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Published in the 1-15 July 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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The Milli Gazette Online

Waheeda Rahman presents clothes to a Kashmiri girl during function

Waheeda Rahman presents clothes to a Kashmiri girl 
during function organised by CRPF at Srinagar Rahatghar 
Relief Home on 18 June


Lucknow: Condemning the incident in a village in Muzaffarnagar, UP in which the father-in-law of a woman Imrana who is a mother of five children had raped her, chairperson of Women’s Personal Law Board, Shaista Ambar has criticised ulama for taking the matter lightly and defending Imrana’s rapist. She said that those ulama and maulvis have no knowledge of Qur’an. They have, in fact, insulted Islam. The local ulama and city Qazi had said in a statement that after the incident Imrana should be considered as the wife of culprit Ali Mohammad and mother of her husband. She said that these maulanas are downgrading Islam and added that if this crime would have been committed in a Muslim country, the culprit would have been given exemplary punishment.

New Delhi: A world Urdu conference will be held in different cities of Canada and USA under the sponsorship of the weekly Urdu Times published simultaneously from Canada and USA. The first session of the conference will be held in Toronto from 17 to 19 June, the second session in New York between 24 to 25 June, the third session in Washington on 26 June and the concluding session in Houston from 1 to 2 July. Men of letters from all over the world are invited for this conference. Among those invited from India are Prof Gopi Chand Narang, Prof Qamar Raees, Shahid Mahuli, and Prof Ali Ahmad Kazmi. The topics of discussion will be the ways and means of promoting Urdu language in Europe and America. 

Jaipur: Rajasthan government will open 250 Urdu promotion centres work for which will start in the first week of July. Draft for this project has been finalised by Rajasthan Madrasa Board. In every centre 25 students will be imparted education and training in Urdu. At this rate 6 to 7 thousand students will be imparted Urdu education every year. Such centres will be at two levels upto primary level from Ist to 5th class and at the middle level there will be students from 6th to 8th classes. Well educated teachers will be appointed in these centres at a salary of Rs 1500. According to Rajasthan Madrasa Board president, Mushtaq Ansari the state’s BJP government itself has taken this initiative for promotion of Urdu. These centres will cost Rs one crore annually. 

New Delhi: Fourth death anniversary of Mohammad Yunus Khan, the founder and promoter of Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, which has now become the centre of almost all exhibitions showing India’s progress in economic and industrial fields, was observed in the Hall No. 7 of Pragati Maidan. The meeting was organised by Safdar Husain Khan, the chief of Pragati Maidan’s security. First of all Quran Khwani (recital of Qur’an) was held and thereafter speeches were delivered in which tributes were paid to him. One of the speakers, Hakim Anwar said that he was among the original founders of Indian economy who sacrificed his every thing for the creation and development of Pragati Maidan. 

Jammu: A group of 35 ulama and molvis is presently on an all-India tour under the sponsorship of Northern Command of the Indian army to have a glimpse of Indian’s secular character and the country’s progress in different fields. This is the first venture of its kind by the army. The group was seen off from here by Lieut-Gen Hari Prasad head of the northern command. In Delhi they will meet the President of India APJ Abdul Kalam and will also visit Army Headquarters. Lieut-Gen Hari Prasad says that this programme is organised under ‘Operation Sadbhavna’ (Goodwill) and will be helpful in discouraging and controlling terrorism and militancy. During their fortnight long tour they will visit Agra, Pune and many other religious, historical and industrial places. 

Bareilly: In spite of acute financial crisis, UP’s Urdu Academy has plans to financially help old and sick Urdu litterateurs, students and to undertake other promotional activities. Chairman of Urdu Academy, Dr Yasin Ali Usmani said that under this scheme Urdu Academy will give scholarships to Urdu students from primary to doctorate level and other higher professional courses. In addition to this, it will give monthly pension of Rs 500 and medical assistance to old and sick Urdu litterateurs. Other projects are setting up of on Urdu journalism institute so that products of this institute could get employment in various print and electronic establishment, awarding one consolation prize of Rs 1,51,000,2 such prizes of Rs 51,000 and 3 such prizes of Rs 1,0000 and one to ETV for its excellent Urdu journalism and telecast. Dr Yasin Usmani regretted that whereas Delhi’s Urdu Academy is getting Rs 3 crore as government’s assistance, the Urdu Academy of the biggest Urdu speaking state is getting only Rs 87 lakh because of government’s step motherly treatment. 

Ahmadabad: The relatives of those 38 persons of Gulbarga Society who were killed during Gujarat riots 2002 have filed a petition in a local court of Ahmadabad against the Gujarat government, VHP leaders including Praveen Togadia and Bajrang Dal leaders claiming a combined compensation of more than Rs 7 crore. In all, there are 21 petitioners. Their lawyer Irshad Mansoori said that a compensation is for the destruction of properties, physical injuries and mental anguish of the survivors of the massacre. The petitioners have filed separate petitions for claiming compensations for their losses, maximum compensation amount being Rs 70 lakh claimed by Zakia Jaffrey, widow of Congress MP, Ehsan Jaffrey who said that the compensation is for loss of property only because it is difficult to calculate financial or monetary loss of death. 

New Delhi: According to the report prepared by Friends for Education, an NGo headed by Firoz Bakht Ahmad, this year’s results of 10th and 12th class Board examinations of Urdu medium schools all over the country are very bad. On an average these results are only 28 percent. This means that out of 8 lakh Urdu medium students all over the country, more than 5½ lakh have failed. In Delhi’s Zeenat Mahal School, out of 70 girls who appeared for High School Board examination, only 4 have passed. In Anglo Arabic School and Qaumi School, High School Board results were 33 percent and 36 percent respectively. In other states except Maharashtra where 10th class result was 61% and of 12th it was 66%, these result were disappointing. In W. Bengal it was 45% for 10th and 51% for 12th. In Bihar it was 27% for 10th and 32% for 12th. In Madhya Pradesh it was 21% for 10th and 23% for 12th. In Rajasthan it was 24% for 10th and 26% for 12th. In Delhi’s Urdu medium schools it was 25% for 10th and 32% for 12th on an average.

New Delhi: Union minister for human resources development and ex-officio chairman of National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NC PUL) which was constituted by the former NDA government, has formed a Review Committee to examine some of the controversial and objectionable decisions taken by it and also to review its performance during the last 5 years of its existence. This Review Committee is headed by Prof AM Pathan, vice chancellor of Maulana Azad Urdu University and has also Prof Shamim Hanafi and P.A. Inamdar as members. This Committee has been asked to submit its report within 3 months. It may be stated in this convection that National Urdu Council during its last annual conference had expressed the view that the previous BJP-led NDA government during its 5-year term had used NCPUL as a tool to adopt some policy measures which were considered controversial and objectionable. 

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