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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters Page 2

The Milli Gazette Online 

Taslima Nasreen
The Infamous writer of bangladesh Taslima Nasreen has hurt the vvery basic feelings of crores of muslims throughout the world by her Evil and disgraceful Writings about the Prophet (pbuh ) of Islam . She has painted him in Very bad picture to become famous very soon .Freedom of Speech does not maen that whatever comes to your mind you Start to spread it . It has certain exceptions such as it cant be used against public policy , granted by the founders of the Constitution .Secularism also does not allow one to criticise any religion . A person like her cant live in india by hurting the second largest population of the World. 
Shahanawaz Malik Warsi, Aligarh

Pope's death


The Government of India, with a secular constitution, has committed an impropriety of the highest and most dangerous proportion by announcing three days State mourning.

The govt. of India even could not understand that what it will do in case of the deaths of saints/ religious leaders of other communities like Hindus and Muslims which forms 98 % of Indian population. The govt. will find it difficult to even identify the religious leaders of predominant majority community Hindus in view of the criminal cases against Kanchi Shankaracharya in a murder case and against a number of prominent saints in Babri Masjid demolition case in particular and Ayodhya dispute in general.

Hem Raj Jain, Bangalore - 560078


Pope John Paul II will have a very long lasting impression in human history — Power of Faith and God. But it is very hard to understand why he was so soft on priests who abused children.

Golam F. Akhter


Selecting new Pope by perfect secrecy and confidentiality with true democratic principles should be an idea for electing Chief Ministers in India. MLAs should be packed in a sealed premise till they succeed to find a new unanimous Leader of the House. If such an elected Pope can carry on the Vatican undisputedly for life-time, such an elected CM should be able to govern till at least full five-years’ term of state-assemblies! After his own very difficult selection through several rounds, Pope John Paul II rightly amended the procedure for just absolute majority to decide the new Pope instead of earlier two-third. The Church can further simplify the procedure to be completed in hours instead of days by secret voting for new Pope on nominations signed by at least one-third cardinals.

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi


WE the Muslims of the world equally mourn for the demise of Pope John pall ll. His greatness came to the fore when he opposed the attack on Iraq. Being a Christian Mr Bush should have abide by his instructions . We hope the next Pope will follow his foot prints. Now Mr Bush is hated by the Musilms of the world for his attack on Afqanistan and Iraq for the material ends.

Dr Suriya Hameed, Gulbarga)


Good Bye, John Paul

Good Bye, John Paul

You will be missed by one and all

For Poland you were the liberator

A nightmare you were for the commu nist dictator

With Muslims you had a few problems

Yet,relations under you blossomed

You apologized for the crusades

And many other Church mistakes

Wholesome and worthy values you espoused

Immorality and injustice you denounced

Of peace you were an ambassador

You spoke out against war and terror

In these uncertain time O John Paul

You will be missed by one and all.

Mohammed Ayub Khan,Toronto


Islamophobitis of Modi
In his column “Malice” by Kushwant Singh has brought in sketchy detail the working of mind of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi (FPJ dt. 3.4.2005). He stated that “The US Govt’s decision (of denying visa to Modi, who was nick-named as ‘Modern Day Nero’ by Supreme Court for his inept handling of genocide of Muslims), was not aimed to belittle India or the Gujaratis. It was only aimed at Modi’s violation of elementary rights of Gujarati Muslim minority. He smeared the image of Hinduism as well s of India. Our government should have foreseen this and canceled his passport, or better, issued him afresh one limiting his foreign travels only to Muslim countries. He might then have got a rough idea of what they think of him. Perhaps the Pakistan government would have granted him a visa and Mian Musharraf, as Modi calls him, would provide him with security he would most certainly need. He would learn that Islam phobia is dangerously infective disease which can impair the mental faculties of people who harbour ill-will against Mulsims”

This is a strong indictment of Modi and his supporters including the two Singhs, Manmohan and Natwar, who threatened USA on visa denial issue calling him as Honourable Chief Minister. Modi is a blot to Gujarat and a liability for BJP and an insult to this great nation believing in vasudhaiva kuktumbakam. Even today he is justifying his actions and he never repented for his failures and his complicities in Gujarat carnage).

Mr Kushwant singh added: “There are reasons for Indians to rejoice over America snubbing Modi. Gujarat had a special place in our hearts. Bapu Gandhi was a Gujarati (who was originator of non-violence). So were Vithalbhai and Vallabhai Patel. Morarji Desai and Vinobha Bhave . Whether or not we agree with all they stood for, we had respect for them. We admired Gujratis’ gentle ways, their business acumen, and above all their spirit of tolerance (imbibed from Mahatma) of people of other faiths. Modi destroyed the love and esteem which most of us had, for Gujaratis. He exonerated the killing of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children by saying that it was natural reaction to burning of Hindus at Gohdra railway station by Muslim mob. Now that the Banerji commission has rubbished his assumption, did he not owe to the people to make an abject apology and ask for forgiveness? (and atonement for his sins?) (all sentences in the brackets are mine)
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Maharashtra Legislative Council has set up a welcome trend towards family-planning by withdrawing irrigation-facility from farmers with more than two children! India must follow China to introduce family-planning through legislation and by withdrawing all government-facilities from persons/ families with more than two children. Present era is quite different from emergency-era of 1975-77, and inducing family-planning through legislation has no longer remained a coercive policy. Rather to develop India as a real civilized nation, ideal step is to restrict voting-rights for citizens with upto two children. Women going for deliveries in hospitals (private or government) may be compulsorily sterilized after birth of second child. Small families may be encouraged by replacing all categories of Reservation including cast-based once by an altogether new category of persons/ families with upto two children. All such steps can only prevent our democracy from being turned to ‘mobocracy’ with insensible crowd of a human jungle!

Union Government should reconsider its retroactive decision to withdraw bill barring persons with more than two children from contesting elections. Supreme Court has also favored such legislation in its judgement. Having large families is not only against national-interest, but rather is self-suicidal too. If government considers that such a law will tantamount to coercion, then even attempt to suicide should be deleted from Indian Penal Code (IPC)! Already states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc have rightly imposed ban on persons with more than two children to contest Panchayat elections. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

In the company of Rushdi and Taslima
The group SAJA of New York, that is promoting Asra Nomani has been promoting Salman Rushdi and Tasleema Nasreen for many years now in US. Asra is their latest champion.
Kaleem Kawaja, Washington

Congress and BJP should review their strategies around communal riots.
Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to UK was cancelled, partly over the possibility of his arrest over court proceedings initiated by relatives of two British citizens of Indian origin, who were cold-bloodedly murdered by a mob during Gujarat genocidal riots, which is widely believed to be perpetrated by Modi and other state officials’ actions and non-actions. International legal precedents seem to be catching on India too. 

For a long-time India had remained a closed country. After Narasimha Rao’s liberalization policies opened up India’s windows and gates for international interaction, India’s internal matters did not longer remained so internal. India has been among the first to become the member of The United Nations Organisation. India has further signed various international conventions, specially covering Human and Minority Rights. However, the world had never bothered about India’s ‘internal matters’ as the country had virtually remained under Sari Curtain. Post-globalization, it was inevitable that world media and civil rights spotlights would eventually catch up with what Indian officials had always touted as India’s internal matters. 

US action denying diplomatic visa as well as cancellation of Modi’s current tourist/business visa, on the grounds of US laws, denying such visa to any state official constitutionally accountable for gross violation of human rights of people under their governance, with worldwide adverse media publicity, has started a new focus on India’s record on civil rights of its people. International civil rights organization are already gearing up to haul Indian officials to international courts for their widely publicized role in ideologically sanctioned pogrom of minority communities, specially in reference to their diverse religious beliefs. Prima facie, both Congress and BJP as major Brahmanical political parties that had ruled India and had witnessed thousands of communal riots under their rule, without any legal processes coming into action to persecute the ringleaders and organizers of such organized massacre of minorities, will now come under world scrutiny and multiple international judicial jurisdictions. This could impact the prospects of foreign corporate investments and official credit grants in India’s future development. 

Under the circumstance, it is incumbent for both Congress and BJP to urgently review their political strategies to institutionally make it impossible for any of their politicians to plan and execute any criminal conspiracy from now on to inflict communal riot solutions to their problems around power politics and electoral contingencies. 

Besides, all top leaders like Advani and others believed to be the masterminds behind Babri Masjid demolitions and subsequent nation-wide communal riots should beware of legal implications of their foreign travels and spare the country from further embarrassments of the Modi kind. 

Advani’s planned visit to Pakistan should take into account any possible complication relating to the outstanding FIR against him for conspiracy to murder, Pakistan’s Governor General, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai 

Criminal case against Field Marshal Manekshaw
It is intriguing that being a leading nationalist and patriotic media of India, why have you not informed and enlightened the people about the implications of a criminal case, related to conspiracy / abetment of waging a war against India under section 121 etc. of Indian Penal Code against Field Marshal S.H.F.J. Manekshaw, going on in revision proceedings No. 889 / 100 of 2004 in the Court of Additional Session Judge Mr. D.S. Poweria Patiala House Court New Delhi in which next hearing date is April 14, 2005?

This case into existence due to a statement of Manekshaw, published in a leading Delhi Hindi news paper, that China attacked India in 1962 war because he (Manekshaw) was transferred by the then Defense Minister Mr. V Krishna Menon.

In the said revision petition Manekshaw and Union of India have already appeared in Court through their advocates on the last hearing date March 17, 2005.
Hem Raj Jain
Bangalore - 560078>

National honour
Somnath Chaterjee has saved nation’s prestige by cancelling his Sydney visit because Australia refused to waive security-drill for him as requested by Indian Foreign Ministry in accordance with protocol enjoyed by Lok Sabha Speaker. After exposure of bitter US attitude of searching the then Indian Foreign Minister George Fernandes, it was a good practice from Indian Government to request in advance for such waivers which was even accepted by most other nations.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Hypocrisy of Sangh Parivar
As per media coverage BJP and its Sangh Parivar RSS & VHP were reported making some noises here and there against illegal 3 days 

It refers to militancy attack in Srinagar on eve of inaugural run of Shrinagar-Muzaffarabad bus-service. When India and Pakistan are both trying their best to streamline life in Kashmir, they should now go ahead to plan a joint task-force to tackle militancy in the valley. Shrinagar-Muzaffarabad bus-service was a dream fulfilled for people of Kashmir on two sides of Line of Control, and all attempts to resist it or any other such process is condemnable. It is greatness of Indian top leadership including Prime Minister, Home Minister and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi that they decided to personally attend the inaugural bus-run defying all militancy threats. 
Dariba DELHI 110006

CBI raids on former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala for corruption-charges are welcome. But two significant aspects are involved in such raids on persons having been Chief Ministers in states. Firstly such raids are only against opponents of existing rulers like was in case of Jaylalita or Mayawati. Is it ever possible in UPA regime to conduct CBI raids on Rabri Devi when even the Union Minister Rambilas Paswan is on record to levy charges of corruption against the super-family of Laloo Prasad Yadav in Bihar? It is other thing that Laloo-Rabri duo may face such action if relations of RJD with UPA become bitter. Rather such a threat keeps corrupt politicians bonded with ruling alliance!

Second aspect is that CBI never conducts raids against existing rulers even though some politicians may be publicly known to be extra bold for minting money out of corruption. CBI should be an autonomous institution to work like Election Commission so as not to be affected by political rulers, and its Director should be chosen by consensus between the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

Dariba DELHI 110006 

Case against Shamit Mukerjee could be possible only because the former Delhi High Court judge resigned from the post. Otherwise there may be many judges in higher courts who may be corrupt, but perfectly immunised to escape any action. Justice Ramaswamy being the lone judge to be impeached by the Parliament got free even though admittedly impeachment is totally impractical way to punish erring judges. British designed immunity for judges in India to save them from ire of Indian freedom fighters. But same immunity continued in ‘free’ India allowing judges to misconduct. My family is a victim of such open misconduct, and complaints to various Chief Justices of India have gone unheard. Need is to induce accountability for judges of higher courts because they are also human beings coming from the same society which comprises of both honest and dishonest persons. Observations of the then-CJI SP Bharucha and many other legal luminaries admitting alarming high rate of corruption in higher courts are worth noting.

CJI RC Lahoti while resisting Lokpal for higher-court judges has failed to spell out ways to induce honesty in the system. Indian Parliament is so duty-bound to mechanise a system to eliminate hardships of judicial victims created by corrupt judges of higher courts. National Judicial Commission chaired by CJI with retired Supreme Court judges acting as member-nominees of President, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader should be constituted with Chief Vigilance Commissioner as ex-officio member. This Commission may be empowered to look into complaints and punish guilt-found judges apart from clearing all judicial appointments. Since relations and former bar colleagues play major role in influencing locally appointed judges, all High Court judges must be compulsorily appointed from outside their home-states.
Dariba DELHI 110006

It refers to tactics of an Orissa MP to help some persons from Punjab in getting visa for being his ‘associates’ in his several foreign trips which were always cancelled later! It reveals tactics of elected representatives to get needful done out-of-way! Orissa MP was duty-bound to suggest Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to cancel visas of his ‘associates’ when the MP cancelled his foreign trip for ‘health reasons’. Whole episode smells foul also because his favourites for visa were not from his home-state, and the same drama was repeated several times. When the MP has misused his skill to get scot-free, MEA should catch hold of persons getting visa on the request of concerned MP for interrogation and bringing truth on record.

It is also time for Lok Sabha Speaker to act strictly in the matter because Somnath Chaterjee stresses too much on privileged rights of MPs, overlooking their misdeeds and duties.
Dariba DELHI 110006

Indian courts are still working with age-old conduct for lawyers resulting in lawyers victimizing their own clients. New codes for lawyers should be laid down which may be clients’ friendly. Formality of getting documents attested by notary public and oath commissioners should be abolished by making lawyers attest for their clients. Registered legal and medical practitioners, chartered accountants, officers in government and public-sector undertakings etc. can also be assigned power to attest documents. Lawyer-client agreement for fees settled and mode of payment should be a part of court-files to avoid harassment by some lawyers to demand extra fees in between the case. To break unholy nexus between judges-lawyers in High courts, all judges in High courts must be compulsorily appointed from outside their home-states.

Some innovative mechanism may be evolved for discouraging lawyers from taking up admittedly false cases. For example, some publication can be made about history of all registered lawyers in a court revealing number of cases taken, won, lost and compromised in a particular year so that public may be aware of capability of the lawyer being engaged. It is an unhealthy practice that ‘cost’ fixed by the courts for benefit of rival litigant is grabbed by the client’s lawyer. System should be to make all ‘costs’ payable by demand-drafts or court-coupons bearing name of the litigant. Such reforms though apparently appearing against privileges enjoyed by lawyers will ultimately be beneficial for lawyers themselves to ease out competition by unending stream of youngsters joining legal profession as only remedy to earn livelihood! 
Dariba DELHI 110006

Hypocrisy of Sangh Parivar
As per media coverage BJP and its Sangh Parivar RSS & VHP were reported making some noises here and there against illegal 3 days State mourning for departed Pope.

Every body pays homage to departed Pope but this State mourning is clearly unconstitutional as India being a secular country has never extended same privilege to prominent leaders of other religions viz of Hindus & Muslims which constitute 98 % of India’s population.

But in tune with its traditional hypocrisy BJP and its Sangh Parivar has not prevailed upon its member Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhavat, the Vice President of India, to not head the unconstitutional official Indian Delegation going to Vatican City to attend the funeral of Pope.

In order to protect the Constitution the minimum what Shekhavat may do is to resign his office under protest if UPA Govt insists on sending Shekhavat along with this unconstitutional delegation.

Hem Raj Jain
Bangalore - 560078>

It refers to tactics of an Orissa MP to help some persons from Punjab in getting visa for being his ‘associates’ in his several foreign trips which were always cancelled later! It reveals tactics of elected representatives to get needful done out-of-way! Orissa MP was duty-bound to suggest Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to cancel visas of his ‘associates’ when the MP cancelled his foreign trip for ‘health reasons’. Whole episode smells foul also because his favourites for visa were not from his home-state, and the same drama was repeated several times. When the MP has misused his skill to get scot-free, MEA should catch hold of persons getting visa on the request of concerned MP for interrogation and bringing truth on record.

It is also time for Lok Sabha Speaker to act strictly in the matter because Somnath Chaterjee stresses too much on privileged rights of MPs, overlooking their misdeeds and duties.

Dariba DELHI 110006 

The Pretext
It is not relevent if Iran is developing nuclear weapons. It is the "pretext" that matters. 

A so-called pre-emptive attack on Iran's power reactors will be a humiliating gesture and counter attacks on US hangar ships in the Gulf and on Israel would be demagogically imperative.

And this is just the gimmick. This will justify US bombing of Irans port installations where ships daily tank up with oil and liquified gas, destined for China rather than USA. This is according to a 25-year contract worth billions of Euros - yes, Euros - rather than US (Federal Reserve) fiat dollars!

Hopefully, this will cripple Iran's economy and lead to regime change and democracy. "Democracy" is Washington's demagogic, international credit card, sold by a monstrous collusion of unrighteous Evangelical crooks and Neo-con Bolsheviks.

The salient reason that Washington, Israel and their asset in London are pushing "democracy" is that democracy is an extremely facile environment for political corruption and for the iniquity of usury.

Were it not for the monstrously corrupt democracy in London from year 1900 and onwards, there would not today be a spurious ethnic loony bin in Palestine called Israel.

And since the conspiratorial meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910, the 300 owners of Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) have facilitated the puppet show in Washington called American Democracy. And a great majority of Americans don't even know of this, thanks to their "free press".

Americans love their democratic show, and in a pinch, US High Court lends a hand to get the "right" nincompoop onto the White House-stage. And Exit Polls have now revealed that the same nincompoop only got back on the White House-stage last November due to corruption. Long live US Democracy!

To what extent the masters of iniquity - the owners of Bank of England and The Federal Reserve - themselves administrate iniquity or delegate this diabolical task to Zionists and useful idiots in general, is not posssible to determine for an outsider. Well-read Americans know that diabolical Zionism has taken their country for a terrific ride, but they never admit to it. They talk about Pax Americana, as if this Neo-Roman clicheé redeems from the filthy iniquity they are pushing. If they wrote pertinently about it, then the free press would excommunicate them. Likewise, none of the puppets in Congress and the Senate can speak "out of line", without being frozen out from the free press. They are elected by Americans, but in the diabolical service of the masters of iniquity. It is the 300 owners of Federal Reserve who have the controlling interest in the free press. And it is a gang of sneaky, ignoble Zionist scum behind the Washington scenes that keep the law-lackeys in line. This monstrous nexus is never analysed by the free press, in spite of Alfred M. Lilienthal's pioneer work over the last 50 years. 

The free press deluded the English and the Americans enough to support the attack on Iraq. The people are too deluded to realize that the free press is situated between themselves and the realities, and media pigs and political scum play around with the people recklessly. It is much the same as a monstrous medicin industry who's lackeys in politics manipulate public health according to the industry's profit requirements. A sort of Divine Spongiform, on the parallel of the Bovine Spongiform, that was nourished in White(wash)hall.

Events over the last hundred years divulge clearly that the Zionists are best organized and motivated bto exploit the synergetics of American politics. Prominent American windbags write endlessly about these issues, sure of their limbo-dwelling readers. They know themselves as the cream of thinking America, but they avoid to write about the diabolical scum and the effects, that are the consequences of the Jekyll Island conspiracy. And today we witness the effects of both Senator Aldridge and President Wilson "betraying their country" - Neo-con Bolsheviks are running the puppet show in Washington. It is the most stupendously powerful and most corrupt democratic puppet show in the world - to the glory of filthy iniquity, whilst Americans are redeemed in Limbo, and their sons fighting for Zion in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reducing Iraq to rubble is just a step in Israel's expansion. The Talmudic terrorists "motivated" Americans with the 911 deed. They use other peoples like Genghis Khan's riders used horses. Today it is US politicians and taxpayers. The monstrous US economy is not a Neo-conservative problem. It's the problem of the next administration, 4 years ahead. Tomorrow they will "motivate" European leaders, who's moral cowardice Palestinians can testify to.

When such a state of affairs becomes accepted paradigm it is a symptom of moral depravity. And when monstrous initiatives like the use of micro-nukes, as on Bali and in Beirut, and an atom bomb causing the recent Tsunami, when this is being hushed internationally it is a symptom of moral scum prevailing. This is the abject state of things today. The Talmudic butchers operating in Israel on Earth over the last 50 years, and in Lebanon, and more recently in Beslan, North Ossetia, they are the symptom of "things to come", and they operate in the facile, corrupt environment of the international community.b

The media cultivate and pander for Americans vanities. This is the environment that the Neo-cons exploit. Actually, Americans have been in Zion's diabolical service since the conspiratorial meeting on Jekyl Island. It is Zion's secret agenda that is driving US imperialism and "the Free Press". Groucho, not Carl, Marximized the US environment for "the madness of the constant revolution". In this environment ambitious monsters swing up, borne up on filthy iniquity, to become political puppets and abject lackeys of the sneaky, ignoble scum that finance iniquity. 

Kaj Krinsmoe
Abildgade 15,
8200 Aarhus N

Report of Delimitation Commission to modify existing limits of Lok Sabha constituencies is remembered only at time of elections. These limits were last fixed decades ago. Since then, population-map throughout the country especially in metro cities has drastically changed. For example in Delhi, Outer Delhi constituency now has about ten times voters than in Chandni Chowk constituency. Continuing with such irrational constituencies causes unfair representation of population in the Lok Sabha. 

Delimitation Commission should work under Election Commission to make process of delimitation a continuous process with regular updating at least once in ten years. Delimitation Commission should also consider peculiar situation of some territories in naming and deciding boundaries of constituencies. For example in Delhi, two out of seven seats should be exclusively for trans-Yamuna areas leaving other five to be named as South Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, Old Delhi and New Delhi with each of these constituencies having ten assembly seats each!

Dariba DELHI 110006 

Hindutva is broke
Hindutva is broke
It is now a Joke

Voters gave it a thrashing
And now America is not obliging

Modi keeps on crying
As his popularity is now declining

Advani is hobnobbing
Vajpayee is just reclining

Gone are the Murlis and the Mahajans
Lost are the Umas and Rithambaras

Forgotten are the smitten Govindacharyas
Dumped are the spiteful Goradias

With their hateful actions, these Neros
Have now become zeros
Mohammed Ayub Khan

Dance bars
The Maharashtra government's decision to close down dance bars in Maharashtra, except Mumbai, because of its adverse effect on youth and the damage it causes to the cultural texture of the state, defies logic. If the government is so concerned about our culture and youth then why leave out Mumbai dance bars. Does the government think that Mumbai's youth is unaffected by the dance bars or does it think that Indian culture is different in Mumbai from the rest of the state. There have been many cases in Mumbai where youths have killed people, robbed money, cheated people so that they can enjoy in these dance bars. So Mumbai youth is also affected. It seems that the government is trying to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, by asking dance bars to shut down in Maharashtra the government will brag to the people in Maharashtra as to how they have saved so many youths from going wrong way and how they have protected the cultural texture of the State. And on other hand by allowing the Mumbai dance bars to remain open the government will ensure that they won't lose out on several crores of revenues coming from Mumbai dance bars, which is double than all the dance bars from the rest of the state, and the haftas collected by the police as alleged by the Bar owners. If the government's intentions are noble then they should not be biased towards any one particular city. If the government is appointing a committee to formulate a policy for dance bars in Mumbai then why can't the same be done for dance bars in rest of Maharashtra? Finally, it would not be surprising if bar owners from outside Mumbai will open dance bars in Mumbai, which will mean more addition to the already existing dance bars. And not to forget that youths from outside Mumbai will head to Mumbai dance bars. The government should ponder over these probabilities.
Borivili (W), Mumbai - 400103

The Bombay Catholic Sabha [BCS] is anguished and pained at the response of Mr. Sidharam Mhetre, Minister of State of Home in the Maharashtra Assembly that the State Government would pass a bill for anti-conversion on the lines of Tamil Nadu.

The Minister concerned should know that the Tamil Nadu Anti-Conversion bill was withdrawn after a prolonged agitation by the people of Tamil Nadu.

Such a suggestion to come from a Secular Congress/NCP Government is a shame. It appears that the Minister concerned acted on his own as is evident from the intervention of the Chief Minister who stated that there was no need for such legislation as the existing laws have enough provisions.

While The Bombay Catholic Sabha welcomes the response from the CM, it also makes it known that the BCS will not hesitate to launch an agitation alongwith like minded organizations if the Government thinks of contemplating such an anti-people legislation. 

Dolphy D’souza
Mumbai 400 016

Whose is Taj Mahal
Read an articel writen by Sri Balbir k Punj in the new indian express bangalore edition today (31/03/2005). He was expressing his views not to handover the Taj Mahal to Sunni Wakf board . He continues to say that ,if the Taj mahal is handover then the Islamists ask for Red fort , Qutub Minar etc etc and the Green colour flags occupy the tricolour.

How shamfull the orgument is. He is thinking as if The Sangh Parivar is asking for 3000 Masques.
Anees Fatima>
& R.K Shah

Today Diarrhoea is amongst the top three killers of children in the world. Strangely, India accounts for one of the largest number of diarrhoeal deaths in the world.

According to a 2003 report by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (I.A.P.), there are about 6,00,000 diarrhoeal deaths among children annually in India.

In this context, it should be noted that though a great responsibility lies on parents who should lay more stress on personal hygiene still government must make the public aware of Do's and Dont's.

Moreover, the Union and State government must take stern action against those who sell adulterated oil, spurious and time-based drugs, so that we may get proper relief.
Obiadur Rahman Nadwi
Teacher, Nadwa College,
Lucknow- 226 007

A right and a crime at the same time
Heard an advertismen from HRD ministry is that abortion is a right of women. Ofcourse. Then I ask a qusation , why it should be a crime, to kill a baby after the brith? This shows our bankrupcy in social justifation. 

R.K Shah

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