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Published in the 16-28 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

The Milli Gazette Online

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Muslims in Ahmedabad urge Pakistan to play in their city

Muslims in Ahmedabad urge Pakistan to play
 in their city (9 Feb.05)


Lucknow: Only a couple of days after formation of a separate Shia Muslim Personal Law Board (SMPLB), Shia community in general has expressed strong disapproval and took out protest demonstrations at various places in Lucknow. The protests were sparked by statements of Maulana Kable Jawwad, a popular leader of Shia community and a member of original All India Muslim Personal Law Board who described the new Board as a product of BJP, RSS and United States conspiratorial designs to divide the Muslim community as a whole. He said that he has proof of US and Sangh organiasations' close touch with the promoters of new Board and their active support in the formation of SMPLB. He said that US administration is highly upset over the opposition of Shias and Muslims all over the world to their aggressive machinations in Iraq and Iran. About Sangh organisations he said that they are always ready to support any exercise that will divide Muslim community. Various Shia organisation in Lucknow took out protest demonstrations against SMPLB.

New Delhi: Strongly reacting to Justice U.C. Bannerjee’s interim report on Godhra train fire incident that describes it as an accident and not an act of conspiracy as described by Narendra Modi government in order to malign Muslims in the eyes of general public and to justify the carnage, a group of 75 intellectuals in different of fields and prominent citizens have requested in an open letter to prime minister Manmohan Singh for the immediate release of more than 200 persons, all Muslims who were falsely arrested, tortured and are still kept in jails. They also demanded payment of suitable compensations to them for their incarceration for almost 3 years without any fault. The signatories of the letter include, among others, Shyam Benegal, Shubha Mudgal, Swami Agnivesh, Mallika Sarabhai, Zoya Hasan, Ram Punyani, Shabnam Hashmi etc. 

Howrah: Howrah Friends Society organised a function at Tikya Para Girls School, Howrah on 12 January to observe the first death anniversary of this school’s former principal, (late) Naushaba Bano, affectionately called by every body as Naushaba Baji. On this occasion a free ambulance, which was gifted by Naushaba Baji’s husband, Dr Akbar Ali to the Society in his wife’s memory, was jointly inaugurated by the famous football player, P.K. Banerji, and the Schools old helper, Sakeena Bibi. While appreciating Dr Akbar Ali’s noble gesture for the benefit of the people, Banerji also paid rich tributes to Naushaba Baji and praised the society for its good and humanitarian work for the welfare of the people. Society’s president, Mukhtar Alam and secretary Iqbal Naeem also thanked Dr Akbar Ali for his gift.

Gonda: A Muslim Marriage Bureau was inaugurated in Gonda (UP) on 28 January by Eidgah Imam, Maulana Azmat Ali who in his speech called upon Muslims to observe simplicity and austerity on occasions like marriage etc in the light of Qur’an and Hadith and also asked Muslim youth and parents to discourage dowry system as far as possible. President of Marriage Bureau, Haji Shabnam Abdur Rab speaking about the objectives of this Bureau said that these days lot of difficulties are being faced by parents in getting suitable match for their sons and daughters and hence this Bureau has been started to solve their problems. 

New Delhi: Sayyad Shihabuddin, President of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, who is also associated with Babri Masjid Action Committee, in a letter to National Minorities Commission has said that even now there are many mosques in Punjab which are occupied by non-Muslims. These are the mosques in which namaz was being offered in pre-partition days but after partition when Muslims had migrated to Pakistan, those mosques were occupied by non-Muslims. Shihabuddin and many others have requested Minorities Commission to get those mosque vacated and hand them over to Muslims. Chairman of the Commission, Tirlochan Singh said that the Commission is enquiring into the true position. 

Amroha: The annual Urs of Hazrat Shah Ibn Badar Chisht has started in accordance with the long tradition. As usual thousands of devotees from far and near, including foreign countries and belonging to all faiths have assembled here for paying their obeisance to the great saint and also for fulfilment of their wishes and dreams. The saint belonged to Kirman (Iran) who had come to Amroha and set up his mosque and monastery which has survived till date. This place is also known as Peerzada where people of his family and dynasty are settled.

Aligarh: A team of junior doctors from Aligarh Muslim University which had visited Nagapattinam district, one of the areas worst affected by Tsunami waves had set up health camps there and distributed medicines worth lakhs of rupees to the affected people in addition to tending the sick and injured people. The collector of the district highly appreciated the services of these doctors. In a letter of thanks and appreciation sent to AMU Students Union, he appreciated their work and said that the job and help rendered by these doctors is really praiseworthy. 

Rampur: UP government had issued orders in October last year to provide meals to primary school students after which mid-day meals were being provided to these students. However, such orders were not applicable to madrasa students but now, after four months the government probably realised that madrasa students too might be feeling hungry. Therefore it issued similar orders for providing mid-day meals to madrasa students.
In all, students of 83 madrasas at different places of Rampur will accordingly be given mid-day meals. 

New Delhi: Delhi Waqf Board has taken a bold step by increasing the salaries of Imams and Muezzins by 70 percent and those of its office employees by almost 100 percent. Similarly the remunerations of daily wage earners have also been increased from Rs 1700 to Rs 3000 per month. Waqf Board chairman, Chaudhari Mateen Amad told media persons that there are some other demands also of Imams and muezzins which are under consideration. Speaking about his achievements he said that Board’s monthly income has increased from Rs 1.6 lakh to 2.5 lakh and hopes to increase it to Rs 25 lakh in the next ten years. He said that he will soon start a scheme of providing free education to children of poor parents and also a scheme of arranging group marriages of daughters of widows whose entire expenses will be borne by the Waqf Board.

New Delhi: All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) has described the model ‘nikahnama’ prepared by All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) as discriminatory and said that whereas every thing that is favourable to women has been reduced to ‘a pious piece of advice’ and whatever is against women’s rights has been described as ‘Islamic injunctions’. AIDWA member, Maimoona Mollah demanded a ban on ‘arbitrary triple talaq’ which is practiced only in India. She said that at various places wording of the nikahnama is vague and will not give any relief to victims of talaq. Also, she said, ‘Khula’ (women’s right to divorce) is omitted in the ‘nikahnama’. She said that the model ‘nikahnama’ neither protects the interests of bride nor gives her the right to put her own conditions for the marriage. She said that the directive to appeal to a Sharia Court in case of unresolved dispute between the two parties negates women’s right to appeal to secular courts on issues which directly affect them. 

New Delhi: Former Union railway minister, C.K. Jaffer Sharief while speaking to Muslim Congress workers lamented that in many state governments normally unimportant ministerial portfolios like Haj, Auqaf etc are being given to Muslim ministers where they can neither benefit the people nor can they demonstrate their administrative capabilities. By denying them administrative and economic responsibilities, they cannot plan developmental projects and schemes for the benefit of the people and prove their administrative capabilities. That they appear to be quite happy and grateful to the powers that be even if a minor portfolio is given to them shows the depth to which they have fallen. He asked them to assert their rights and insist for greater role in leading the country on the road to progress.  

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