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Published in the 1-15 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Saffronazis and red herrings

By I. K. Shukla

The Milli Gazette Online

BJP is desperately seeking, nay, busily fabricating red herrings to cover up its crimes, to avenge its defeat, and to pretend that it still runs the state. This grandstand exercise in self-delusion is meant to play to the gallery (its cadres of lumpens and louts), to assert that it would disrupt the Parliament with impunity forcing the UPA to fawn on it, and to lament pitiably that it is not reconciled to loss of power and massive rejection by the people of India. Its perversion is multiplied by its puerility, as its savagery has been by its shamelessness.

Adrift and stupefied, the saffro kennel, is increasingly getting lost in pervasive dementia. It is hard put inventing a rallying cry, a mobilizing slogan. It used up Babri Masjid, and Ram in blood and fire as electoral monikers in low intensity pogroms all over India. There are sections of its leadership that believe that the old and tattered war cries against the minorities and their extermination through murder, rape, arson, and robbery have not been loud enough or persistent enough, and that with their diabolical decibel swelled, they can still deliver.

There is another section of the HinduTaliban that believes in the above tacitly, but tactic-wise it wants 1. the ugly loudness reduced for the nonce, and 2. until an emotive trumpet call is invented to dupe the masses, to distract itself with skittering and mewling. BJPís attempt at seeking removal of Railway Minister Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav is nothing more than a furious but a fatuous bid to avenge its multiple humiliations. To deflect the demand for Modiís dismissal, long due and nationally sought, BJP finds this diversionary ploy handy, though crude and wholly untenable.

It has conveniently and cynically forgotten that it did not resign (as morally due from its incompetence), nor seek Modiís removal, when Dr K. R. Narayanan was the President and Gujarat was ablaze. In fact, even so belatedly as now, in a gesture of purificatory penance, A. B. Vajpayee and L. K. Advani should resign as MPs to vindicate the sanctity of the parliament and uphold the piety of the Constitution. Then they did not abide by the ethical standards deemed imperative in a polity. Scandals galore and scams aplenty, too numerous and too frequent to count, too brazen, too barbaric to recount, became the identification marks of their regime. They never thought they should resign for their various crimes of omission and commission. Nor have they or Modi shown any whiff of contrition, offered any apology to the minorities, and begged forgiveness of the nation.

BJP has suddenly woken up to "responsibility". When accident after accident rocked the Railways, the then Railway Minister, Nitish Kumar, was not even once asked by BJP to resign, nor he did so on his own, nor was President Narayan approached to persuade Nitish Kumar voluntarily and gracefully to leave. Nor was Congress very visibly clamorous or vocally insistent that he assume responsibility for the railway disasters in a series and quit. No one can recall the parliament being waylaid by the Congress then as it is by the BJP now in the name of Railway Ministerís competence and "responsibility".

As to BJPís respect or concern for democracy, the less said the better. Ideologically, it is wedded to the arch and fierce negation of democracy by its commitment to fascism and theo-terrorism. Violence is innate to its creed, outlawry essential to its existence. It showcased in the Gujarat Genocide of 2002 its contempt for and defiance of democracy. Denying and desecrating the domain of history and heritage, violating the ambit of democracy in a pluralist society, and wantonly flouting the constitutional provisions in regard to the rights of citizens and the responsibilities of the state in safeguarding the same, BJP repeatedly proved itself criminally unfit and incorrigibly feral.

How much it is concerned with the plight of the people is a topic that needs a longer piece. But when thousands were committing suicide in Andhra Pradesh, when starvation deaths were happening all over India, when crimes against women and Dalits, minorities and Adivasis were mounting in a scary spiral day after hellish day, BJPís Neros were busy fiddling and filching. And, they were busy deceiving the nation with humongous lies like India Shining and Feel Good propaganda blitz, at peopleís expense! Corruption reached mountainous heights under the saffronazis in every walk of life. Hindu fascism penetrated and criminalized the police and bureaucracy, the judiciary, and the educational system at all levels.

This roster of their treasonous achievements must make them hang their heads in shame, and beg pardon of those they wronged and robbed. A minuscule minority, the saffronazis purveyed the myth that they constitute the majority! The nation has yet fully to reckon their crimes and bring them to justice. Their rowdyism in parliament and on streets is innate to fascism. It's a queer brew of populist pranks of a disgraced party and the paroxysm of terrorists and thieves caught redhanded and exposed.

The interim gives them time to expiate their sins and, by way of remorse, to quit the political arena as moral midgets and mental misfits. They pose the biggest threat to the nation, and are the most pervasive pollution smothering our polity.

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