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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online 

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Attempt to illegally occupy graveyard land 
Deoria: In Gora Goan falling under Rampur Police station, measurement of the graveyard had been completed one-and-a-half months ago and the area was demarcated by Muslims of the locality by erecting Pakka pillars. Hindus of the locality had also demarcated the area near a tank which is outside the graveyard area but now they have declared their plan to demarcate their area within the graveyard which obviously implies occupation of graveyard land. This has created tension and is likely to take a serious turn any time.

In order to avoid such an eventuality some responsible persons including Mustaqeem Ansari, president of Gora Anjuman Islamia, Ali Ahmad Ansari, Moinuddin Ansari met the district authorities and apprised them of the situation that may become explosive any time and have impressed upon them the need to take suitable and firm steps to avoid any untoward situation.

Meanwhile, police chief Ashok Kumar Singh has sent city Kotwal, P.S. Dwivedi to the lines because of his inability to control the growing cases of lawlessness and criminal activities like theft, dacoities, extortion of money from traders and businessmen by unsocial elements etc. Police chief Ashok Kumar Singh has himself also been transferred and in his place, Bhola Nath Singh, who was posted at Son Bhadra, has been appointed as police chief of Deoria. Only time will tell how far the new police chief succeeds in controlling the crimes in the district. 

Clarification by Iranian Consulate 
Hyderabad: The Consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran, Hyderabad does not in any way believe in any picture, from Shari’at point of view, of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and it contradicts the news of two Iranian traders allegedly selling imaginary photos of the Prophet (SAW). Earlier also this news has been contradicted.

After investigation by police and SIT, both government investigation agencies, in this controversy the imaginary picture being that of the Prophet (SAW) has been contradicted. It is known to the whole world that Iranians and democratic government of Iran cannot tolerate any kind of dishonour to the majesty of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). Finally it is again declared that Iran has always been a supporter of inter-Muslim unity which is a guarantee of success of Muslims. 

Affiliation of minorities institutions 
New Delhi: Six central universities namely Delhi, Pondicherry, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland and North eastern Hill universities have been asked to take immediate and necessary steps for affiliation of minorities educational institutions from the next academic year in time. it was officially announced in Delhi on 25 February that the Chairman of National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions had raised this matter in his recent meeting with vice chancellors of the above mentioned six central universities.

Chairman of this Commission, Justice M.S.A. Siddiqi said in the meeting that the objective of the Commission Act which was recently passed by the Parliament is to implement the provisions of Article 30 of the Constitution and the powers given to this Commission as per the Act are higher than those given to central universities. Among those who participated in this meeting in addition to vice chancellors of the six universities were Commission members S. Ramoo Walia and Wilson Mathew, Chairmen of University Grants Commission and Medical Council of India and vice president of Teachers Educational Council. Messrs Walia and Mathew asked the vice chancellors to adopt an effective way so as to implement the provisions of the Act at quicker pace. Justice Siddiqi said that under the new Act the jurisdiction of these six scheduled universities covers the whole of India.

Vice chancellors of these universities assured that the applications from minorities educational institutions for affiliation will be processed quickly so that these institutions could benefit with effect from the coming academic year itself. 

White Paper on Minorities 
New Delhi: President Dr Abdul Kalam in his address to the joint session of Parliament on 25 February laid bare the action programme of UPA government to give a human angle to economic progress, to total elimination of poverty and to make every one a partner in the economic progress of the country, to change the face of villages and to take the government nearer to the people particularly to those passing a life of deprivation. He expressed the resolve of the government to enact a comprehensive law to tackle communal violence and to bring out a White Paper on the condition of minorities. He said that ‘my government wants rise of India (Bharat Uday) and progress for all’. 

In his more than an hour’s address he expressed government’s deep sense of sorrow on the huge loss of life and property as a result of Tsunami and justified government’s decision not to accept foreign assistance to tackle the situation. Focussing the government’s attention on the social and economic reconstruction of rural India he detailed six wide-ranging projects towards this end. He expressed government’s resolve to build an all-inclusive society, to pursue a policy which will benefit every body and to build an economy in which every one will have a share. 

In his speech running into 24 pages he also mentioned about disturbing conditions prevailing on eastern and western borders of the country. He said that 15-point programme for the welfare and development of minorities will be started anew. 

Compulsion of coalition partner  
Aligarh: Rashtriya Lok Dal president, Chaudhari Ajit Singh said in Aligarh while talking to media persons that criminals exercise great influence in politics throughout the country and political parties give tickets to criminal elements and get them elected in elections. Political parties of Uttar Pradesh too are no exception. He said that there is great need for legislators to enact such a law as to prevent criminal elements from entering politics. 

In reply to a question by media persons as to why he raised no objection about Gujrat riots when at that time he was a minister in the Union government, he said not to speak any thing at that time was his compulsion but now ‘I strongly condemn it’. Commenting on former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s demand for imposition of Governor’s rule in UP, he said that in the whole country today the worst law and order position is in Gujrat and Governor’s rule is strongly needed there and added that after the (2002) riots, no law, order and peace has been established there till date. 

Zero level intrusion in Kashmir 
Dehradun: Jammu and Kashmir governor, S.K. Sinha claimed while addressing a meeting on ‘Leadership’ at Indian Military Academy here that as a result of anti-terrorist operations the level of intrusion in Kashmir in recent months has come down to zero level. He said that by putting up barbed and concertina wire on the control line intrusion will be controlled to a great extent.

He said that during the past few months 74 senior militants have been killed and added that cooperation of the people living at the borders is very essential and important but at the same time it is equally essential to keep in mind human values.

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