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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Education & careers

Time to better your performance in exams

By Ameen-e Mudassar / Momin Students Welfare Trust

The Milli Gazette Online

An Important aspect of Career Guidance and Counseling is to give a student vital inputs to increase his performance in the exams. Every year, more than 5 million students appear for 10th/12th exams. History is proof that not every student secures 90%. Why? Its because majority of “fail to plan for exam study”. Hence we at Momin Students Welfare Trust produce this article which has important tips by previous toppers in 10th, 12th and Entrance Exams.

The Stepping Stones For Success In Exams

  • Burning Desire: “Only the crying baby gets the milk.” Have the Burning desire to achieve success.

  • Sacrifice: “Success lies in sacrifice.” Say No to TV, radio, music, movies, unwanted talking, etc….

  • Never-say-Die: Always keep your self motivated. Never Never Never give up !!

  • Hard work: There is no shortcut to success. The harder you work, the more Allah rewards you.

  • Faith and Belief: Have a strong faith and belief in Allah's help. Do your duty and leave the rest to him. 

Easy And Practical Study Plan For Exams

  • Planning: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Always have a detailed study plan.

  • Time Table: Make a time table to study at least 6 hours every day and follow it strictly till the exams. 

  • Allot Time: Divide the day time for all your works and studies. Set TIME LIMIT for every work you do.

  • Right Place: Choose a calm place with lots of light and fresh air. Avoid sitting near TV, phone etc. 

  • Study Time: Spend more time for weaker subjects. Don't waste time studying what you already know.

  • Break Ke Baad: Never study for 2-3 hours continuously. Take a break of 10 min after every 40 min.

  • Studying Difficult Subjects: First like the difficult subject. Understand it and spend more time.

  • Practice: Proper practice makes you Perfect. To remember, write and practice the difficult topics.

  • Revision: Revise everything you study. Do daily and weekly revisions. This helps to remember more.

  • Recollect: Recall what you studied (don't see the book) after every week. This increases the memory power.

  • Solve Question Papers: Solve previous and model question papers. Set the time limit for every question.

  • Sleep: Sleep only 6 to 8 hours every day. Never sleep late. Have good sleeping habits. 

  • Combine Studies: Have a study group of hardworking students. This helps in revision and also saves time. 

The Day Before Exam

  • Take Rest : Your physical and mental stability should be normal before the exams.

  • Preserve your energy by being silent and less talking with others. Don't distract yourself.

  • Do not avoid having food. An empty stomach can give rise to acidity.

  • Avoid discussions on “post exam” topics. Avoid people who become too curious about your performance.

  • Don't study late night. Avoid studying any new topics. Be satisfied and confident about what you have read.

  • Check (and recheck) the time and place of the exam. Confirm it through friends and parents.

Examination Hall Techniques

  • Pray to Allah and seek his help. Be positive. 

  • Relax and recall before you get the question paper.

  • Approach exams as a Quiz and think you have come to win a game.

  • Read the questions carefully and then answer.

  • First answer those questions for which you know the answers definitely.

  • Next attempt those questions for which you know the direction and clues.

  • Later attempt the remaining and if there is no negative marking.

  • Concentrate on your work. Avoid all distractions.

  • Drink water if you feel tensed. Don't panic, be calm.

  • Don't scribble. Let your handwriting be neat and clear.

  • Quality of answers is important. Write to the point. Avoid lengthy answers.

  • Underline important points and draw neat diagrams.

  • Check all the answers and correct the mistakes if any.

  • Remain in the Exam Hall till the last bell and revise thoroughly. 


The Role Of Faith (Emaan) And Belief (Yaqeen)

  • Have a strong belief (yakeen) in Allah's help. This gives confidence, boldness and freedom from worries.

  • Offer prayers five times every day. Prayers offered with strong faith give the power of concentration. 

  • Whenever in need, offer 2 rakaat Salatul Hajaat prayers. This is very effective while you seek Allah's help.

  • If you have a strong faith (Emaan), you can move mountains. Never Never give up your faith (Emaan).

  • Remember : Tawakkul + Hardwork = A Powerful Combination For Success.«

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