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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Corruption in Ummah 
Whether be it the Muslim rulers prostrating before the Zionist-nawaaz America or the Muslim woman who even after losing everything, chose to defame her own supporters and joined hands with her tormentors, or be it the Muslim ulama, who despite knowing how much emphasis the holy Quran and the holy prophet (pbuh) have laid on the Milli unity, they are disunited and after the life one another The root cause of this corruption is greed and lust for worldly things and lack of fear of death. 
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150 

Smriti Irani
Now that Smriti Irani's melodrama of threatening to undertake fast unto death if Modi doesn't resigns has come to an end she has become answerable to many questions. Smriti said that she demanded Modi's resignation because he was responsible for BJP's defeat in Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat. Shouldn't she have demanded Modi's resignation due to his inept handling of Gujarat riots before the elections in Gujarat? This shows that she was more concerned about elections and not about human lives. So why this drama of demanding Modi's resignation after so many months? While demanding Modi's resignation she talked about her moral principals and bragged that she is fighting for truth, justice and for Vajpayee's and Gujarat's pride. What happened to her moral principals and all that truth, justice & pride within few hours? If she thought that what she spoke was right then why didn't she quit the BJP party instead of apologizing and retracting her statement. Doesn't this speak of her hypocrisy and cowardice? She also said that BJP is a democratic party and the party gives everyone a freedom to express their opinions. What happened to that democracy & freedom of expression? Smriti should know that while such melodramas and cheap publicity are good for increasing TRPs of serials, such dramas in political life will only bring eggs on her face. Ms Smriti, concentrate on your acting career and leave politics forever otherwise people will soon start saying Kyunki Tulsi bhi kabhi politician thi. 
Amjad K. Maruf, Mumbai - 400103

Grave challenge to society 
There are nearly 3.5 crore people afflicted with venereal diseases in India and sexual anarchy is the reason behind its rise. When moral and spiritual health of a society decays, the physical health of its individuals also deteriorates.

Hospitals must be in place for treating these diseases but what is more important is that prevention is better than cure. So it is better to keep restraint and avoid in indulging illegal sexual acts. Spreading awareness about venereal diseases and inculcating moral and spiritual values in the new generation will help in controlling venereal diseases. 
G. Hasnain Kaif 
Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Islam a true religion for mankind 
Those who are opposed to Islam leave no stone unturned in projecting it in distorted manner. Islam is being wrongly projected by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS. Islam lays down a code of life which can solve all the problems of modern age.

Despite all the wrong publicity against Islam, today it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Conversion to Islam is voluntary because Islam values human dignity. The holy Qur’an says, "Let there be no compulsion in religion". Islam guarantees equality of opportunity for all without any distinction of caste and creed and treats everyone alike. 

It was Islam which first introduced the charter of Human Rights and stressed its importance. However, after the French Revolution of 1789 and American Revolution of 1775, the concept of Human Right fostered. 

Swami Vivekananda was all the praise for practical aspects of Islam and said, "My experience is that if ever any religion approach to this equality (egalitarianism) in an appreciable manner, it is Islam and Islam alone, I am firmly persuaded, therefore, that without the help of practical Islam, theories of Vedantism, however, fine and wonderful they may be, are entirely valueless to the mankind" 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi,

Lucknow roads in bad shape
The Samajwadi Party government of UP and its predecessor Mayawati led BSP/ BJP government organised huge rallies and shows in Lucknow. These parties spent crores of rupees to show their political strength. However, the roads of the city are a neglected lot. Except Vidhan Sabha Marg and the roads around government offices and houses, all the other roads are in bad shape and need immediate attention. MLAs gets crores of rupees as development funds. Where does these funds go? Will the state government look into the matter?
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi

Unite for protecting human rights
India is a signatory to UN’s international charter of human rights. Our constitution is also a standard protector of human rights and human dignity. However, the weaker sections of the society as poor, women, Dalits, minorities are still living a wretched life even after 57 years of Independence. Communal riots, atrocities on women and weaker sections, custodial deaths, child abuse, female foeticide and infanticide are still continue unabated.

Most of the countrymen are deprived of proper food, clothing, medicines and education. We must raise our voice against atrocities and violations of human rights. To ensure safety and security of every person, criminals and law breakers must be punished. 
G.Hasnain Kaif 
Azad Ward, Bhandara 

Human rights day
World Human rights day is once again witnessing most barbaric violations of Human Rights through out the world.

All the declarations and treaties on Human rights are eating dust.The innocent people of Iraq and Palestine specially of falluja and ramAllah have been killed and torchured so in humanly that it has crossed all boundaries of Humanity 

Now the world propagators of Human Rights have confirmed and approved these barbaric activities by giving second term to the CRUSADE of Bush against Islamic world .

In this situation discussions of this old and out dated term i.e Human Rights has no relevancy and it makes no difference to the billions of lives of people across the globe. 
Shahnawaz Warsi 
MSO of India, Aligarh, UP

Kaam aahista aahista
i have asked for my ghazal Hindee Aqueedah to be put in a computer laguage that your English Printer may accept. 

As you know in Dilli,however, 
"Kaam hotaa hai Dilli mai(n), magar aahistah aahistah: 
Zammanah bhee agar badlay tau yaa(n) aahistah aahistah::
Bhalay Gujaraat Aurisaa jalaa dai(n) zindah insaa(n) ko:
Magar Dilli mai(n) hotaa ghaur par aahistah aahistah:;
Yeh khoobee hai yaa zillat hai na pooccho dono hai(n) bay sood; 
Daf'a hoga yeh maghrib Dilli say aahistah aahistah:;
Prakash Narain

Secularism and Congress
The reason Mani Shankar Aiyar is bending backwards in defense of 'Congress Secularism' is that he and his Congress party both are specimens of classic hypocrites ---- as even though they swear by secularism, they had never been able 

to do without all their insidious, inhuman and anti-people communal practices 
of managing their politics as well as state governance while ruling India for over 40 years through clever manipulations and subterfuge. 

Thousands of communal riots over 4 decades are stark testimony of their double-dealing. They are over-reacting now, as they feel the communal Hindutva 

brigade is stealing their thunder. The Brahmins in both camps with their duplicitous scheming are now threatened with Mandalites and Regionals gradually but forcefully taking over state power as if drawn by the inevitable pull of gravity. 

In just one week of Maharashtra's Congress Chief Minister, announcing that his new government will not stick to its election promise of granting full rights to all slums that dated back to year 2000, and they will start demolishing 2000 huts everyday, mysterious fires have erupted in predominately Muslim hutment areas of Bandra, Kurla and Jogeshwari. This is the new version of Congress 

Gujarat. Thousands of Muslim families were thrown out with nothing but the clothing had one them. In Jogeshwari, timber and furniture trade of Muslims was completely destroyed in the fire. 

The difference between Congress/NCP targeting of Muslims and that of the extremist BJP, is the subtlety and finesse that Congress has fine-tuned as an art-form as how to attack Muslims after they had reaped the benefit of their vote bank contribution to their victories. Their very subsistence level survival is 
routinely wiped out to keep them in perpetual dependence and poverty. 

The local Muslim MLA in Bandra, Baba Siddiqui, elected twice in a row, has 
arranged big show of cooking community meals on the site for the benefit of TV coverage, as if Congress is ever helping out Muslims. 

Even the media is just reporting the gory details of the fire and the victims 
without highlighting the criminal act of organised arson, that is all of a sudden unleashed on selected areas of Muslim majority. 

Congress can very easily spread the rumours that it is the handiwork of opposition. But those who have studies Congress's psuedo-secular ideology and its inherent bias against bias, will not buy that excuse. 

Congress had lost Muslim votes on its then Prime Minister's duplicity in Babri Masjid. It should have learned the lesson. But alas old habits die-hard! All they have chosen is to put out wordmongers like Mani Shankar Aiyar to defend their bogus brand of secularism.

UN Security Council has been constituted without any logical basis or consideration except that the members were self-righteous industrialized nations with nuclear arsenals, who participated I and II world war. The UNSC has no representation from the second largest democracy of the world - India which itself shows it is not of representative nature!. Pity that it has no representation from Middle-east and Arabic speaking people. It has no representation from African and Australian continents! It has representation from Europe (France, Britain), America (USA) and Asia (Russia and China). For a long time China had no representation in UNSC but a small country, Taiwan was a member!! UNSC is controlled and dictated by USA with its supporters Britain and France, which forms a majority. In short, what USA feels will be the order of the day. Nowadays Russia is also toeing the US line due its economic conditions. Such is the story of the world forum. If India is getting a security council seat, there will be a possibility that India, China and Russia will be on one side and USA, Britain and France will be on the other side and hence a decision will not be possible and there will be always a draw.

UNSC no moral right exclude India or 1/5th of world's population. It should frame some rules in order to be members of this super body. To my mind one or more of the following could be the basis:

1) The incoming member should be a nuclear power, so that nuclear powers are tamed.

2) The incoming member should have a population of 1/8th of the world minimum

3) The country should be a democratic nation

4) The country should have a good human rights record

5) It should not be a nation lead by Military Officer like Pakistan.

UN Charter should be altered to accommodate such changes, when adopted by UN General Assembly. I also feel that Veto power should be abolished once for all, as it is beyond scope of principle of equality and justice. Security Council should go by the majority vote. May be 75% of total members should agree to a particular decision, for implementation of such a decision.

To start with, India should be admitted as Security Council member with full rights. Why should India go for a second class membership of the UNSC when it has all the qualification to become a regular member?
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir
Mumbai 400053

Respected Smritiji,
It was very heartening to read that you had decided to speak the truth and dared to show the mirror to one of your own party leader, but then the joy was short-lived as you tendered an unconditional apology in less than 24 hours of the bold step.

One would wish to know what really prompted you to speak on the Gujarat riots issue after such a long time? Why were you silent immediately after the gruesome happening. What then caused the delay in showing the mirror? Was the delay due to the reason that after joining politics one hardly dares to see the mirror himself/herself leave aside show it to someone else.

One was happy to read that you were extremely pained about the image of Gujarat and of the then Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and you wanted to restore their pride at the earliest. But then one fails to understand why did you not go on the "fast unto death" immediately, instead of waiting for 25th of December? Were you not keen to restore the pride of the state of Gujarat immediately and clean the image of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at once?

You had mentioned that your step towards the "truth" was to show that BJP is a party with a difference, but then already so many of your party people have worked in that direction, each one contributing his bit, taking the party towards becoming a party with not only "a difference" but with "many differences". You being a sincere karya karta probably wanted to contribute your bit to the "difference".

Now that you have tendered an unconditional apology does it mean that you hardly care for the pride of Gujarat and that of the former Prime minister Shri Vajpayeeji? Will you not dare to stand up for truth again just because it puts your party in an akward position? Does your sudden turn around mean that your standing for the truth was a mere political stunt? 

Bhagwat Gita teaches a person to side with truth even if his own brother is on the other side with the wrong doers, do you mean then to deviate from it? Has one seen the death of the "human being" in you by the politician that you seem to now have become?
Abdul Monim
A-7, Tata Vidyut, Sector 9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703

Modi is stronger than all in BJP
In the true tradition of her mentor Atal ( Was his words unchangeable?) Smriti Irani retracted her 'bold' declaration of 'fast unto death' if Narendra Modi Bhai did not resign by 25th of December which is the Birthday of former PM. Atal changed his versions and words several times, when he was PM, which proved he was not atal but tal. She was threatened by the BJP leadership and had to eat her humble pie like Vajpayee. She read a statement, which was handed out to her, telling the audience "I am given this statement to read.." Retraction is the another name for BJP leaders. Remember the roll back mode of BJP?. Everybody knows the clout of Modi Bhai, in the party edifice, who has proved to be beyond the reach of mortal men like Vajpayee. Modi Bhai is stronger than all in BJP and all put together. He has no remorse or regret for what he has done to tarnish the image of BJP. He is walking on the face of earth, as proudly as ever before, inspite of the blot of pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat!!
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir

Bush administration is reported to have been scrutinizing intercepted phone conversations that the International Atomic Energy Agency Chief, El Baradai had with Iranian diplomats. The suspected motive for such outrageous behaviour is to trap El Baradai in some accusation of bias, favoring Iran as a Muslim and thus repudiating his clean chit to Iran. The treacherous scheming in communalizing the international organisation into Christians, Jewish and Islamic groups, assumes greater danger to the world peace, than any previous attempts by US administration to target Muslims countries of the world, under false pretexts.

The Neo-con Jewish plants in Bush administration are still strong in Bush II administration as US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview that an attack on Iran is not ruled out. The more threats that US officials working as Israel’s proxy are holding out against Iran, the greater incentive Iran has to hold on to its nuclear assets, to prepare for the day of a showdown with Israel and the US. The US sans Israel can have some credibility with the Muslim world, but with Israel and Jewish neo-cons at the helm of its diplomacy and defense planning, Muslims are bound to be very suspicious of Israel, given its virulent hatred of Islam and Muslims and its long-held plans to subjugate the Arab world.

Till now, the US is the only country in entire history of the world to have used weapons of mass destruction on an adversary and that too after its virtual surrender. Those at the helm of decisions to regardless bomb defenseless civilians of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were driven by sheer hatred and arrogance of power. That same group seems to be again at the helm of US administration. Iran or for that matter any nation that prizes its freedom and is sure to be the target of the Neo-con Jewish hate policies, has full right of self defense to arm itself with defensive nuclear weapons, as a deterrent to such definite attack threats. 

With Iraq still in turmoil, Bush should throw out all those warmongers of the neo-con team that had openly planned the vicious exploitation of brute US power to subjugate the rest of the world, for the dubious and reckless objective of ruling the world for the so-called security, safety and economic prosperity of Israel. Bush and Rumsfeld by now should have realized that both the US and Israel are so exposed that they should refrain the use of force even as a diplomatic counterweight to get their fiat imposed on countries that do differentiate between Free USA and Jewish-ruled USA and are more amenable to do business with Bush, without Israel hanging on to his coat-tails. The earliest US realizes the deadly contribution of Israeli factor in alienation of the Muslim world from America, the better are the chances of peaceful resolution of all seemingly intractable issues.

One of the most humiliating and degrading example of American Jewish neo-con lobby’s plan to bolster Israel’s hegemony over its immediate Arabs neighbours who are forced to sign peace treaty with Israel, is to make all US-Arab economic and trade deals go through compulsory ‘Israeli brokerage house’, so that Israel should be the overall control authority, on all US-Arab dealings, thus institutionally positioned to suck the blood of Arabs countries with its monopoly on all inter-US/Arab economic dealings.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick, who is in Cairo for the signing ceremony, is putting final stamp of a deal that grants Egyptian exporters exemption from US customs and trade quotas, only and if all such exporters use ‘Israeli investments and materials’. This is a clear case of total subservience of Egyptian exports to US, to the overall economic stranglehold of Israel. 

Zoellick, presumably a Jewish American, one of the signers of the January 26, 1998, Project for the New American Century (PNAC) letter to President William Jefferson Clinton, has naturally called the accord, milked after torturous 18-month negotiations, as ‘ the most important agreement Egypt and Israel in two decades’.

The neo-cons in US administration is already treating whole of Arab and Muslim world as a defeated nation who should be saddled with onerous and exploitative terms of reparation for standing up to Israel and its protégé, the US.

US administration is seriously handicapped without any independent policy initiative to deal with Islamic world, without involving Israel or its backers in American Jewish community. The price of such shortsighted mortgaging of its policy initiatives to Israel can never achieve a lasting peace between the US and the Islamic world. 


Of a Thirty Three Year Long Nightmare
If you are a Pakistani today is probably just another day in your life. Most likely you are so busy and pre-occupied with your present and immediate future that you really have no time to reflect on the happenings of December 16, 1971. 

This day will live in infamy, on this day Pakistan army surrendered to Indian Army (an unparalled defeat in the annals of Muslim history), and 95 thousand Army personnel were quickly dispatched to India. Half a million Pakistanis who remained were targets of large scale killing, arson and rape. I know you may have heard about it you may have some inkling of it. I do understand that the text book of today pass over that era in a somewhat nonchalant manner. 

I have been away from Pakistan for so long that I don’t even know if we critically examined our national affairs so as to learn from it. As even a casual observer of history can tell you, we made many mistakes, denying the aspirations of our Bengali citizens with respect to their language was perhaps one of the biggest and earliest blunders. Unfortunately we made many more mistakes that were capitalized by those advocating creation of Bangladesh. The lust for power of the prominent politicians of the day may have had something to do with it as well. 

I complain about none of it. Your enemies are supposed to do this to you, if we did not prepare for it, it’s our damn fault. Yes, you trust in God, but to win you must keep your powder dry as well. What I can not get over is the treatment we handed to our supporters. We delivered half a million of our loyal, innocent citizens in to the hands of their sworn enemies and never looked back. History has scarcely seen such grand displays of cruelty. Stateless Non-Bengalis have been on the slowest, most painful trek to extinction. It looks like in that conflict we not only lost a war to India, but we also lost every last ounce of respect for law and humanity we may have had. That is what December 16th reminds me of. 
Syed Kamal

Jagan Nath Azad
I am saddened by the sad demise of Prof. Jagan Nath Azad. He was really a 'Doyen' of Urdu Literature. It is irrepairable loss for Urdu.

Can you please let me know a few of his poetries?

Toronto, Canada.

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