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Published in the 1-15 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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The Milli Gazette Online

Muslims in Bhopal receiving vaccination for meningitis

Muslims in Bhopal receiving vaccination 
for meningitis

New Delhi: A special programme to improve the physical, intellectual and creative faculties of school children has been started during summer vacation in New Horizon School near Nizamuddin. This programme has been started from 16 May and will continue for a month and in addition to sports like skating, basket ball, badminton will also cover Islamic education, computer education, art and craft, clay modelling etc. According to a press release issued by the School, children from nursery to 12th class from different schools will be allowed to participate in these programmes in accordance with their age. Proper arrangements for transport along with fees will also be made for students from distant places who want to participate in these programmes. 

Saharanpur: According to the information given by the district minorities welfare officer, Iqrar Ahmad, UP Minorities Financial Development Corporation has invited applications for loans from people belonging to minorities communities like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists and Jains under Term Loan Scheme. Persons belonging to these communities whose annual income in rural areas is below Rs 32000 and in urban areas below Rs 42,000 and who are between 18 and 50 years of age can get loans under this scheme. For their projects of trade or small industry etc involving expenditure up to Rs 50,000, 90 percent loans at 6 percent annual rate of interest will be given. 

Lucknow: All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) said here that there is great and urgent need of enacting a law to regulate talaq among Muslims in accordance with the directions given in Qur’an because Qur’an at no place prescribes triple talaq in one sitting. The Board’s president Mrs Shaista Ambar said while talking to media persons that it is a matter of great concern that cases of triple talaq are increasing but unfortunately ulama are silent on this issue. Blaming Muslim Personal Law Board for ignoring triple talaq since long she said that the time has now come that Muslim should be familiarised with the procedure of talaq as laid down in Quran. AIMWPLB has been formed because MPLB is silent on this problem from day one when it was set up 35 years ago, she said. She further said that in order to create awareness among Muslims on this issue, this Board is organising a conference on Talaq in the Light of Qur’an which will be presided over by the president of AIMPLB (Jadeed) Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan and Uttaranchal’s Lok Ayukt Justice Haidar Abbas Raza will be the chief guest.

New Delhi: Four mosques and three graveyards of Moghul period in Delhi have been declared as protected monuments where illegal occupations and constructions are going on Union minister for cultural affairs, S. Jaipal Reddy said in the Lok Sabha that ASI has taken steps to get illegal occupations vacated and stop illegal constructions. These monuments are a mosque in Qudsia Garden near Kashmiri Gate, Sunehri Masjid in Chandni Chowk, Begum puri Masjid and an old mosque in Palam village. The graveyards are the one at Lothian Road (Kashmiri Gate), Rajpur graveyard (North Delhi) and one graveyard at Kishan Ganj. Other protected monuments are Razia Begum’s tomb at Bulbuli Khana mohalla, Old Fort, Lal Gumbad (Chiragh Dilli), Sarai Shahji and Arab Ki Sarai.

New Delhi: Firoz Bakht Ahmad, president of Friends for Education who claims to be the nearest relative and legal heir of late Maulana Azad has sent a legal notice to two residents of Kolkata, Abdul Saleem and Abdur Rahim and demanded the return of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Bharat Ratn, India’s highest civilian award and other published and unpublished books, documents etc which are now of historical value. Firoz Bakht is the son of Maulana Azad’s nephew Nooruddin and in this capacity he thinks that he is the sole legal heir of Maulana Azad’s and Nooruddin’s properties. It may be mentioned that Bharat Ratn was posthumously awarded to Maulana Azad in January 1992 which was accepted on his behalf by Noorudin the same year. He died in September 1992. Since at that time Firoz Bakht was in Delhi, those things were left with the two brothers Saleem and Rahim who refused to hand over these things to Firoz Bakht and hence this legal notice to return all those properties to him within 4 weeks.

Lucknow: Chairman of UP Sunni Central Waqf Board, Hafiz Mohammad Usman announced here that if a temple has been illegally built on Waqf land, after proper inquiry the Waqf Board will allot that land legally to the temple and get it registered in the name of the temple because temple is also a religious place of worship. Speaking about his own achievements, he said that when he took over as chairman in December 2002, there were only Rs 16,000 in Board’s account and the employees had not been paid their salaries. He took steps to get the Waqf land released from land mafia and was very strict in collecting rents and other dues from the occupants with the result that now there are 30 lakh rupees in Board’s account of whom Rs 10 lakh is spent every month on salaries.

Aligarh to become a heritage city 
Aligarh: According to Vijyendra Singh, MP, in addition to Aligarh being declared a heritage city, central government is being requested to sanction a Rs 50-crore project for all-round development of the city. He said that Union minister for urban development Ghulam Nabi Azad will be requested to lay the foundation stone of the developmental projects. 

Talking to media persons he said that he has sent a list of developmental projects to four of his Parliamentary colleagues as well as to Congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi who has assured him of all possible help. He has also got the Rs 50 crore development project prepared with the help of Mayor Savitri Varshni and other officials which was discussed with officials of Union ministry of urban development. These projects include repair of 114 roads of the city and construction of some new ones, construction of Jakhri drain, tube well for supply of drinking water and sewer system. In addition to these, Rs 98 crore has already been sanctioned during the past 8 months work on which is going on. An amount of Rs 9 crore will soon be sanctioned for beautification of historical buildings, sites and tourist resorts.

He said that state Congress president, Salman Khurshid was also contacted for this purpose who assured of his influence in getting as much amount sanctioned as possible but at the same time to ensure that nothing should be done which may lead to communal tension. 

Vijyendra Singh said that Rahul Gandhi has been requested to start his proposed tour of western UP from Aligarh.

Cairo: At the initiative of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) which represents 57 Islamic countries of the world a satellite for the purpose of sighting of the first moon each month is in the final stages of its completion and it is expected that within the coming 15 months it will be completed in all respects and launched in the space. To be completed at an estimated expenditure of 15 million USD it is already under construction. The necessity of this satellite is being urgently felt in order to remove the doubt and uncertainty about the first sighting of new moon every month, resulting in celebration of religious festivals like Eid, Ramzan etc on different dates even in the same city, not to talk of other cities and countries. 

New Delhi: An Urdu religious monthly magazine, Maah Noor to be published from Delhi under the auspices of Mufti Syed Shamsuz Zoha, Sajjada-Nasheen of Dhawa Sharif was released by Syed Mohammad Mehdi Mian Chishti, Gaddi Nasheen, Aastana Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer on 6 May. Speaking on this occasion, he said that through Maah Noor and such other magazines on one hand service is rendered to religion and on the other hand Urdu language is also promoted. 

Hyderabad: Several months after AP High Court rejected 5% reservation to Muslims, Andhra Pradesh chief minister Raj Shekhar Reddy emphatically said that his government will give 5 percent reservation to minorities from academic year 2005-06. He said that the Backward Classes Commission will hopefully submit its report, as per the Court requirement, by 24 May after which his government will finalise the necessary formalities within a week. 

Srinagar: The coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir is considering a big project for improving the educational standard of this state. A part of this project is to set up an Islamic University of science and technology at Avantipura in Pulwama district in South Kashmir and a nursing college to be named Bibi Halima Nursing College at Srinagar which will become operational from 15 July this year. When these institutions start functioning, students desirous of higher education in these disciplines who had to go to other cities outside the state will have this facility in their own state now. 

New Delhi: Worried about the exorbitant electricity bills of mosques, Waqf Board which pays such bills of mosques is thinking of laying down a limit beyond which the amounts will have to be paid by the Imams of mosques. Almost the entire income of Delhi Waqf Board is spent on payment of electricity bills of about a hundred, out of 200 mosques which are under the administrative control of Waqf Board. Pending electricity bills of Fathepuri Masjid alone are for approximately Rs 14 lakh whereas those of Jama Masjid are for Rs 7.5 lakh and of the mosque at Janpath are Rs 3 lakh. In view of such exorbitant bills, Waqf Board thinks that in all mosques electricity is being misused on a large scale. The Board has therefore decided to lay down a limit for each mosque, after taking into account the estimated expenses for 5 times daily prayers, hot and cold weather, consumption of water etc and inform the Imams of respective mosques accordingly through a circular and warn them that the amounts exceeding this limit will have to be paid by them.

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