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Published in the 1-15 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Milli Gazette Online

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Inflated figures
I take strong objection to the highlighted excerpts from the article "Extrajudicial Execution as a way of life" in the May issue of MG. The excerpt says that "The Indian government has murdered over 2,50,000 Sikhs since 1984, more than 3,00,000 Christians since 1948, over 87,000 Muslims in Kashmir since 1988 and tens of thousands ..". I am not sure how to interpret 3 lakh Christians and where the 2.5 lakh Sikhs number came from so I can't comment on that. I do know that more than 80,000 is the number of deaths in Kashmir on the high end of the spectrum. The Indian government maintains the death toll to be near 20k-30k whereas Kashmiri leaders and human rights activists put it more than 80K. The truth probably is somewhere in between. Even, if one has to go by the extreme estimates, this number, to the best of my knowledge is the total death toll including people killed by terrorists, terrorists killed by the security forces as well as innocent civilians killed by the security forces. The article itself states that in the very next sentence when quoting Mrs. Inayatullah. Hence you should not state that Indian government killed that many people in Kashmir. It is simply incorrect. Sometimes there is the fine line between serious journalism and tabloid style propaganda. The article is a very fine one on the human rights violations but it crosses the boundary at the end. Unfortunately, this is the part you decided to highlight. I have great respect for MG and admire its work. I hope MG would distinguish itself as a liberal organ with unquestionable patriotism and not become a propaganda tool.
Zaigham A. Kazmi

Editor: Many thanks for your comments. I have already taken exception to this and the version which will appear on the Net has already been corrected. Since the writer of this piece is a trusted hand I did not bother to check it before it went into print. I regret this and the writer has been already informed about this irresponsible piece. Upon trying to get into the reasons, we discovered that these figures were put forward by some dissident groups in the US and were quoted by our writer without questioning them. "
ZAK: My respect for MG and you have just increased manifolds. Mistakes happen all the time. The important thing is how you react to them.

Status of Muslims
To find out the social, economic and educational status of Muslims in India the government of India has formed a high level committee. It is expected that the purpose of making such report is to provide a passage for reservation to Muslims. An insider has assured me that each representation/feedback will be seriously attended. The invitation needs Muslim organisations and individuals' serious participation and involvement. [see p. 3 in this issue]
M Naushad Ansari, Delhi

It is a great relief that AMU authorities as well as the central government of India have given due share in the AMU admission policy (quota for Muslim Students). They need this kind of protection in view of their economic condition and keeping in mind that other backward sections of the nation have already been granted some reservation in higher education and government employment. Any opposition to this policy should be seen as inspired by short sightedness or communal prejudice. 
Arshad Islam, Kuala Lumpur

The UPA government’s decision to allow Aligarh Muslim University to enroll half of its seats for Muslim students of merit in 36 PG courses is a move in the right direction to promote educational, social and economical standard of the minority community on par with the majority community in a localised manner. We need more such educational institutions in every Muslim dominated region of our country. Professional education is one of the tools that can bring this minority community to the mainstream of economic and political map of the nation.

The politicians and academics who are opposing this move of the government are the people who lack sincerity and vision in their preaching and practice. They contradict the basic concept of support and encouragement to the underprivileged to come up in life. These groups vehemently support the reservations for SCs, STs and OBCs and even reservation on gender basis. But when it comes to helping the Muslims they term it as ‘minority appeasement’ and ‘blatant communalism’. This is simply double standard. Moreover, secularism has no interpretation that government help should not reach the Muslim community. 

The concern of acceptability of AMU graduates by the employers is factually incorrect. If an employer is a true businessman his concern should be the merit of the candidate and not his faith. One should understand that in India there are brilliant Muslim students across the nation who can utilise this opportunity in AMU and come out in flying colours with academic brilliance. Also one should understand that in our country, there is considerably large number of institutions where admissions of meritorious Muslim students are often rejected to his/her profession of choice. 
Yusuf Muhammed

After a long time, the model nikahnama unveiled by the Muslim Personal Law Board. is a progressive step. In nikahnama few things are embarrassing. In nikahnama it has been recommended that after the first talaq, a minimun time period of three month is required before the second talaq , but failed to ban the triple talaq, it is a small step forward. As far as payment of mehr is concerned, it would have been even better if the entire payment were made compulsory at that time. As far as feasibility of the model nikahnama is concerned, we should not forget that large section of Muslim community is illiterate even they can’t read the model nikahnama. So our first priority must be to create awareness about it among the community. 
Abdullah Khan, AMU, Aligarh

Triple talaq in one sitting-unIslamic 
In the wake of recent Bhopal meet of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the protagonists of uniform civil code have again started their misleading campaign against AIMPLB’s stand on talaq and polygamy. 

In fact three talaq in one sitting is strictly prohibited in Islam. Quran prescribes a period of three months, after the expiry of this period alone a divorce could become final. During these three months the wife should stay with her husband. Islam prescribes conditions of divorce with a view to protect women’s rights. If quarrel takes place and all efforts of a compromise fails, then husband has the right to divorce his wife. Divorce should be given gradually in stages. The period gives an opportunity to the couple to ponder and patch-up their differences. The relatives of both sides are supposed to intervene and try to save the marriage. The husband forfeits his right to take her back if he divorces his wife for the third time. 
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Raharashtra 

Electronic Divorce
I just read the latest fatwa regarding electronic divorce issued by the esteemed scholars of India, including, the esteemed Maulana Firangi Mahali.

The scholars have issued a blanket fatwa on this modern method of communication, stating, that it is just like issuing a postal mail document transfer as Illegal. 

According to my understanding of the subject, if the talaq has been issued and the source can be verified along with witnesses, without any doubt, then the divorce is legal. I hope the scholars will be looking into the subject a bit more and distinguish between anonymous email and authenticated email accounts. 

Anonymous email accounts, such as Hotmail, MSN Mail, Yahoo Etc., have had some of the correspondence upheld in court systems around the world. As these accounts do require the person holding the account provide an identity and have a User ID and Password to log on, which is considered a valid signature. I would agree, that the authenticity of such correspondence could be in doubt, especially in such a serious matter as talaq. 

If there is a doubt that the document was actually sent by the owner of the account, this would definitely place a doubt on the authenticity of that communication and it would be illegal. On the other hand, E-Mail generated via proper identification authenticated email systems, such as email generated via proper ID authenticated Encryption Keys (which are commonly available), do require proper identification verification process in order to issue a certain key which can not be duplicated through any electronic and/or conventional means. These systems are more secure than a persons signature. 

Furthermore, email sent via these systems are tamperproof, i.e. these email messages can not be modified. In most of the world these identification verification systems provide positive identification of the person sending the e-mail. Hence, according to Islamic law, any document sent via such should be considered legal and valid, exactly as it is in most of the worlds legal systems.
Hafiz Moiz Ansari Firangi Mahali, Baton Rouge, USA 
More letters on this issue will appear on MG website

...and Jamia Millia
Kindly refer to the National Comission for Minorities recommendation dated May 06, 1997 in which it has urged the Ministry of HRD for proper amendment of JMI Act 1988 to ensure its Minority Character. (Copy of letter is available on /ahmadjamia/ncm.jpg ).

Also refer to the Lok Sabha question in 1997 regarding the Minority Character of JMI in which the Union State Minister of HRD replied that the JMI Act cant be amended till the judgement on Minority Instt. of 11th bench of Supreme Court is available. As you know the judgement has come and the need of hour is that JMI Act should be amended so as to ensure its Minority Character, I request you to kindly place the needful representations to before the concerned authorities.

The shocking data in JMI is that just 6% Muslims were selected in B. Ed (Distance Mode) in this session in the study centre of Jamia's Faculty of Education. This is the case in many other highly professional courses. If we turn to Faculty of Engineering, the no. of Muslim Students are just about 26% and is decreasing continuously. In the post graduate professional courses, lot of internal seats are also filled by the non-Muslim candidates as they also enjoy the reservation. I have tried to collect some historical facts and proofs about Jamia's historical and minority status and these are available at If this is delayed, it would be too late to restore the Minority Character of JMI and the day shall not be far when the percentage of Muslim students will be just nominal in JMI.
Ahmed Abdullah

Help me
My name is syed Jalaluddin M. I am from Commerce background. I have one question to the readers of MG. Once I heard that one of the Muslim writers/economists wrote a book on the ill effects of the "interest" on the society in future. Please let me know the author's name and name of the book.
Syed Jalaluddin M>

Letter to PM: Situation in Gujarat
Dear sir, Congratulations for being listed among top 100 most influential persons in the world. Kindly use your influence to free people from anti-minority atmosphere in Gujarat. As reported in the daily Gujarat Today (p.9, April 10, 2005) published from Ahmedabad, that members of a tiny minority community were being threatened and asked to leave their village Jiya Talawadi, Dabhoi, Baroda district.
S. Akhtar Patel, Bharuch, Gujarat

Violence in Iraq The violence and chaos have mushroomed across Iraq. We can see it at falujah, Baghdad, Mussel and even in the desert of Iraq. It follows the people to the market, house, and every place where they live or go.

A boy can't go his garden, a little girl can't play in her outside house lawn. The men and women can't move freely in their own country, they are facing the charges and allegations by American forces, They have became terrorist in their own country and even in their own house. This is the situation, which can we observe across Iraq. America and his allied till now saying that terrorists are playing a great role behind this situation and they are also responsible of it, but all situation tell us that scores of innocent Iraqis are paying their precious life in this conflict.

Who is responsible for this situation? Moreover, what is the main purpose of U. N? Only for sanctions on Muslim countries and threaten them or something else?

U. N. can play a great role in Iraq for reconstructions and returning normal life in Iraq if it wants to play. But very sad that it is only say not to do. 
Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi, Delhi-25 

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