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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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The Milli Gazette Online

Noted ghazal singer Asma Mannan performing at Diwan-e Aam of Gohar Mahal in Bhopal as part of an Indo-French workshop on 21 Feb. 05
Noted ghazal singer Asma Mannan performing at Diwan-e Aam of Gohar 
Mahal in Bhopal as part of an Indo-French workshop on 21 Feb. 05

Jaunpur: Conditions in Jamdaha village and neighbouring areas of Jaunpur district are fully under control and life is back to normal. The circle inspector of Shahganj S.N. Rai has been transferred because of dereliction of duty and the incharge of Kheta Sarai police station, Shashi Prakash Mishra has been suspended. Twenty-three persons of both the rival parties have been arrested under National Security Act. It may be recalled that on 3 February two groups of people picked up a quarrel regarding a piece of a graveyard land. As the situation worsened, many houses were set on fire. As a precautionary measure Rapid Action Force and PAC personnel have been posted. Both the rival parties have been strictly warned to maintain status quo on the disputed graveyard land till court’s order.

New Delhi: Chairman of Delhi Waqf Board, Chaudhari Mateen Ahmad said here that Waqf Board is serious about modernising religious madrasas by introducing modern education and technology so that after completing education, its students should not find difficulty in getting employment. He said that there are about 1000 large and small madrasas in Delhi and as a first step 100 madrasas will be modernised by the end of this year by introducing modern and computer education and Waqf Board will render all possible help for this purpose. He said that talks are being carried on with different educational and computer institutions, both government and private, for this purpose. He said that Waqf Board has enough funds to meet all educational expenses of the students. In addition to modernise madrasa education Waqf Board will also help poor sections of the community, organise group marriages of poor girls, give a new look to other schools and mosques and will also take steps for opening hospitals and welfare organisations. 

Bhopal: Literary circles in Bhopal had a pleasant surprise when one fine morning this month an anthology of poems of their beloved poet She’ry Bhopali titled Subh-e Ghazal (morning of ghazals) in beautiful style and get-up was in their hands. They were all the more surprised when they came to know that the publisher of this anthology was no other than the world famous scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who was honoured with Pakistan’s highest civilian awards ‘Nishan-e Imteyaz’ and ‘Hilal-e Imteyaz’. Giving his own impressions about the poet, Abdul Qadeer Khan wrote in this book that because of the sweetness and beauty of his ghazals, he was considered king of ghazals of his time. Giving the reasons for publishing this book, Dr Khan wrote that ‘Subh- e Ghazal’ is the anthology of She’ri Bhopal which is a ‘rarity’ now and in order to pay his tributes to the poet, he thought of no better way than to have his ghazals published. 

Allahabad: Bhartiya Awami Party will be holding a meeting on ‘Hum, Urdu aur Siyasat’ in Allahabad on 27 February at Mansoor Ali Park to be presided over by Dr Lal Bahadur. Some of the searching questions to be asked and discussed in this conference are: Why UP Board does not approve and recognise schools imparting education in Urdu medium? Why, like Hindi, UP government has not so far made the official language Urdu a compulsory subject in schools?, Why after 1989, knowledge of official language Urdu was not made compulsory for government employees? Why the proceedings of UP Assembly are not carried on in Urdu also and so on. President of Awami Party, Mohammad Akhtar Chooriwala has called upon lovers of Urdu to participate in this conference. 

Mumbai: Founder president of the newly formed All India Shi’a Personal Law Board, Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar said in a press conference here on 17 February that for the present there are 66 members in this Board which will be increased to 250. He further said that the Board has no intention of including women as its members but its women’s cell will certainly be formed. He also said that unlike Pakistan and some other countries, there is no possibility of any collision between Shi’as and Sunnis in India. 

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government has reconstituted UP Urdu Academy and all India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Memorial Committee. According to this decision of the government, Prof Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad, famous Urdu poet and president of Urdu Rabta Committee has been appointed President and Dr (Maulana) Yasin Usmani as chairman of Urdu Academy. In addition, 30 odd members including principal secretaries of finance, education, ‘bhasha’ chairman and vice chairman of Hindi Sansthan, heads of Urdu departments of Lucknow, Allahabad, Aligarh, Gorakhpur universities, heads of departments of many important degree colleges and well known Urdu scholars are also appointed members of this Academy. Former MLA Mohammad Hasan has been appointed chairman of All India Fakhruddin Ali Memorial Committee along with 10 other members for a period of 3 years. 

New Delhi: Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (Qasimi) has agreed to give suitable representation to women and decided that distinguished Muslim women scholars, intellectuals and experts in different fields will become members of this organisation. This will enable the Mushawarat to play important role in social, economic, cultural and religious affairs of Muslim community. These views were expressed by the newly elected general secretary of the Mushawarat, Maulana Amiduz Zaman Kairanwi. The matter about women’s representation in this body, which had so far neglected the fair sex, was raised by the organisation’s vice president, Er Khadim Husain Naqvi which was accepted by almost all members. Details in this respect will be finalised soon. It was felt that the Mushawarat needs to be given a new face so as to make it more effective. 

Surat: Reformist Dawoodi Bohras have accused Bohra chief, Sayyadna Burhanuddin, of dictatorial rule and the exploitation of members of Bohra community and requested the government to enact laws so as to prevent him from embezzlement and misuse of funds of the community. They also accused him and his family members of amassing huge wealth by exacting compulsory fees and other dubious means from his helpless followers and leading a luxurious life. They also requested the central government to enact a law on the pattern of Ajmer’s Dargah Sharief Act and Tirupati Temple Act on the recommendations of Justice Nathwani Commission and Justice Tiwatia Commission. The Commission after enquiring into the cases of human rights violation and extortion of money had said that the present spiritual head had converted religion into a business transaction and exploitation of his followers by force. It was also stated in the report that Bohra faith has become hallow from inside. 

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