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Published in the 1-15 July 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Milli Gazette Online

It refers to a Muzaffarnagar panchayat rewarding the rapist father-in-law for becoming husband of the raped daughter-in-law in name of shariat. It is indeed regretting that inaction and silence of government on such crimes against Muslim women are encouraging Islamic fundamentalists for wrongful endorsement through their fatwas. Shri Kamal Farooqi, a member of Muslim Personal Law Board has given a noble idea that the rapist father-in-law should first be awarded death-sentence as per shariat law for rape before any other thought on marriage-law. 

There have been progressive reforms to amend criminal laws in Islamic countries for an effective check on such family-crimes against Muslim women. But unfortunately, pseudo-secular politics in India has not allowed Indian government to improve the condition of Muslim women in India. Progressive Muslims should call an all-party meeting for a unanimous government-interference for at least such reforms in Islamic laws which have already been adopted by Islamic nations.
Subhash C. Agrawal, Delhi 110006

Shivaji Maharaj
Shivaji Maharaj was also guided by Muslim Saint Yakutbaba. Visit or Mouni Maharaj Guru of Raje Shivaji. This site includes Mouni Maharaj Guru of Raje Shivaji, Spirituality of Shivaji, Sambhaji, Jijau, LokrajShahu, Yesubai, Rajaram,Tararani Mouni Maharaj Guru of Raja Shivaji,Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Spirituality. Eight ministry concept, Patgaon Holy Place, Shri Sadguru Madhavnath Gurukrupasparsh, Tararani and Shahu histroy with math. Shivaji University started research on Mouni maharaj. Sambhaji, Rajaram, Shahu visited Narayan Maharaj. Shivaji donated land and finance. Samarth Ramdas Swami letter to Sambhji Raje Sant Tukaram Abhanga to Shivaji Raje and so on. 
Rajendra Ghorpade, Pune

One more indictment of police

Mumbai police has once again been proved wrong in its persecution and prosecution of alleged persons in bomb blasts, as the court could not find enough evidence. Khwaja Yunus, one of the arrested persons, was killed by the police in custody and his body is yet to be recovered. Those arrested are unrelated with the incident of bomb blast in spite of the confessions taken from them on blank paper under duress. In order to satisfy the higherups police resort to nabbing just anyone, especially members of minority community and charge them as culprits. This should stop. Firstly they should have clinching evidence before anyone is arrested, after FIR is filed as per the observation of the Supreme Court.

People are losing faith in police in spite of the misleading defence of prosecution line by senior police officer Satypal Singh on TV. The police force is supposed to provide security and ensure peace to the people. But alas, they are themselves breaking all laws. They are indulging in rape, molestation, killing, bribing and resorting to all sorts of crimes. I think the metropolis will be better off without them. Most of them do not have manners and etiquette. Large number of custodial deaths are taking place across the country as the police take the law into their own hands, as if they have got the licence to torture anyone without proper investigation and conviction. 

The family of those who were illegally detained and tortured should file suit against the police for compensation. The family of Khwaja Younus should be given maximum compensation of one crore rupees as their lone bread-winner has been mercilessly killed by the police, for no fault of his. He was an engineer employed abroad and had come to India for his marriage. The police-culprits should be given deterrent punishment.

Aboobakar Thawahir, Mumbai

Special POTA Judge A P Bhangale acquitted all the accused saying the prosecution failed to prove charges against them. The prosecution had alleged the accused hatched the conspiracy, between March, 2002 and December, 2002, to avenge the death of Muslims in post-Godhra riots.

So finally they are off to open air now, away from the those thrashes of Police who after all rampant torture were unable to prove their allegation. Another accused Khwaja Younus, a software engineer, who according to police escaped while being taken to Ahmednagar, while in reality third degree torture killed him in police custody. People like Dr Mateen and Muzaamil and Khwaja Yunus belonged to very good families and people hardly believe their involment into such acts. Now the question is how would the law and the police compenstate those acquitted after two years. They lost their careers, their lives were ruined and one is dead due to torture. Who is responsible? These are serious concerns which should be addressed. History repeated itself again as in the cases of Afroze and Nadeem.
Md Rizwan, Gandhi bagh, Nagpur

The learned Judge of the Special Pota Court dismissed the prosecution’s case in the matter of the Mumbai Bus Bomb Blast on 11 June 2005. Khawja Yunus, an accused remians missing during police custody. An inquiry has been initiated on the order of the Hon’ble High Court. All praise to God that our Judiciary is above the level of the poor general administration in India. 

Muslims have been protesting against the undemocratic Tada and Pota “laws”. Many political parties called it draconian as it was used blindly against Muslims.
Poison of the communalism is incorporated not only in the saffron parties; it is running in the veins of some leaders of the Congress and the NCP also. Use of these Acts were not utilised to curb heinous crimes committed against the minorities. Last month bombs exploded in two cinema houses in Delhi screening the film titled "Jo Bole So Nihal." Sangh Parivar did not lose time to blame “Muslim terrorists” while the police immediately arrested a few Muslim youths. Later on, some men from the Sikh community were arrested with arms, ammunitions and explosives.
The unscrupulous haste on the part of the Home Dept let the real culprits of Mumbai blasts go free. Police must be questioned if they had deliberately mishandled the whole affair.

The Govt. of Maharashtra should repent and compensate the victims sufficiently to meet the ends of justice to some extent, if they really believe in peace, integrity and impartiality among the people. 

We expect the Honourable Prime Minister would kindly take note of the situation and do the needful at the earliest. High commands of the ruling parties in the state should also please rise on the occasion.
MI Ansari, Bhiwandi

The interview with Akran Syed, AFMI was an intresting piece of information about the organization's work in the field of education with Muslim Indians. They are doing a comendable job and “educated-moderate-modern” Muslims in India need to take inspiration from them. I wish them luck and success in thier endeavour. Having said that, its quite disturbing to see people still carrying the notion of Muslims not being intrested in taking up formal education, I think that we need to go beyond this and make an attempt to find out, why Muslim children are not going to schools, and why are the parents not being able to send them to schools. Educationists like Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Syed need to refer to the Probe report, one of the most revealing documents with respect to status of education in india, in order to understand the social-cultural, economic and political reasons of denial and deprivation of education to the underprevileged in the country. Further linkges between poverty and education needed to be understood and acted upon, otherwise the salvation will remain a distant goal.
Mudasser Hussain Siddiqui
ActionAid, Afghanistan

Restrain subversive enemies
Unless the state (Delhi if not Bhubaneswar) declares the anti-social blackguards and terrorists belonging to these saffrofascist organisations as traitors and subversive enemies of the nation they will continue their rampage with impunity. Not only have they to be dealt with swiftly and severely, any laxity shown in the matter, will destroy the social fabric irreversibly, and threaten grievously the nation's unity and security.

These saffronazis have been, right from their inception in the 1920s, paid informers and collaborators of foreign powers, undermining India's freedom and sabotaging its social cohesion with their ideology of hate and violence. They assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation. They put Gujarat 2002 to sword and fire and raped, killed, burnt over 2500 innocent Muslims. They have been raping, killing, burning Christians, in various parts of India. They have destroyed property worth crores belonging to the minorities.
Therefore, it is time they be destroyed root and branch, or they will destroy India as pledged to do. The proliferation of criminal offshoots of the terrorist outfit RSS bodes ill for not just India, but all of south Asia. It is already long overdue that they be crushed decisively. This cult of killers inducting a murderous and degenerate religion as terror in Indian polity poses a danger whose depredations will unhinge India and its ambience terminally. 
I. K. Shukla

Yoginder Sikand’s remarks derogatory
Mr. Yoginder Sikand in his article "Mullahs can’t speak for Muslims,” (The Times of India, June 8, 2005) has used the derogatory term "Mullah" instead of ulama. This shows his contempt for ulama. He has overestimated the influence of clerics on the Muslim community. According to him Hindu chauvinists and “detestable Mullahs” are equally retrograde, narrow-minded and worthy of being discarded with immediate effect. He has used the derogatory term Mullah more than 13 times. Ulama have their strengths and weaknesses as well. Derogatory remarks about them or on their role will not help us. 

Sikand’s obsession for casteism is evident when he says, “for one thing, the majority of the Muslim poor is of low caste background, while Mullahs are generally from the ranks of the Ashrafs or higher castes. The latter like their Hindu upper caste counterparts, have shown little or no concern about the plight of their low caste co-religionists.”

The majority of the Imams in nearly two lakh mosques of India are from poor sections of society. Nobody ever objected to their status nor demanded that they should be from upper classes. Muslims do not think in the terms of high or low castes. The influence of egalitarianism of Islam is still strong. They have not forgotten the divine exhortation, “Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (Al Quran: 49, Ayat 13)
Shakilur Rahman
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

Save Bait-un-Nasr 
We are a group of Muslims from Mahim, Mumbai who are deeply concerned over the matter of closure of Bait-un-Nasr as this institution was founded in our area by some committed people. Bait-un-Nasr Urban Co-operative Credit Society ran on the Islamic principle of interest-free banking successfully for 25 years upto May 2000 when due to unforeseen circumstances, it had to be closed down. At that time it had 19 branches and a head office at Mahim.

This was the only institute in Mumbai which was allowed to function on interest-free basis by the Registrar of Co-op. Societies by a special amendment to it’s bye-laws. Besides it had a special permission to open branches all over Mumbai and it suburbs, which is difficult for any other institution to get now. Its way of functioning on interest-free basis was also appreciated by ulama.

After the closure of its branches and head office, the Economic Offence Cell of Crime Branch, Mumbai, investigated it continuously for the last five years, and found nothing of criminal nature. Therefore, they transferred the case to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Govt. of Maharashtra who may appoint a liquidator who, in turn, may make payments to the depositors by liquidating its assets. 

The management and the employees of the society are absconding and do not have courage to face the public, as it was shameful act on their part. They may be satisfied if it gets closed, as if the responsibility will be moved out from their shoulders. 

The way of functioning of the Society was to collect savings of poor people and making available to them loans to save them from the clutches of money-lenders who were lending them at exorbitant rates of interest. If the Society does not continue functioning, poor people will suffer. Moreover, the principle of interest-free banking will get a setback for future. 

Looking to the cause of poor people as also Islamic banking, we request people like you who are committed to these causes, to participate in the movement through all forms of help. Your views and comments are welcome. 
Save Bait-un-Nas’r Movement

From demonizing to humanizing Saddam
From demonizing to humanizing, it is all in the game for US Administration’s spin-doctors. The way, media is feeding stories about the everyday jail routine of Saddam Hussein, and his casual discussions with US security personal are reported, indications are that US is activating the option of resurrecting Saddam to again take over Iraq, as there is no end in sight for the ending of Iraqi insurgency while the pressure on US army is increasing day after day. 

Not less opportune is the announcement by Saddam’s lawyers, who maintain that as per United Nations position on legitimacy of Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein’s position as President of Iraq; Saddam is immune to any prosecution in Iraq. 

These are scattered pieces of the full jigsaw puzzle that may point to US moves to do a deal with the defeated Saddam on their own terms, so that Iraq insurgency may stop and Saddam can be used once again against the intractable Iranians, who are all poised to elect a hard-line Ahmedinejad as President in Friday’s runoff. 

While a bi-partisan group in Congress is breathing down the neck of Rumsfeld to pull out as fast as possible, and it is humanly impossible to train the new Shia government to take over Iraq effectively, without US armed presence in Iraq, US policymakers, may be planning alternatives by making a deal with Saddam. 

A tame Saddam could become a willing tool to carry out US agenda in the Middle East. Israel could be properly brought in to sign a peace treaty with Iraq. The outstanding question of new constitution for Iraq and the rule of majority Shias in a new democratic Iraq will be the major stumbling block. With that Bush's whole evangalism for democracy in the Middle East may come to pass as a passing whimsy. As it is, Bush has hardly any time left in his presidency to leave any lasting legacy. By the time he bows out, it will be all back to square one. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Tolstoy (war and Peace) has given a detailed account of the way history should be written and he emphasizes the importance of integrating several events in order to have the big picture. Tolstoy cautions against ignoring small, supposedly insignificant, events in the process of integration.

However, it is surprising that Mr. Joshi forgot to mention Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a student, close associate and friend of Allama Shibli Nomani. Maulana Azad stood his ground even when Gandhiji succumbed to the "Partition is inevitable" theory. In "India wins freedom" the extreme pain and agony felt by Maulana Azad can be sensed through his narration about Gandhiji's changed views after meeting Panditji and Mr. Patel.
Salman Sultan, Azamgarh-276001 U.P.

Jinnah not only responsible for Partition
The idea of two-nation theory was the brain-child of VD Savarkar who preached it along with "Hindutva" and "Hindu Rashtra". He told Muslims that there was no future for them in India. In the late 30’s MA Jinnah borrowed the two-nation theory from Savarkar. RN Agrwal has mentioned these facts in his well-know book, The National Movement. Savarkar’s the two-nation theory found favour with Hindu Mahasabha, many Hindu organisations and leaders including some top Congress leaders. Muslim League was a reaction of Hindu Mahasabha.

To blame only Jinnah and Muslims for Partition is incorrect and unjust. In fact, Savarkar Jinnah, the Congress as well the British were responsible for Partition. Following books written by eminent historians, authors, jurists and journalists bear testimony to this fact. The National Movement by RN Agarwal, Partition of India — Legend and Reality by HM Seervai, A Study of Hindu-Muslim Encounter by Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Rajmohan Gandhi, MA Jinnah — An Ambassador of Unity by Sarojni Naidu, MA Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan by SK Bandopadhyay, India from Curzon to Nehru and After by Kanji Dwarkadas, India Wins Freedom by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Jinnah and Pakistan by Stanly Walport, Secular Architects of Modern India by Dr Mujib Ashraf, Making of Pakistan by KK Aziz, What Price Freedom by Raza Khan. 
G.Hasnain Kaif, 
Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Governors' conduct
President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam while inaugurating Governor’s conference has ‘advised’ governors to act above party-politics to do justice to their dignified posts. But experience reveals it to be impossible with active politicians appointed as governors, especially in case of thin-edge majority deciding formation of new state-governments like recently happened in Goa and Jharkhand. System should be to appoint retired judges and senior bureaucrats with distinguished service-record as governors. Also persons once having accepted to be posted on impartial posts like of governors, Presidents, Vice Presidents (and ideally even Speakers) must accept these posts only if they wish to retire from active politics for rest of their lives. Otherwise all their pensions, perks and privileges should be forfeited. Discretionary powers of governors in selecting Chief Ministers should be curtailed by fair selection of Chief Ministers through secret vote in the assembly on nominations filed by at least one-third members.
Dariba DELHI 110006

New coins
It refers to new set of coins being issued. Policy for better coin-management should be to have minimum denominations. Minting of rupees-two denomination coins should therefore be discontinued. It is against spirit of metric-system to have 25-paise coins, also because its further sub-division is not possible as 5-paise coins are no more minted even though coins of 10 and 50 paise may be continued to be minted in limited supply. It was senseless to re-introduce low-life currency-notes of Rs five after coins of this denomination became popular. Union government should discontinue printing notes of Rs 5 and 10 after introduction of new set of coins which also has coin of Rs 10 denomination. Union government should also adopt new system of selling coin-sets to mint extra money from coin-collection apart from facilitating coin-collectors.

Whenever new commemorative coins are issued, these should be issued in commonly-circulated denominations of upto rupees-ten abolishing system to issue coins in denominations like rupees twenty or fifty. However higher-priced silver-alloy coins of rupees one hundred or above may be issued in uncirculated category. There should be only one category coin-set of highest-priced ‘proof’ coins with all newly issued coins of different denominations included, to be sold through convenient centres of bank and post-office counters right from date of issue abolishing cumbersome practice of getting coin-sets on advance-booking. However uncircualted silver-alloy coin should be available on face value also for non-affording people. Considering vast popularity of old gold coins of British era, and high demand of gold-coins sold by banks and other renowned private companies, Union government should consider issuing of numbered gold-coins sealed with purity-certificate in denomination about double of the value of the metal.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

"Bangladeshi infiltrators"
"Pak - Bangla inflitrators will destroy India" stories claim that Hindus are squeezed out in Muslim majority countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. My answer to him is that India has kept open its borders for Hindus migrating from these countries. They migrated to India where they got all support from the establishment. Secondly Muslims are very loyal to the country and they do not want get away, whereas the Hindus were not loyal to those countries. Under these circumstances, there will be no Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh in the near future. It is a wrong propaganda that Hindus are ill-treated in these countries. 

Even Nepalese are coming out without any passport. They are in the army also. But the same facility is not provided to the Muslims who opt to come to India from these countries. Bengalis who migrated during the war are being hunted and shunted back to Bengal. It has been made a political and communal issue by some parties in India.

There are many factual errors in his write-up which I shall deal later.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir,

It refers to protests on Kirorimal College in Delhi rightly advising girls from North-East India especially to adhere to a decent dress-code. Indecent dresses amongst girls are amongst the main reasons for provoking sexual crimes against women. Even prominent IPS woman police-officer Kiran Bedi has also echoed her views likewise. Since nature has created women with physically weak but otherwise attractive body-built, girls in their own interest need to wear dresses covering their bodies adequately for saving themselves from wild sex-craze of men. Considering increasing incidents of rapes especially in urban cities, Union Government should itself take steps for formulating a dress-code for girl-students as an effective measure to check sex-related crimes against females.

Polio eradication
As an executive member of DIFSA (which is actively involved in Polio eradication and family welfare schemes) I am in receipt of calendar from CMO and DM (Azamgarh). The calendar has been issued to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Prophet ("Jashn-e-Eid Milad-un-Nabi") and carries excerpts from Holy Quran and Hadith both in Hindi as well as Urdu. From Holy Quran: "Allah is pure and loves purity" and one out of four Hadith quoted is : "Health is one of the great gifts ("neymaton") of Allah".

The bottom of the calendar carries following exhortation: "In the light of these Hadiths take all children between 0-5 years to the polio booth for polio drops or cooperate with the Polio team when it visits your home for administring Polio drops..."

These efforts for Polio eradication are praise worthy but is baffling as to why a much more effective way of eradicating Polio in case of Muslim is being ignored. As a matter of fact, Muslim have unfortunately slid to the bottom of educational ladder as compared to other communities and therefore, it will be far more beneficial if Muslims are given maximum possible concessions to educate their children. Just like handicapped persons Muslims must be given weightage in all competitions, specifically in professional courses, or they must be given percentage reservation in all premier institutions. In this way the community as a whole can actively take part in all government schemes of National development.
Dr. Salman Sultan, Shibli National Post Graduate College
Azamgarh-276001 U.P.

On this day (13th June 1980), AILWA was launched with a national seminar on Rape. Justice Sujata Manohar, who was then the Judge at the High Court of Bombay and who is presently member of NHRC, was the Chief Guest. Adv. Freny Ponda, Adv. Indira Jaisingh, and about hundred letter-writers, social scientists (from TISS),  and journalists deliberated on this issue, which was as hot then as it is today.

The idea of uniting letter-writers, the conscience keepers of the nation, the original whistle-blowers, was mooted by Dr. Abu Baker Thwahir (then working in Bhira for Tata Power Co. Ltd. as an accountant) by writing to Indian Express in 1979 which received a resounding response. At first he communicated to letter writers through Indian Express letters column. He did all the background jobs for the formation of the association and got in touch with Dr. Leo Rebello (in Bombay) and the association was formed at the Rebello residence on 1st January, 1980. AILWA was publicly launched with the seminar on Rape on 13th June, 1980. Anthony Parakal was selected to be the first President.

In its silver jubilee year, Dr. Leo Rebello is the President and Dr. Abu Baker Thwahir is the Secretary-General. Adv. Mohan Siroya, Vice President, Abdul Salam, Treasurer  and KP Rajan and Susan Mathew MC Members . It is a registered Trust with I.T. exemption under section 80-G and recognised by UN-Habitat and other international organisations. The founders have been interviewed by the national and world media in the past.

AILWA or All India Letter-Writers Association aims at: Evolving an independent forum of writers with clear thinking. Fostering progressive ideas. Arousing our people towards action and results. Supporting preservation of good value system. Correcting waywardness of mass media. Campaigning for health education and cleaner environment. Encouraging students and youth to be good writers. Imparting good citizenship training and Developing fellow-feelings in this strife-torn world.

In keeping with its aims and objectives, AILWA has organised conferences, seminars, workshops on topical issues like Rape, Leprosy, India's Future, Ecology and Environment, Law and Order in Bombay, Relevance of Morality in Public Life, Public Interest Litigation, People's Shadow Government, Vox Populi, Vox Dei, Agenda for the New Millennium.

Prominent persons who have spoken on AILWA platform include: Politician V.S.Page, Gandhian Usha Mehta, Cricketer Vijay Merchant, Judges B. Lentin, Michael Saldanha, Hosbet Suresh, S.M.Daud,  Journalists R.K.Karanjia, M.V.Kamath, Patanjali Sethi, J.D.Singh,  Legislator Ram Jethmalani, Bureaucrat S.S.Tinaikar, Social Workers Arvind Deshpande,  M.R.Pai, Madhu Mehta, Scientist V.S.Venkatvardana, Envoy Julio Ribeiro.

AILWA's following titles have proved highly successful :
Dr. Leo Rebello's monographs on Shadow Government and Work for Change, his poetry anthology Travesty of Life, and encyclopedia of 1000 letters called Pen Power (entered as World Record by the Limca Book of Records), Japanese Poet Prof. Kazuyosi Ikeda's anthologies Songs of the Soul and Love and Peace and Dr.G.C.Banik's maiden book on Journalism and PR.

AILWA conducts workshops for novice letter-writers and gives awards to meritorious writers. The Awards are for best letter-writing, for contribution to peace and amity; Patra Ratna being the highest award a letter-writer can aspire to. In addition, we have Knight of Conscience (National) and Knight of Conscience (International) -- which in Silver Jubilee year will go to a distinguished American, John Joseph Kennedy, who made an attempt to contest American Presidential elections with a powerful slogan to Right the Wrong and who has once again declared that he will fight the 2008 Presidential Elections to win.

AILWA is planning to bring out a second compendium of letters by members which will be named  Silver Jubilee Letters. Letter-writers are requested to send in atleast 25 published letters to Dr. Leo Rebello, President AILWA.

For further details contact
Dr. Leo Rebello on 28872741 or on cell phone 9869650870. 
Email :,

NCP and Congress
It refers to NCP blackmailing Congress in ministry-making process. Goa has always been facing shaky politics causing the small state bearing heavy cost of frequent elections. Since big bosses in all political parties have to face such usual resentments, political leaders should consent on an innovated formula whereby only non-members may be made ministers and Chief Ministers and even Prime Minister. System will be of multiple advantages. Experts in respective fields can be assigned ministerial work for better results leaving elected representatives to take care of people and such-appointed ministers rather than themselves! Burden on exchequer will be largely reduced because of abolition of posts like advisors. Also ministerial strength can further be reduced to ten-percent of House-strength as per original recommendations of Administrative Reforms Commission.

In addition, all unholy political bargains must be stopped by electing Prime Minister/ Chief Ministers through secret vote by EVMs on nominations signed by at least one-third members making it compulsory to vote. Same may be for no-confidence motions but with compulsion to name alternate leader in same motion.
Dariba DELHI 110006

A defeated BJP
BJP-agitation in Rampur (UP) on shifting statue of Jansangh’s former President Pt Deendayal ji Upadhyaya to ease traffic on the busy road-crossing is totally a non-issue. Shifting of the statue after fatality of a person in road-accident at this site is not unusual. Statue of Asaf Ali at Delhi Gate in Delhi was also shifted similarly when a road-crossing was developed to replace a round-about at the busy juncture.

Stalling and un-stalling of politicians’ statues has become a fashion developing useless controversies and wastage of public funds. Former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chaultala misused his regime by installing large number of Devilal-statues to glorify his father. Replacing such statues by those of favourites from new political rulers can cause trouble. Much was wasted on first installing pictures of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on National Highways by NDA regime, and their subsequent removal on directions of Election Commission. There should be a total ban on photo-publicity of living persons, and stalling statues of departed politicians. President Kalam has rightly suggested stressing on setting up institutions rather than statues for remembering personalities.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Pension for governors
It refers to demand of state-governors for pensions, perks and privileges. Such heavy expenses must not be there for retired politicians. Rather heavy burden of pensions to parliamentarians should also be abolished. Since non-political appointees on posts of governors like retired bureaucrats or judges are already drawing pensions from the exchequer, no separate pension-scheme is needed.
Dariba DELHI 110006

It refers to search-panels being set up at centre and state levels to identify Padma nominees. Three Padma variants namely Padmashree, Padmabhushan and Padmavibhushan should be merged into one because grading 100 Padma awardees in three variants in a country of more than a billion degrades real value of Padmashree in presence of two higher versions. Merging the three variants will include even more deserving persons for these honours because presently bulk of the awards is utilised in upgrading honours of those already having honoured with Padma awards. It will also eliminate chances of refusal of Padmashree by those doing so in want of a higher version! List of nominees for Padma awards should be short-listed by first seeking clearance from intelligence and tax-authorities before presenting it before the selection committee. An 8-members’ committee can practically only authenticate a pre-prepared government-list of 100 awardees out of about 1000 files in few hours of a single-day’s meeting. Selection-committee should be formed with consent and nominees of the Prime minister and Opposition Leader. Since India has separate awards for distinguished foreigners and non-resident-Indians, Padma awards should be only for resident Indian nationals only generally the living ones.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Curtain has finally fallen down on big drama to let former Nawab of Pataudi free in the infamous blackbuck-hunting case on expected lines. Ground was prepared by first letting an ordinary accused arrested and bailed without any media-hype so that the court may face no difficulty in bailing the influential accused on same ground! It may not be surprising that threat-theory to the judge granting bail may also be a planted one to shut mouths of NGOs fighting for lives of mute wild animals. 

It is beyond understanding why Jhajjar-court sat twice on Saturdays and once on Sunday for the celebrity-hunter when otherwise such applications are not considered on weekends. Otherwise also since the hunted animals were found from the car of the accused, instant action is necessary against police-persons who deliberately allowed the culprit to abscond by filing FIR after 36 long hours only when media highlighted the case. It is a well known fact that normally police takes even suspected persons in official or unofficial custody even bypassing normal arrest-rules. On the other hand, activists of ‘People for Animals’ were instantly booked for ‘theft’ only because they took the killed deer’s carcass to Delhi for a fresh post-mortem to eliminate chances of mischief in post-mortem conducted at behest of Haryana Police! Post-mortem report now presented in the court cannot be established with the dead body burnt and buried.

It is ‘India Shining’ or ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’! Supreme Court or Punjab & Haryana High Court should sue-motto take up the case.

American eyes set on Indian madrasas 
What a well written article. Anyone not familiar on what many madrasas are churning out, especially in Pakistan will buy your article lock stock and barrel. But too many Islamic terrorists have been hatched out of these madrasas. Quite a few of them head to Kashmir where the words of your Koran have no meaning. They blow up Christian schools full of CHILDREN! in Chechnya, these madrasas trained terrorists shot CHILDREN in the back as they tried to get away from them. It is no more a secret on what many Madrasas are doing to their students, they are indoctrinating them into the worst form of violence. How to blow themselves up among innocent citizens and kill as many as they can. How to ethnically cleanse a region of another faith as in the case in Kashmir where the Hindu Kashmiris are now refugees in India. Of course you and your staff will not see this or if they do they will not print it. The sacrosanct of the Madrasas must be kept intact no matter how much rot is within the teachers and the students attending these madrasas. 

As for Alhambra, thank god for King Ferdinand and Isabella who kicked out the Muslims out of Europe before they did to India what they planned for Europe. Tell me what religion on the face of this planet do your faith consider an equal, give respect as an equal and treat the followers with dignity? Christianity? Hinduism? Buddhism? (There goes the Bamyan Buddhas), Judaism? (Islam wants the Jews driven into the sea). So tell me please what faith do you honor and respect other than Islam? how about Secularism? Democracy? Communism? anything, anything at all on this planet that your faith treats as equal. It is no wonder that Mecca prevents any other religious building in that city but has the audacity to go and build Mosques in the heart of other religions holiest cities such as Varanasi, Jerusalem (right on top of King Solomon's Temple of all places), Rome.

You and your faith think that this world and all humans that reside on it must pay obeisance to your satanic Allah. Why do I call Allah satanic? because many Islamic terrorists sang "Allah Akbar" while they slowly sawed of the heads of innocent citizens, not soldiers but citizens of both Islam and other faiths who were trying to help Iraq or Afghanistan. Your religious leaders with the greatest piety come out to the UN and say "these people don’t represent Islam, that they have hijacked Islam" so where are the Fatwas that these Islamic religious leaders should be declaring against them? They were quick to declare a fatwa on Mr. Rushdie for writing a book, yes just writing a book that they found "offensive" but the sawing off of heads of people is not worth a Fatwa?. 

What about Osama? where are the fatwas against him? He can hatch up a monstrous crime and managed to execute only a small part of his scheme when he sent his emissaries to blow up the twin towers, or the American Embassies in Africa or the Beirut incident that killed 200 American soldiers. Yes Osama and all his cohorts studied in your "Holy" madrasas and the result is death, mayhem and savagery . This world is very large, not in the sense of the size of this planet but that there are 6 billion people living on it of which 5 billion DON’T FOLLOW ISLAM and have no intention of doing so and more importantly are beginning to see the real character of your religion, your god and your followers for exactly what they are: Death wielding hypocrits.

It refers to emotion-filled parting letters e-mailed by Mukesh and Anil Ambani to say good-bye to employees of the companies they had to part with in the division of Reliance group. Of course it gives pain to part away with institutions nourished so obediently by any one. However the lasting salutation ‘Yours faithfully’ in Anil Ambani’s letter is definitely his tribute to his staff and workers which perhaps no owner may ever like to do.

I from my personal experience know that their father gave these two brothers a good training to be sober with their investors as well. When Reliance group was in trouble caused by Swaraj Paul in his bid to gain control on the group, I as a share-holder sent one letter of inspiration to late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani. It was a pleasant surprise that my letter was personally replied with thanks by Mukesh Ambani! 

Bitter fact is that nobody could prevent this division due to one basic reason. It is a two-brother’s theory. No Indian family can remain united if the family has just two brothers. The theory may not fit if the family has more than two brothers. It should be hoped that the two brothers will not compete with each-other’s group, otherwise their fates may be like that of DCM group which also once had a major role in deciding sensex for the share market!
Dariba DELHI 110006

It refers to increase in prices of petrol and diesel. Instead of obstructing economy by opposing hike in oil prices, left parties should suggest alternate ways to meet effects of global increase of prices of crude oil. It is against economic principles to postpone price-hike for petroleum products required to be in tune with global price-rise of crude oil. Prices once increased must not be reduced and rather be reserved to avoid some future hike, because prices of goods and services are not reduced with fall in prices of petrol and diesel. However policy should be for gradual reduction in taxes on petroleum products. Even rounding-off prices of petro-products can increase revenue earnings without much affecting consumers’ pockets. But prices should be uniform throughout the country by arranging uniform rates of local taxes in all states. 

Government must take other steps to reduce cost of petroleum products. Public-sector oil-companies should be merged to reduce heavy overheads and expenses on advertisements by oil companies. Since government itself is the biggest consumer of petrol and diesel, drastic measures should be taken for every possible cut in fuel-consumption. Only fuel-efficient small cars should be purchased by Union and state governments. Even loan to government-employees should be allowed only for their purchase of small cars. Ideal step is to impose a ban on manufacture and use of big status-symbol cars in the country for reducing heavy spent of foreign currency on imported crude.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Judicial council
It refers to proposed and much awaited National Judicial Council. Just-retired Supreme Court Judge N Santosh Hegde is justified to comment that the procedure for removal of guilty-found judge should be simplified by removing impeachment-clause of guilty-found judge by the Parliament. The only impeachment-case of Justice Ramaswamy in history of Indian Parliament reveals that Indian political system will never allow two-third majority required to impeach a judge. Otherwise also, since judiciary is a totally independent wing, President and not the Parliament should order removal of the judge found guilty by the Council. 

Council’s structure should be modified to be chaired by Chief Justice of India with retired judges of Supreme Court acting as member-nominees of the President, Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader and Central Vigilance Commissioner as its ex-officio member. Presently proposed membership of sitting judges in Council will slow down enquiry-procedure with such judges finding no time for Council’s affairs in their busy routine. This council should also be entrusted for appointment, transfer and promotion at posts with status of higher-court judges.

16-point code for judges should be properly publicised and prominently displayed in Courts for knowledge of public. Code should include some more points like restricting use of government-accommodations for private functions and other facilities available for judges’ families to be used by such dependants only about whom prior information is given by judges on their appointment. Since corruption in High Courts is mainly due to influence by local relations and former bar-colleagues on locally appointed judges, all judges in High Courts should be compulsorily appointed from outside their home-states. A smart beginning on experimental basis should be from Delhi High Court because language-bar may not affect for implementing such a system. Otherwise also Delhi having a small territory, local influence on judges can be quite common and easy.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

NGOs fighting for lives of mute wild animals deserve congratulations for their bold intervention in preventing instant bail of former Nawab of Pataudi in infamous blackbuck-hunting case when everything and everybody is in general can be ‘purchased’ in our country which has two systems of prosecution, one for commoners and the other for big ones! Was it proper for the Jhajjar-court to have unusual sittings twice on Saturdays and one on Sunday in a bid of possible relief to the celebrity-hunter when otherwise such applications are never considered on weekends? Otherwise also, since the hunted animals were caught red-handed from the car of the accused, instant action is necessary against police-persons who deliberately allowed the culprit to abscond for long by filing FIR after 36 long hours only because media highlighted the case. It is a well known fact that normally police takes even suspected persons in official or unofficial custody even bypassing normal arrest-rules. On the other hand, activists of ‘People for Animals’ were instantly booked for ‘theft’ only because they took the killed deer’s carcass to Delhi for a fresh post-mortem to eliminate chances of mischief in post-mortem conducted at behest of Haryana Police!

It is interesting to note Pataudi’s influence rising above party-politics when even always vocal BJP avoided highlighting system helping the celebrity-accused behind the curtains!
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

A hot debate is going on regarding banning smoking in the films. Smoking is injurious to health which every one knows. But if someone consciously wants to enjoy smoking how can the govt. stop it? He himself will be responsible for his health problem in that case. In the same way some people may be drinking which is injurious to society. Yet, Govt. cann ot ban drinking altogether.

In the films all types of situations in real life is projected like rape, smoking, prostitution, drinking, rowdism, nudity, strong arm tactics, bribery, backbiting, scheming, killing, adultery, sex, violence. In the same logic, we should ban all these negative aspects from films. Then what is left to show in films? If situation demands, all or some of these should be depicted. Only thing is that these traits should not be glorified. A character of villain in the film can be depicted to be smoking and there is nothing wrong in showing this scene. The above mentioned immoral behaviours should be decried and should be shown in the negative and hence it should be emphasized that these are not acceptable in a decent society. That is what is expected of films. Films should play role of educating the people and not taking them to the abyss of immorality and indecency and crimes.

I will go the one step further, we should stop making of films altogether. Where were the films say 70 years ago? Can we not live without it, especially, if social scientis and moralists feel it has got a negative effect on young mind? In that case, where these actors, directors and producers will go? Those who are in this industry will be in trouble. Let us start a debate on "contribution of films in making an ideal society"
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

It has been reported that mumbai police has "unearthed incidences of child labour" and freed the children from the perpetrators of this crime.. What a great deed!. It is brought out as if no body knew about it. Actually the govt. was very much aware of it. It is the failure of governance. Even after 57 years of democracy and freedom, our people are poor and as much as 30% are below poverty line, which compels the poor, famished parents to send their little children to work for few rupees, so that they can have at least one time meal per day. These children otherwise would have been sent to school for study. How can they afford it, when they are not fed, clothed or sheltered? The BJP rulers talked of India shining, GDP growth and increase in foreign investments etc. But these people from the minority communities have not tasted progress. They are uneducated, uncared for and poor. The governments pay lip sympathy for them and they do not actually make any effort to uplift them and redeem them from want and hunger. I would like to know whether the government would make arrangement for the education of these children and ensure their parents and brothers and sisters enough food and shelter and clothing? There are lakhs of people who are unemployed and not getting their daily meals. Just one has to visit the interior villages and see the sufferings!! 
It is a shame to our democracy and freedom that we have not been successful to provide clean drinking water, free education, sure employment, adequate food and shelter to great number of our countrymen.
Dr. Aboobakar thwahir

It refers to Andhra Pradesh becoming first Indian state to introduce religion-based reservation to Muslims. It is not understood how a nominal quota of just five percent can improve position of general Muslim population? Unfortunately study-groups recommending such steps do not go to root-cause of problem. Basic reason for low standard in Muslims is their higher rate of population-growth as compared to general class. Problem cannot be solved by snatching right of deserving persons of general categories by extending reservation to Muslims. Persons of reserved categories should be attracted towards planned-family norms by giving benefits of reservation only to persons/ families with upto two children. Policy of reservation rather alienates people of reserved categories from main streamline. 
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

It refers to Union Cabinet’s welcome decision to merge public-sector steel companies Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and Indian Iron & Steel Company (IISCO). Merger of PSUs involved in same trade will largely reduce overheads and advertising expenses, and avoid unnecessary competition amongst them. Union government should plan mergers of public-sector oil-companies and banks also. Merger of banks will be very advantageous because there are many cases of nearing bank-branches of different nationalised banks with little work which can also be merged to be a bigger one with sufficient business if a well-planned strategy to merge public-sector banks in worked out.
Dariba DELHI 110006

It refers to BJP’s useless allegation on Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for breaking protocol. After all Dr Manmohansingh is also a normal human-being and a Congressman apart from being Prime Minister of the country. As such he must not be expected to become a bird trapped in a golden trap by making him a prisoner of protocol. He did nothing wrong when he went to see-off Sonia Gandhi at the airport on her departure to Russia. Likewise, there is nothing wrong in Foreign Minister Dr Natwarsingh accompanying Sonia Gandhi also because she holds important post of chairperson of ruling UPA with status of a Union Cabinet Minister.

Jansangh never protested when India’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad turned down advice of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for not to inaugurate reconstructed Somnath Temple, by rightly asserting that he was Hindu first and country's President later. BJP is fast losing all its dignity by criticising government-functionaries just for sake of criticism!
Dariba DELHI 110006

Embracing Sharon and Advani will not save Pakistan By Abid Mustafa
Recently Musharraf has stirred much controversy at home when he described Ariel Sharon as a great soldier and a courageous leader. However, his appraisal of Sharon runs counter to the widely held belief amongst Pakistanis that Sharon is nothing more than an Israeli tyrant hell-bent on the destruction of Palestine and a sworn enemy of Islam.

Sharon’s atrocities against the Palestinians such as the Sabra and Shatila massacres, the unlawful confiscation of land, the construction of Jewish settlements, the expulsion of refugees and the relentless butchery of innocent civilians cannot be equated with bravery. The disproportionate force used to perpetrate such vile acts speaks volumes about the cowardly nature of Sharon’s leadership.

If this is how Musharraf measures courageous leadership then he will not be disappointed to note that his acts of brutality against his own people in Waziristan which includes, razing villages, slaying innocent civilians and expelling families from their homes puts him on par with the likes of Bush, Sharon, Putin, Karimov and Vajpayee. All of whom have used over whelming force to massacre innocent Muslims and extend the rule of tyranny over them.

Yet there are still those who argue that Musharraf’s encounters in Waziristan makes his courage rank above those of his contemporaries and even surpasses the valour Alexandra the Great. Mike Green, special assistant to the US President commented that Musharraf had launched an operation in an area that even "Alexander the Great was afraid to enter."

In many ways Musharraf has emulated Sharon’s brutal tactics and employed them against his own people in the tribal belt. The images of terrified Palestinians have become intertwined with pictures of petrified Pakistanis and are firmly etched on the psyche of the Pakistani people. No matter how hard Musharraf tries to forge closer ties with Israel he will not be able to overcome the resistance offered by Pakistanis who have become increasingly antagonistic towards his anti-Islamic policies.

Ever since Musharraf received a $3 billion dollar economic package during visit to Camp David in June 2003, he has been trying to raise the spectre of peace with Israel amongst the Pakistani public. He said," What is our dispute with Israel? We should think." In January 2004, Shimon Peres invited Musharraf to visit Israel. Musharraf responded, "If the relations between the two countries are established, then I would be pleased to make a visit to Israel." In the same month, Shaukat Aziz, now Prime Minister of Pakistan met the Israeli Foreign Minister. Speaking after the meeting, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Office said Israel ‘‘doesn’t see Pakistan as an enemy,’’ but rather ‘‘as an important country in the Muslim world with which it is interested in normalising ties." Hitherto, Musharraf has failed to generate any sort of domestic support for his quest to embrace Israel.

Musharraf’s regime is not alone in its desire to see Pakistan’s relationship with Israel normalised. Both the military and civil governments in the past have held public and clandestine meetings with Israeli officials and explored ways of recognising the Jewish state. These contacts have been going on since 1952 and were spearheaded by Zafrulla Khan, the then, foreign minister of Pakistan. Later the contacts between the two countries intensified, especially when Pakistan fell under America’s sphere of influence.

In the nineties, Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP) led by Banazir and Pakistan Muslim League under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif made several attempts to recognise Israel, but because of domestic pressure failed to make any progress.

However in the aftermath of September 11 and with Musharraf at the helm of the Pakistani army, America is still holding out for a possible recognition of Israel. America hopes that Pakistan’s recognition of Israel will encourage other non-Arab Muslim countries to do the same. In this way, America is seeking to isolate the Palestinians and changing the issue of Palestine from an Islamic issue to a parochial one. America’s newfound confidence in a Pakistani leader like Musharraf is based on his zeal to sacrifice Muslims in preference for siding with the enemies of Pakistan and Islam. In American eyes, Musharraf has a commendable record of putting the interests of America and her allies ahead of Pakistan’s national interests.

Musharraf sacrificed the Taliban in preference for the Northern Alliance to dominate the seat of power in Kabul. The Northern Alliance is a sworn enemy of Pakistan. Musharraf then proceeded to abandon the Kashmiris by consolidating India’s grip over Kashmir through several humiliating concessions. The recent welcome given to Pakistan’s archenemy Advani epitomises Musharraf’s fondness for siding with the enemy.

Like Sharon, Advani throughout his life has shown utter contempt towards Muslims and Islam. In 1992, Advani led a convoy of Hindu fundamentalists to demolish the Babari Masjid in Ayodhya. In 2001 Advani and his party the BJP played an instrumental role in fuelling communal riots in Gujarat that resulted in slaughter of thousands of Muslims.

Yet despite this, Musharraf has chosen to entertain Advani and overlook the fact that in 1947, Advani was charged by Pakistani police for conspiracy to assassinate Jinnah. Musharraf all along has claimed to be a patriot and an admirer of Jinnah, but when given the opportunity to take Advani to task he became negligent of his duty.

Clearly Islam and patriotism have failed to arouse Musharraf’s passion for protecting the honour of Pakistan. Then on what basis has Musharraf pledged his allegiance to Pakistan.

In the past, Muslims of the sub-continent had Mir Sadiq a two-faced leader who at a crucial time quickly disowned them and pledged his loyalty to the British Raj. Today the Muslims have Musharraf, more agile than Sadiq, except that he has pledged his allegiance to the American Raj.
Abid Mustafa

It was observed that a number of hand pumps went dry this  summer. What used to be village ponds are just plain lands due to silting and dumping of wastes. With modernization well: source of drinking water and irrigation, are relegated to the pages of school text books. Can we continue with wanton destruction of traditional means of sustenance of human lives? In the name of 
development we have drastically reduced our forest cover resulting in a number of problems; two of these being heating up of environment and frequent floods.

Rain water harvesting looks prospective in charging up under water level at least locally. Encouraged by positive reports from universities and colleges which have taken up rain water harvesting project, we plan to go ahead with this water harvesting scheme in our campus. May we take the liberty of requesting your assistance in this respect? Please keep in mind the remoteness of our location (east 
Salman Sultan

Return of dance-bar ordinance by Maharashtra governor establishes that political appointees posted as governors act biased according to wishes of the party they belong! It is a well known fact that Congress is opposed to this public-interest move to induce morality in public life, while its partner in state-government NCP has been eager to introduce the ban. Governor SM Krishna belonging to Congress has found biased reasons to act according to his party-line.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India) 

It refers to one more assurance by Indian Prime Minister to Central Social Welfare Board for early passing of Women Reservation Bill. But the bill must be passed in its original form without any dilution or any compromise-formula like floated by Union Home Ministry to add 33-percent extra seats in Parliament and state-assemblies to accommodate women-quota. Union government must not burden public to satisfy egoist and selfish male Parliamentarians opposing the bill. Otherwise also any such formula will reduce women-quota to net 25-percent in the increased strength of Parliament and state-assemblies. Till the bill is passed, it should be compulsory for all recognised political parties to give at least one-third party-tickets to women. 

Passing of bill should not pose any difficulty because number of Parliamentarians belonging to political parties supporting the bill far exceeds two-third majority required for the necessary constitutional amendment. Not all the bills are passed in the parliament through consensus. Therefore Women reservation Bill should also be voted and passed in its existing form. 

It may be noted that while all other aspects for reserved categories are man-made, women are dominated section of society created by nature. As such Women Reservation Bill must not be delayed any more. Even Pakistan and several other countries have already given women their due right by providing such a reservation. Instant passing of the bill will definitely boost public morale to take female child (or foeticide) as boon rather than bane at a time when natural 50-50 male-female ratio is being continuously disturbed by killing female foeticides and even new-born baby-girls. 
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University has made welcome and bold initiative to ensure decency in dresses of college-students. Indecent dresses especially worn by girls are amongst the main reasons for provoking sexual crimes against women. Since nature has created women with physically weak but otherwise attractive body-built, girls in their own interest need to wear dresses covering their bodies adequately for saving themselves from wild sex-craze of men. Considering increasing incidents of rapes especially in urban cities, other universities in the country should also formulate decent dress-code for girl-students as an effective measure to check sex-related crimes against females.

Even prominent IPS woman police-officer Kiran Bedi has also echoed her views likewise. Major Indian religions also require adequately covering dresses for girls. It is senseless to criticise formulating decent dress-code for girls as snatching freedom. Freedom does not mean vulgarity. If ladies require government and police to ensure their safety from sexual crimes, they themselves are also duty-bound to dress properly! 
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

It refers to day-light robbery-cum-murder in Ashok Vihaar (Delhi) on 23.06.2005. Labourers catching the robbers should be honoured with gallantry and monetary rewards. Daughter-in-law of the killed businessman also deserves pat for instant courage to phone police under tensed atmosphere. At the same time, officials of Delhi Police should probe instant failure of police-weapons at time of actual need.

Since robbery-cum-murder is crystal-clear, example should be set by hanging the culprits at the earliest by speedy trials at all stages.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

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