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Published in the 1-15 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online

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Scaffold on masjid land
Dhampur: Muslims of Makarposti village of Haldore are very angry because people of the other community after demolishing the wall of a mosque, built a platform for keeping the dead bodies. There is great tension between the people of the two communities.

The population of Makarposti village is about 2000 of which approximately 300 are Muslims. In 1988 Muslims of the village had purchased a piece of land through a sale deed with government permission and built a mosque. In 1997 the mosque was made pakka but the boundary wall remained kachchi which gave way in rainy season. On 10 March when Muslims were rebuilding the wall, Hindus of the village objected to it and got the work stopped, though it was being rebuilt with the permission of the district Collector. Hindus claim that the place where the wall is being rebuilt is in fact the place where dead bodies were placed before performing last rites.

Muslims claim that at the behest of Hindus, police demolished the wall and built the platform for keeping the dead bodies before cremation whereas the fact is that there was no platform or chabootara at all there earlier. They also blame the police for creating tension between the two communities by building a chabootara for Hindus at the site of the masjid wall. Their contention is that they had offered to give the vacant plot of land near the mosque to Hindus but police did not hear anything. This has raised a wave of anger among Muslims.

Muslims of the village under the leadership of Maulana Sirajuddin, district president of Jamiatul Ulama-e Hind, Mufti Owais Akram, Maulana Sham’oon Qasmi and others met the district collector S.K. Varma and apprised him of the true position and requested him to help resolve the dispute honourably and amicably. The DM assured them of finding a satisfactory solution of the dispute. The Muslim delegation later on met the CO, R.K. Bhatia also. 

Rao responsible for riots 
New Delhi: Former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh said before Liberhan Commission during cross examination that the way the former prime minister, late Narasimha Rao described the Babri Masjid demolition incident led to riots. He said that Rao said in his statement that the mosque has been demolished. Kalyan Singh further said that if Rao, instead of saying ‘masjid’, would have said that the disputed structure has been demolished, there would have been no riots. He said that at that time Rao, who was the prime minister, had used a wrong word which created a misunderstanding and gave a wrong message. When people heard the word masjid from Rao’s mouth, Muslims thought that Delhi’s Jama Masjid or any other famous masjid like that has been demolished and this led to riots, he said. 

Black pillars in Babri Masjid 
Lucknow: Mahant Dharamdas while deposing before the Special Commissioner, Hari Shankar Dubey in Babri Masjid ownership case presented a new logic when he said that black stone pillars in Babri Masjid were crores of years old ie some one in Raja Dasrath’s dynasty long before him had got inscribed the images of gods and goddesses on them. 

In reply to Zafaryab Jilani’s queries he said that these pillars are worthy of being worshipped. When asked if these pillars always remained installed at the same place in Babri Masjid for crores of years he said that at times these were removed and then again installed at the same place. He said that these pillars were in Ayodhya but Ravan, king of Lanka had taken all these 14 pillars to his country. Later, when Ram defeated Ravan in the war, Hanuman had brought all these pillars back.
In reply to another question he said that on 6 December when Babri Masjid was demolished, these pillars were placed in Karyashala behind Manas Bhavan in Ayodhya but he expressed his ignorance if these pillars were broken along with the mosque and carried away by karsevaks. He also expressed his ignorance if, according to Bajrang Dal leader and MP, Pawan Pandey’s statement one of these pillars is in his custody. 

In reply to Jilani’s another question that according to some people Ram was born crores of years ago while some others say that he was born 9.5 lakh years ago, which one is correct he said that Ram was born crores of years ago. 

Patna: Madrasa students who are generally seen in kurta, pyjama and white caps reciting or memorising Qur’an in the morning will now also be seen in khaki uniforms parading and marching in drills in the evening. Arrangements have been made for them to join NCC and Scouts and Guides where they will be given training accordingly. This is for the first time that Bihar State Madrasa Board in its 30- year history has taken such a decision, though other steps for the purpose of modernisation of madrasa education like teaching of modern subjects like science, mathematics and computer training etc have been introduced long back. In addition to all this the Madrasa Board is also seriously thinking of introducing diploma course in Unanipathy. Chairman of Madrasa Board, Abdul Wahid said that by this decision, products of these madrasas will be getting many facilities and concessions in jobs and employment. 

Rampur: Chairperson of Rampur Municipal Board, Ms Reshma Afroz has been issued a show cause notice for disobeying government orders. It is alleged that in violation of government orders to pay salaries of Municipal Board employees from bank, she paid their salaries from Board’s treasury after which the iron safe containing Rs 10.26 lakh which was kept in Board’s office was stolen. Government ordered Rampur’s district magistrate, Anita Mishra to conduct an inquiry into the theft of the iron safe who wrote in her report that the Board’s chairperson, Ms Reshma Afroz in violation of government order, had ordered payment of employees salaries from Municipal Board’s treasury which resulted in loss of Rs 10.26 lakh. After submission of her report, secretary of urban development ministry, Dinesh Chandra Misra, after seeking governor’s approval, issued a show cause notice to Reshma Aroz as to why, for violation of government order which resulted in loss of Rs 10.26 lakh to government, she should not be sacked. With the issuance of show cause notice, financial and administrative powers of Reshma Afroz, as chairperson were taken away and given to district magistrate who is now looking after the affairs of the Municipal Board. Reshma Afroz refused to accept the show cause notice after which it was pasted at her residence. 

Dehradun: For the first time in Uttaranchal a successful kidney transplant operation was performed. Both kidneys of 50 year old Nasimuddin, a farmer by profession and resident of a Baghpat village had failed. His wife, Amma, had donated one of her kidneys and he was operated upon in Swamiram Nagar’s Himalayan Institute and Hospital Trust by a team of 8 doctors who successfully performed the operation after 4 hours of painstaking efforts. Both he and his wife are reported to be progressing satisfactorily. 

London: All Parties Hurriyat Conference, an amalgam of 23 secessionist political parties and outfits in Jammu & Kashmir came under severe criticism by many non-government human rights commissions and organisations at the 61st session of Human Rights Commission held at Geneva. Members of these organisations and commissios accused Hurriyat leaders of lack of organised and coordinated efforts in respect of Kashmir problem. Representatives of World Peace Council and Afro-Asian Solidarity Organisation said that the role of Hurriyat leaders with regard to the problems of Kashmir people is virtually nil and they are not trying to remove their difficulties. They are not capable of giving proper leadership to the people of Kashmir who are suffering innumerable difficulties for the past 15 years, they said. 

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


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