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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Hindu fascism and its forked tongue

By I. K. Shukla

The Milli Gazette Online

The latest revelation by the Hindi weekly Outlook, Delhi, of duplicity and connivance in the matter of Babri Mosque’s demolition on the part of Atal Behari Vajpayee, the prime poetaster, will not be the last in the series of his and his cohort’s perfidies and perjuries, were the press voluntarily not to feign paralysis or selective somnolence. He was never a reluctant mask, as the merchant press misleadingly proclaimed, in the misdeeds of Rashtra Sanharak Sangh and its adjuncts and affiliates. He pledged himself to active volunteerism right when he swore fealty to RSS, the fascist outfit, stinkingly notorious throughout the world since Gandhi’s assassination. He never flinched or veered away from the cultist objectives of the sinister Sangh: elimination of Muslims, Christians and communists, and lately the democrats and secularists. Vajpayee’s antipathy towards and commitment to the liquidation of minorities forms the core and constant of his achievements in his political career.

What concerns us here is not his ignoble stoking of communal fires time and again. That is very well known and fairly documented. But recently he made certain statements that reveal the depth of darkness that fills his mind no less than it disfigures language. In a lighter mood I would have suggested that he be placed as a curio piece in a museum for the delight of sightseers – a biped with a forked tongue. But since a nation’s tragedy is involved in the matter, no levity is admissible.

Recently he declared in Bihar that democracy is incompatible with violence. This is typical forked-tongue speech particular to and patently Vajpayee. What did he mean? Is it compatible in Gujarat but not in Bihar? Or that Bihar, for having stymied state-sponsored violence against minorities, unlike Gujarat, is not democratic? He also recommended President’s Rule for Bihar. Why? Because its government failed to drench Bihar in blood and forgot to set the minorities afire alive a la Gujarat? Because Biharis refused to become savages and affirmed their common humanity across man-made divides when the whole of India was rocked, and various parts of it were charred, by Advani’s Rakt Yatra? Because Bihar asserted its respect for the Indian Constitution and avowed its faith in the ballot box, unlike Gujarat? Because Bihar rejected the inhumanly bloody way to poll victory advocated by Advanis and foisted on Gujarat by the Bharat Jalao Party? Because Bihar, under its Constitutional obligations, discharged its Raj Dharma of protecting the minorities, its Muslim citizens, beleaguered everywhere else? Because Bihar did not allow President Musharraf of Pakistan to be a candidate in its elections as against Gujarat where Sancho Panza-like, Modi flailed his hands and tilted at Musharraf’s apparition in every speech, as if terribly quaking in his dhoti, frightened and scared with such a challenger and contestant in the field?

The question of questions remains: why did he forget recommending President’s Rule when rampaging anarchy plunged Gujarat in massive death and destruction? Or, was it only this Raj Dharma of connivance and collusion that he had recommended to his fellow fascist Modi, the Butcher of Gujarat? Is he unhappy that Hindu Rashtra could not be seeded in Bihar, as in Gujarat, “democratically”? Is Vajpayee theo-terrorist Hindutva’s well crafted Rip Van Winkle, or a victim of senility and its attendant feebleness of mind?

Another recent discovery he seems to have made, and again in Bihar, is that the educated youth, if unemployed, will take to violence. Not even a year has passed when he was removed from power after a five-year long stint in New Delhi. Was this not a fact then? Who denied the youth, educated or uneducated, any decent job in those five years when BJP was busy looting and stealing (hefty bribes and holy scams as guru dakshina)? The sporadic and sanguinary jobs – raping, killing, and burning of innocent Muslims - that it gave to Dalits in Gujarat, may not be the idea of employment nurtured by or very popular with the educated unemployed of Bihar or the rest of India for whom Vajpayee so conveniently chose this poll time to shed profuse crocodile tears.

Truthfully, Vajpayee should have told his hired audience, that he is a minion of the privileged minority that has ruled the country since historical time began; that he can make pompous and false promises of employment, but would be impotent to deliver the goods, for it would not redound to the Big Business interests, his and his party’s donors and patrons( financiers have historically subsidized fascists quite munificently) ; that providing jobs to the skilled and unskilled, educated or uneducated, is not on the agenda of Rashtriya Shatru Sangh or its plenteous litter; that he, and his ‘soul RSS’, believe that India needs more and more temples rather than schools, clinics, clean drinking water, employment guarantee, and paved streets and roads; that he-BJP-RSS-VHP are pledged to wreck and defile Indian Constitution and shred the nation via communal bloodbaths towards achieving a rigged majority of votes in order for them to be hoisted in the seats of power; that they hate democracy and would spare no exertion, no trickery to defame and destroy it; that Bharat of their dreams will be a theo-terrorist state enslaved and dominated by the varna system which will mandate only predators to be lawmakers.

He must be effrontery and egregiousness incarnate. He and Advanis talking of democracy must bite their tongues before uttering such blasphemy. The sworn followers of Mussolini and Hitler, through Munje-Hedgewar-Golwalkar, all the notorious and avowed enemies of democracy and proponents of totalitarian tyranny, Atals and Lalkishenchands are not known for their passion for democracy. How could they profess any faith in it being its demolishers all the while? Atal is known to have publicly pleaded for elections to be done away with. But his refuge is dementia or amnesia. So he can pretend he just joked, or that he never said so. Deceit and denial prop up the demagogues. Congenital or habitual, seasoned liars do not remember. It does not suit them to.

The disjunct between words and their meanings, the gulf between profession and practice, and the yawning distance between the motive and the manifest, as evidenced in the political discourse of saffronazis, are stunningly brazen, starkly bold. All political talk may be just blather, many a lie is uttered to serve an opportune moment. But what distinguishes the HinduTaliban is their mulish persistence in their repetitive lies, their rhetorical rhodomontade compounded relentlessly of prejudices and falsehoods, pathetic ignorance, pathological mental deficit, and aggressive assertions. These they purvey as facts and truth by dint of propaganda, publicity, and pugilistic polemics.

Consider the obscene assertion by their luminaries that ‘there are no minorities in India’, or that ‘BJP is secular’. Both these are lies too big for any mouth, but VedicTaliban remain unfazed, unrepentant, and unashamed in spouting and chanting them after Sudarshan and Lal Kishenchand. They don’t wince from such a hippopotamus-size falsehood. RSS and its satellites all have been inveterate enemies of minorities and secularism, denouncing them both as alien to India and contemptibly foreign concepts, hence un-Bharatiya and un-Hindutva. Albeit fascism, in their book, is homegrown weed, not an alien import. How? Their stock answer is: the world learnt everything from the Vedas. True. They may be right. Where else can one find human degradation sacralized, and this eternal crime called religion?

But forgetting or feigning to obliterate all that, they continue unflaggingly to make these claims as if playacting. And, the press starts yelping in unison its hallelujahs for these votaries of its kind of “secularism”. But it is not as naďve as it looks. It is a version of the assertion that HinduTaliban need no lessons in secularism from abroad, that it is native to the soil of Bharat. Proof? It is Hindu secularism that accommodates diverse religions in Bharat. Without Hindus being secular, minorities could not have lived here this long. In a twisted way it validates the ugly version: it is on Hindu sufferance that minorities have lived here. Hence, they must subjugate themselves to Hindus! This line of argument takes care of both secularism and minorities.

Another gambit that saffronazis take frequent resort to is the cry of “political vendetta” and the non sequitur “why at this time?” This cunning seeks to preempt any corrective or remedial measure against past crimes of NDA-BJP. Thus every misdemeanor of BJP is sought to be legitimated and entrenched as fait accompli, immutable and sovereign. Again, this is a direct assault on democracy. Any successor government would like to enact laws that best manifest its goals and its agenda. But BJP wants to eat the cake and have it too. It wants its authoritarianism, wangled through democratic tools, to perpetrate crimes and subvert the system in perpetuity to its advantage. But it is loath to concede the same to other political parties which may rescind and revoke its anti-people measures. The ruckus it raised in the matter of governors can be understood in this light.

Another variant of the above is “why now” (Hindi Outlook, the New Delhi weekly, outing the CD of Vajpayee saying “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow in Ayodhya”; and Gujarat Holocaust CDs appearing in Bihar). It is like a criminal, afraid of justice catching up with him, asking the police or the court “why now?” No time ever would be deemed propitious or auspicious by the criminal for his trial and conviction. Despite the Electoral Commission’s jarring interference and jumping its remit, in the public domain, one party will always cry horror when its misconduct is made an issue. Which issues and when to raise them is not for the EC to determine.

As to the deformity of the political culture, things could not have been so obnoxious as at present: BJP and Congress demanding President’s Rule in Bihar and UP, but not in Gujarat! This is the devil’s axis. It recalls the painful past of the 50s when Indira Congress went along with the CIA in having Kerala wrested from the Communist party. The feat was repeated, foreign-policy-wise too, in the case of Tibet. Cynicism and opportunistic tailism will continue making asses of them all.

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