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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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The Milli Gazette Online


This gives me a feeling of togetherness and brotherhood which you are constantly propagating through your writings and literature in the said magazine. I foresee that this work will flourish more and more in your leadership, Insha Allah. May Allah give you long, prosperous and free of disease life. Greetings and regards to your family.
Dr. Shamim Ahmad Ansari, Zanzibar

I am a regular subscriber to MG for the past two years. I have every issue of MG with me. But it is rare that I find a book published in Hindi mentioned in MG. As you know, most of the Muslims in India are illiterate and among those who can atleast read or write people knowing Hindi are more than any other language. But I have never encountered any book published in Hindi in your print editon. Hindi is a strong medium for us to reach non-Muslims. It would be better and more useful if MG also publishes names of some Hindi books .
Ziaul Khan>

SAR Geelani
Prof. Geelani's case is causing anguish. I wrote to Vijay Singh, editor of some paper at JNU (I guess), who is spearheading the protest against police misdeeds. Please lend all broad-based community support to it, and not just of the academic community. Geelani is targeted as a Kashmiri, as a Muslim, as a professor — all "terrorist", like all of Kashmir (declared or undeclared) being treated as "terrorist". The police is in the dock and it would not easily tolerate its defeat. It is unhappy that Geelani did not die and he was taken to hospital. It betrays its collusion or direct hand. I am upset about Geelani’s safety because of the police. Please see to it that police does not get to him, that it does not botch evidence against itself. The CBI alone is trustworthy in the matter. The vendetta of police will not cease. Political hoods are in league. The same blackguards who want monarchy in Nepal in perpetuity.
IK Shukla

India’s gullible media
I am really surprised how easily this character did such a con job on so many people in India, including senior officials, media outlets etc. I have heard that he was interviewed on TV Asia. I am sure it was a moneymaking scheme by doing a con job. India is a sophisticated country not a banana republic. How come such a hoax happened at such a level. It is mind boggling.

I often read strange stories in Indian press with flabbergasting stories like: 33% of NASA scientists/engineers are of Indian origin. At Goddard Center where I work, in a workforce of 10,000 the number of Indians is about 130 (about 30 civil service, remaining contractor persons). Another story I read said that 38% of all doctors in US are of Indian origin. Strange, strange, strange.
Kaleem Kawaja

Humanism and religion 
Humanism, love and brotherhood is the essence of all religions. Islam stands for human brotherhood, peace, compassion, tolerance and social justice. The Qur’an says, "The entire mankind is God’s family". Islam is a social, moral and spiritual order based on love, peace, piety, tolerance, justice and human brotherhood. No religion teaches hatred, terrorism, violence and vandalism and a religious person will never indulge in falsehood, cruelty, intolerance and violence. It is the misguided people who spread hatred in the name of religion. Religion and casteism are being used for grabbing political power. The people indulging in these things are responsible for the present social, communal, racial, economic and political crisis of country.
G Hasnain Kaif 
Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Lusty saints
The recent revelation about the shameless activities of the sadhus at the Swaminarayan temple in Gujarat has come as a shock. It is not that the godly people were not involved in such activities in the past, but then they were rare cases. What has been shocking is that such activity was being carried on in the temple premises, at such a scale and for so long. If this case would not have come to light one can well imagine how many more innocent women would have been made the target by these ‘lusty saints’. Is it not ironical that people are calling these sadhus as shaitan, but the one who practised “free sex” is called Bhagwan, though I consider both of them in the former category. What should be the punishment for such people? They should be stoned to death in public place ( Saudi Arab style of punishment), let it be an example for all those indulging in such type of activities, then be it “Bhagwan”, Shaitan or an aam insaan.
Abdul Monim, Mumbai

Wanted book on Islam in Punjabi
I was wondering if you could help me, Insha Allah. I am a revert to Islam and I want to give da'wah to my father. The verbal da'wah is not working too well and he wants to read about Islam for himself. However, the problem is that my father's first language is Punjabi (although he can understand Hindi and Urdu verbally). Therefore, when it comes to reading he can understand Punjabi fully. Therefore, could you please let me know if you have any material in Punjabi or audio material in Hindi / Urdu. Or if you know where I could get such material. I will be very much grateful as I have been on this search for almost eight months now. This sort of material is lacking in the UK.
Ambi Nijjar
PS (Nov 2, 2006): Contact: Punjabi Islamic Publications, Malerkotla, Punjab

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