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Published in the 1-15 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Education & careers

Careers in computers - ii

By Ameen-E-Mudassar

The Milli Gazette Online

The last article focused on the different computer courses - Diploma, UG and PG offered by the Technical Education Board and almost all Universities. In this article we shall find out more details about the Engineering courses in computer Sciences. The focus here is on why Engineering is preferred to regular Bachelor/Diploma courses?, How an Engineering degree can help in getting a better job? and What are the current trends in Computer Science Engineering? 

Why do Engineering in Computer Science?
With IT education becoming common and easily accessible for all, to stand out from the crowd, to be the most sought, doing a BE or B.Tech is a must. Its also because of the fact that doing an Engineering course gives the right platform for 

1. Increased Employability
2. Global Acceptance and recognition
3. Achieving higher levels in IT industry
4. Advanced studies abroad - US and other foreign universities
5. Post Graduation - studies and programs

What are the different branches in Computer Science Engineering?
The existence of Computer Science in the field of Engineering since past 30 years has attracted many students after their +12 to take up Engineering. With this increasing demand, the original Computer Science Engineering was renamed and launched in two more branches called as 

1. Information Science Engineering
2. Information Technology Engineering
The course content in both these courses in almost 90% same as that in Computer Science Engineering 

What are the subjects Studied in CS, IS, IT Engineering ? 
Starting from the 1st year itself, Basics of Computer programming are taught along with other subjects like Basic Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Physics, Graphics, etc.

During the 2nd year, the focus is on exposing the students to different levels and domains of the IT industry like - Advanced programming, database management, Algorithms, web designing and web application languages. Added to this are some subjects like Logic design, electronic circuits, microcontrollers, etc..The focus here is to give the students technical advancement and make them familiar to coding language.

The 3rd year of Engineering goes with advanced subjects like Operating systems, Object oriented programming, Advanced languages like C++, Java, are taught. Its also the year during which students are supposed to do projects (at least 2) both independently and as a group. This year is when the students almost know the in and out of coding language. Most of the students ( who study seriously) become masters in atleast one language. 

The Final year is a mix of subjects like Internet applications, Neural networks, Cryptography or subjects like Embedded Technology, Industrial Management , etc. This apart, a full time 4 months project has to be completed in an Industry or at the college itself. 

(Note: The above listed subject might vary from one university to another).

What are the qualities required to take up Computer Science Engineering ? 
1. Good logical and analytical skills
2. A liking to learn and use computer languages
3. Flair in solving mathematical problems 
4. Use of simple methods of coding
5. Constant updation of knowledge as per the current trends
6. Good memory power
7. Knowledge of how to use the Internet better? 
8. Good Presentation and Communication skills.

Should a student take up Extra co-curricular activities during Engineering ? If not what can happen ?
Yes. After joining the BE/B.Tech course one must not confine himself/herself to the study room or be glued to the books/ PC. A student must and should get involved into different social, cultural, literary and sport activities. At the same time one should never let academic results fall. The participation in Intercollegiate events, Paper presentations, Seminars, Fests and Sports will help you build a personality which reflects multiple facets. 

By taking up these extra curricular activities, one can acquire good presentation skills, communication skills, leadership skills, dynamism, extrovert nature and most importantly a sound and pleasing personality. These are the qualities which most of the employers in the IT industry are today focusing on. They remain the main yardsticks for giving employment.

Today due to lack of these skills, many engineers who even after securing more than 80% in are jobless and end up their life in taking up odd jobs. Hence utmost care has to taken to acquire these qualities during the days of Engineering, which cannot be done later.

Which other branches of Engineering come close to Computer Science?
The huge demand of IT professionals has made the IT employers take students from other branches of Engineering. But all branches are not considered. The branches like Electronics and Communication Engg, Telecommunication Engg, Electrical Engg, Electrical and Electronics Engg. are considered by atleast 50-55% Companies. The Graduates in Electronics and Communication Engineering are considered in almost all IT companies for software jobs. Certain companies like Infosys, TCS do consider students of any branch of Engineering also. So even if a student takes up other Branches of Engineering, he/she can join the IT industry which mainly depends on his/her aptitude, personality and strong Computer programming concepts.

If not BE / B.Tech , What's the other best alternative?
Taking up a B.Sc in Computer Science or Mathematics or any other specialization, followed by an MCA from a good and reputed college can be the best alternative to BE / B.Tech. 

The author is a Career Counsellor, working with M.S.W - Career Guidance and Information Center, Bangalore. He blogs at

See also: Careers in computers - Part I


Any queries? 
Kindly send your career queries to
MSW-Career Guidance and Information Center,
# 214, United School Building, Ilyasnagar, J.P. Nagar Post, Bangalore 560078 Email:

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