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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Darul Umoor

The Milli Gazette Online

Situated in idyllic surroundings in a vast Palm grove on the outskirts of Mysore in Srirangapatna, this haven of learning as envisioned originally by the great warrior King Hazrath Tipu Sultan shaheed is being developed as a centre of excellence in advanced education and research in the field of Islamic sciences and the socio-economic development of the Muslim Ummah as a whole. Mr. Ziaulla Sheriff, a builder of great repute and an unabashed admirer of Tipu Sultan is the brainchild behind this great enterprise of advanced studies. He is ably supported in this effort by some prominent intellectuals, scholars and academicians of the country.

As a first step the centre inaugurated its programme of one year PG course in Islamic Studies and Community Service on 5 May 2002, a day after the death anniversary of Tipu Sultan shaheed. The renowned Islamic Scholar Moulana Syed Mohammed Rabe Hassani Nadwi heads the Board of Darul Umoor and among the board members are some of the best known Islamic scholars and academicians.

Already the centre has thrown up two batches of graduates comprising of 25 students in each batch and is now in its third year. The congenial atmosphere in which the students are able to pursue their studies is indeed very heartening and gives one a foresight of a better and brighter future. As of now the students who have already graduated from here certainly possess a strength of personality, which makes one sit up and listen. This by itself speaks volumes of the scientific manner in which they have been groomed and surely personality development has also played no small part in making them what they now are. The one area where there is need for improvement is to make these graduates more proficient in English because without this they will not have the edge needed in carrying out meaningful Da’wah. The aspect worth taking note is the unique approach the Board of TSASRC has adopted by incorporating subjects such as study of comparative religions and IT applications and Mass media for Da’wah.

The first stream of graduates have essentially been those who had completed the Alim/Fazil programme from leading Madrasahs of the country and were duly selected after a stringent process of elimination and selection by a panel of professional interviewers from all over India. Of course the programme itself is for a residential scholarship over a one year period.

The second stream which is yet to take off will again be a residential scholarship over a 18-month period and will include graduates in any discipline with proficiency in English language. They will be given an in-depth knowledge of Islamic Studies covering Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh and Shariah as well as Indian and Islamic History, Comparative Religion together with Personality Development and Management, Issues and Challenges of Society, IT and Mass-media applicability for Da'wah work. Highly qualified Islamic scholars as well as specialists in subjects mentioned above will be imparting this education.
Darul-Umoor has surely opened a door of great opportunity. It is simply a question of taking the opportunity when we find one. The entire Muslim Ummah can become a participant in this effort. The basic infrastructure is already present. A Board comprising of extremely able and dedicated people is also in place. A campus on 40 acres of land is under construction to cater to the anticipated growths and subsequent needs of TSASRC. However there is also much that needs to be done to accelerate this process. It is here that the Muslim Ummah could rally together as one by harnessing their strengths and networking resources for each other. The sheer number of institutions, trusts, foundations, schools and study centers with an Islamic profile that exist around us is amazing. Unfortunately most of them do so in the splendour of isolation, hence are rarely able to achieve the desired aims or objectives. If only we start interacting with each other and use the Internet to achieve the desired results, we will not only be communicating with each other from any part of the world but will also gain immense strength. Newer ideas will be thrown up. A satellite communication network can be established. An on line centralized education and examination system can be established and much of the misconceptions that exist in the non– Islamic world can be dispelled.

The driving force at Darul-Umoor is Abdul Rahaman Kamruddin, who may be contacted at /

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