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Published in the 1-15 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Milli Gazette Online

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In as much as the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council virtually imposed the outermost limits of international law on the world; Security Council resolutions, that were colored by false, contrived, forced or legally untenable or factually wrong logic or premises, all such resolutions should be reviewed on the request of the concerned nation or any of public welfare bodies and restitutions should be legalized with retrospective effect to undo any harm or deprivation that had visited the victimized nation or nations and their people directly or others indirectly.

In as much as, in the hind-sight, it is glaringly clear that UN Security Council imposed-‘economic sanctions’ on Iraq had no justified basis for their imposition, all losses accruing to Iraq and all benefits to whoever stood to benefit from such unjust state of affair, should be restituted and a compensation too should be awarded to Iraq and its people for the suffering they endured for decade-long imposing of arbitrary and unjust sanctions at the cost of the Security Council member that proposed the motion in the first place. Wealth of Iraq, squandered on wrong premises, should be returned back to its rightful owners.

In that context, all so-called smuggling of oil for food programs should stand as legitimized in favour of the legalized nation authority that owned the resources. All those who had criminally exploited the sanctions to amass illegitimate wealth, should be brought to book by the victimized nation and UN should fully legalize all such recourse to the victimized nation that suffered on the basis of such malicious and unjust manipulation of the will of UN Security Council.

Any of the Security Council resolutions thus should remain open to international scrutiny on the basis of any evidence, not offered, not shared or deliberately manipulated, or subsequently available that impacted the very core of the UN Security Council’s resolution’s ramifications.

An international commission under UN auspices should be established to find out if the decade long sanctions moved, proposed, and promoted by the US was on other than justified on the now available facts and if not how best to get restitution to the affected nations and their people, by imposing penalties on the US as a nation and any of its citizen, who privately benefited by those wrongly imposed sanctions.

All such review and restitutions should be organised by the full membership of the General Assembly, as check on UN Security Council's performance.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Uniform police policy
The cases of sexual harrasment and incidences of rape by policemen across the country confirm one thing -- that be it the policeman of Mumbai or Delhi or of any small town they have a uniform policy to deal with the women. The uniform approach is followed so strictly that there is no discrimination made between a housewife or an office going lady or a female student or for that matter even a woman in uniform. Uniform Civil Code may still be miles away but then "uniform" khaki man's code is firmly in place.
Abdul Monim, Mumbai

This co-conspirator of Gujarat Carnage 2002 has in a vile statement tried to absolve himself, Modi, and NDA of Attila-Adolph.

He says, the effort to control the riots began "late" or all would have been hunky dory.

Late or early, nothing ever "began" to control the "riots" because these, not meant to be "controlled", were planned long in advance, instigated and conducted, steered and swayed by Modi-Bhandari in Gandhinagar and Attila-Adolph in NDelhi.

Then, where was a "riot" in Gujarat in 2002? This crook, part of the conspiracy, calls a planned massacre of Muslims a "riot" which requires at least two parties.

Like Modi-Atal-Adolph Bhandari is a knicker-wearing RSS vigilante trained in and suffused with hate and violence against minorities. They did, successfully, what they determined they would, "democra-tically".

They remain unpunished by UPA because they knew in advance all along, Congress was their junior partner in the Muslim Holocaust there and elsewhere, then, before, and since.IKShukla
"I. K. Shukla"

Will power leads to success
Let me thank you for publishing news about Naseema Huzuk in the ‘Newsmakers’ column (MG, 11-15 May). Kindly publish the address of the autobiography of Naseema translated by Asha Deodhar of Maharashtra.

One of my disciples Mr Sagar Parasri, who became crippled at a younger age is leading his life in a wheelchair. He has authored a book ‘Discovery of Peace’ and founded an organisation Worldwide Peace. The website of the organisation is www. The book he wrote is currently available at 3/34 NIE campus (NCERT) Sri. Aurovindo Marg, New Delhi. Ph: 011-26535469.

The book is worth reading. He has proved that will power lead us succeed even in disability. Kindly give him a helping hand by introducing him through MG to the readers. 
Mohammad Azam, Karimnagar,
Andhra Pradesh 

Modi’s views about Sati
Apropos of the letter ‘The Aim Behind Sati’, (MG, 16-31 May, 2005) it will be interesting to know that Modi’s views about Sati were conveyed also to Sister Sujata Wasnik of Shoshit Samaj Jaagrooktaa Mohim, Nagpur and she wanted to know whether Modi has asked any of his widowed relatives to commit Sati. 
S. Akhtar, Bharuch, Gujarat

Political parties
It refers to Election Commission considering further relaxing already much-liberal norms for granting national/ regional status to political parties. Rather system should be to grant status of a national or state-level party to those getting at least twenty-percent valid votes or being amongst first three parties to get people’s verdict on national or state-level respectively to reduce existing large number of recognised political parties mostly set up by over-ambitious politicians to run politics as their family-business. It is a known fact that two-party system is the ideal-most system for countries having adopted democratic form of governance. Therefore idea should be to reduce number of recognised political parties rather than increasing!

However if such strict norms are formulated, a new category of ‘political group’ may be established whereby common election symbol may be allotted to a group of persons jointly applying to contest on at least fifty-percent constituencies. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

Election commission
It refers to appointment of Naveen Chawla as new Election Commissioner. Only recently, Union Cabinet Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav had attacked sovereignty of Election Commission by terming new-coming Chief Election Commissioner BD Tondon as BJP’s man. Incidentally BD Tondon was appointed Election Commissioner by BJP-led NDA government. And now appointment of Naveen Chawla considered close to UPA Chairperson as new Election Commissioner can bring similar undesired comments from political opponents of Sonia Gandhi both within and outside UPA. Frankly speaking, all appointees on such posts requiring impartiality are normal human-beings having their own political affiliations. As such, possibility of their biased acting according to political requirements of political rulers appointing them must not be ruled out. Appointments on all posts requiring impartiality including especially of Election Commissioners must therefore be done by consensus amongst Prime Minister an Opposition Leader in the manner Central Vigilance Commissioner is appointed. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

Enough of altruism
This refers to media coverage of Supreme Court’s proceedings of May 13 related to Settlement Act of Jammu & Kashmir. Although the submission of J&K Government before Supreme Court - that it had neither received an application nor intended to process applications by residents of Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) to restore property in the state- has no meaning. Because as per media reports Fareeda Ghani did not file such application but before returning to PAK she gave a general power of attorney to her lawyer Abdul Khaliq Sheikh to do the rest. May be Advocate Sheikh is still preparing the application to retrieve evacuee’s property of her client’s parents or he may simply be waiting for an opportunate time (in view of the political upheaval, this issue has raised in J&K and in rest of India) to file this application with Govt of J&K. But certainly the scenario in J&K in the backdrop of said proceedings of Supreme Court has rendered Kashmir problem more puzzling than ever in view of the following:- 

(1)- As per media report, declaring the support of National Conference for the Resettlement Act, former chief minister Farooq Abdullah said on Thursday May 12 that implementing the Act could in turn uphold India's stand that PAK is an integral part of India. This is not only a nationalist and highly patriotic declaration by National Conference but also the most practical and non-violent way for the unification of Indian territory of PAK with rest of J&K. But there is no reported statement of party president Mehbooba Mufti or other party office bearers in media so far as to what PDP’s stand is on Settlement Act. (whatever chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed has said so far, is merely the stand of J&K Govt and can not be construed by any stretch of imagination as the stand of his party PDP).

(2)- Why no group of citizens of J&K (in alliance with supporting patriotic political parties like above mentioned National Conference etc. or otherwise) has so far not filed:- 

(i)- Either a fresh petition in the High Court of J&K or an application in Supreme Court, under Article 142 (1) of the Constitution of India read with order 1, Rule 8 (A) of C.P.C. in the said petition (heard on May 13) related to Settlement Act? Here prayers to be made for issuing of appropriate writ / order / direction to Union of India to inform the Court within a period of (say) one month about the measures in general and the time frame within which India with the instrumentality of all the resources and power at its disposal and command, will retrieve Indian territory (as per Article 1 of the constitution) of PAK from the clutches of Pakistan. So that not only the constitutionally ordained composite Kashmir & Kashmiriyat may be restored back but also armed forces of India (maintained at heavy cost to civilian exchequers) do not find themselves in an awkward situation as is prevailing where these armed forces of India are killing tens of thousands of civilians of their own country, in the State of J&K which is so heroically striving for constitutionally ordained composite Kashmir.

(ii)- Review petitions in Supreme Court (in other cases than said recently filed by Bhim Singh, the MLA of Panthers Party) to set aside its stay on Resettlement Act in view of the petition, mentioned in above S.No.(2) (i) of this letter and in the interest of constitutionally ordained composite Kashmir.

The only reason behind this ennui of the brave people of J&K seems to be the consideration for the people of other States of India and other countries in the likely scenario which said petitions are bound to unfold given the fact of both the contending countries India and Pakistan being nuclear powers. 

But the sacrifice of tens of thousands of innocent people during the on going senseless violence in J&K does not permit any indulgence in such wooly soft headed fluffy sentiments or altruism on the part of surviving people of J&K. Moreover the people of other States of India and other countries are quite capable of protecting their interests in all sorts of eventualities.
Hem Raj Jain
Bangalore - 560078.>

Judges of Courts of record to protect their dignity & esteem
It is painful to see the work of serving or retired Judges of Courts of Record (Supreme Court & High Courts), who are during their judicial work taken in highest esteem by the people of India, being either denigrated or rejected by Central & State Govts who have been constituting various commissions of enquiry in independent India. The fate of the report of Phukan Commission of enquiry is the latest such example in the series.

Judges of Courts of Record aught to realize that during their judicial work related to criminal / civil / constitutional matters, which are brought before them for adjudication, there is an inherent advantage of personal motive & drive of complainant / plaintiff / petitioner which ensures purposeful and focused judicial proceeding culminating in result. But in commission of enquiry this factor, a sine-quo-non for any application of judicial mind, is simply non-existent. 

Hence Judges of Courts of Record shall be well advised to head only those commissions of enquiries which do not deal with the matters which can normally or aught to be dealt by the Courts of criminal / civil / constitutional jurisdictions.

It is high time Judges of Courts of Record seriously ponder over the advisability and exercise of discretion over heading the various commissions of enquiry constituted by Central and State Govts because it is constitutionally incumbent on the Judges of Courts of Record to maintain and protect their dignity and esteem.
Hem Raj Jain
Bangalore - 560078>

Phukan report
Rejection of Phukan report on Tehelka exposures proves that judicial commissions are set by political rulers to safeguard their biased political interests. After all judges are also human beings having mind-sets with personal political affiliations. Political rulers always try to cover their own sins by appointing retired judges of their choice as heads of commissions. NDA regime’s guilt in doing so was proved by infamous Petrol Pump scandal where also retired judges were made heads of allotment committees. In present Tehelka case too, it was a cleverly designed move of Vajpayee government to get rid of Venkataswamy and to induce Phukan in place. Arranging family-trips in IAF helicopter to Phukan further established the motto of NDA government. Otherwise also George Fernandes owes responsibility as ministry-head on Tehelka exposures when the army’s own SK Jain committee found irregularities in defence purchases.

But similar tactics of misusing judges as commission-heads was also in UPA regime when Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav constituted Banerji committee to find Godhra report of his favour. There is no use of wasting public funds on politically-motivated judicial commissions. Rules should be that all appointments requiring retired judges must be done by Supreme Court/ respective High Courts.
Dariba DELHI 110006

National Anthem 
It refers to Supreme Court rightly imposing fine on the petitioner demanding change in National Anthem while dismissing so-termed Public Interest Litigation which was in fact a Publicity Interest Litigation. Supreme Court rejects many petitions without even being admitted. It was a waste of valuable time of the Court and government-departments to even deliberate on a useless issue. The Court could have rejected the petition at the admission stage itself imposing fine on the petitioner. 
Dariba DELHI 110006 

Final battle has started from Srinagar
This refers to my four letters and response thereto in prominent English news papers published from Shrinagar during last 10 days. In these letters I made the constitutional / legal position clear that (i)- to do any thing which supports plebiscite is sedition as per Article 124 of IPC and (ii)- people of J&K should immediately move High Court / Supreme Court in order to facilitate the retrieve of Indian territory of POK which will also help rehabilitation of willing displaced Kashmiri Pundits & curb the terrorism in J&K.

The last such published response to my said published letters is from the President of Bar Association of J&K regarding which let me clarify some legal points as below:- 

This article " Conceding a right is not sedition" by Mr. Main Qayoom, the President of Bar Association of J&K in response to my letters published in esteemed news papers, can be segregated in three parts:- 

(A)- "On 26 Oct 1947 -----To ------- in giving effect to them"

This gives background of accession of J&K to India (although said article does not mention it but it was as per the provisions of Independence of India Act)

(B)- "In reply to Liaqat Ali Khan ------- To ------- at the earliest possible"

This gives correspondence between the then Governor General & Prime Minister of India and Liaqat Ali Khan of Pakistan in the backdrop of forceful possession of POK by Pakistan through ‘raiders’.

( C )- "On 1st Jan 1948 ---------- To ---------- discussion on Kashmir question.

This gives proceedings in United Nations related to plebiscite etc. in J&K.

In the interest of saving the further loss of life of gullible people of J&K, where tens of thousands of ignorant people have been killed in senseless violence (perpetrated under the delusion of a legally non - existent right of so called plebiscite),I give my response to Qayoom’s article as below:- 

(1)- Qayoom as a member of judicial community certainly must be knowing that whatever the executives of Indian State must have said or done in the past in India or abroad ( including UN) regarding plebiscite etc as even mentioned in his said article as per above (A), (B), ( C ). But if it tantamount to crime as per law of India (as sedition in this case) then merely one petition by any citizen of India is enough in High Court of any State or Supreme Court of India to easily obtain a Permanent Mandatory Injunction against any executive of Union of India or any State to stop him from behaving in any manner, there after, which will invite the invocation of Section 124 I.P.C. related to sedition.

(2)- Qayoom certainly must be further knowing that if no Indian citizen moved the Court in 1948 (when Indian executives were taking part in the proceedings related to plebiscite in UN) or onwards that does not legally mean that Indians have forfeited their right to move High Court / Supreme Court any time in the interest of stopping the crime of Sedition likely to be now committed by any executive of Indian State.

(3)- In view of above S.No. (1) & (2), all the correspondences and proceedings related to so called plebiscite are not worth the paper they are written on because they violate the constitution and law of the land. Especially in the ultimate analysis in view of the Articles 141 & 144 of the Constitution of India which ordains not only the law declared by Supreme Court to be binding on all the courts but also legally obliges all the Civil & Judicial authorities to act in the aid of Supreme Court.

(4)- In view of above S.No. (1), (2) & (3), no executive (Minister or Bureaucrat) of Indian State can explicitly or implicitly talk about plebiscite without risking his prosecution under section 124 of Indian Penal Code for Sedition.

(5)- If still plebisciters erroneously believe that people of J&K has a right of plebiscite then why don't they move the High Court of J&K /Supreme Court for securing this right? At least this will rid them of their suicidal confusion about their imaginary right to - plebiscite, which is simply and legally non - existent. Are these plebisciters, the traders of death, waiting for killing of another tens of thousands of innocent people of J&K before they move High Court / Supreme Court in order to secure their self conferred right of so called plebiscite?

(6)- I suggest that Qayoom as the President of Bar Association of J&K may organize a seminar in Shrinagar or in Delhi where well meaning people (who have welfare of People of J&K including POK in their mind) from judicial, academic and journalist community may be asked to participate in this seminar in order to clarify this issue of legally non existent right of plebiscite, once and for all.

(7)- I also appeal to the people of J&K ,who have lost tens of thousands of their nears and dears in senseless violence (perpetrated under the delusion of a legally non - existent right of so called plebiscite), to ensure that such seminar under the aegis of Bar Council of India or any other organization or institution takes place without any unnecessary delay.
Hem Raj Jain
3077, First floor, 3rd Main
Near water tank, Kumarswamy Layout
Bangalore - 560078

National Judicial Council 
It refers to welcome news of much-awaited National Judicial Council being set up to induce accountability for judges of higher courts. Proposed Council should have retired judges of Supreme Court as member-nominees of the President, Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader apart from Chief Vigilance Commissioner being its ex-officio member, to provide a self-imposed check by judiciary with judicially refined say of legislature! Council may also be authorised to clear all appointments of status of High-Court judges and above, and also nominating retired judges in enquiry-commissions. Such a system can 

16-point code for judges should be properly publicised and prominently displayed in Courts for knowledge of public. Code should include some more points like restricting use of government-accommodations for private functions and other facilities available for judges’ families to be used by such dependants only about whom prior information is given by judges on their appointment.

Corruption in High Courts is mainly due to influence by local relations and former bar-colleagues on locally appointed judges. All judges in High Courts should therefore be compulsorily appointed from outside their home-states to eliminate such aspect. A smart beginning on experimental basis should be from Delhi High Court because language-bar may not affect for implementing such a system. Otherwise also Delhi having a small territory, local influence on judges can be quite common and easy.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

FDI in Print Media
The Union Government is all set to allow 26% FDI in the print media. It  seems that the Finance Ministry is acting as per the dictates of the Foreign  Financial Institutions to please the Western Governments. The print media in  our country is in the hands of private business houses, political parties  and some service organizations. Ironically, none of them wish to have  foreign equity participation in their existing capital structure. 

The new policy, like many other economic reforms, will also eventually regulate operation of foreign print media in our country. The percentage barrier of 26 will diminish very soon and reach the penultimate 100%. What it means to the local industry and the public in general is two things: further decay of our cultural values and eventual closure of many local news papers and publishers.

The international players with enormous capital will capture the Indian market with their supremacy of political leverage and access to big advertising money. The view of common man will cease to appear in the columns. Instead views of the ruling parties and supporting business houses will be heard in a befitting rebuke to the fundamentals of freedom of expression and core values of democracy. Only yellow journalism serving the master will prevail.

The UPA Government should not rush for unwanted forms of economic liberalization without any human face to it. Another form of imperialistic invasion is already set in motion in the country by accepting the dictates of the American and Western economic agenda. On the eve of the annual celebration, the ruling UPA Government should review its policies with a notch of self criticism. We don’t need any FDI whose benefit flow out of the country by cutting livelihoods of many. India is considered as a 3rd world country with low per capita income and about 30% of the population is living below poverty line. We are having best economists in our PM and FM. Our reforms must be beneficial to the people and macro sensitive.
Yusuf NM
yusuf muhammed"

Hope you saw his statement in the press. He calls Atom Bomb Payee his literary, cultural father. He calls him Bharat. He calls Iqbal's Saare jahan se achchha a childish poem. Patriotism or paean to India by Iqbal childish? Badr calles himself superpatriot. BJP gave him light! Now he head MP Sahitya Akademi. For being a traitor to India, to its citizens. Not a word of denunciation for BJP's crimes all over.

In Nepal the most charismatic Hindu priest murdered by RSS/VHP-Palace hoodlums. Reprise of Pt. Lalji's murder in Ayodhya by Katiyar yrs ago. Basheer knows it not, cares a fig.

Wish somebody to write on his treason in joining the saffro terrorists, not from a muslim point of view, but a secular-democratic-humanist point. The damning will be then more effective.
His arrogance and stupidity!
I. K. Shukla" <

Comptroller & Auditor General of India (CAG) has rightly raised eye-brows on misuse of government-funds by erstwhile NDA regime just to shine poll-prospects of BJP. But misuse of government-funds both at level of central and state-governments through photo-publicity of political rulers is quite common despite Election Commission’s request to ban the same! Dr Manmohansingh has already set an illustrious example by ordering not to use his photos in government advertisements while his predecessor Atal Bihari Vajpayee wasted huge public-money on getting his photos everywhere! Prime Minister should make it a permanent rule so that photos of living persons including ministers, Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers may be prohibited by law to be placed in government-publicity.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba DELHI 110006

Kindly take a couple of minutes to go thru this mail. If useful may advise others also . Please pass this on to others This happened in Paris recently and may happen elsewhere also. A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, a person felt something poking from her seat. When she got up to see what it

was, she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying "You have just been infected by HIV". The Disease Control Center (in Paris) reports many similar events in many other cities recently. All tested needles were HIV Positive. The Center also reports that needles have been found in cash dispensers at public banking machines. We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with this kind of situation. All public chairs/seats should be inspected with vigilance and caution before use. A careful visual inspection should be enough. In addition, they ask that each of you pass this message along to all members of your family and your friends of the potential danger. Recently, one doctor has narrated a somewhat similar instance that happened to one of his patients at the Priya Cinema in Delhi. A young girl, engaged and about to be married in a couple of months, was pricked while the movie was going on. The tag with the needle had the message " Welcome to the World of HIV family". Though the doctors told her family that it takes about 6 months before the virus grows strong enough to start damaging the system and a healthy victim could survive about 5-6 years, the girl died in 4 months, perhaps more because of the "Shock thought". We all have to be careful at public places, rest God help! Just think about saving a life by forwarding this message. Please, take a few seconds of your time to pass along.
S. Dinesh Gopinath, I.A.S
Director of Medical & Research Div, Chennai.
Received from Najah Muhammad Abdur Rouf

It refers to new-designed stamp-papers being released to avoid recurrence of infamous duplicate stamp-paper scam! But to effectively curb the menace and for convenience to public, stamp-papers should be counter-available on payment through all nationalised bank-branches (or even private banks also) and post-offices apart from other government-treasuries by giving them sale-commission thereby abolishing private vendors who often indulge in irregularities like back-dated sale. Even much talked-about notorious Telgi-scam was also a result of private vendors selling these important papers. Considering high cost of printing, stamp-fees should be re-fixed with minimum Rs 10. Other denominations should be like Rs 100, 1000, 10000 and so on in other higher multiples of 10. 

Procedure for attesting affidavits written on stamp-papers should be simplified by giving attesting powers to officers of governments and their undertakings, medical and legal practitioners, chartered accountants, and such other categories of responsible citizens. Authorities like oath commissioners or notaries public who generally attest documents just to charge fees without any proper verification of signatures must be abolished.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Hypocrisy of USA
USA is a fit case for traditional saying that - " past may sometime become so formidable on present that even the most powerful people may find it extremely difficult to emerge out of it into future." 

This refers to published interview given by charge de affairs at US embassy in India Mr. Robert O Blake to an Indian journalist on the eve of May 11, 1998 nuclear test by India at Pokhran, where confused Robert expounded contradictory US nuclear policy as unconvincingly as ever.

It is evident that US has still not emerged out of the acute guilt complex of using first nuclear WMD in Hiroshima & Nagasaki thus killing & maiming millions of civilians in August,1945 and onwards.

It is the chosen profession of armed forces (Military, Navy & Air Force) of any country to kill, under mandate, the armed forces of enemy State and even get killed by them. But to intentionally kill the civilians in a war is not only no bravery but it also violates the doctrine of division of labor on which the entire modern civilization of mankind is based.

The use of nuclear power for civil use is welcome but why USA is shy of declaring that it will use its own clout and the support of willing nations in the world forum, the United Nations, for getting the mankind rid of unethical nuclear WMD, lock stock and barrel, in a time bound manner and program.

The lack of clear cut policy raises legitimate doubt in the minds of entire mankind that USA still believes in using nuclear WMD in war and merely wants other non-pliable nations to shun it for reasons of so obviously selfish strategy.
Hem Raj Jain
Bangalore - 560078

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s ordering to replace soft drinks in trains and platforms by butter-milk and lassi reflects yet other evil of democratic form of governance that ruling politicians are at liberty to impose their own personal wish or whim on commoners. If Lalu wishes butter-milk or lassi to be served on trains or platforms, he may do so in addition to existing soft drinks. But then also to be hygienic, such milk-based drinks will have to be in tetra-pack rather than in earthen glasses (kulhars) as earlier desired by Union Railway Minister. Ministers should first put their ideas before some expert-committee to analyse pros and cons of the proposed change and after inviting comments from general public.

Whole episode reminds of similar unwise move in post-emergency Janta Party regime in the year 1977 when the then Railway Minister decided to waste one paid-seat in each coach to put big earthen pots (matka) for drinking-water without realising that it was entirely unsafe for people to use that water for human-consumption, apart from wasting huge expense on frequently broken matkas! 
Dariba DELHI 110006

Indian politicians dampen the entire atmosphere of the country, whereas they are elected for it betterment. No doubt, if we cast a glance at our politicians, we will definitely find most of them are involved in various criminal and anti-social activities. It is obvious that unless political leaders amend their behaviour and conduct, there can be no improvement in the country's condition. In a parliamentary democracy, politicians are the back-bone of the system. They should follow the path shown by political leaders such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad and Sardar Patel etc. At this juncture, it is imperative for them to set a good example so that peace may prevail in the country. In the words of Swami Vivekananda: "Every duty is holy, and devotion to duty is the highest form of the worship.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
Lucknow (U.P.) 

It is reported in the media that Telgi is terminally ill with AIDS and he wants to make a confessional statement regarding involvement of big wigs in the Rs.50,000 crores stamp duty scam. I suggest that such a confession should be made in front of live camera and televised for the benefit of all Indian citizens so that the facts will not be suppressed by the powerful individuals and authors of the scam. I believe the citizens have a right to know how the nation's wealth is swindled by unscrupulous elements. Similar action should be taken as regards to other scams like coffin scam, weapons scam, fodder scam etc.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

It is indeed blessing in disguise for Indian Republic that the proverb ‘Poison only can kill poison’ fits best to our most-polluted political system tailor-stitched to suit present breed of selfish and corrupt politicians making country as battle-ground for their high ambitions to rule. Fast-moving political developments in Bihar are sure to kill one such politician Rambilas Paswan politically. But the other Lalu Prasad Yadav who down-graded national party Congress to below expectations, will for present be on political arena. Congress leadership should exhibit political wisdom and maturity to tackle the new situation in a manner that the national party Congress may dominate its regional ally RJD in ticket-sharing arrangement for forthcoming Bihar elections. Ideal situation demands two-party system in the country. But if it is not possible in lack of poll-reforms, the fight should be NDA vs UPA.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Blessing in disguise 
It is indeed blessing in disguise for Indian Republic that the proverb ‘Poison only can kill poison’ fits best to our most-polluted political system tailor-stitched to suit present breed of selfish and corrupt politicians making country as battle-ground for their high ambitions to rule. Fast-moving political developments in Bihar are sure to kill one such politician Rambilas Paswan politically. But the other Lalu Prasad Yadav who down-graded national party Congress to below expectations, will for present be on political arena. Congress leadership should exhibit political wisdom and maturity to tackle the new situation in a manner that the national party Congress may dominate its regional ally RJD in ticket-sharing arrangement for forthcoming Bihar elections. Ideal situation demands two-party system in the country. But if it is not possible in lack of poll-reforms, the fight should be NDA vs UPA.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Media and Muslims
My main reason to write this letter to you is to emphasize over widely known fact of injustice and degredation of Indian Muslims by Indian Media, State and Central Governments. The latest example is an article attached to this mail published on the website of Times of India, one of the leading English daily in India and widely read by Indians overseas. 

The article i am talking about suggests that its only Indian Hindus and Sikhs, who are financially successful and highly educated in first world countries. The country in picture here is UK, but the article gives an impression that it is pretty much the case in all the advanced countries. The title of the article is "How UK Hindus made it big, bigger". It gives an example of Lakhubhai Pathak, who left a 50 million pound bounty for his heirs. 

There is nothing wrong in emphasizing the fact that Indian Hindus make it big in UK but the fact that only Hindus make it big or mainly Hindus and Sikhs make it big is the matter of concern. To a certain extent i agree that its Hindus and Sikhs, who are successful not only overseas but within India as well. But in mentioning this fact one can not undermine the reality that there is a deeply rooted injustice against Muslims in India, which became the basis of partition and it didnt stop there. 

Nothing has been done towards the development of world's largest Minority, towards our education, upliftment etc. The Muslim organisations which try to do so are either crushed under the newly invented theory of "terrorism" or are monitored with an element of doubt 24/7. Hindu organizations such as RSS, VHP and Bajrand Dal are all allowed to collect money from all the countries around the world and most of the times that money is used to train millitants (or fighters to protect "Indian Culture" ). The only time we get a little bit help is during election but it doesnt last long and Muslims living overseas are discouraged to make donations to muslim organizations as we are under constant threat of being branded as "supporters of terrorism", even if that terrorism is to educate Muslims. 

I will quote some figures which shows the injustice done towards Muslims in India, " In 1996, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) conducted an evaluation of school textbooks, including those prescribed in Vidya Bharati schools in the country; it was reported that there were 6,000 such schools with 12 lakh children on their rolls under the tutelage of 40,000 teachers. The NCERT made the alarming diagnosis that many of the Vidya Bharati textbooks were "designed to promote bigotry and religious fanaticism in the name of inculcating knowledge of culture in the young generation." The evaluation found it a matter of "serious concern" that such material was being utilised for instruction in schools which, "presumably, have been accorded recognition." These figures are from 1998 and after that there has been tremendous growth towards such activities.

We are not against Educating anyone but there are some questions which needs to be answered, How many Muslim Students do these school enroll ? What has been done to stop them from promoting hate against Muslims? when this generation of RSS students grows up it will be educated, trained and fanatic killing machine. 

This is a tip of an ice berg which is slowly emerging from the seas of hate and Gujarat 2002 was an example of what these people are capable of and how they can get away with it. 

I am not bious like them and will point out the mistakes done by Muslims in India, there are many muslims in India, who for one reason or other consider education as waste of time. The reasons again are related to Injustice but we still have few years before we will be publicaly ripped off our rights as human beings. It is very important that all these religious sects, instead of fighting each other and walking miles without thinking of their families get into educating Indian Muslims. 

Lastly, i would like to accept this article as a challenge for us (Indian Muslims living overseas), alhumdolillah besides all injustice and giving exams under the shades of guns we are educated and we represent ourselves as Muslim Indians. India comes lates because we were and will never be accepted as Indians. 

Link to article :,curpg-2.cms
Shadab Kadri
Ali Kadri <>

Model nikahnama of AIMPLB 
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board was formed in 1972. It comprises 200 members representing a majority of Muslim organisations and its members include ulama, scholars and educated ladies. The Board in its three-day Bhopal conclave laid stress on the need of social reform movement and adopted a model nikahnama based on Quran and Sunnah, which defines rights and duties of husband and wife. The Board condemned triple talaq in one sitting and gave guidelines in this regard. It also discussed many other issues as dowry, property rights of women and advised the couple to live peacefully and to settle their disputes according to Shariat laws. 

Most of the suggestions of Muslim women’s organisations have already been incorporated in the model nikahnama. A majority of Muslim organisations, ulama and educated Muslims welcomed the nikahnama. One hopes that it would eradicate social evils and bring about social reform in Muslim society. Only the protagonists of uniform civil code are opposing AIMPLB and its model nikahnama. 
G.Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

After a long time much hyped model Nikah-Nama unveiled by the AIMPLB. AIMPLB only tried to put a cosmetic reforms and even some provision are not in consonance with the Quranic spirit. The most deplorable part of the model nikahnama is the tacit approval of arbitrary triple talaq in one sitting.

How did a society, which traces its origins to the Prophet (PBUH) and his teachings, come to accept the practice of a man divorcing his wife with just one utterance, " talaq, talaq, talaq", even if he has uttered these words in a drunken state or in a fit of rage and regrets his utterance the very next moment.

This talaq system is terrible curse that every woman in the community constantly fears. The Quran does not advocate instant triple talaq. The Prophet (PBUH), in fact, considered divorce as the " most repugnant of all lawful things" and the Quran lays down stringent conditions under which it can be obtained. The husband, for instance, must not be under emotional stress or under the influence of alcohol. And the wife must be "ritually pure" (that is, divorce can only take place when she is not menstruating or pregnant).

The most desired type of divorce is the "talaq-e-sunna" or a single pronouncement within this term of purity. This is followed by complete sexual abstinence for the period of "iddat" or the waiting period of three months. If the woman is pregnant, iddat is observed after the birth of the baby. Divorce is revocable anytime during the iddat and is finalized at the end of three months. The wife is free to marry after this.

Even, if three talaqs are to be pronounced it must be over three periods of tuhr (the period of purity after menstruation) during which efforts can be made for reconciliation. This gives the couple three months in which to reconsider their decision. The Quran recommends the appointments of two arbiters by each to help in this process of reconciliation. Quran states,

" If ye fear a breach  Between them twain, Appoint (two) arbiters, One from his family, And the other from hers; If they seek to set things aright, Allah will cause Their reconciliation: For Allah hath full knowledge, Allah is acquainted  With all things."
(Surat Al-Nisa, Ayat 35)

Quran declares that a husband must first divorce his wife twice and then try to patch up, if the patch up is not feasible. Quran permits the third and final pronouncement of talaq.

" A divorce is only Permissible twice; after that, The parties should either hold 
Together on equitable terms,Or separate with kindness," (Surat Al- Baqrah, Ayat 229)

"So if a husband Divorces his wife (irrevocably), He cannot, after that, Re-marry her until After she has married Another husband and He has divorced her In that case there is No blame on either of them If they reunite," (Surat Al- Baqrah, Ayat 230)

Nowhere in the Quran is any mention of validity of three pronouncements in one sitting. But AIMPLB is still monolith and they just call it unethical instead of its abolition and not ready for substantive reforms. The triple talaq in one sitting is really a device for the convenience of the persons who want a quickie divorce. The board’s members are incapable of saying anything that is less than fundamentalist, orthodox, damaging and inflaming.

Now one question crops up in our mind about the implementation of Bhopal declaration through Darul Quaza. With the literacy level so low how many people are going to read "Nikah-Nama"? The need of the hour is to create awareness among the people, which cannot be fulfilled only by drafting a Model "Nikah-Nama". Ulema of various schools of thought are required to rise above their sectarian ideologies because they have an important role to play in creating the awareness and to promote teachings of Quran. If they will not change their attitude the Muslim women will continue to suffer. But change will come, and with luck, it would not be too far away in the future. 

Now the questions have begun. After all, in the end it comes down to a question of right and wrong. Whether it is right to fight for the right of women and wrong to support clergy, even if they prop up their arguments with religion? Whether it is right to condemn the clergy if they advocate discrimination (triple talaq in one sitting, maintenance or khula) and wrong to back the orthodoxy, which refuses to acknowledge the reality of a changed social idiom?
Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
abdullah khan <>

Muslim Womens Researh and Action Group
I recently browsed through an article, "Maintenance After Divorce: A Major Concern of Muslim Women", by Ms Noorjahan Safia Neaz of the Womens Research  and Action Group (WRAG) of Mumbai. This article brings out several 
pertinent facts on the important issue of maintenance of Muslim women who are divorced by their husbands. It is a well researched and documented article that utilizes relevant elements from Quran to delienate that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) is not treating the problems of divorced Muslim women, in accordance with basic Islamic guidance.

I agree with Ms Neaz when she says that the current practice of limiting alimony maintenance payment to divorced Muslim women to iddat period only, 
is unfair to women. Similarly miscontruing the mehar payment upon divorce as maintenance payment, as some men are doing, is doubly unfair to women. Unfortunately AIMPLB whose responsibility it is to take positions that are fair to women, buckle under the pressure of some obscurantist clerics and refuse to do anything to fix these problems. It should be noted that the Muslim Womens Maintenance Act (Shah Bano Act) which AIMPLB helped become a law in 1986, is an abomination and a travesty to women.

In Washington I have discussed this issue with some Sudanese Muslim scholars 
who were previously judges of Sharia courts in Sudan. They told me that in court cases on divorce in Sudan, in determining the amount of maintenance payment and period of payment, they always decided the issue by reviewing the financial situation of the divorced woman and her divorcing husband. If the woman's financial situation was weak, they asked the husband to make adequate payments and for as long as the divorced woman's justified minimum 
need exiated.

Quite a few woman in the WRAG group are well educated, pious practicing Muslims who have good intentions to help the bad situation of divorced women, that have been devastated by negative attitude of a few obscurantist clerics in the community. Women can understand and interpret guidance from Quran, Hadith, Islamic scholars just as well as men. Rather than circulate rumours about WRAG's intentions, they should be given an opportunity and encouragement to prove themselves.

The entire community, especially women had so much hope from the model Nikahnama, that AIMPLB told us for ten years, will put an end to the evil practice of Triple Divorce in one sitting. But the new nikahnama that was released recently in the AIMPLB conference in Bhopal was a complete let down. Other than condemning the triple divorce practice it made no stipulations to strike down the unislamic triple divorce practice.

Despite so much agitation in the community especially women about the need 
to weed out the practices that are not in agreement with Sharia, and are unfair to women, from the Muslim Personal Law, AIMPLB is refusing to live up to its responsibility. The only result of such hard-headedness on the part of AIMPLB is going to be further alientation of women in the community and vociferous demands from within the community for the Uniform Personal Law.
Kaleem Kawaja
Washington DC

Active politicians appointed as governors can never do justice to their posts. Bihar Governor Butasingh had also to bow to requirements of his political mentors in Delhi to ultimately transfer two bold district-officials who were instrumental in clippings wings of RJD strongmen Sadhu Yadav and Shabuddin. Otherwise also, politicians appointed as governors are never impartial, and always have unfair attitude to their political opponents in the state. System should be to appoint retired judges and senior bureaucrats with distinguished service-record as governors that too to be selected either in consultation with Chief Justice or Opposition Leader. Persons once seated on impartial posts like of governors, Presidents, Vice Presidents (and ideally even Speakers) must accept these posts only if they wish to retire from active politics for rest of their lives. Otherwise all their pensions, perks and privileges should be forfeited. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

Active politicians appointed as governors can never do justice to their posts. Bihar Governor Butasingh had also to bow to requirements of his political mentors in Delhi to ultimately transfer two bold district-officials who were instrumental in clippings wings of RJD strongmen Sadhu Yadav and Shabuddin. Otherwise also, politicians appointed as governors are never impartial, and always have unfair attitude to their political opponents in the state. System should be to appoint retired judges and senior bureaucrats with distinguished service-record as governors that too to be selected either in consultation with Chief Justice or Opposition Leader. Persons once seated on impartial posts like of governors, Presidents, Vice Presidents (and ideally even Speakers) must accept these posts only if they wish to retire from active politics for rest of their lives. Otherwise all their pensions, perks and privileges should be forfeited. 
(Guinness Record Holder for most letters in Newspapers)
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Kuwait Parliament in providing women their legitimate political rights after long gap of four decades has made initial step towards women’s rights in that Islamic Republic. Hardliners in this male-dominated world are everywhere in forceful resisting of women’s rights, like also happened in Kuwait through Islamic fundamentalists. India has also a male-dominated Parliament which has so far resisted all moves to give Indian women their natural right for at least one-third reservation in legislature which is most necessary because nature has made women dominated section of society while all other present factors for reservation in India are man-made including that of cast. India should follow welcome ideal set by its sibling nation Pakistan by immediately passing Women Reservation Bill.
(Guinness Record Holder for letters in Newspapers)

Entrapment of Bush
A wild flurry of media initiatives has rocked the world last week. Nobody is certain who is behind this epidemic of destabilization that could throw the world off its course. 

From Newsweek story of desecration of Quran at Guantanamo, to Amazon shipment of a defaced copy of Quran, to New York Times story of US soldiers brutalisation and murder of Afghan detainees, to the graphic photos of Saddam in his underwear. 

There could be any number of conspiracy theories. 

My favorite is about the role of Zionists, out to create trouble for Bush, for his sudden stiffening of attitude over Israel’s reluctance to leave Gaza, as per its own announcement to make a unilateral peace move that should suit its own security and land grab interests. 

Zionists are everywhere in the western world and they are most active and visible in world media. As each of the various media coups are engineered on the pages of world’s most influential and powerful media, the open hand of Zionist conspirators cannot be ignored. All the follow through protests too can be part of the meticulously orchestrated scenarios.

As practically all the major players in the game --- Newsweek, NYTIMES, Sun --- are owned/controlled/managed by Jewish interests, it is a piece of cake for them to join together and mount a concerted attack on Bush, to warn him against his moves against the Zionist homeland. 

To drum up further trouble, Israel has again responded with its hi-tech capabilities to kill Hamas troublemakers, whose supposed grenades attack on Israeli settlements did not kill a single Israeli. 

World TV had come out with graphic scene of some Palestinians throwing --- could be stones --- and Israeli helicopters tracking them live and shooting them while fully on camera. The so-called truce that had prevailed for sometime between Palestinian factions and Israelis could be in for a rude break. 

Entrapment is a game that can be played at all levels --- from small-time drug dealers to big time world leaders. Bush is in for some rough time, unless he catches the bull by the horns.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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