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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online 

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An Islamic court organised by All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board

An Islamic court organised by All India Muslim Women's 
Personal Law Board hearing grievances of women 
in Lucknow on 5 April 2005


New Delhi: Outer Delhi MP, Sajjan Kumar who is also a member of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) said here that a new Haj House equipped with all modern facilities and with an accommodation capacity for 1000 Hajis will soon be built near Palam airport. He said that he will donate Rs one crore from his MP fund and will arrange another Rs one crore from the funds of local MLAs of his Parliamentary constituency. The remaining cost will be met by DDA. The necessity of this Haj House has arisen because the existing one near Ajmeri Gate is proving insufficient because of the fast growing number of prospective Hajis who are facing great difficulties there. 

New Delhi: This is a strange type of confidence building measure (CBM) between India and Pakistan. As per earlier announcement by film director Mahesh Bhat a group of people set off on foot to spread the message of peace between the people of the two countries. The 1000 km long Indo-Pakistan Peace March from New Delhi to Multan in Pakistan was flagged off on 23 March but before starting the long trek, the participants paid their respects to the Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin at his Dargah. Following the route undertaken by Hazrat Nizamuddin in the 13th century the participants from both countries set off from Rajghat on that date. Prominent among those participants were Mahesh Bhat, Nafisa Ali, SAR Jilani, film actress Nandita Das and others. The Peace March plans to reach Multan on 11 May. It is however uncertain how far the march will be successful because at least 45 from Pakistan and 114 persons from India have not yet been given the visa to travel to both countries. In addition to promote peace, the aim of this march is also to plead for easier visa rules. 

New Delhi: The request of Bangladesh’s exiled novelist, Ms Taslima Nasreen, who is a bete noire of Muslims because of her attacks, humiliating and insulting remarks on Islam and Muslims, for grant of Indian citizenship or visa for permanent settlement in India is being opposed by Muslims in India. Because of her sharp anti-Islamic views she is already facing danger to her life in Bangladesh which compelled her to flee that country. Samajwadi Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Abu Asim Azmi in a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi has said that the news that Indian government is actively considering Taslima’s request for grant of Indian citizenship or visa for permanent residence in India is a matter of concern for all secular and peace loving people in this country. He said that her request for Indian citizenship is a deep and planned conspiracy of RSS and other fascist forces which will use her as a tool not only for embarrassing Muslims but also to spread the poison of communalism in the country which is the main objective of these forces. 

Azamgarh: Allahabad High Court has revoked the suspension of the principal of Shibli National Inter College Azamgarh, Dr Neyaz Ahmad Dawoodi. It may be mentioned in this connection that the managing committee of this college, after accusing Dr Dawoodi of many irregularities and malpractices, had suspended him on 14 December 2004. This suspension was also endorsed and confirmed by 3 District inspectors of schools on 11 February against which Dr Dawoodi had filed an appeal in Allahabad High Court. After hearing this case, the High Court described the confirmation of Inspectors of Schools as a hasty step and rejected the suspension order. It is worth mentioning in this connection that even otherwise as per rules and regulations if the suspension order is not executed within 60 days, it automatically lapses.

Hyderabad: Imran Mirza, father of tennis sensation Sania Mirza, has expressed the view that his daughter will soon appear in tennis courts in a dress which is not objectionable and un-Islamic and for this purpose he is considering suitable designing of her dress. He said that like other members of his family, Sania too is religious minded and observes prayers and fasts more or less punctually, though tennis dress was a compulsion. Imran Mirza, who is a builder by profession and had performed Hajj this year said that sports is traditional in his family and he wants Sania to be an ideal for Muslim girls.

New Delhi: An Urdu translation of 17 poems written by President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and titled Mera Safar was presented to him at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 17 March in the presence of a distinguished gathering of poets and scholars. Urdu poet Shakil Shifai, who is also an engineer, had translated the English version of President’s poems titled ‘My Journey’. Shifai was assisted in this venture by professors Qamar Raees, Muzaffar Hanfi, Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad and Mirza Mohd Arif, all prominent Urdu poets. Shakil Shifai also recited one of the translated poems after presenting it to the President. The foreword of the translated book is written by Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad. ‘Mulaqaat’, a cultural and literary society will formally release this book shortly.

Nandobar: (Maharashtra): Religious madrasas have also now joined the war against malnutrition among poor children of Adivasi tribals living in backward and isolated regions of Maharashtra. One such madrasa is Jamia Islamia Ishratul Uloom of Akal Kuwa Tahsil of Maharashtra’s Nandobar district. It may be noted that according to a recent government survey, number of children who are victims of malnutrition in more than six districts of Maharashtra runs into more than 85 thousand, hundreds of whom had recently died. Students of this madrasa under the leadership of Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Dastani, head of this institution and a learned religious scholar of Gujarat, toured isolated and far off regions in hilly and forest areas where Adivasi tribes are settled and distributed food grains medicines and warm clothings. Sheikh Mohd Arshad, a doctor in the Unani Medical College and Hospital run by this madrasa said that this medical college and its students have adopted 25 poor Adivasi children and have also started distributing free medicines, food grains etc in about 100 families. 

Bhopal: A meeting of the newly formed Masjid Committee was held on 16 February in which it was unanimously decided to promote Naib (vice) City Qazi, Ameerullah Khan as Additional City Qazi and also to promote Naib Mufti, Raees Ahmad to Addl. City Qazi. Other achievements during the six months period were: To increase the grant for the year 2005-06 to Rs 56 lakh, issuance of marriage certificates, setting up advisory camps, setting up of offices of City Qazi in Raeseen and Sihore districts, appointment of City Qazis in these two districts, salaries of its employees, to build rooms for City Qazi, Additional Qazi and Naib Qazi and building of a reception room for people coming to the office of Darul Qaza. Future programmes to be undertaken shortly are: computerisation of Darul Qaza, raising salaries of Imams and Muezzins, to get the grant increased to Rs 2 crore for 2006-07, open new offices of Darul Qaza at Tahseel levels and to make Masjids Committee office well furnished. 

Aligarh: Honeywell Technology Solution held a national competition on ‘Freedom to Innovate 2005’ in which the team of AMU Engineering College Computer Engineering Department was selected among the six best teams. The final competition will be held in Bangalore on 15 March. Prof Parvez Mustajab Abdul Qadeer, principal of the Engineering College and incharge of the team has also been invited by the organisers to observe the final competition.

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