Islamabad: The cricket bat used by film star Amir Khan to hit the winning sixer in his film Lagaan was auctioned at a fund raising dinner held in Lahore for Imran Khan’s cancer Hospital built in the memory of his mother Shaukat Khanum who died of cancer. The bat fetched Rs 60 lakh and was bought by a builder, Ali Imran of Bahria town. The hospital is already built at Lahore but Imran Khan wants to build another cancer hospital at Karachi. Amir Khan, who is presently touring Pakistan, said that he wanted to keep this bat as a souvenir but changed his mind and brought it to Pakistan to raise funds for the hospital.

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