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Published in the 16-28 Feb 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


I want to congratulate you. You people are doing great job. I have started reading MG for the last one and half months. You people are courageous. In MG of 1-15 Feb I read about "Kalki Avtar". Please give more information about "Kalki Avtar". Please continue doing this fantastic job.
Hina Sid,

Muslim India
I am sorry to know that Muslim India is going to close down. It is necessary to think over who is responsible for this lest others too close down. It is necessary to spread consciousness about this. Imams of Mosques can play a role in this.
Shaik Ahmed, Ahmedpura, Karimnagar, AP


Shahabuddin's letter to Sonia Gandhi on Nellie Massacre, 1983

My dear Soniaji,

While the anti-Sikh riots, 1984, Bhagalpur riots, 1983 and the Gujarat genocide 2002, continue to occupy the headlines, everyone seems to have forgotten about the Nellie Massacre, 1983 which took a toll of 3,300 in a single day in simultaneous attacks on Bengali-speaking Muslims in half a dozen villages of Nagaon district in Assam, coming under Jagi Road P.S., not far from Guwahati.
» As in Gujarat, of the 688 cases, 378 were closed for lack of evidence, 310 were dropped when AGP came to power.
» The Report of the Tewari Commission submitted in May, 1984 has not been published. Saikia Government decided not to do so. All successor governments have kept it under wraps.
» The central government had made a special grant of Rs. 40 crores (if I remember correctly) for relief and rehabilitation. But the affected families received just a cash dole of Rs.2,000 and 2 bundles of tin-sheets!
What is politically important is to recall that they were all killed because they dared to defy the AGP boycott call and voted for the Congress. It is also rumoured that the tribals were incited and organized by the Sangh Parivar, just as in Gujarat.

We request you to instruct the State Government:
a) to publish the findings and recommendations of the Tewari Commission;
b) to invite claims from the affected families for loss of life and announce a modest ex-gratia grant of Rs. 1,00,000/- for each life lost; and
c) to set up a SIT to review at least the 310 cases which were dropped and to reopen the cases, if deemed fit.
After all, more than 3,000 human beings were butchered in the most barbaric way imaginable and not one culprit has been punished. To me, this is the blackest spot on our face.
With kind regards, Yours sincerely,

Syed shahabuddin, 
President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, New Delhi


Publish Dr Zakir Naik’s lectures
I subscribe to MG and enjoy it reading. You might have seen and heard Dr. Zakir Naik of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) Bombay, whose lectures are being telecast on QTV from Pakistan which are very useful not only to Muslims but the non-Muslims also. If you publish one of his lectures in every issue of it, will be a real service to Islam and God as QTV channel is not accessible in rural areas.

Dr Zakir Naik is an speaker of international stature on Islam and comparative religions. He presents Islam in a persuasive manner. You can get ample materiel from Islamic Research Foundation, Dongree, Bombay. I hope you will enlighten us by publishing Dr. Zakir Nayak’s lectures in the future editions of MG. 
Mohammad Azam, Karim Nagar, AP

A message for Pune police
A cetain R. B. Pimpale is sending highly inflammtory letters to Muslims in Pune and has vowed to destroy many holy places of Muslims in Pune. I believe he is a resident of Koregaon area Pune and has substantial seditious material at his house.

Rahim Noordin

In Search of God
Some say he is in the temples, mosques, churches, and monasteries, while others say that he is in the eyes of a child, the feet of mother, the smile of the beloved, the flowers, the dewdrops, the oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the wind, on the pinnacle of the highest heaven, sitting on a golden throne, with a white flowing beard or rather inside our own souls. Where is God?
Since ages, this question has been predominant, ensuing to a prominent position given to the philosophers and spiritual leaders, who have elevated him to a higher spiritual plane, accessible only to a few, and that too, after performing painful penances and strict austerities. Religions, in their own ways, have obscured his existence, making him elusive and diffident, and ultimately ending up becoming the most sensitive issue, which has the potential of engulfing an entire nation with the flames of communal disharmony.
The rest chose to follow a middle path by making science their religion. This breed of so-called practical people is popularly known as atheists. They adopt a religion that denies the existence of God or a creator and cannot still explain the origin of human existence or define the soul and who like to make us believe that our ancestors were apes. They revel in making robots, while failing miserably to create a simple fly, leave alone a human being, even after being provided with every human organ being made available at their disposal.
We have indeed come a long way from worshipping the sun, planets, stones, idols, superhuman beings and our intelligence that made us walk on the moon, but we still have a long way to go in search of God. The search was there during the Stone Age, and is still there in this Jet Age, with the underlying question, ‘Where is God?’ Today, the question has transcended beyond his whereabouts, to zero in on the ultimate query, ‘Do we need God?’
If you think, ‘Yes’, please carry on reading this story of a soul’s journey from now to the eternity, ‘In search of God’.
Prakash N. Gowda, Vadodra

Modi’s hand in Gujarat pogrom
It is reported in the press that the father of slain Gujarat minister Haren Pandya had told the Nanavati-Shah commission of inquiry that his son had said him that the 2002 riots were "state-sponsored" and "orchestrated" by chief minister Narendra Modi who was the "author and architect of the riots" and he added that his son had told him about a meeting of BJP workers that took place in Lunawada in Panchmahals on February 27, 2002 (the day when the Godhra carnage took place) where Modi instructed. Modi asked the workers to fan out in the state and instructed the the police that the "revenge of Godhra deaths should be allowed and that they should go soft on kar sevaks," Pandya told the commission. This indictment of him should be considered for punishing Modi and his cohorts.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Trial by Media
Unhealthy trend of media-trial especially by electronic media involved in an unholy race to increase TRP ratings has crossed all limits when it did not spare even perfectly immunised judiciary of higher courts compelling Bihar High Court judge RS Garg to utilise the same media urging his transfer from Bihar because a TV channel showed a person alleging the judge to be an RSS man for his order in public interest to restrict the use of loud-speakers by all including religious places! Focussing a dreaded criminal Dhananjay Chaterjee like a martyr, blowing out of proportion most ordinary Gudia-story, sensationalising news-stories resulting in repeat of such crimes, unfair media-trial of sensitive cases like of Shankaracharya by showing edited video-clips of police-interrogation, some never-happened news-items like fire in West Bengal lake are a few of routine such examples which require electronic media to be regulated by some checks and norms. However only exception was that media restrained itself from disclosing identity of the victim of infamous MAMC rape-case.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Help, please
I want to know the following addresses:
1.All India Urdu Stenographer Union
2.Names and addresses of the Muslim Government employee organisations
3.Names and addresses of the organisations which provide legal assistance to Muslim government employees to fight against discrimination in India.
4.Names and address of the Muslim organisations which fight against discrimination in India.
Javed Afzal,

I am an Indian residing in Saudi arabia. I am studying in ninth standard and I wish to take admission there in India in 10 std (CBSE). It would be too kind of you if you could suggest a few good CBSE residential schools in Delhi, Pune, Aligarh, Banglore or anywhere else.

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I live in Mumbai and I am willing to participate in Muslim welfare in my city by helping orphans. Please provide me if you can the address of any orphanage in Mumbai. I am unable to locate any orphanage in Mumbai. It would be difficult for me to go to Gaya as I reside in Mumbai. 
Nadeem Ansari,

I read your article on the compilation of information with regard to NGO's working in Kashmir. I am a qualified professional social worker and for a long time have been looking for an opportunity to work in Kashmir, specifically with war affected children and women as I feel strongly about the cause. I am in Maharastra and at the moment working as a lecturer in a college in Maharastra. I have been able in getting a little information on which organizations work in Kashmir. And when I did get some information it was negative — in terms that the valley was not safe for women. But I am serious about exploring opportunities of working with people in Kashmir especially children. I would like to have a copy of your leaflet and also information about work opportunities.

Vinita Khisty

VHP-ilk demands mandir on masjid land
A majority of Gujarati Hindus is susceptible to coming under the influence of Sangh Parivar, who are specialists in grabbing votes by creating communal hatred. The Sangh’s skills were on display recently at Jambusar, Bharuch district, Gujarat. A hundred-year-old Masjid situated in a market dominated by Hindus was pulled down for expansion. Some persons reportedly found an idol while digging the place which was originally bought from a Hindu to build the mosque. After this rumour, RSS and VHP activists started demanding construction of a mandir on the land and a BJP MLA even performed puja. How long the power-mongers will continue to exploit the sentiments of innocent citizens?
S. Akhtar Patel, Khanpur Deh, Bharuch

AIDs education
The decision of the Uttar Pradesh government to introduce AIDs education in the government schools from the next academic session is a wise step. Students should know about AIDs and its effect on human body.
In UP, there are 1, 350 people suffering from AIDS and 8,544 HIV-positive and and of them there are 1,130 male AIDS patients and 220 female patients. Of the AIDS patients, 1,125 are in the group of 21 to 40 years. 
To prevent this disease, only AIDs education is not sufficient, moral education should also be part of the curriculum.

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Sabarmati train fire
Justice UC Banerjee Panel probing the 2002 Godhra incident which triggered the Gujarat riots has concluded that the blaze which killed 59 passengers on Sabarmati Express train was accidental. In his interim report Justice Banerjee has rejected "the petrol theory" and the "miscreant activity theory". Justice Banerjee has clearly stated that the fire in S-6 Coach of Sabarmati Express was "accidental".
In this background the stand that petrol was thrown from outside by the miscreants to burn the passengers in S-6 coach is baseless. 

The forensic report had also said that the fire was ignited in coach no. S-6 itself.
May as a citizen I have the right to know what will be the fate of those persons who have been put behind the bars for burning S-6 coach by throwing inflammable material from outside? Why did the police arrest them? 
Akhtar Hussain Aftab, Patna

Daryabadi seminar
Thanks for inserting a report on Shah Waliullah Seminar and also using a photo. May I draw your attention to the fact that the caption used with the photo is not correct as no book on Daryabadi was released in this function. Secondly this was not a book release function, rather books were released on the sidelines of the seminar.
Sayyed Mansoor Agha, New Delhi

Muslims and Kanchi Mutt 
Atrocities are being perpetrated on the Kanchi Mutt, but unfortunately the Muslims have chosen to remain silent spectators. I ask them why? Some say Kanchi Mutt is a Hindu religious institution. When I talk about the Mutt, my reference is not to the head of the Mutt or his second-in-command or some others connected with the Mutt against whom criminal cases have been filed. They are defending themselves. Let them defend themselves and prove that they are not guilty. But why should the Mutt suffer because of the alleged misdeeds of some of its administrators? 

Is it not true that a large number of policemen barged into the Mutt premises to arrest the Junior Shankaracharya? Is it not true that the police entered a place of worship with their boots on? Is it not a fact that they arrested him when he was performing pooja and they did not allow him to complete the pooja? I ask my Muslim brethrens what the police did was not wrong? 

The "Goondas Act" was enacted to check the nefarious activities of "habitual offenders". The government has misused the law by detaining two gentlemen of the Mutt. Is it not an atrocity? Is it not the moral duty of Muslims to raise their voice against this injustice? Muslims should know that if a Mutt is being targeted by the police today, tomorrow their own religious institutions may be treated in the same manner. This is why Muslims should protest against mistreatment meted out to the Mutt administrators. Muslims can protest at least by posting letters to CM Jayalalitha requesting her to stop atrocities. 

S.M. Pasha, President, Tamil Nadu Muslim Makkal Katchi, Chennai

Protect country from divisive forces
The fundamentalist and communal enmity monger BJP is trying their level best to recapture power at the center and in states. Keeping it view, the hardliner BJP leader LK Advani was nominated the BJP president. Advani had played a key role in the demolition of Babri Masjid. He created an environment for the demolition of the mosque by going on rath yatras. Advani will try to repeat the history once again through rath yatras. But it is the duty of the secular UPA government and the state governments to foil such attempts of the BJP. Now four states are under the rule of BJP. If they are defeated in these states they will have no existence in Indian politics. 

Advani’s becoming the BJP president is a bad signal to Indian politics. The BJP uses communalism to capture power. But the now citizens of the country know the dirty designs of the BJP, and hopefully Advani will not succeed in disturbing peace again.

The UPA government has done a commendable job by reopening the Babri Masjid demolition case against Advani The fundamentalist forces want to demolish many more mosques and tombs. The government should take strict action against the divisive forces to protect secularism and diversity of the country. 
Mustafa Khaddam Hussain , Aligarh

Babri Demolition: Startling revelations
Kudos to Mr M K Dhar for explaining graphically Sangh Parivar’s conspiracy to demolish Babri Masjid 10 months before its execution, in his sensational expose "Open secrets – India’s intelligence unveiled". This daring man who was an IB official himself has exposed the most shameful saga of treachery of Sangh Parivar. He has depicted in his book "….after flop Ekta Yatra of Manohar Joshi, around February 1992. RSS/BJP/VHP drew up the blue print of Hindutva assault in the coming months and code-named it Pralaya Nritya (dance of destruction) at Ayodhya and they agreed to work together in a well-orchestrated manner….. Vandalism was committed by activists of Shiv Sena while Sangh Parviar leaders indulged in irresponsible rhetoric. L K Advani had spat fire from the pulpit but he failed to control flames… The ‘high priests of hatred’ had helped the sanghparivar a stident Hinudtva program soon after the assassination of Indira Gandhi" He has named Advani, Uma Bharati, M M Joshi, RSS top brass (Sudarshan, Raju Bhaiyya), Vijaya Raje Scindia, Vinay Katiyar, H S Seshadri as the chief architects of this conspiracy who had attended the inaugural meeting. These very same people had denied any prior knowledge of the happenings at Ayodhya on 6th December 1992, which is a blot to India’s record as a nation of tolerance, truth and non-violence. 
Thank you, Mr Dhar, for your courage. Your courage will help dispel several doubts created by Sangh Parivar in the minds of the people. More such Dhars are required to come out to speak the truth, especially Godhra train fire, Gujarat massacre, Bombay pogrom and many other happenings in independent India. 
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Unify Asia like Europe 
"All travel has its advantages. If the traveler visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own" said Samuel Johnson. 
Having returned back to India on 55th Republic Day and after a rich experience of staying more than 5 months in Europe (Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland), besides briefly studying the European Union system, it is my dream that one day India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan can all come together and atleast have open borders and one common currency, Rupiah (without photos of Gandhi or Jinnah etc) as an initial step in the unification of this part of the world. 
Once that is done, automatically issues such as the Kashmir dispute will be solved, since any person will be able to move into and out of Kashmir as also all these countries. We can then have more trade and development among these developing countries which are otherwise always systematically isolated by the WTO and IMF regime. Once we indulge in this basic unification, we can prosper by boosting tourism. For instance, if Europe and Russia can have the Eurail and the trans-siberain train respectively, what prevents us from building a Himalayan inter-govt. Glacier Express, or Khyber Express among these countries? Why not have economical Ship cruises from Bombay to Dubai and Karachi, like from Stockholm (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland) ?
The problem is that it is the pea-brained politicians who cannot see beyond their narrow agenda. It is, therefore, imperative that concerned citizens like us advocate and build up a movement for begining such a united Asia and as a step towards a United world. In the future world, I believe caste and religion barriers will not be prominent, but it will be a question of only two kinds of citizens : those who can move freely and those who can’t !
Ronald L. Rebello, Mumbai 

Love of God 
Materialism has overtaken mankind. It has distracted us from our love for God. We have forgotten our Creator and Sustainer who has bestowed upon us his bounties. But despite of all sorts of luxuries, we are deprived of peace of mind. The great theologian Al-Ghazali has said that that human perfection lies in the ‘conquest’ of the love of God. For without love religion becomes a dry and empty formality. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Avoid extravagance
India is a poor country, even though the share market is kicking. (That is only for few select members of our society). Around 30% people are living below poverty line. Day by day we hear the reports of opulence, show-off and wasteful expenditure by govt., corporate sector and individuals. Marriage of daughter of a business tycoon was celebrated in Paris for a week spending crores of rupees, whose company's share value is rock bottom. He could have well donated this amount to build decent houses to some of the dishoused people of Mumbai or elsewhere. Our country, inspite of possessing nuclear weapon, which itself is a deterrent, spends nearly a lakh crores for weapon purchases and army. Is not it a wasteful expenditure?. Can we afford it? Can we not give high class education to poor but deserving children and decent medical aid to the sick? On 26th January and August 15 we make enormous expenditure for road shows and presidential/PM's addresses. In these times of TV revolution he can address the entire Indians on TV channels without spending a paise. He can be viewed on all channels of India and abroad. Why do we want to make a shamiana and give trouble to come and listen to these VIPs in person? Why cannot we conserve this money and start advanced state-of-art agricultural systems and increase our produce and satiate the hunger of teeming millions? We spend nearly ten thousand crores for parliamentary democracy. Why cannot we reduce the number of MPs and MLAs and reduce the establishment cost? Each District should be represented by one MLA and each state by as few as 4 MPs (east, west, north and south of the state) When we remove povery, crime rate will reduce, migration from village to cities will diminish. Each village should be made self sufficient. We should be able to make this country a rich nation. We can do this, provided we learn to conserve, to share, to help each other. I hope people with a clean consience will give a thought to these suggestions and act. We should strive to shun wasteful expenditure and then alone we can become a great nation. Even after 57 years of indepedennce, we did nothing to banish poverty. What a sorry state of affair is this? Do not our leaders try to understand this? How long our poor should wait to get a decent meal, and nice clothing, and a convenient shelter? The greed and carelessness of politicians have done much harm to this democratic nation.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir

Flaunting the Veils in International Politics
International Zionism is just as legendaric for its useful idiots as the so-called free press is legendaric for deluding its daily clients about its freedom. But the clients don't seem to even care, although they certainly intuit it.

The dummies of Zion in Europe are shouting up because Iran is developing nuclear power and wants to generate its own fuel, in spite of USA having a surplus production of nuclear power fuel, but maintain a trade embargo on Iran!

In Western media they are already talking perfidiously of Iran's atomic weapons which are far from existing yet.

No-one talks about Israel's atomic weapons. Why is that? Who's useful idiots are they in Europe? Although it is obvious, no-one persues this topic in the press. Isn't this a little suspect?

The political realities are hushed and cloaked rather than divulged by the sleazy knight-errants of international Zionism.

Why would Iran spend billions on developing atomic power and building underground bomb-proof parks for centrifuges for generating nuclear fuel when they can buy atom bombs on the international black market for around 10 million dollars apiece? Buying ten you might even get 25 % rebate!

It doesn't make sense, if it is atomic might and prestige that Iran aims for.

The political reality is that if Israel is encouraged to bomb Iranian nuclear power stations on behalf of the Neo-con Bolsheviks in Washington it is not because they are a potential threat to anyone, but because they are vital elements in making Iran more independent of US trade embargo. Iranean economy is extremely dependent on selling oil, therefore atomic power is vital for Iran's future. Oil is running out, atoms are here to stay. Atomic power will strenghten Iranean economy and this is the reason that Zion's lackeys in Washington, who constitute the hub of international evil, have declared Iran an "axis of evil". Pretexts are vital for deluding and motivating the political clientele. Since WW2 Americans have been subject to solid doses.

Further, it is not likely that Israel should object to Iran developing atomic weapons because this would induce very propitious circumstances for the Biblical Bolsheviks who are running the Zionist state, to persue their "Fertile Crescent" ambitions.

A nuclear armed Iran would challenge forth reactions that would be favourable for reconciling the Turk-Mongol peoples in the area. More than 90 % of the Jews in Israel are of Turk-Mongol extraction. In other words they are ethnic brothers with the people in Turkey and with the Kurds. The forefathers of these Khazar Jews never set foot in Palestine. This hoax - anti-Semitism - was invented in Vienna, largely by the same Zionists that also helped an anti-Semite to become city mayor of Vianna. And Nazism is another example of how Zionism creates the enemies it needs. Without Hitler, who was originally a Bavarian Bolshevik (well-hushed by the free press), without "this son-of-Rothschilder", there would have been no Holocaust hoax and no State of Israel.

When the Bolskeviks implemented their revolution in 1917, largely over the heads of the Russians, this was mainly a Jewish Zionist initiative. More than 70 % of those who sat in the first Bolshevik Parliament in St. Petersburg, were Jews from New York. Lenin knew that he was the useful idiot of Zionism. He knew where the money came from - the Rothschilds, Germany's Imperial Bank, and Trotsky had 20 million dollars with him from New York, right out of the vaults of Federal Reserve. The Bolshevik government liberated the Russian Jews from their Talmudic ghettos, just as Cromwell had liberated Jews in England and Napolean in France, so that now there were no Jews who wanted to go to a new home for Jews in Palestine. 

This was Dr. Weissmann's exasperation. Dr. Weissmann had defeated Theodore Herzl as leader of the Zionist quest for a Jewish state. Mr. Herzl would have settled for a Jewish state in Uganda, and this would have created no historical strife whatever. No future in that for the Biblical Bolsheviks or for international finance. Therefore it was necessary to implement a monstrous Jew persecution, and Adolph, the son of an illegitimate child of Mr Mayer, head of the Rothschild Bank in Vienna, was just the fury that fitted the bill. Instead of a Bolshevik cap he was now rigged up with a Nazi cap. International manipulations "forced" the Nazi regime to trade with Zion's agencies in Palestine to finance passages for thousands of Jews who, of course, were "persecuted", according the perfectly free Western press.

Reading beyond the brainwash of the mass media, using the Internet, it is sad to note how a monstrous political corruption has facilitated the filthy iniquity of Zionism. Historical dolts stalk the historical scene. First in London, when Dr. Weissmann approached Prime Minister Balfour, and then went to settled in Mr. Balfour's constituency, to get "in" on the offer. And after formulating his famous Balfour Declaration in 1917, addressed to Lord Rothschild, Mr. Balfour became Lord Balfour. The sleazy, sickening corruption that went on in London until WW2 was analysed by people with integrity like Nesta Webster and Douglas Reed, but they were too civilized to point directly on the devil, and at best talked about the influence of "the hidden hand". And, to be fair, one must admit that the Devil is no problem at all, if only people are righteous, for then the Devil has no environment to function in. The Devil can only "get in" when people, politicians are weak, corrupt scum, pretending to serve the declared public interest, but really serving the Devil's. The state of Israel stands as a living symptom of such moral filth.

Since WW2 "the" monstorus corruption has largely taken place in Washington. This is where the dolts are now stalking about, as if it wasn't obvious. And since then Alfred M. Lilienthal has described how the agents of Zion loiter behind the scenes in Washington and with unspeakably dirty methods compromise and buy the decision-makers. But hardly any Americans know of Mr. Lilienthal, the Jew who after WW2 declared himself an American and solidaric with America, and not solidaric with a foreign state called Israel. This dramatic and noble stance is very contrary to that of the ambitious political freaks who jostle for power in Washington, who compete to offer the Zionist Bolsheviks in Israel more billions of dollars, whilst they offer young American's lives in international strife. And thanks to the mad media this abject ambitious creep are played up as venerable. If the sleazy media promoted sewage rats in the same way, deluded Americans might begin to see what they're really involved with. On his ninetieth birthday in Washington, Mr. Lilienthal's office was full of the chief editors of the large national dailies, but who never use his articles or books. Why not? Because they are highly paid journalistic prostitutes, and if they wrote the undistorted truth they would all be on the streets tomorrow. Then, who controls the mass media? It is the owners of Federal Reserve Bank who have "the" controlling share in all the US main news media, with New York Times as a pre-emminet axample.

It is in this exceedingly distasteful and abominable environment that the interests of International Zionism are maintained. These international bankers, the Rothschilds are one of them and they are also part owners of Bank Of England, they use Israel as a vanguard of international Zionism. The Rothschilds financed Israel's Parliament and High Court. This is where the future warriors of Talmudic wrath are being bred with the facile compliance of international political cake-wives. It's called the New World Order. It is easy to discern that these international financiers speculate in filthy iniquity. On the lick-democratic stages corrupt political scum jostle for the limelight and for a chance to get near a microphone to sling out the "right" cliches. This is how they "fish" for furtive hand-outs. The 300 owners of Federal Reserve together earn more than 300 billion dollars annually for selling dollars to Americans, and it is tax free.

Wherever there is iniquity there is strife and money to be made. Yes, there is sort of progress in wars. Reducing Iraq to rubble is good economy. Already the associates of the Neo-con crooks in Washington are getting rich. The pretext is bringing Democracy to Iraq, but the real gimmick is Talmudic destruction, by courtesy of Zion's lackeys in both Washington and London. And the people of Iraq will work for generations to restore their country and pay their debts. The al-Quaeda myth is as good as the Holocaust myth. Those who are engineering the terror in Iraq today are the same team that engineered 11th. Sept., and their advisers are those army officers who sneaked out of Baghdad and was flown to USA. The sneaky, ignoble agents of Zion were there. They are constantly at large behind the international scenes, setting things up for the next action, and they're gone from the scene when all the others madly come rushing in. They are an exceedingly information-minded bunch, trained by rabbinical dialectics for thousands of years, and their intuition is more incandescent than that of real rats'. We know for sure that mythical Jesus and the Apostles were not agents of Zion, for they declared themselves part of humanity, and not God's Chosen Few. The agents of Zion used CIA to get Bin Laden to Afghanistan and Christian missionaries monitored the scenario. The dumb Arabs who couldn't even fly a two-seat Cessna were "fall-guys", rushed to the gobble-upper front-page market by a grateful, profit-minded free press. At Pensacola Air Force base in Florida they can put Global Hawk technology into a Boeing in a couple of hours. When the pilot suddenly discover that he is no longer in control of his plane he can only report it to Control Tower and this would be recorded on tape. Where are these tape? Confiscated by security.

Kennedy was not bumped off because he issued 4.3 billion dollars, usury fri, through Treasury in in the summer of 1963, thus he circumvented Federal Reserve, but because he had ordered 10000 US troops home for Christmas 1963 and was going to withdraw USA from the Vietnam war. US armament industry can't make money on peace. General Lansdale had not worked very hard and covertly in Vietnam to set up the scenery for war, and thereby raised great Texan expectations, and then to see it all frustrated. Lyndon Johnson did the right thing, (for US armament industry and Finance) drawing on the economy, blood and spirit of Americans, and the medias backing him (of course), and Americans gobbling it all up. Later Nixon complained loudly that it was damn hard to tame the military industrial complex.

Who hated Nixon so much that they wanted him out of the White House? Has the free press enlightened Americans about that? Who set up the Watergate job? Those who wanted Nixon out of office, of course. Journalistic whores delude the masses, and become feated heroes. Everyone knows that clandestine listening devices are as common as people and as normal, and especially in political environments. The media whores feed the masses with disinformation which often is barely valid from day to day, but only forms a conversational gambit for lunch break. Nixon got Alger Hiss, FDR's communist assistant convicted. And to those "security risks" who think for themselves, this divulged circumstances of monstrous complicity. Actually, these American communists are just a front for international Zionism. And today it's not just that American soldiers are fighting Zion's proxy war in Iraq for American's money, Zion's warriors are fighting with Maoist caps in Nepal and Islamic caps in Chechnya, the latter is the area where more than 90% of Israelean's forefathers came from. These warriors of international Zionism are respectively steered from Chicago and from Prague. In Prague is also the world's most colorful Synagogue.
Reference reading: "The Surrender of an Empire" Nesta Webster "The controversy of Zion" Douglas Reed "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" Eustace Mullins "The Thirteenth Tribe" Arthur Koestler
Kaj Krinsmoe, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

I read ur article on the internet. I am a Hindu and do not subscribe to the VHP or RSS line of thought. However I must also state that the work Kafir is highly derogatory and abusive to us. Being in a Hindu majority country and having enjoyed the best of resources, the Muslim community still wants all Hindus converted to Islam. This is every Muslim's unstated goal.

I personally know Muslims who clearly state that they want land all over the world" and that "Allah is the only God". All this is very abusive of non-muslims. 

And then you want to make us follow the teachings of Islam and to understand what it says. Why? Do u ever try to understand Hinduism and imbibe its good things? I will tell you why you want us to "understand" the teachings of Islam. It is just a conversion ploy.  

And then u say that Islam spread because of the work os saints and holy men, and because " there was an oppressive social order". I am sure the caste system was oppressive. But today's India has ample evidence to state that despite the caste system, the Indian hindus are the ones who are the most forward thinking and progressive. They have achieved levels of human advancement which few Muslims have achieved. The hold of the caste system is on the wane. Hindus are among the noblest and pious on Planet earth. We do not force other people to accept Hinduism, because we are inheritors or a very great religion. Please do not try to trample this religion. I am sorry to say this, but Islam santions and codifies the oppression of women and promotes hatred for other peoples. Otherwise why would this Turkish Muslim talk about "we the Muslim Ummah" and their need to "occupy the whole world". I was shocked that this is the real intent of the Muslim Ummah. We the Hindus and the rest of the world clearly understand the term Jehad. but it the Muslims who are confused or pretend that Jehad is something else.

But I am of the strongest opinon there is ample evidence that Islam spread in India mainly because of the oppressive terror regime of the Muslim rulers. I know how the Muslim rulers treated the Sikh Gurus and also most Hindus when they refused to accept Islam. 

Remember it is actions and deeds that count. Just follow your deeds and actions. It is not what the Kuran supposedly says. WE THE ENLIGHTENED HINDUS SHOULD 'FOR THE SAKE OF HISTORY' might STUDY ISLAM OR CHRISTIANITY AT UNIVERSITIES FROM SECULAR PROFESSORS, NOT FROM ISLAMIC SCHOLARS. And if we do so, we are actually studying this to imbibe the good things of Islam in general and to know about what other things it stands for. This does not mean that we will accept Islam. Please do not dream about such a thing.

i follow the same dictum when it comes to the Hindu scriptures. The 'scholars' of Islam or Hinduism will give their own warped views of Islam or Hinduism just to suit their own purposes. In Islam's case it is all about converting non-muslims to Islam. Please do not deny that. 

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