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Published in the 16-30 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Advani sells, Pakistan buys, Indian Muslims pay

By Kaleem Kawaja <>

The Milli Gazette Online 

The recent statement of LK Advani appreciating the two nation theory in the subcontinent and admiring Jinnah, and Pakistan Govt being extra-warm to Advani is a curious and blatant political trick.

Advantage Advani:
1. With a couple of statements (just words) made in Pakistan, Advani gets to whitewash 45 years of a poisonous and murderous record of inciting Hindus against India's Muslim minority, enthusiastically supporting those who have oppressed Indian Muslims (eg. Modi in Gujarat) , a 10 year campaign to demolish Babri mosque that resulted in scores of communal riots, attempts to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra during the 6 year BJP rule, declaring 600 million secular Hindus in India as pseudo-secular .

2. He is doing it to claim the votes of minorities and secular Hindus, so that BJP can return to power in New Delhi and he can become PM. He knows that without that crocodile like flip-flop BJP has no chance to regain power in New Delhi. Because they failed to solve India's crushing problems of poverty (1/3rd below poverty line) and a badly suffering infrastructure (acute shortage of power, water, housing, roads, healthcare, schools for the common man), while they gloated about the "India shining" of the rich and powerful. Keep NDA (which is breaking apart at the seams) together.

3. Advani's other motive in accepting the two nation theory/praise for Jinnah is that he wants India to be accepted as a Hindu nation versus Pakistan a Muslim nation. So this is a clever ploy to convert India into a Hindu rashtra, the death knell of secularism in India.

4. Advani is cleverly using Pakistan's (self-proclaimed champion of all Desi Muslims) praise of him to remove from the focus the many real problems of 150 million Indian Muslims that BJP/Advani largely created over the last 40 years. Obviously the Pakistani praise sets Advani up as a "good man, good for minorities", a certificate to elect BJP in New Delhi and Advani as a "visionary, great Indian leader" (notwithstanding his 40 years’ murderous record)

Advantage Pakistan Govt:
1. If there is one thing that bites Pakistan's ruling class it is the fact (and comment) that while the Indian society is largely secular, the Pakistani nation with its basic belief in the two nation theory (Hindus and Muslims are two incompatible nations) has been ruled and nurtured by a sectarian philosophy. The common people of Pakistan feel this slur and this lack of truth every single day. What better way to remove the common Pakistani's core doubt than have a 50 year long diehard champion of Akhand Bharat say that the two nation theory (in the subcontinent) is a correct theory. Also to prove to the Pakistanis that Indians too believe in the two nation theory.

2. With this move the Pakistani ruling class is trying to sell out the interests of the Indian Muslims (they claim to represent them on the world stage) one more time, by telling them to accept BJP/Advani type Hindus as the real Indian Hindus and drop their aspirations for a secular India. The first time they sold them out was in 1947 by demanding the partition of India to create a homeland for the subcontinent's Muslims.

3. Pakistani ruling class gets to discredit Gandhi, Nehru Azad and their value system one more time and call them "fake", just as Jinnah and Muslim League did in the 1940s. And that the rabid communalists like Savarkar and Golwalkar are genuine Hindu heroes of India. Pakistan gets to tell the whole world: "Look we are just a mirror image of India".

4. Pakistan gets to tell Kashmiri Muslims, who suffered horribly due to the Pakistan inspired-abetted "Azadi" movement in Kashmir, and whom they pledged independence for 50 years (but they could deliver nothing but 60,000 dead and 15 years of untold misery) that afterall BJP/Advani are not bad people. You should accept them.

The writer is President of Association of Indian Muslims of America, Washington DC. 

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