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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters Page 1

The Milli Gazette Online 

I was thrilled to see the Milli Gazette's 125th issue in my hand. Hearty congratulations. My regards to you and your team. 
Dr Shamsul Islam, Satyawati College, DU

In the 16-31 March issue of the Milli Gazette I read the heartening news of your being nominated as member of Academic Council of Jamia Hamdard for a period of two years. Congratulations (Alf Mabrook). May Allah (SWT) keep you happy and hearty. May you contribute meaningfully towards the uplifting and awakening mission of the Muslim community under your noble leadership.
Dr Shamim Ahmad Ansari, Zanzibar

Muslim neocons

Ms Asra Nomani is one of the America's necon-Muslims. Neocon Muslims are people with Muslim names (sarkari Muslims), who are willing to do anything that the post -9/11 necon masters of America ask them to do, in exchange for publicity in mainstream US media (New York Times, CNN etal), (that is hard to achieve otherwise); visible positions in the US power structure (Govt., corporations, institutes, think tanks etc). By and large most of them can not claim any significant achievements in their careers so far.

They say they want to empower Muslim women? I requested Ms Nomani in an e-mail exchange about a year ago, to start a class to teach English to the many illiterate Muslim women who are abused by their equally illiterate husbands. So that they can be self-reliant and not be dependent on their husbands, which translates into abuse. I asked her to start a campaign to build a Battered Muslim Women's home in any city of her choice (some people offered to raise funds). Her straight answer was: No, that is not my job. Instead she joined others to start an online magazine "Sex and the Umma", and another column to educate Muslim women on subjects related to "wedding night intimacies". I asked her if these are the top issues of suffering Muslim women today? She gave no answer.

Ask Asra Nomani how her above actions represent "struggle for the soul of Islam".

On March 18 she and others organized a Jumma congregation in New York city where a woman led a mixed congregation of about 100 men and women. Women were standing in the front rows. Some people have said that some women were standing with men in other rows. They extrapolated and exaggerated a very suspect Hadith relating to Umm Waqra to claim justification. But after that one prayer session they never held another such mixed congregation led by a woman. If they thought it is the right thing to do why did they not continue with it? If it was not a publicity stunt what was it?

For sure women in Muslim societies everywhere are not given equal rights (by men), due to them under Islam. To remedy that Muslim societies need reform. But reform does not mean "throwing out the baby with the bath water". Making changes in Islamic practices like congregational salaat, that violate the spirit of Islam. In their rage (with which I agree somewhat) they should not lose sight of Islam's beautiful basics.

Ms Nomani and her necon Muslim friends write articles in NY Times saying 90% of America's 2500 mosques are controlled by fanatics? If say 25 mosques in US are controlled by fanatics (my guess) why should someone exaggerate and stereotype all mosques? Will it not result in police raids and such other harm to mosques? Will it not put the Muslim community in US through much hardship?

Muslim women should reflect on these important questions. Muslim men should put into practice changes in the management of Islamic centers, Muslim organizations, to give many more women more decision-making power in the management of those institutions.

Muslim women should not allow themslves to be misled on very harmful paths by the handful of radical Muslims (women and men), whose primary objective is self-glorification and cheap publicity in today's necon-White-male controlled US power structure, that is carrying out a crusade to harm the 1400 year old structure of Islam, whose basic sources are Quran and genuine Hadith.

Kaleem Kawaja, Washington

Maudoodi Formula
Apropos Mr. ATM Anwar’s rejoinder on the Maudoodi Formula (MG, 16-31 March issue), without going into a debate, I wish to point out that Maudoodi did not want just religious and cultural autonomy for all groups, he wanted political autonomy for a community dispersed throughout the national territory. This was and is physically impossible and impracticable. Therefore, the Formula has no relevance for the future of the Muslim community which, like all Muslim communities even in Muslim states, accepts territorial nationalism with guarantee of minority rights.
Syed Shahabuddin

Wither Congress?
Congress will stand condemned for its lust for power if it disregards the demand of justice and ignores the fact that only Lalu Prasad Yadav has guts to punish the devils behind the post-Godhra crime against humanity in Gujarat. 
SAU Patel, 
Khanpur, Deh-392150 

Hyderabad: Goebbels alive and well
The Nazi minister for propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) is credited with an oft-quoted one-liner, A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Despite his death more than half a century ago, his propaganda theory is alive and well in India. Take for example the term police action,often without capital letters. It is now misapplied to the military invasion of Hyderabad state, officially code-named Operation Polo by the Indian army after the famed polo grounds in the Nizams capital. Who was the originator of this fallacy? What were the motivations behind this term instead of using the militarys own code? Since when has this term gained currency and how? When the Indian military invasion ended in Hyderabad’s collapse on 18 September 1948, Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru went on the All India Radio to announce in his words the end of police action.The term police action, has since gained widespread currency, and often used by the gullible and the uninformed thanks to the healthy life of the Goebellian theory in India. Nehru’s motivation in using the terms was, first, to mask the military action to break the Standstill Agreement with Hyderabad, second, it was to show to the world that India was still following the recently murdered Mahatma Gandhis ideals of ahimsa, nonviolence. Third, in the words of author Neville Maxwell it implied an assumption of moral authority on the part of the attacking or policeforce, and so was doubly comforting to Indian sensibilities. If the military operations against Hyderabad for five days were in fact a mere police action,why were Sherman tanks needed, why were Bidar, Hakimpet, and xxx airstrips in Hyderabad bombed by the Indian Air Force? Since when had the Indian police acquired sophisticated military arms and equipment. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the Indian police was armed with no more than batons and antiquated rifles fit more for the museum than a fighting force. This nominalist fallacy that the nature of an act could be changed by calling it something different or sugar coating the bitter pill is the standard operating procedure for all propagandists everywhere. Thus when the Israelis invaded Lebanon in 1978, exactly the same term was used. However, informed historians, neutral academics, and unbiased journalists are unlikely to accept India’s official terminology for the military operation against Hyderabad. They categorically reject the term in favor of Operation Polo just as the Indian army’s raid on Amritsars Golden Temple in 1984 is rightly remembered as Operation Blue Star, leaving the term police action as the sole prerogative of the Indian officialdom.
Omar Khalidi, MIT

Please remove the following person from propagating his devilish ideas through His name is Dr. Ebrahim Kazim. He is trying to spread false beliefs in the garb of scientific research on Islam. You are carrying his advertisement which reads as follows: Scientific Commentary of Suratul Faatehah by Dr. Ebrahim Kazim which may be obtained from the author by email. Those interested may contact "ekazim{at}" This is devil's literature and want you to remove it with immediete affect. If not then I would have to stop donating and contributing to your site. I will review your site after week again to see if my request is served.
Editor: If you have anything concrete about this book, please let me know so that we may consider it and check it with the book. Also please let me know how you have helped the Milli Gazette site and what you have donated to it? Our records do not show anything like this. Allah says in the Qur'an: "O people, why do you say what you do not do?" (61:2).

Disgraceful remarks
Why are the Indian Muslim organisations silent on Shujaat Hussain's disgraceful remarks? Why do we react when same thing is said by Hindutvaits? Does our silence not mean that we accept his implied allegation that we are not faithful to our country? As a matter of fact, if possible, Muslim Personal Law Board must officially protest to the Pakistani government and ask the "monarch" of Jama Masjid never to give platform to any Pakistani politician in future. CIM's news has been released by PTI but it wont carry the same weight as a statement by a Muslim organisation based in Delhi.
Ghazali Khan, London

I heard on radio the ridiculous statement of former prime minister Mr Khan after Juma prayer at Jamia Masjid New Delhi. In his statement he has advised the Muslims of India to have patriotism towards their nation. The person who acted on the direction of others during his prime ministership, ignoreing his own country's, interest is now advising others to have patriosim is shamefull on his part. Let he himself first learn it before he teaches it to others.
Anees Fatima <>

Double standards
Salman bhi piye,
Mhatre bhi P.A.
Salman - public icon,
Mhatre - in an Ikon.
Salman - outside a shop.
Mhatre - at a bus-stop.
Salman ko Jail,
Mhatre ko Bail?
Bharatram Gaba, Bombay

The Union cabinet amended the Factories Act 1948 allowing the to women work in the night shifts. Generally husbands feel restlessness when their wives go to work in the late hours of night. Even enough safgaurd cannot solve the problem. No other person accept the husaband can give enough safegaurd to the women.
The worst sufferers of women goint to work are their kids below the age of five years. With this amendment sociel problems will crop up. 
The kids who are deprived of love and affection transfromed into cruel and merciless beings of the society. The Cabinet should withdraw the amendment in the larger interest of the society.
Dr Suriya Hameed, Gulbarga

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