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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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UP health department
The recent report of the health department to the Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav seems quite pathetic. Reportedly a government doctor takes care of 18,000 patients and there is one bed for 6,000 people in urban areas and 8,000 in rural areas and one hospital for 40,000 residents of the state.

Uttar Pradesh is behind other states in terms of medical facilities despite resources and technology. The situation prevailing in the health department shows the callousness of the state government. The government should pay attention to rejuvenate the functioning of the health department.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi 

Open letter to the Prime Minister 
Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
I was watching the festive mood today that the people of Kerala demonstrated in front of you with new dreams of development while you laid the foundation stone for Vallarpadam terminal. I congratulate you for winning a privilege for the nation to grow in its natural haven of secularism and harmony.

Several attempts were made by different forums in Kerala to bring to your kind attention the tragic plight of a political leader, Mr. Abdul Naser Madani. He is languishing in Coimbatore Central jail as an under trial prisoner. He was framed in the Coimbatore blast case of 1998. Tamil Nadu Government, the Special Investigation Team and the prosecution have been adopting various delaying tactics to prolong the trials so as to ensure his unending incarceration.
People of Kerala cutting across political affiliation are concerned about the government's inaction in ensuring justice for Madani. The denial of protection of law for this fellow citizen has constituted a great affront to justice. The civil society is sensitive to the endless agonizing experience of Madani's family members and the orphans for whom this philanthropist had been providing shelter. 

I request your immediate attention to the issue so that India under your rule shall not be defamed in the history for the assault to the values of justice. 

Mr. Prime Minister, the unjust court verdict against SAR Geelani could be revoked by an intervention of Intellectuals and rights groups resisting the state terrorism under the fascist regime of NDA. When the memorable victory of Indian secularism designated your good self to power, why is it that the judiciary is still not back to its righteous cause? I strongly believe that if the power is back to human hands, people shall have the privilege to feel it.

The curriculum tainted with communal hatred is now being purified by the ministry of education thanks to your government’s bold stand. Similar corrective actions are now exposing the infamous Godhra carnage. The series of fake encounters on the outskirts of North Indian cities are now stopped forever.

But the credibility of judiciary and law enforcement is in question as the innocent victims continue to languish in jails.

When the Supreme Court ignored Mr. Madani’s recent appeal, the grievances of the petitioner were not addressed in the court verdict. The reason for approaching the Supreme Court was justifiable as the Special Investigation team and prosecution along with Tamil Nadu Government were evidently adopting tactics for prolonging the case procedures. The apex court’s instruction to the petitioner to approach Tamil Nadu High court was a surreptitious inhuman action. If the judiciary cannot complement the democracy with a human touch and it desist its commitment to justice, people may fail to feel the freedom and equality that the constitution stands for. The attitude of Tamil Nadu government to Madani has been hostile, and the Government machinery was deliberately engaged with gimmicks to avoid court’s imminent verdict to provide medical attention to Mr. Madani. Then why NHRC is going on referring the grievance reports and petitions to Tamil Nadu Government instead of discharging its duty to ensure human rights to a citizen?
Also the Chief Minister of Kerala is proving his incapability to recognize his responsibility and has declined to take up the matter ever since he assumed power.

Three prominent MPs of Kerala (Mr. T.K. Hamza, Dr. Sebastian Paul, Mr.Veerendra kumar) had approached the Hon. Home Minister and apprised him of the situation immediately after the inception of the present government at the Centre.

Mr. Prime Minister, what you could suggest for a poor man in this country to seek protection of law and justice? 

Incidentally, the appointment of Mr. Raman Srivastava as DGP of Kerala has shocked the peace loving people of Kerala. In 1991, this man, then DIG, tried to incite communal violence in Kerala by publicly announcing to shoot "Muslim bastards" and upon his insistence, police shot dead an 11 years old girl on the outskirts of Palghat town. Mr. Srivastava was accused in the infamous ISRO espionage case that rocked Kerala. Peoples’ if not the nation’s security is on stake with the appointment of Mr. Srivastava as DGP.

I request your immediate intervention to the illegal detention of Mr. Madani for seven years without bail and to repair the damages made to the aspirations of people and to uplift the values of justice and spirit of democracy in the country.

Best wishes, Saleem N. (for The Keralite Forum For Civil Liberty), Abu Dhabi

Events in Nepal
With great emotion all the people of Nepal are praying and begging to the Almighty God that Nepalese people will not suffer as Cambodian people suffered in late seventies and Nepal will not face the fate of second Cambodia. As Nepal was exposed to the outside world in 1950s we are always reputedly recognised and known as a backward, mass illiterate, severely poverty stricken, and severely isolated and a small mountainous kingdom in the world. In a true sense Nepalese people have always been suffering from mass illiteracy, severe poverty, severe ignorance, backwardness and isolation. Because of this entire sad situation we always remain at the bottom among the least developed countries of the world. Despite of our above mentioned horrible difficult situation and poverty, unfortunately since about one decade we are facing unbearable civil war in the name of politico-philosophical experiment as a guerilla warfare training ground in the isolated and difficult geographical structure like sloppy and steep terrain of the remote hills and high mountains of Nepal as remote, forest covered, sloppy difficult terrain of high hills and mountainous regions of Peru was used and is being used in Latin America since 1980s to 1990s to some extant till today. Because of all these unfortunate happening we are continuously destroying the basic infrastructures like roads, bridges, schools; irrigation facilities, communication facilities, locally constructed rural electrification facilities and all the other human society needed essential facilities, constructed and supported since many decades by all the friendly countries of Nepal all over the world. By this unfortunate and unwanted happenings we the people of Nepal are becoming poorer, more backward, isolated day by day. Not only this in this period,we have already lost thousands of precious mostly young lives without any mission. We are also highly worried about the continuous disturbance of education of children due to the frequent closedown of schools, not peaceful, hopeless and spoiled environment in the country. 
Dr. Kalyan Basnet
Editor: We would like to tell you that the whole world is behind the people of Nepal in their efforts to defeat the autocratic and dictatorial ruler of their country. The real work is to be done by you through non-violent political satyagrah.

 Lessons from Pakistan
It refers to fine imposed by Pakistan government on its film-actress Meera for giving kiss-scenes in Indian films. Pakistan is doing well in maintaining dignity of women by many of such rules which also tend to prevent provoking sex for women-related crimes. Following of religious rules is indeed in favour of females because even renowned IPS officer of India Kiran Bedi has echoed voice against indecent dressing by females as main reason to sexually excite males. Pakistan also has other welcome features to follow. While in India, much controversy was there on internal checking of women-candidates by male doctors, that country does not allow even autopsy of female dead-bodies by male doctors. Prohibiting meals (except simple beverages) in Pak-marriages also favours females because lavish-spending in Indian marriages is main reason to take girls as bane rather than boon! All such aspects are also present in other major Indian religions like Hinduism, Sikkhism and others but Indian media propagates western culture so much that even non-Christians in India have started celebrating Valentine Day creating unpleasant situation like DPS-MMS episodes amongst school-children. Separate schools for girls and boys could definitely check such and many other nuisances. Above all, Pakistan has provided much-desired one-third reservation to women in legislature while male-dominated Indian Parliament always postpones the second-longest bill in history of Indian Parliament!

Courage of North Korea 
Kudos to North Korea for showing courage to support the universal truth what Iran, after the downfall of US puppet Rezashah, has been saying that American regimes have been the worst peace-breakers in the world: 
S Akhtar Patel, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat 

Personal Law Boards and women
In my unpublished letter with you, I had predicted split in All Muslim Personal Law Board on the issue of Triple talaq. Now there are there boards, the existing one, the one that has come up for Shias, and the third of the women’s. 

If the existing one makes triple talaq invalid and decides in favour of one talaq, then it will be reduced to Ahl-e Hadith (Gair mukattadin) Personal Law Board, so naturally there will be fourth board for the rightly guided remaining Muslims.

This division is the gift of our socalled self-appointed intellectuals, Gair mukattadin Jamaat who calls rightly guided Khalifs and Sahabas as Biddati. Zindiks and Mulhids from amongst women, intellectuals and the group of atheists and irreligious people from within and outside the community.

Those who do not interpret and follow religion as per the Ijma of Sahabas will end as neo-Kawarij. Khawarij was the first batch of Mulhids who understood Qur’an and Hadith without reference to the Sahaba’s understanding. 

Any language without reference to the context will have more than one meaning if one decides to interpret it. For fear of disunity Hazarat Haroon took no action till Mosa (A.S.) returned. “Truly I was afraid that you would say- “you have caused division amongst the children of Israel, and you did not respect my word" (Qur’an 20:94).

Triple talaq was held valid by Prophet (Muwatta Imam Malik Hadith no. 1078). Allah’s Prophet did not bless Najd in Saudi Arabia saying there will come out the head of Satan (Hadith 177 of Bukhari and Hadith 670 of Bukhari). Even Prophet deferred expulsion of Jews from Madina. 

No action is required except Islah of men and women. I would say to women also as they do not ponder over why they will be in Hell in large numbers. It takes two clap. How can they be allowed to go set free? Today men and women both don’t behave with each other in an Islamic way. You can’t force only men for breaking the tenets of Islam and remain silent on women’s unIslamic behavior. Our Nikahnama must stipulate that wife must obey husband as long as he does not tell her to disobey Allah. Will she accept this in the Nikahnama? 
Md. Iqbal Ahmad, Pune 

Screaming Need of Housing for the Low-Income Group
House Building Industry in our country has turned into a Posh Colonies Makers' Cluster to serve the riches and in return minting the money. Social service is sidelined and generating black money in abundance has taken place. Income Tax Act offers them large concessions and benefits from the Treasury for their self-service. Masses of India are continued in lurching in slums, on grounds and roads under the roof of the open sky. THE MOST ESSENTIAL CALL O F THE HOUR IS TO OFFER UNLIMITED INCENTIVES FOR THE HOUSING NEED OF HE DOWNTRODDEN.

Madam Sonia Gandhi had awakened a great hope in the hearts of the suffering lots. She had risen to save India from the clutches of the thugs and corrupt who were the enemies of the Secularism and Communal Harmony. They did nothing for the distressed people. Instead, spoiled the Bureaucrats and the Corporate Sector for own profit. Her untiring efforts have saved India and its people from a further ruin. 

She had given an economist and honest Prime Minister in Dr. Man Mohan Singh. But, unfortunately a large number of the rich people of India are habitually not honest. Many of them worship materialism and love least the motherland. He has to be alert. Even after fifty-seven long years the common man is living below the poverty line. The famished people from the Villages throughout the country run to the cities to earn merely a bread for the family. Media reports daily the news of suicides committed by the starving people. The Govt. is duty bound to provide them the Food, Clothing and Roof on head before demolishing heir huts. If failed, they are not entitled to rule. 

Politicians have shattered the dreams of the Freedom Fighters. They had sacrificed in hope of a bright future for the people. We have been bearing the oppression from the centuries in the past. The prevailing disastrous situation may compel the people not to remain silent forever. The cheats among the Politicians and the so-called Public Servants have robbed the wealth of the State and the rest has been spent on nuclear military preparation. A large chunk is gulped from the Development Funds. Distressed people are left to linger.

The economist wizard would miserably fall short in his duty if he concentrates on ravaging the Mumbaites to make it a Shanghai. Let it remain our Ladki Mumbai where people from every part of India toil. The Big Question is that "Did the Govt., Civic Body and the Police Dept. have ever endeavoured to improve the atmosphere for creating the serenity and tranquility in the Mega Metropolis?" The Criminal Carelessness on their part has in fact spoiled our darling Mumbai.
M . I . Ansari, Bhiwnadi 

Women’s Personal Law Board
I want to draw attentions of the Muslim religious leadership towards the struggle to set up the Muslim Women Personal Law Board in India. I have heard about women’s struggle to set up a mosque for Muslim women. What a nonsense? Is the All India Muslim Personal Law Board really ignoring the rights of Muslim women as Shaista Amber, president of the newly constituted board and Perveen Abdi general secretary alleged? They said that they were forced to set up a separate body because the Muslim religious leadership had been ignoring the rights of Muslim Women (The Telegraph, Feb. 6).
After setting up of Muslim Personal Law Board (Jadeed), and the Personal law Board of Shias, the struggle to strengthen the campaign of a separate board for Muslim women will be termed as an unfortunate struggle. We should restrain this type of activities. 
Dr. Md. Farooque Azam 

Enquiry commission reports
There must not be two scales for making reports of judicial-panels public. While Banerjee-panel report on Godhra was made public much before the deadline to suit political requirements of ruling alliance, reports suggest that report of Nanavati-panel on 1984-riots may not be made public because it may not suit the ruling party! Only final and not interim reports should be made public by panel-heads themselves without waiting for formality of photo-session with concerned ministers in accepting the report!
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Empowerment or Impoverishment ?
An open letter to the CM of Maharashtra. 

Dear Sir, 
There is an all time popular quote that describes a politician as a person who shakes your hand before elections and confidence thereafter and that’s what you Mr. Deshmukh and your government have done by demolishing 84,000 houses in Mumbai in not less than 100 days of your being in power. 
Not only this action demoralises our socialist democracy but it is an insult to citizens of this country to see your advertisements in sections of media commemorating your government’s 100 days in power as "100 days - a milestone along our path that leads from stability to empowerment and progress" 

Mr. Deshmukh, what you and most politicians do not realize is that such actions, whether it be evictions of innocent Tribals by industrial sharks in Kashipur in Orissa in connivance with passive and corrupt government officials, or evictions in the name of development in Narmada, or mass slum demolitions in Mumbai, all such measures of "elitist development" within the country are soon going to give rise to revolution or Naxalism (people’s war) and not progress and stability. 

Mushrooming of slums in cities is because people are uprooted from rural homes, are exploited in the name of caste, denied access to resources and government schemes due to corruption, unemployment and rampant starvation, etc., which forces them to migrate to cities like Mumbai. The very fact that people are ready to live in subhuman conditions in Mumbai with gutters overflowing into their houses (for instance in Govandi and Bangalipura slums in Mumbai), is itself an indicator that the conditions in rural areas are worse than these. 

Failure to realize this by you and groups such as "save Mumbai committee" involved in "operation cleanup" or the Shiv Sena government’s campaign of "Me Mumbaikar" in "operation control" are lopsided measures that aren’t going to in any way benefit Mumbai and citizens of this country. 

As a short term measure what you need to do now is to rehabilitate all those evicted from slums, under the 52 flyovers in Mumbai in habitable 10x10 cubicles with common toilet and water connection for which a nominal rent may be charged. Throwing people on the streets overnight is not the answer. What you and many citizens who are supporting demolitions must realize is that rural development and the concept of self-sufficient villages are the solution to mass migration and non-mushrooming of slums in cities like Mumbai. If you visit a model village called Hiwre Bazar in Ahmednagar district you will realize this point. 70% of those who had migrated to the city a decade ago have returned to the village because it is economically, socially and politically developed. 

Mr. Deshmukh, I don’t know if your motto is to out beat the record of the Israeli army in demolitions, evictions and human rights violations, as journalist P. Sainath has said. You and your government need to work towards rural development and self-sufficient villages first, then think of dreaming of Mumbai being made into another Shanghai. Otherwise I apprehend that sooner or later Maharashtra is going to be a bimaru state like Bihar and as a country we are soon heading towards a banana republic with revolution seething!
Ronald L. Rebello

Difference between MASJID and MOSQUE

Muslims should now refrain from using the term "Mosque". 
I was flipping through this book the other day called:


(They call themselves idiots) and it is filled with fun facts. 
One of them concerns the word Mosque."

We will be totally wrong to assume that the word "Mosque" is the English translation of the word "Masjid". 

I am sure none of us ever wondered how this term came into being when 
it really had little in common with how it sounded compared to 'Masjid'. 

(We were very young when we were taught this English word. 
Our minds then were not critical nor analytical, so we didn't dare 
to ask or challenge our teachers. Right?) 

Anyway this book pointed out that the term 'mosque' is derived from the
Spanish word for "mosquito." It was termed as such because during the
Crusades, King Ferdinand said they were going to go and swat the Muslims
like mosquitoes". 

(Where else can they find Muslims in large number to be swatted if 
not in a Masjid?). So, they cheekily termed "Masjid" as "Mosque".

So, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, refrain from using this word, which is
obviously a disgusting slap in the face to the Ummah. Let us Educate our brothers and sisters to the history and etymology of this word. 

And let us replace it with the word, which is MEANT to be used: Masjid! 
The Place of Prostration!! Not Mosque: the place to be swatted! 
Aboobakar M P <>

PIL against Obscene, Violent and Vulgar Adult content in Media

I take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Pratiba Naitthani, am a lecturer of Political Science at St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. I have filed a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court of Mumbai against Obscene, Violent and Vulgar Adult programmes shown on Television, Obscene Posters put up in the city and the vulgar photographs printed in the Newspapers.

As you must be aware that there is a direct link between the violence, nudity and sex shown in the media and crime against women, minors and children. There have been instances where small girls were raped by boys who themselves are below the age of 16 years. These boys admitted that they learnt it from television; it encouraged them to commit such a heinous crime. Teenagers have killed their own family members taking tips from the television. All over the world, psychologists say that television has a negative impact on minors. Research shows that crime, violence and sex shown on television directly influences human mind.

Countries like U. S. A. have started imposing fines on those television channels and radio broadcasters who show and air indecent, vulgar and violent programmes. However in our country although the law says that no Adult programme can be shown on television at any time of the day and night, the channels are blatantly violating the law and the government is not taking any action. There are laws to prohibit obscenity in public and to prohibit indecent representation of women, but they are not being implemented effectively.

Although my fight against this violence and vulgarity is going on in the court, I feel that a mass movement is also necessary in the same context. Majority of the people in our society want to stop all this, but they are somehow not expressing it with vigour and force. Although it is difficult for me to co-ordinate with all the likeminded people and unite them, I am trying my best to assemble as many people as possible.

8th March is Women’s Day, I think the day gives us an opportunity to convey our views to the Central Government in particular and to the society in general. Hence I propose to create a Human Chain, at Marine Drive on 8th March at 3.30 p. m. We will meet there with messages written on placards, posters, banners for the public, channels, media and for the Govt of India. We will wait there till 5 p. m. and then disperse.

Dr. Sanjay Aparanti, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Enforcement, Social Service Branch, has also accepted this proposal and has promised all the possible help to make this event successful. Virti Vrund, the women’s wing of Vardhman Sanskar Dham, an organisation of Jains have also joined in the movement and will be joining the Human Chain as well.

The idea is to protest against the indecent portrayal of women in the mass media, to convey a message that the women will not tolerate it any more, to create an awareness among the masses about the negative impact of media violence and vulgarity on our society in general and the children in particular, to awaken the people about their role and responsibilities towards the women and children, to make the society safe for women by protesting against the filth that is shown in the name of entertainment in the media, to tell people that they should raise their voices against the vulgarity and obscenity in public which is one of the main causes of increasing crimes against women.

Through this letter, I wish to initiate a dialogue with your organisation and hope that you agree with this cause. This is a request to you to join the Human Chain and help us clean the society of the filth and garbage, which is setting inside the minds of people. Hope you will extend a helping hand and will be present in a large number to make this event successful.
Pratiba Naitthani

Tainted ministers
It is indeed unfortunate that the Apex Court has dismissed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) for removal of tainted ministers just on Union government’s fake assurance that the issue will be discussed in the Parliament. Attitude of political community for last so many years is sufficient to prove that our politicians are never willing to eliminate criminals from the politics with no political party untouched from the menace. Otherwise also, Union government’s affidavit for parliamentary discussion does not indicate any positive legislation in this regard. Presence of criminals in politics denies entry of deserving and capable persons to manage country’s affairs. Need of the time is total overhaul of democratic system in the country whereby capable and professionally qualified persons may replace present breed of corrupt and criminal politicians to restore India’s ancient glory of being top on the global world.
Dariba DELHI 110006 

Corruption cases
It refers to the Justice PB Sawant report presented to Maharashtra Chief Minister on corruption charges against some Maharashtra ministers. It is not proper to shield the guilty-found ministers by delaying publication of the report. System should be that reports of judicial-panels be made public instantly by panel-heads themselves while presenting these to governments. Political rulers delay publication of such reports when their findings do not suit to parties in rule like also happened recently in case of Nanawati-panel report on 1984-riots.
Dariba DELHI 110006

While a debate is raging in Britain, on the matter of Prince Charles proposing to marry a divorced woman, it is time Church of England itself look inward to reflect if the institution of Kingdom being now covering a multi-cultural British society, would it not be appropriate, if traditions of other religions represented in the country, should be checked to find, if the church moral and ethical values do need a thorough reforming process itself. 

Starting with Islamic Sharia, one would find, it is more sinful for any couple to continue to live together outside of marriage and that too for such a long period of time than to end that state of sin, by going through a proper religious marriage ceremony. 

Even the post of queen, some way incorporated in the body of Christian religion, without any reference to the democratic right of the citizen to choose. Of course there is no doubt that with her immense popularity, the Queen will win any referendum on her post, most overwhelming. However, it should be more keeping with the times, if a democratic process is followed and put in practice, to further enforce British monarchy.

Before British administration should go out in the wide world, does it not appear slightly off-key not to reform its own house first rather than calling out for promoting principle of democracy in ‘backward’ countries and that too by unleashing war and human suffering.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

It refers to welcome Indo-Pak agreements on new rail and bus routes between the two countries. But it is beyond understanding why compulsion of passports is replaced by travel-permits especially when the two countries have various reservations on personal relations with each other due to reasons well known. Indo-Pak relations can be strengthened by some extra measures.

Inland mail-tariffs should be applicable between articles mailed between India and Pakistan like is the system between India and Nepal. Rather such a system should be amongst all the SAARC nations. Branches of international organisations like Rotary International in two countries should be encouraged for having club-fellowships in each-other’s country to spread better understanding and goodwill through common citizens. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

The Church of England has agreed to legitimize the illicit extra marital cum premarital relations of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker. I do not think there is any sanction for such a thing in the Christian holy book bible. In fact whole life Charles cheated on his wife Diana who was bumped off when she sought asylum in the arms of her Egyptian lover, after she suffered his infidelity. How can Church right a wrong? Is the Church now permitting living in relations too? It has already permitted taking liquor and dancing with other women. Where the church is going to? Recently the church priests had asked for permission to marry. How long the church can suppress the human sexual feelings of the priests and nuns? I think some vital link are missing from what is taught by Jesus and what is practiced by the Church The church has been rubbishing the miraculous birth of Jesus to virgin Mary, saying that she was married to one carpenter Joseph. When we say that he was raised unto God, Christians say he was crucified. Why are they belittling the miracles of God? Why are they making allegations about Mary and son of Mary? Aboobakar Thwahir,

Is faith justiciable?
This news report about an Allahabad court decision is of grave interest to us all. Many questions arise which need rumination, reflection and coordination. Is faith justiciable? Can courts adjudicate a person's right to his freedom of action and choice in terms of systems of medicine? The allopathic system has long militated against ayurveda, homeopathy, and indigenous or alternate systems of medicine and healing. Are courts going to take sides on behalf of a particular Medicare lobby? How different is black magic from issues of faith? We nee to discuss these at our fora, and with legal and medical professionals. I have known world's Nobel Prize wining scientists and astronauts profess their great faith in god, and faith in faith itself. Great allopathic surgeons and doctors routinely visit ayu4rvedic and homeo practitioners. Maybe we could have national inter faith conference on healing and see if need to move the courts to revise their decision. 
John Dayal

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