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Published in the 16-28 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

The Milli Gazette Online

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Kashmiri women cast votes in the muncipal elections at Anantnag (Islamabad) on 6 Feb.05

Kashmiri women cast votes in the muncipal elections
at Anantnag (Islamabad) on 6 Feb.05


Muradabad: Human Welfare Association of Muradabad, an organisation set up 4 years ago is doing a really laudable job of performing last rites of unclaimed dead bodies according to their religious customs. Though its president Abdullah Siddiqui cannot devote much time because of other pre-occupations, it is mostly its members Mohammad Rashid and Ashok Bhatia who perform all the work. During the last 4 years this organisation performed the last rites, burial or cremation, of more than a thousand unclaimed bodies, a good number of whom were highly decomposed and moth-infested and it was difficult even to stand near them but the devoted members performed all jobs from giving bath to burial or cremation in accordance with their religion. These people daily go to post mortem house from where they come to know about their religion. 

People of Pilkhua in Ghaziabad were a very sad lot on 11 January because of the tragic death of Shaukat Ali, a washerman by profession, a social worker, and general secretary of city Congress party. After finishing his routine work of washing others’ dirty linen in a pond near railway station for earning a living, he kept himself always busy in helping other people, man or woman, old or young, Hindu or Muslim, rich or poor. Needless to say that because of all this he was darling of the people. On that day while returning from his professional job he saw two children, 8-year old Salman and 3-year old Arbaaz who were on the point of crossing a railway track exactly at the same time when Kashi-Viswanath Express from Delhi at full speed was to pass from there. Shaukat Ali who happened to be there at that very moment and seeing the children in danger hurriedly succeeded in pushing them away from the track but himself came under the wheels of fast running train and died on the spot. 

New Delhi: United Muslim of India organised a function at Hira Public School, behind Lok Nayek Jai Prakesh Hospital in which Dr Shauqi Zaif’s Arabic book ‘Al Adab Al Arabi, Al Mua’ Sirfi Misr’’s Urdu translation ‘Jadeed Arbi Adab’ was released by Prof Mohd No’man Khan, head of the Department of Arabic, Delhi University. The book was translated into Urdu by Dr Shams Kamal Anjum who shed light on the importance and utility of the book. 

New Delhi: Delhi Urdu Academy’s sixteenth Urdu Drama Festival started here at Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House. Speaking on this occasion after inaugurating the 5-day festival, stage and theatre personality, Zohra Sehgal said that the activities of the Academy for the promotion of Urdu in every filed are praise worthy. Academy’s vice president, M. Afzal said that artistes associated with drama and film world realise the importance of Urdu for better presentation and pronunciation of dialogues. Of the five dramas that will be staged in this festival, ‘Kali Barf’ was presented on 1 February. Written by Meera Kant and directed by Mushtaq Kaak, this drama depicts the present disturbed state of Kashmir with a constructive purpose. 

Amroha: Anees Academy was formed in Amroha on 30 January with the objective of familiarising new generation with Urdu language, education and literature. In his inaugural speech, Maulana Mohammad Siyadat Imam of Jama Masjid shed light on the aims objectives and necessity of Anees Academy. Founder of the Academy, Maulana Shahsawer Husain Naqvi, in addition to detailing the objectives of this Academy, described Mir Anees’s association with Amroha and this city’s contribution and services to Urdu literature and said that this Academy will promote Urdu education, organise discussions and seminars on important personalities and other literary activities. Those who spoke on this occasion were Askari Raza, advocate, Pundit Ram Nath Sharma, president of Adabi Sangam, and others. 

New Delhi: Film producer and director, Muzaffar Ali, who is also a fashion designer, and his colleague, US — based Dr Deepak Chopra, are planning to build a Sufi centre in Delhi. They are also working on a film on Sufi poet of 13th century, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi to be shot in India and Turkey. This centre would work to promote Sufi thoughts which mainly centre round compassion and sensitivity which are ‘really lacking these days’ says Ali. It will also have an arts centre, would work for rural development, organise festivals etc and would basically promote and propagate Sufism. These two people are also starting a Rumi Foundation in Delhi that would propagate the poetry of Rumi who is now one of the most popular poets in America. Rumi was born in Afghanistan but lived in Persia (now Iran). 

New Delhi: An inter-house competition was held in Shafiq Memorial Sr Sec School, Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi in which programmes of drama, group song, patriotic songs, dance and fancy dress etc were held on 30 January. Participants in this competition were student’s of Ghalib House, Allama Iqbal House, Sir Sayyad Ahmad House, Dr Zakir Husain House etc. Children of Iqbal House, Fauzia, Shagufta and others presented best programmes in different spheres and won first prize. Children of Zakir Husain House won second prize, those of Sir Sayyad House won third and Ghalib House children won fourth prizes. Principal of the School, Sibghatullah Siddiqui and Dr Zaheer Qureshi served as judges. 

introspect and Understand Islam 
Lucknow: Rajinder Singh, Sikh witness of Paramhans Ram Chandra Das in Babri Masjid ownership case, advised Muslims to introspect themselves and try to understand Islam and its teachings.

In reply to a question by Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqui before the Special Commissioner, Hari Shankar Dubey, he said that in order to understand Islam, life and Hadiths of Prophet (SAW) should be studied which will be helpful. When Siddiqui asked him that the way he said in the court that all Muslims are not ‘Malechh’, why did he not in the same way write this in his book? He said that from the book it appears that in Punjabi literature this term has not only been used for all Muslims but for Arabs also. Why it was not stated there that the entire Muslim nation is not ‘Malechh’? He had no answer to this question.

In reply to another question he said that the teachings of tenth guru have not been included in Guru Garanth Saheb. He said that he himself does not believe in monotheism and polytheism. He said he knows a lot about Islam but could not explain Islam clearly. He said that for Islam Mazhab and Deen, both Urdu words, are used. 

Network of schools
New Delhi: Rajya Sabha deputy chairman, K. Rahman Khan, while speaking on the occasion of silver jubilee function of New Horizon School, called upon the people to spread the network of schools in northern India also in order to popularise and expand the area of education. He said that in South India the population of Muslims is only 20 percent of total population but in spite of this there is a large network of schools. He expressed his good wishes for New Horizon School. Delhi’s chief minister Shiela Dikshit who also spoke on this occasion said that she has emotional relationship with this school.

Manager of the School, Kamal Farooqui speaking about the progress of the School said that 25 years ago this school had started with 2 class rooms and 22 children and in 25 years it made wonderful progress though it does not get aid from any where.

Principal of the School, Ms Sulekha Mehra presented annual report of the School. A drama of Faizul Qazi was also staged in this programme. Shabana Azmi presented mementos to students and read out the school song composed by her husband, Javed Akhtar. Justice MSA Siddiqui presented mementos to teachers.

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