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Published in the 1-15 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online

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Children watch the funeral of Ghulam Mohideen, a guerilla leader, at Waghama south of Srinagar

Children watch the funeral of Ghulam Mohideen, 
a guerilla leader, at Waghama south of Srinagar 
on 16 April 05.


Arabic and Persian degree holders 
Siddarth Nagar: In fulfilment of its promise UP government has announced appointment of 3000 Urdu teachers which is being very much appreciated but the other category of persons who have completed Munshi, Molvi, Aalim and Fazil courses from UP’s Arabic and Persian Board are very much disappointed because by adopting double standard, they have been excluded from the agreed principles. This historic step of the chief minister will ignore the interests as well as the capabilities of those who can play an equally great part in the promotion and expansion of Urdu. These people, instead of promoting Urdu, will utilise their capabilities in some other fields.

The products of Arabic and Persian Board, who have not been able to secure employment demand that the conditions agreed for appointment of Urdu teachers should be withdrawn and certificate and degree holders from Arabic and Persian Board should also be considered for appointment of Urdu teachers. Molvi and Munshi courses are considered equal to High School, Aalim equal to Inter and Kamil equal to BA. Orders have also been issued to all colleges and universities to comply with these instructions. These people argue that though conditions laid down for the appointment of Urdu teachers can be fulfilled by them also but the true picture about their qualification will not be taken into account. They therefore demand that persons holding certificates and degrees of Munshi, Molvi, Aalim and Kamil from Arabic and Persian Board should also be considered qualified for Urdu teachers. 

Urdu books not available 
New Delhi: Annual examinations of Delhi Municipal Corporation schools were fast approaching but students were in a fix as to how to prepare for examinations in the absence of books. Students of Urdu medium schools were affected most who were worried because books are not available in the market.

There are about one lakh students in the MCD-run schools in the capital. In most of the schools Urdu books in science and maths are not available and even if some of them are available they were available too late. For example, Urdu and maths book for fourth class were available in November (last only) and Urdu books of fifth class were provided in February only. Maximum complaints about non-availability of Urdu books are from schools of central zone.

A senior teacher of a Corporation School said on the condition of anonymity, that letters in this connection were sent to the authorities of the corporation, but even now books have not been provided though annual examinations were scheduled in March. The educational standard of Corporation’s Urdu medium schools is continuously falling. 

PROBE Setalvad’s bank accounts: zAHIRA
New Delhi: Zahira Sheikh, key witness in Best Bakery case, has requested the Registrar General of Supreme Court to enquire into all the bank accounts of Teesta Setalwad, social worker and secretary of Mumbai’s Citizens for Peace and Justice, an NGO. It may be mentioned in this connection that the Registrar General is looking into the veracity of Zahira Sheikh’s statements that she made in court and elsewhere. Mrs Setalwad had earlier taken up the case of Zahira Sheikh and also had played an important role in getting the Best Bakery case transferred to a court outside Gujrat when a local court of Gujrat had freed 21 persons who were accused in Best Bakery case.

Zahira in her request to the registrar general had also accused Setalwad and her husband of acquiring huge amount through dubious means and had said that her NGO (Citizens for Peace and Justice) is a commercial unit of a company called Subrang Publication (P) Ltd. She further said that this NGO is simply to escape the provisions of Foreign Gifts Regulation Act under which all NGO’s which are in receipt of gifts and moneys from foreign countries are required to give the details of all such gifts.

Mrs Setalwad in a letter to Supreme Court on 6 November 04 had requested to enquire into the circumstances under which Zahira Sheikh had changed her statement in a Vadodra Court on 3 November’ 04. In response to this letter of Setalwad Supreme Court had directed Zahira Sheikh to furnish all details of her bank accounts etc to the Court’s enquiry committee. 

New Delhi: On the occasion of Urdu Day on 31 March, National Urdu Forum (NUF) organised a meeting in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Addressing this meeting, NUF chairman, Dr Anwar Pasha demanded the central government to give Urdu the status of an official language at national level. He also announced the formation of an Urdu Vigilance Committee to assess and supervise the performances of government aided Urdu institutions. Other speakers also supported the demand of Anwar Pasha. At the end of the meeting a resolution was passed in which the central government was requested to ensure the appointment of Urdu teachers in central schools and Navodaya Viddyalayas in areas and regions populated by Urdu speaking people. Central government was also demanded to set up National Open Urdu Schools on the pattern of National Open Schools. Delhi government also was demanded to appoint at least one Urdu teacher in all schools of Delhi and to immediately fill up old vacancies of Urdu teachers.       

 “No demolition in Ayodhya on 6 December”
Lucknow: VHP leader, former MP and witness of Paramhans Ramchandra Das in Babri Masjid ownership case, Ram Vilas Vedanti went to the extent of saying in his statement that no building was demolished in Ayodhya on 6 December 1992. While deposing before the special 3-member bench of Justices Raf’at Alam, Khem Karan and Bhanwar Singh he said in reply to questions posed by Zafaryab Jilani on behalf of Jamiatul Ulama-e-Hind and other Muslim parties that Muslims all over the world know that Ram was born in Ayodhya and all Muslims also want a solution of this problem.

He said that in this connection he had talks with ulama and Muslim intellectuals who said that Ram Janmabhoomi is in Ayodhya. When asked the names of those ulama, he said that in his view Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Sikandar Bakht and Sayyad Shah Nawaz are real Muslims and ulama. Earlier, Vedanti had said that Ram’s idol in Babri Masjid was built by King Dasrath and ever since it is lying there at the same place. In reply to Jilani’s question that earlier he himself had said that when Babri Masjid was built Mir Baqi had destroyed the temple as well as the idols, but then why he had not broken this idol, he said that since Mir Baqi was not a ‘Ram Bhakt’ this idol might not have been visible to him because only Ram Bhakts can see this idol.

Jilani finalised his cross examination of this witness. After him, Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqi also asked two or three questions. In reply to a question by Abdul Mannan, the witness said that on 6 December 1992 there was no such building as Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and therefore there is no question of demolishing Babri Masjid.

The statements of this witness came to an end on that day and from next day another person will be cross examined. 

Partapgarh: Minorities welfare department of this district is these days a centre of corruption. District minorities welfare officer, Inderjeet Misra lives in Hotel Vivek and from there attends to official work and does not take the trouble of coming to office. People of minority community are very unhappy with him. According to them he does not do any important work without being bribed. Even clerical staff also do not give information about government schemes for minorities welfare unless their palms are greased. News about term loans and other schemes are not given in Urdu newspapers nor correspondents of Urdu newspapers are told any thing about those schemes. Recently some correspondents of Rashtriya Sahara and other Urdu newspapers wanted to know from him information about term loans, students scholarship and other welfare schemes he behaved very rudely with them and instead of giving and information, he said that he considers Urdu newspapers worthy of being dumped in waste paper baskets and in his views Urdu newspapers and their correspondents are useless. He also warned them not to waste his time in future. According to these correspondents, agents are very active in this office and through them only, term loans and scholarships etc are distributed to students. Recently, when he (Misra) was transferred to some other department, people were happy but their happiness vanished when, through his approach in high circles, he got his transfer order cancelled.

New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia organised a reception in honour of the grand Mufti of Palestine and the preacher at Masjid Aqsa, Dr Akrama Sayeed Sabri. Speaking on this occasion vice chancellor Prof Mushirul Hasan said that India has always been supporting freedom movement of Palestinian people and the Muslims of India have religious and emotional relationship with Palestine. Therefore it is not surprising that the agony of Palestinians is our agony also. He said that the place where this reception is arranged for you is named after the Palestinian intellectual and freedom fighter Edward. Sayeed and a hall is named after Yasser Arafat. The respected guest while thanking for the honour shown to him said that in today’s world there is great need to present Islamic teachings in true perspective. He presented one set of his and his wife’s literary works to Jamia Library. In turn Prof Zuber Ahmad Farooqi, head of the Arabic department presented him a set of Arabic works of the teachers of this department.

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