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Published in the 1-15 July 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Hindu jihadis operating in J&K

By Masoom Muradabadi 

The Milli Gazette Online

Jawans of Indian security forces in Kashmir have arrested Nina, daughter of a farmer called Sher Singh in Duggalpur, a village about 60 kms from Rajouri, near LoC. She was working as a helper to terrorists. During the course of interrogation she named many Hindu youths who were working as jihadis under fake Muslim names.

This is not a figment of somebody’s imagination but a bitter truth which has exposed another aspect of terrorism and militancy that is going on in Jammu & Kashmir. Till now terrorism and militancy in J&K was being associated with “Muslims” with communal organisation raising a great hue and cry. Even otherwise these elements do not miss any opportunity, as is their wont, to defame and target Muslims even on minor grounds but so far as J&K is concerned, the general feeling is that the only Muslim majority state of the country is the stronghold of Muslim militants and separatists.

There are no two opinions that in J&K Pakistan-sponsored terrorist movement has very much disturbed the social, economic and communal life in the state but there are many other aspects of this bloody conflict which are continuously being ignored. That is why when this news became public, those owing allegiance to Sangh outfits maintained complete silence as if they are dumbfounded. 

Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar in its 27 April issue published a news item which said that after trapping about three dozen Hindu youths of border areas in their net, the jihadi commanders have started a campaign of trapping Hindu girls of poor families also in their activities. In the hilly areas of Rajouri an 18-year-old girl, Nina, was caught from the house of a Gujjar family in Keri sector near the LoC. She had gone to that house for getting the dinner cooked for her 8 jihadi colleagues and also to spend the night there. The head of the Gujjar family acted cleverly. He got the meals cooked, took good care of the girl but secretly sent a child to the nearby military post to inform about the girl and the purpose of her visit. Security forces immediately reached the place and took the girl in their custody.

On interrogation she told the security forces that Hizbul Mujahideen (HuM) operations commander in Rajouri and Poonch area is Shyam Lal, a Hindu youth, who is directing terrorist activities under the fake name of “Shamsuddin”. Security forces went into action to nab Hindu jihadis as informed by Nina. 

This is not the first incident of its kind. Many such startling cases were detected earlier. So much so that a few years back HuM disclosed that it had formed a battallion of Hindu supporters. Efforts were made to suppress such news because if such news were made public, another picture of the on-going terrorism in Kashmir will come to the knowledge of public which the media and government agencies want to conceal.

According to available detailed information, HuM commanders have appointed Hindu jihadis in the hilly areas of Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Udhampur etc. Eight such Hindu youths were recently arrested in Udhampur and Poonch areas, including HuM commander Manoj Kumar who was arrested last year in Udhampur. Similarly, a Hindu jihadi commander, Baldev Singh, had surrendered last month at the northern command headquarters of the Indian army at Udhampur. 

It is clear from these disclosures that not only Muslims but even Hindus are involved in the ongoing terrorist activities in J&K who were either persuaded to join them or given monetary incentives or because of some other compelling circumstances. An important question that arises here: where are the Sangh activists who always doubt the patriotism of Muslims and have been citing the example of Kashmir separatists as a proof of their allegations? Why don’t they loudly tell the world that in Kashmir Hindus also are involved in terrorist activities along with Muslims? I very well know that neither RSS leaders will react to this news nor Advani will utter a single word in this regard. They consider Hindus as most patriotic and all Muslims as stupid and traitors.
The world in any case has come to know that terrorism is not associated with any religion but it is directly related to human needs and grievances. If jobless Hindus can become tools in the hands of anti-national elements in consideration of money and indulge in terrorist activities, why won’t jobless and aggrieved Muslims fall in this trap?

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