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Published in the 1-15 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online

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Children read Qur’an in an Ahmedabad madrasah

Children read Qur’an in an Ahmedabad madrasah


New Delhi: Prof K.R. Iqbal, administrator of distance education, Maulana Azad National Urdu University said here that counselling classes for MA (Urdu) Ist year through distance education have been started from 17 April benefits of which can be derived by the students from any of the study centres set up by this University. In view of the increasing number of students for this course, the University has set up 21 study centres in different cities in addition to Hyderabad, seat of this University. For each paper 30 counselling classes will be held every year. 

New Delhi: In view of the startling revelations made by a top intelligence officer of Gujrat, R.B. Srikumar that Narendra Modi had ordered top police officers to teach Muslims a lesson and to eliminate them, demands have been made in several quarters to conduct a thorough enquiry into Modi’s role in riots. General Secretary of Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (Qasim group) Maulana Ameeduz Zaman Kairanvi said in a statement that steps taken by Modi so far vis-avis Muslims and his anti-Muslim policy can never the considered satisfactory. He said that in view of the revelations made recently there is no justification for his and his government’s continuance in office. These reports and revelations show that he had adopted anti-Muslim policy in an organised and planned manner the dangerous results of which were seen by every body. He welcomed central government’s decision to conduct an enquiry by CBI. 

Mumbai: Film actor Qadir Khan has decided to put his film career in the back burner, at least for some time, and to launch an awareness campaign about his religious faith. For this purpose he plans to open KK Foundation, a sort of modern madrasa (with qualified teachers) that will educate students about Islamic teachings, laws and various other facts about which most individuals are ignorant. He says that he is silently working on this project for 8 years, studied about 200 books and has created a sort of guide that will help students to understand Islam in a better way. A former professor himself at M.H. Saboo Siddique College, he wants to return to the teaching profession as a guest lecturer in this academy which will have two divisions devoted to research and study. Khan’s friend J. Abbas has promised to finance the academy. 

New Delhi: The central government has appointed a new National Commission for religious and linguistic minorities. An announcement to this effect was made by Union ministry for social justice and empowerment. This Commission will identify the socially, educationally and economically backward sections of minority communities and after considering steps for their uplift, including reservation will submit its recommendation to the government. This 4- member Commission is headed by former Chief Justice of India, Justice Ranganath Mishra and includes former chairman of National Commission on Minorities, Prof Tahir Mahmood, Saint Stephen College principal, Dr Anil Wilson and Institute of Punjabi Studies director, Dr Mahinder Singh. 

Lucknow: UP minister of state for minorities welfare, Haji Ya’qoob Qureshi, in response to demands raised by Panchanan Rai, MLA on behalf of teachers of Arabic madrasas, assured the House that their salaries would be paid to them in accordance with the recommendations of Fifth Pay Commission.

New Delhi: Some minor girl students from Pakistan, who are part of a 16 -member delegation and came to India along with the chairman of Council for Indian Foreign Policy, Dr V.P. Vedik met prime minister Manmohan Singh and presented him a cheque for 1000 Dollars towards help to Tsunami-affected people. They had earned this amount by selling biscuits, loaves etc and polishing shoes in Lahore. The prime minister while accepting cheque said that he was very much touched by this sympathetic gesture of these minor girls. This delegation also met former prime minister A.B. Vajpayee, L.K. Advani, Dr M. Manohar Joshi, Mrs Sheila Dikshit, Rajasthan chief minister Mrs Vasundhara Raje among others. They had also gone to Agra and Ajmer in addition to Jaipur.

Lucknow: UP Unit of BJP, while harping on Taj Mahal originally being a Shiv Mandir, said tht it is opposed to Haj House being built in Ghaziabad. One of its local leaders, Amit Puri while blaming chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav said that being afraid of the movement for Harit Pradesh in western Up spearheaded by Rashtriya Lok Dal party of Ajit Singh, he wants to build a Haj House on the bank of Hindon River in Ghaziabad in spite of a Haj House very near in Delhi simply to appease Muslims to which his party is opposed.

New Delhi: Worried over the continuously falling number of Urdu readers, Delhi’s Urdu Academy is considering the possibility of starting distance education programme on an experimental basis in order to assess how far this programme can be helpful in popularising the use of this language. The Academy is motivated to adopt this course in view of the fact that this system (distance education ) has been very helpful in removing illiteracy in the country to a great extent. The Academy has also set up centres for reviving and imparting training in the moribund art of calligraphy. 

Muslims in South indian literature 
Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University’s UGC Academic Staff College organised a lecture on ‘Image of Muslims in stories of South India’ on 4 April. Speaking on the occasion Prof Masoodul Hasan, former head of department of English said that a positive image of Muslims has been presented in the South Indian literature. Talking about Malayalam, Kannad, Tamil, Telugu and Marathii short stories and novels he said that the image of Muslims depicted in South Indian literature is different from the one presented by north Indian stories and novels.

South Indian writers have not only presented Muslim characters in good light, they have also expressed their deep sympathy with them whereas in north Indian literature effort has been made to present them in a different way. He said that though psychological pressure and absence of security are issues which have not been presented correctly but in spite of this they deserve our congratulations. In this connection he mentioned the works of S. Pillai, K.P. Ramanna Mani, Mohammad Bashir (Malayalam); Shiv Rama Kant, Anant Murthy and Aneesul Haq of Kannad; Partha Sarthy, Jameel Ashok, Mani Ratman and T.M. Mubeen; K. Subramanian Shastri (Telugu) and Moinuddin (Marathi). 

Prof Sheikh Mastan, head of the department of Modern Indian Languages said that South Indian writers have always produced secular literature. After the demolition of Babri Masjid, writers of all shades of opinion highlighted this issue in their stories.

Poverty is behind violation of human rights 
New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia’s Nelson Mendela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution organised a two-day seminar on the university’s campus on theme ‘Media’s Views on Human Rights.’ Speaking on the occasion, famous Supreme Court lawyer, AG Noorani said that most important reason behind violation of human rights is poverty. He said that media has been highlighting from time to time cases of violation of human rights and added that in the present scenario, media should be restrained by courts and courts by the media.

Speaking about the role of media, he said that media has not been successful in presenting the truth because of censorship and that it should be given more powers.

Jamia Millia vice chancellor Prof Mushirul Hasan said that the media report on cases of human rights violation is much better but since human rights activists judge such cases from their own points of view, both media and human rights activists explain it also in their own ways.

Discussions were also held in this seminar on cases of human rights violation in eastern states, Kashmir and Naxal dominated areas. Humra Qureshi explained how risky and challenging a job it is to work in terrorism affected Kashmir where journalists are always exposed to danger. Government very easily implicates any one in anti-national activities.

Sanjay Hazarika laid emphasis on bold and courageous journalism. Director of Nelson Mandela Centre. S.M. Sajid informed that this Centre is planning to start a one-year diploma course on ‘Peace and Conflict.’  

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