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Published in the 1-15 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Milli Gazette Online

I have visited your website, it is quite interesting.
Seema Muskan

Thanks for doing a good job!
Mukhtar Thakur, OAKDALE, MN, USA

I desire that the MG must give priority to unite our Muslim community, which is divided in many divisions and tries to cut the throats of each others on the name of firkas accroding to the present situation, the eradication of firkas and poisonous propaganda amongst firkas cannot be stopped, but we must try to unite all Muslims on our common problems. This could be made possible only if we keep aside the talk of firkas and do not interfere in the belief of others. The MG has sufficient timber to tackle this problem (insha Allah). 
Yakubmama, Kamrej Gam, Surat 

MP college swapping
The recent order of MP Government to swap the two colleges in Bhopal deserves utmost condemnation. The government in its lack of wisdom ordered that the MLB Girls College located in a Muslim area be shifted to the co-ed Hamidia Arts and Commerce College, and the latter be shifted to former. The logic of the Government is that the Hindu girls studying in the girl's college are being lured by the Muslim boys in the neighborhood. It is a significant fact that there are no police cases regarding to the harassment, it is also significant that now since the BJP government is ruling the state it has cooked up that a memorandum to this effect has been submitted to it, which it seems to have accepted, motivated by its communal ideology.

My Dream

I must have slept recounting the CBMs being undertaken by Musharraf-Manmohan collocation in bringing the two perennial adversaries to a crescendo of friendship never seen before, for, I dreamt the sweetest of a dream which I would like to share with your readers. I saw them jointly addressing an international press conference and giving out the salient features of the joint communiqué to be released after Musharraf's visit. 

It read: “Having resolved the need for the continued friendship between the two neighbours and acknowledging the futility of arming the forces which is needed no more, both Pakistan and India have agreed to decline the kind offer of the United State of America for the sale of F-16s to Pakistan and F-16s, F-18s and Patriot Anti Missile system to India. Both countries further resolved to spend the colossal funds thus saved on ameliorating the miserable lot of their masses in various socio-economic and socio-welfare sectors.” I wish my dream could turn to be true soon.

Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 46000

The agreement reached by India and Pakistan on opening of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road is a welcome move. It has been unduly hailed by the people of J&K including Jamaat-e-Islami. The road has been closed since 1947 following Indo-Pak war in Kashmir. Previously the road used to be called as Cart-Road. It was the main route connecting J&K to the rest of the world including central Asia, Gulf and Arab countries. It was the main trade route. Following the Indo-Pak war for Kashmir in 1947, the had been blocked. The opening of the road is not a major breakthrough, though it is one of the CBMs. There are obvious concerns if the opening of the road would pave a way for the final resolution of Kashmir dispute. Certainly the opening of the road will initiate dialogue. The leaders cross LoC will be able to understand each others viewpoints.

The opening of the road will also provide business opportunities to the people of the subcontinent. 

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah
Mallabagh, Srinagar

Both Indian and Pakistani media and politics are at its peak with a win-win expectation on the newly realised relationship in the wake of the visit of Pakistan President Mr. Parvez Musharaf. Is this euphoria will culminate in fruitful discussions and a historical break-through on the core Kashmir issue? Perhaps an immediate resolution may not be possible. However, a strong resolve not to roll-back the unprecedented achievements so far in bringing the two populations across the ‘line of control’ together is a must. The wise leadership of the two nations should strive towards this objective.

What is more important today to both the nations is not F16s or Patriot Missile Batteries, but allowing the two populations to live in peace, harmony and benevolence. The billions of Rupees both the countries shall spend on way of accepting the American offer of defense arsenals will only end-up in futility since a possible skirmish or even a short term war will catastrophically destroy both the economies and will push both the nations to pre-independence economical status. Were the present leadership of both the nations prepared to declare to its citizens and to the world that ‘we no longer spend a penny on accumulating unwanted weapons’ with the hard-earned currency, and instead these resources would be utilized to provide long-term life-line to the poor and needy majority? A resolute mind indeed cherish in this direction.

We have radical groups and political parties in both the nations at ideological war, more precisely in the name of religion. Simply these groups are not peace lovers, and their political survivals remain in sustained tensions between the two nations. Whatever be the historical facts and faults that brewed the tensions so far, the present leadership should realise the present facts and take substantial and irrevocable procedures to not only isolate fringe elements advocating radical thoughts, but to achieve an everlasting peace. 

Yusuf Muhammed

There are hundreds of girls colleges in different localities. One has to emphasize that harassment of girls should be checked by various mechanisms, but to make it a Hindu-Muslim issue leading to such a drastic decision is the insult of Indian ethos and values of communal amity. In the communalising atmosphere the effort of government has to be to promote proactive measures which bring the communities together, to promote the endeavors which rise above the partisan narrow thinking to ensure that the national community evolves and becomes an overarching phenomenon. The BJP govt. of MP, trained in the sectarian thinking is leading the matters in the reverse gear. It is also betraying the bias that Muslim boys are luring 'their' girls, a patriarchal notion where women are regarded as the property of men. One hopes the popular opinion and intervention from suitable quarters reverses this retrograde step of the Government.

Ram Puniyani

Muslims and media

Turning the pages and looking for my favourite writers, on page 21 (MG 126), I found Br. Zafarul Islam's 

piece, it was painful to read through the "Muslim Image" truly a very sad story.

Knowingly or unwittingly he seems to have written his partial bequeathal about the possible near future assassination of a bold personality(MG)by the irresponsible English educated Indian Muslims within and outside India due to sheer complacency, indifference, stinginess and selfishness. Let Allah SWT make my fear come to naught and save the small-scale Muslim media. 

Religiously uncompromising and politically forceful Kerala Muslims (about one-twentieth of us) can come forward to teach a useful lesson to the lethargic rest by taking over the financial management of Milli Gazette.

Mohamed Ameen, Brunei 

I read ‘Muslim Image in the Media’ in the above issue. It is good article depicting the present condition of Muslims. We are running to politicians for solution of all our problems but nobody himself wants to work for the community. There is no feeling of brotherhood and everyone is unconcerned with the problem of others. Preaching and practice are different, our actions don’t reflect that we are follower of the great religion. So we have became non-practicing Muslims.
So to say the intellectual and educated are after their image building, least concerned with the welfare of the community. They are after name and fame. They want their statements published in papers with photograph. Everyone is going in different direction.

Criticism of good work has become habit. Sometimes they appreciate but don’t associate with such work.

In every Muslim institution there are two management communities fighting each other. We are selling wakf properties and allowing occupation of graveyards. First we have to set right our own house.

Nowadays in every Mohalla ‘Langer Rasool’ and light are arranged on the occasion of Birthday of Prophet (PBUH). Can’t this money be spent on the poor and dispossesse? May Allah, the Oft forgiving and Merciful mend our ways.

Irfanullah, Faizabad

Harassment to Upright Persons in Maha
Mr. Majeed Memon is a senior lawyer practicing in Mumbai High Court. He has been applauded for fighting the litigations filed under the most disparaged Tada and Pota laws used against innocents. Police Dept. hastens to book the accused without thorough investigations and therefore the real culprits go scot-free.

Maharashtra is governed by the INC and the NCP. Are Madam Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Sharad Pawar not aware that under their own party's rule in Maharashtra upright and bold gentlemen like Mr. Majeed Memon are harassed? They must take care of the staunch communalists hidden in Maharashtra's ruling groups. They be alarmed and nip in the bud the conspiracy to harass the straightforward persons. Mr. Memon is an asset of the nation. He fights vehemently for the protection of the human rights of the people; victims may come from the Muslims or Hindus. He is an intellectual man and honest professional. 

Mumbai police declared that there is a threat to his life without revealing to him the names of the persons who are planning to inflict the harm. He has therefore rightly claimed that the culprits may be the erring policemen only who were scolded by the learned judges. In the Ghatkopar bus bomb blast case the Honourable Court had recently rejected the whole prosecution and acquitted all the accused. Khawja Yunus was also an accused who is missing from the Police custody. It is alleged that the police had killed him. 
If the voice of a truthful and bold, frank and sincere lawyer is scuttled for hailing from the Muslim community, a message goes that none should dare to stand for protecting the suppressed and the oppressed community. Hundreds of false cases were regularly registered against the Muslims throughout the country. Communal riots have become their fate. They loose lives and properties and also booked for rioting, since the day of Independence. Banning the Students Islamic Movement of India was a political decision of the NDA government. The UPA government has not yet rectified the illogical and communal step. Muslims have learned between the lines a command not to organise itself to survive in any field. The tradition should now get the direction to divert its path. An unsuccessful attempt to kill Mr Memon was made on 4 July.
M. I. Ansari, Bhiwandi

One can easily notice that in the recent past the credibility of Jamiat-Ulma-e-Hind has gone down considerably. To redeem the dwindling image, it organised a rally on 29 May in Delhi.

The captains of various political parties were invited to impress upon that Indian Muslims are behind them, which is mendacious. The gathering comprised Madarsa teachers and students.

The second purpose of holding the rally was to project Maulana Mahmood Madni as the heir apparent of the organisation, ignoring more experienced and learned persons.

People are aware about the ability of this immature young man whose puerile and controversial handling of "Iraq Relief Fund," holding secret parleys with RSS leadership, inviting and giving a rousing reception to Robert Blake of American Embassy, whose government is against Muslims and Islam, at Darul Uloom Deoband, came under severe criticism.

The latest edict in Imrana episode is one more nail in the coffin.

Jamiat-Ulma-e-Hind and its leardership should now understand that the Muslim community has had enough of Abdullah Bukharis and Ahmad Bukharis. They do not have patient to tolerate nepotism anymore.
Masood Ashraf, New Delhi

What a brazen hypocrisy it is that the RSS chief KS Sudarshan paints in black Mr.M.A.Jinnah as the sole person responsible for Partition but at the same time eulogizes Indira Gandhi for carving out Bangladesh from Pakistan. What sort of doublespeak is this? If one event is wrong in the eyes of some Indians, the other has to be so with the Pakistanis as well. If Jinnah is a baddie in the eyes of men like Sudarshan, so would be Indira Gandhi to the hardliners in Pakistan. Is it not high time we forgive and forget the past and take giant strides to make peace with our neighbour in the west? In the era of global economic market, how long should the two nations regress by spending a quarter of their budget on defence build-up even as one third of their population is reeling under poverty? Turn the pages of Europe’s history and see how the nations drove daggers against each other during World War II and how they are trying to evolve a single constitution now. Learn a lesson from Japan which has become a key ally of the the USA despite the catastrophe meted out to it by the latter, by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The adage ‘time is the best healer of wounds’ has proved wrong at least to the Hindutva ideologues. How I wish….good samaritan prevailed upon the so called "desh bhakts" and how I yearn, they eschewed spiteful statements in the interest of amity between India and Pakistan.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin,Cuddapah

Nehru: the architect of modern India 
The statement of Sri KS Sudarshan, RSS chief that the ills in India today have been due to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is shocking and far from truth. Nehru fought for the independence of the country and spent more than a decade in jail. May I know what were the members of RSS doing that time when Mahatma Gandhi, Pundit Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sardar Patel and other leaders of the freedom movement were languishing in jails? What are the contributions of RSS to the free India from the foreign rule. 

Nehru was one of the greatest leaders of modern India. His services to the cause of human freedom cannot be forgotten. He was one of the architects of modern India and his services to the nation is unmatched. Not only this, he was a scholar and writer par excellence. His autobiography is one of the most remarkable books of our times.
Akhtar Hussain Aftab, Patna
Rashtrapati Bhawan 

A Nai Duniya article about President’s residence disclosed that President’s house has 340 rooms and 150 gardens. And there are 110 sweepers, 18 cooks, 16 drivers and 80 bodyguards employed for him. Besides these, there are 60 horses also. All these incur an annual expenditure of RS 60 crore. 
There are so many facilities only for a single person, while people are committing suicide because of poverty. People are dying in West Bengal because of starvation. 
Noorullah Khan, New Delhi

Nehru's historical mistake
Noted historian PN Chopra, in his new book, The Sardar of India, a biography of Sardar Patel, says, Nehru, emotional as he was, soon after he took over as the Congress president, on July 10, 1946, said in a press conference that the issue of minorities was a domestic problem and that he would not accept British government’s interference. Nehru also stressed the sovereignty of the Constituent Assembly that it was free to make alterations in the Cabinet Mission Plan which had been accepted by the Congress and the Muslim League.

Chopra says that Jinnah opposed Nehru's views on the ground that they repudiated the fundamentals on which the Cabinet Mission's scheme was based on. Muslim League in a meeting on July 27, 1946, withdrew its support to Cabinet Mission’s plan and backed out of the interim government. Nehru's statement provided an opportunity to Jinnah to reject the plan. Had the plan accepted by the Muslim League, the demand for Pakistan would have been buried forever. The demand for Pakistan was once again renewed and Jinnah decided on "direct action". Maulana Azad has also mentioned these facts in his book India Wins Freedom.
G. Hasnain Kaif
Bhandra, Maharashtra

It refers to report about Union government preferring self-regulation rather than imposing a ban on smoking. If self-regulation is the policy to check human evils, then Union Government should withdraw attempt-to-suicide from Indian Penal Code. Likewise using helmets by scooterists should also be made self-regulatory rather than being forced as compulsory. 

Bitter fact may be that government-functionaries and not persons from film-industry may be on pay-lists of influential tobacco-lobby because of which government does not follow sensible countries like Ireland and Bhutan in imposing a total ban on manufacture and sale of cigarettes in this country.
Dariba DELHI 110006 

Parviar wants to divide society 
The statements of LK Advani on Muhammad Ali Jinaah in Pakistan should be seen in a different perspective. Analysts have designed their own perspective about his statement.

Advani’s statement was a confusing signal but it showed what the Sangh Parivar wanted. The statement reflected what the BJP wanted in future. There are two important elements of his statement. Advani wants to improve the image of the party among Muslims who are unaware of the Sangh's ideology and exploit the sentiments of the community. The second element is to divide Indian society. 

Many analysts did not comprehend the second element. Recently Deccan Herald, organised a debate over Advani-Jinnah issue, according to my knowledge all of them were secularist, they had different opinion about Advani's statement. The debate is not going to end in the near future, and that's what the Hinduvawadis (fascist) want. Hindu hardliners has firm plan to divide the secularists. Advani’s statement is a step in that direction.
India today stands at the crossroads. It is to be assessed whether secularists will fall prey to designs of the Sangh Parivar or use wisdom to fight the nefarious designs of the Parivar. If Hindutvadis succeed in their plans it would result in the division of Indian society once again.
Mohammed Shariff PA, Bangalore

Is India progressing or regressing? 
The Indian society today stands on the crossroads. People don’t have time to think where they are going. Newspapers publish advertisements showing attractive models to increase its sale and earning money. Students from rich families are violating moral ethics. Educational institutions, which is meant for building ideal citizens, are also concerned only for monetary gains. Schools and universities have become a place for passing. Governments be it is Central or state governments are busy in displaying their progress, while the people are struggling for their lives. Our roads are bad in shape, no proper availability of electricity, clean drinking water, lack of health services, access to education and employment for all people. Our county is shining and improving only in the televisions, newspapers, and magazines. All these show is only to convince the world that the country is progressing, and is suitable for international investment.

The rules of social ethics are being violated. This is the cause that the humanity is losing its strengthen. Homo sexual relations, single life, sexual relations before marriage are increasing the number of HIV positive persons in people. Crimes are rising. Farmers and poor families are ending their life due to debt and utter poverty. 

It is pity that our rulers don’t have any solution to change the current scenario of the country. It seems that there is no administration. The question arises whether we progressing or regressing? 
Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi,
New Delhi

Super-Pluto and the Mouth-Piece of Filthy Belial
If Super-Pluto can get more tonnage (guns, tanks and ammo) to sail to USA's imperialistic wars by having the Danish Queen entertain that abject Mouth-Piece of Filthy Belial, President Bush, on July 6th., then what can be wrong with that?

After all, if Maersk company ships don't carry these lethal cargoes then some other international shipper will. The geo-political bastards in Washington enjoy enough moral depravity among political whores everywhere to consummate the diabolical synergetics of US-Zion hegemony - at least for the time being.

And the present Danish Government, already deep in Super-Pluto's pocket, will enjoy a terrific breather.

Having the Danish Queen put civilized frills on the cap of an abject servant of Zion's barbary is Neo-Roman entertainment. Broadway and Holywood can only hope to plagiarize it. This is how spiritual drudges become worldly divinities for brief forlorn spells, on the level of gutter-press.

Without the media-whores, Bush and Blair would be on trial rather than on the political road-shows. And in Denmark the people are not merely fed the daily doses of political pop, Super-Pluto also optimize his profits by using the people's alimentary canals, providing cheap outlets for dubious agro-chemical produce and compensating with a stylish, characterless opera house. 
Kaj Krinsmoe, Denmark 

Media coverage
I refer to BBC news channel's decision to introduce a time delay on its live coverage of sensitive news events. This great gesture from BBC of editing some horrific scenes of a tragic event before airing them is a step in right direction and it's high time the Indian news channels follow suit. The moment a tragic incident occurs all the news channels scramble to give first hand reports, which is all very fine. But what's the need for the reporters to thrust their mikes into the faces of wailing women and ask them some inane questions as to what happened and how they are feeling. The channels should adopt a more humanistic approach and respect the sentiments and feelings of the affected people. What's the point in showing mutilated bodies of victims, scenes of blood scattered around, etc. Such horrific scenes can have adverse effects on young minds when shown incessantly for the entire day/week. Yes, the channels should report the incident as fast and in as much detail as they can but surely they can edit certain scenes before airing them. Also, in their haste to become the first channel to provide breaking news of a tragic event the news channels sometimes provide wrong information, which can worsen the situation and create panic among citizens. Like it happened during the Gateway of India blast day when some news channels wrongly informed about bomb blasts in certain areas where no bomb blast took place. The news channels should know that a sensitive reporting of events has a greater chance of striking a chord with the viewers than a sensational reporting of events. But in this age when for a news channel even a minister going abroad is a "breaking news" what's the bet that the channels will restrain themselves and take caution before airing graphic details of a tragic incident and covering funerals of big personalities invading the private moments of the grief-stricken family members of the deceased. After all we are living in today's time where TRPs and advertising money has taken precedence over humanistic outlook. All it will require for the channels to indulge in sensitive reporting is to resist the lure of TRPs/money and get over their obsession of being the first to report incidents. Will the Indian news channels have the determination to follow BBCs path? Only the next few tragic events will tell.
Borivili (W), Mumbai - 400103

Two-nation theory
Mr. Jinnah's "Two Nations" theory was quite different from that of the then fundamentalist outfit the Hindu Mahasabha and of its present day offsprings - the Sangh Parivar. Presiding over the Muslim League session in 1916, Mr. Jinnah declared:" We have a vast continent, inhabited by 315 millions of people. sprung from various racial stocks, inheriting various cultures and professing a variety of religious creeds. All this means a great diversity of outlook, purpose and endeavour. All of us are children of India and India is one nation having many nations. The interest of the country is paramount. We need not try to argue whether we are Muslims first or Indians first. The fact is that we both and to us, Muslim Leaguers, the question of precedence has no meaning. The Muslim League inculcates in Muslims a strong spirit of sacrifice for INDIA as much for ISLAM.

Instead of levelling irresponsible allegations against film-industry to be paid by tobacco-industry for smoke-scenes in films, Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss should specify how much government-functionaries are being paid regularly by the tobacco-industry to defer a complete ban on manufacture and sale of cigarettes in the country! He must also spell out definite reasons for government not going for such a ban which has already been done successfully by countries like Bhutan and Ireland. Smoking is an addiction started out of a hi-fi fashion at the young age which can not be checked by government’s uselessly formal and publicised steps like banning smoke-scenes on screens or printing statuary warnings about smoking to be injurious. Government under influence of influential lobby of cigarette-manufacturers is playing with citizens’ lives by not banning manufacture and sale of cigarettes completely.

Dariba DELHI 110006

President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has once again reiterated that he cannot be taken as rubber-stamp to endorse any bill without giving it careful thought. His points in returning Right-to-Information Act are worth considering for proper implementation of the much-needed bill without affecting administrative-efficiency adversely. 

‘Right to Information’ Act should also cover at least administrative part of judicial system even though immunity to judiciary may not permit bill’s provisions in judicial proceedings. For example Act can cover information on complaints against judges, or objections filed against misuse of administrative powers by judges of even higher courts. System will check misconduct and corruption in higher courts at least to some extent.

Dariba DELHI 110006

It refers to search-panels being set up at centre and state levels to identify Padma nominees. Three Padma variants namely Padmashree, Padmabhushan and Padmavibhushan should be merged into one because grading 100 Padma awardees in three variants in a country of more than a billion degrades real value of Padmashree in presence of two higher versions. Merging the three variants will include even more deserving persons for these honours because presently bulk of the awards is utilised in upgrading honours of those already having honoured with Padma awards. It will also eliminate chances of refusal of Padmashree by those doing so in want of a higher version! List of nominees for Padma awards should be short-listed by first seeking clearance from intelligence and tax-authorities before presenting it before the selection committee. An 8-members’ committee can practically only authenticate a pre-prepared government-list of 100 awardees out of about 1000 files in few hours of a single-day’s meeting. Selection-committee should be formed with consent and nominees of the Prime minister and Opposition Leader. Since India has separate awards for distinguished foreigners and non-resident-Indians, Padma awards should be only for resident Indian nationals only generally the living ones.

Dariba DELHI 110006>

It refers to report about Union government preferring self-regulation rather than imposing a ban on smoking. If self-regulation is the policy to check human evils, then Union Government should withdraw attempt-to-suicide from Indian Penal Code. Likewise using helmets by scooterists should also be made self-regulatory rather than being forced as compulsory. 

Bitter fact may be that government-functionaries and not persons from film-industry may be on pay-lists of influential tobacco-lobby because of which government does not follow sensible countries like Ireland and Bhutan in imposing a total ban on manufacture and sale of cigarettes in this country.
Dariba DELHI 110006

"A non-muslim's assessment about mr.jinnah's humanitarianism"
Jamshed Nusserwanji was a Parsi, a builder and Mayor of the post-Partition Karachi. Asked about Mr. Jinnah, this fine old gentleman said: "Yes, his memory is very beautiful to me. He was never a demostrative person; he wa always reserved, dignified and lonely. But I wish to tell you about the day in 1928. He stood up and pleaded for his people. I knew the greatness of his heart. He beleved that Hindus and Muslims could be brought together. Thee was no hate in him. I beg of you to believe that Mr. Jinnah was a humanitarian. He was never generous with his tears. Take it from me, he wept only twice in his entire life. Once in 1935, when, disgusted with the rigid and irresponsible attitude of Indian Muslims, he decided to bid goodbye to Muslim politics in India and settle down in England. He wept as he packed up his clothes. The second occasion when he wept was when I went with him to see the encampment of Hindus, who had stayed on in Pakistan. When he saw their miseries, he wept. I saw tears rolling down his noble cheeks." { Source: Hector Bolitho's "JINNAH-CREATOR OF PAKISTAN"}
Old # 22/New # 22, Barracks Rd., Periamet, CHENNAI 600003
seyed pasha <>

Imrana case
Nice coverage. As usual, we wake up when it is already too late. But better late than never. 
M H Zulqarnain, Riyadh

So here comes one more "Islamic episode", the latest one is the incidence of rape of a woman by her father-in-law in Muzaffarnagar. Not long ago all of us had witnessed the day-to-day (minute by minute) happening in the Gudiya case, courtsey the media especially the electronic one.

In the latest one, covered by both print and electronic media who have made both the incidences look as an issue of one community only, whereas the present issue as well as the former one is not a religious issue but a social one. The issue of a controversial fatwa issued by some Mullahs has given a new twist to the whole episode. According to these Mullahs the victim no longer can stay with her husband, this has not only created confusion but also has made a mockery of the Shariat. How can the whole case be divided into two, one governed by the shariat and other by the law of the land? Either the Shariat should be applied to the whole case or the law of the land, how can the Mullahs apply the shariat and forbid the victim to stay with her husband ( according to their interpretation of the Shariat) but allow the culprit to go away without implementing the Shariat on him -- i.e. stoning him to death for his crime?

Logically the victim should return to her husband, as for the accused he should be given the severest punishment according to the court, so that no "Father-in-law" becomes a "Father-out-law" in future. As for the Mullahs it seems they are hell bent on providing new stories to the "idea bankrupt" bollywood.
Abdul Monim, Navi Mumbai 400 703

Imrana-like cases will act as double-edged sword, one for achieving public-good and other for encouraging social-evil! Media-highlighted episode in practice will give rise to fathers-law-law taking their daughters-in-law as personal properties for sexual enjoyment. Islamic families especially those wanting to get rid of their daughters-in-law have found an entertaining way to throw out married women with religious endorsement by Darul Uloom Deoband and All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Positive aspect advocated by sensible left parties remains that some more such incidents will make Muslims revolt against their fundamentalist religious leaders, to reform religious systems according to needs of modern times like is already been done in many Islamic nations. Even pseudo-secularist Indian politicians will be ultimately compelled to break silence on injustice on Muslim women. It may not be practical for institutions like National Human Rights Commission or National Women Council to avoid action against culprits hided under religious traditions.

Propagators of Uniform Civil Code have opportunity to achieve the goal but by first publicising Islamic systems which should be included in Uniform Civil Code. For example Indian Criminal Procedure Code should be stringent by including harsh provisions from Sharriyat to practically bring down crime-rate. Sharp opinion-difference between male-female organisations of Muslim Personal Law Board also suggests that Women Reservation Bill should be immediately passed in its original undiluted form for women to be effectively heard in legislature. Otherwise benefits of bill on domestic violence against women may be undone by atrocities on them endorsed by fundamentalist religious leaders. 
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Husband cannot be son and father in law cannot be husband
The decision that Imrana’s husband will be considered to be her son and the father in law who raped her will be her husband is rubbish. These people are taking a sadistic view of this incident and they have no business to make such a hasty decision. How can the perpetrator of the crime can be the benefactor? How can the victim can be treated as criminal?

Islam has asked the father in laws to consider daughter in laws as their daugthers only. Islamic criminal law cannot be implemented in India by the community, father in law should seek pardon from the son and daughter in law for his obnoxious act of incest and he should be asked to leave the house if he cannot behave. 

There are so many people in this world having incestuous relations and they are not found out. In this case, since the woman was raped she complained to her family about this dastardly act of the father in law. The relation between Imrana and Noor Ilahi does not end by act of father in law, which was consensual act. She is not at fault and she deserves protection and sympathy. She cannot be thrown to the wolf and she will not be accepted by any one. Her husband wants to live with his wife and children and let it be. 

Islam is a religion of logic, reason, humanism, understanding, tranquility and social hygiene and any one violates the rules will have to answer God for his or her deeds on the day of judgement. 
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

I have observed that a lot of newspaper space is being given to Muslim women. Its good that people are concerned with the plight of Muslims, may be just for Muslim women at the moment. Islamic laws are just and an understanding of these laws require comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Islam. In my humble opinion the aggressor or trespasser deserves severe punishment and such is the case for molestation/rape in Islam. In Imranas's case media has been overactive and we are not sure about the authenticity of statement of different religious personalities. However, going by media reports statements of different religious leaders are not only contradictory but down right confusing.

In view of all focus on Muslim community, we fail to understand as to why an attempt to educate them is vehemently opposed. When AMU opted for an admission policy through which it was possible to select the best of talents among Muslims in India, both left and right ideologues shamefully joined hands to decry it. With the level of awareness and economic backwardness among Muslims it is hardly surprising to see just about a dozen selected in IIT-JEE. Scanning through list of successful candidates in prestigious competitions, one rarely comes across a few Muslim candidates. As preparation for these competitions require rigorous coaching, only a few, who are economically well off and also aware of the importance of such courses can afford it. Why not reserve a small percentage of seats for Muslims in all such courses? 

It will be much easier to involve educated people in government schemes eg. Polio eradication drive. It is really incomprehensible as to why a long-term policy of educating Muslim masses is not adopted? Surprisingly, emphasis is just laid on administering a few drops of polio vaccine instead of creating overall awareness for health and hygiene. 
Dr. Salman Sultan
Shibli National Post Graduate College
Azamgarh-276001 U.P.
Phone No. 05462-227879
Salman Sultan" <

The Imrana case has again proved that the Madrasa educated religious leaders led by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board are thoroughly incompetent to lead Indian Muslims in both religious and political matters.However it is a matter of great relief that the last Messenger himself declared that healthy difference of opinion is a blessing of God.The so called Fatwa /Judgement passed by some Maulana of Deoband and endorsed by the Personal law board is based on "Hanafi" opinions. Maulanas/Jurists of "AhleHadees", "Hanbali", "Jafari","Shafai" opinions do not agree with this judgement, because the Hanafi judgement is not based on the directives of either Quran or the last Messenger/Teacher, the ultimate authority in Islam. Rather it is based on "Rai"(personal opinion)of the Hanafi jurists.Every Muslim including Imrana & her husband are free to choose the most acceptable Fatwa/Judgement available under different juridical schools/opinions. Even under secular legal system different judges often pass radically different judgements based on the same set of evidence.Theoretically the Islamic sharia law provides the facility and freedom of choice to the Muslims which is not available to any other community under any other legal systems, but unfortunately the Muslim community has failed to provide this freedom in practise. 
meraj shahab <>

Rape of Religion
The media reports about the fatwa regarding rape of a girl by her father-in-law are nauseating. More so when you consider that Islam has given so many protections to the weaker sex. How can the mufti debar the girl from going to the legally wedded husband? What is the Muslim Personal Law Board up to when it justifies the fatwa and in the same breath says that the punishment prescribed by ISLAM in cases of RAPE is stoning the rapist to death (in front of all).

If these are views expressed by the two "learned" members of the AIMPLB in 
their individual capacities as Indian citizens it is justified since all Indians have the right to SPEAK on ANY TOPIC (whether they have knowledge of it or not). But if they have spoken as members of the Board then they must 
exercise restraint since their VIEWS are interpreted differently.

In this present case the father-in-law has been rewarded with the company of his daughter-in-law whom he forced into submission to satisfy his lust. The only inference that I draw from this fatwa is that if you like someone just rape her and the mullas will put her in your lap — and the poor husband will 
have nothing to do with her forthwith.

What is the fault of the husband and the wife in this whole episode? They are being punished with separation. And the culprit is enjoying. This is nothing but RAPE OF ISLAM at the hands of the people who considerthemselves 

the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE in the field.
syed abdul salam" <

I want to share some of my feelings regarding this case as a part of Ummah. 1.why our mufti sahebaan are so fast in giving fatwa regarding any issue ?why dont they take all the relevant matter into their consideration.Have they asked for four witness of this crime or have they asked the women to give shahadah about this henious crime to prove the guilty in first place?

2.did they enquire the whole matter?

3.did they think of the consequences of their verdict?

4.why do they give a fatwa whose half part is only subjected to be implemented practically?

5.Isnt it true that the basis on which they give fatawas are on the condition that it should be implemented in muslim rule only?Why dont they think that the rulings of fiqa changes according to the situation?If islam says a women to get detached from his husband ,Baitul maal takes responsibility of his day to day livings and his children.

A general assumptions about our ulemas (not all) is that they are totally unaware of the Alam(world affairs).They just xerox the fatawas mentioned in our old glorious books written by scholars of the time.
We all agree those are our basic books and we should consult them for guidelines but we should consider the complete picture of that time and then compare with present before giving any decree as Ulemas are our guides and we have to follow them even if we find it hard to digest their views mentally.
Its really painful for every muslim when our lovely religion is made a mockery by people,they are asking unique questions like if she was raped by a group then who will be his husband,if grandfather rapes her grand daughter(star tv)then how she becomes his fathers mother?
Who will reply these comments,who ll come ahead to shut these nonsense?
It is the common muslim who comes in cage not the ulemaas becoz they hardly mix up with other communities.They have madarsa,mosque and only muslim gatherings to face.
May Allah keep us on the right path.
ishtyak roshan

It refers to news of Narayan Rane’s expulsion from Shiv Sena due to his differences with son of party-supremo Bal Thackeray. Dynastic system in Indian politics by running political parties as family-shops has ruined democratic system of governance. Personality-based political parties are regularly adding to numbers taking country far away from an ideal two-party system required for a healthy democracy. Trend must be ended by eliminating role of party-bosses in making or unmaking of governments which can only be done by electing leader of the House (PM or CM) by secret vote on nominations signed by at least one-third members. Such an elected leader may be removed only on no-confidence motion signed by at least one-third members but with compulsion to name alternate leader in the same motion.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Sarkar is one of the best movie to come out in the last decade. Though Sarkar is influenced by The God father - the setting, story and characterization is
different. While GF was about underworld, Sarkar is about Amitabh - a powerful messiah with his own set of rules and rational thinking. Sarkar is obsessed with power not to flaunt it but to help the needy and to protect & keep his family together. Sarkar's USP lies in its characters who have responsibilities & respect towards their family, who celebrate happy occasion & wail on tragic incidents, who quarrel on certain issues and make sacrifices when needed. These factors make the movie not only identifiable to the Indian audience but it also makes itself different from GF. The undignified influence of power, difference in ideologies, family responsibility is the mainstay of SARKAR. How Amitabh deals with his powerful status, his power- obsessed coterie, his well- wishers, his enemies, and his family is what Sarkar is all about. Ramgopal Verma has brilliantly adapted The Godfather and has managed to give a distinct look that the Indians can identify with. His extensive use of close-up of Amitabh & Abhisek who express through their eyes is excellent. The story depicting expansion being supplanted by gradual breakup and power & victories by grief and collapse of the empire is shown in a gradual way. Though the first half vaguely resembles the Thackeray saga, the second half takes a tangential turn. Sporting a tilak, donning a black kurta and a lungi, speaking in a rasping voice, displaying unconventional mannerisms, emoting with his eyes, Amitabh Bachchan has made the character a memorable one. Whether he is displaying his power, whether he trying to keep his family together, whether he reels in sea of pain due to fragmentation of his family, whether he watches his empire crumbling and his power eroding, he gives the character an authentic touch. Abhishek Bachchan has given a very effective performance. With his exceptional restraint, strong demeanour, penetrating stare, and effective dialogue delivery; Abhishek has created a memorable character. Kay Kay Menon is excellent and provides the fire and impetuousness required for the character. Supriya Pathak, Anupam Kher, Rukhsar, Katrina Kaif, Tanisha Mukherjee, Zakir Khan, Ishrat Ali, Deepak Shirke, and all the character actors have performed excellently bringing out the nuances of their brief roles. Sarkar is characterized by fantastic performances, deft direction, tight screenplay, and superb Cinematography. The movie deals with numerous subjects - family honour, tentacles of power, disputes about tradition & change, romance, betrayal and the value of ethics in today's time. Vote
for this Sarkar.  Yeh Sarkaar zaroor chalegi.
amjad maruf" <

It refers to protest on shifting famous pavement ‘book bazaar’ of Sundays from Daryaganj in Delhi. Book vendors were not evicted from narrow road of Darya Ganj, but rather asked to shift to a bigger and more convenient site near Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium at Ring Road. New site would have been convenient for large number of book-lovers coming from far off areas in Delhi due to ease in parking vehicles. Shifting of the book-bazaar would have rather increased popularity and business of books.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

A Cowadly Act.
An attack on the disputed Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi at Ayodhya has rightly stunned the entire nation. How the terrorists were able to reach the site is a million dollar question. Instead of helping the authorities to find out the truth it is really painful to see our politicians trading charges and playing the dirty game of politics. I don't know when these insane and faceless people's representatives will show their real capabilities of governence. Sometime I strongly feel that all of them should be packed lock, stock and barrel in a gunny bag be thrown in to Arabian Sea. Even Arabian sea will not keep them and will thow them back to shores with its high tides!!

This is not the time for trading charges against each other. This is in fact a time to stand united in condemning the act and foil the efforts of evil forces to divide us. Whoever is involved in this incident must be booked at once and brought to justice.

I request the PM, Home Minister and all concerned to nab culprits. I appeal to everyone to stand united in this hour of need and do not allow anyone to take advantage to disturb the fabric of our unity, multi religiosity and multiculturism. Unity in diversity has and will remain the strength of India and Indians.

Yes, we must condemn this act wholeheartedly but be sure that in doing so we do not harm innocents in anyway. Practising restrain in such an hour is the best solution. Do not provocate or get provocated, please.
Firoz Khan
Etobicoke, ON. M9W 6G9 Canada.

I refer to the terrorist attack in Ayodhya. It is said that crime never pays. But the recent terrorist act in Ayodhya proved that crime definitely pays. Though the terrorists gained nothing, the attack proved to be a huge boon for L. K. Advani, who has clunged to the Ayodhya issue to save his political career and to improve his strained relationship with RSS and VHP. One only hopes that he doesn't discard his recently acquired secular garb and takes help of the rabble-rousers and fanatical elements and unleashes verbal venoms. The Indian Jawans did a commendable job of eliminating the terrorists. And more commendable job was done by the Indian public who did not fall to the bait of the terrorists - of creating communal violence. Though there were sporadic violent reactions, by and large there were peaceful demonstrations and this is how it should be. This is not only good for the country but it also sends out the message to the terrorists that their violent actions will not get any desirable reaction. But having said this the UP government should not be lax in providing security to the Temple. The Ayodhya issue has been a festering wound on the country's body politic, besides being the apple of discord between Muslims and Hindus. The politicians and the religious leaders do not want any solution to this problem and this issue is raked only for political gains. We have enough hardliners in both the communities and therefore it is only foolhardy to expect a solution through negotiations. Lets wait for the courts decision in this matter. And it will be advisable if the courts give their decision fast because our national leaders are wasting too much time and energy on this issue and the other important issues have taken a back seat.

Borivili (W), Mumbai - 400103

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