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Published in the 16-30 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Waliullah Shareefi, president of the Shareh Bukhari Foundation, coming out of the US consulate in Mumbai after handing over a memorandum against the desecration of the Quran

Waliullah Shareefi, president of the Shareh Bukhari 
Foundation, coming out of the US consulate in 
Mumbai after handing over a memorandum against 
the desecration of the Quran


NCM seeks explanation ON URDU BOOKS 
New Delhi: National Commission on Minorities in its meeting with NCERT authorities on 19 May firmly called for an explanation why there is always so much delay in publication and availability of Urdu books for Urdu medium schools and their students. NCERT authorities led by its director Krishn Kumar admitted the delay but said that it is mainly because texts of other books are to be translated into Urdu which is a time taking job. Another reason is difficulty of proof reading. Commission member Ahmad Rashid Sherwani firmly said that unless Urdu books are available Hindi and English books also should not be made available. NCERT representatives explained that their target was to publish 112 books in Urdu, 52 of which are published and the remaining 60 are under publication and assured that these will be made available by July. 

Aligarh: Intellectual Forum for Secular Democracy in a meeting held in AMU’s Womens Polytechnic premises welcomed the recommendations of POTA Review Committee and demanded the immediate dismissal of Narendra Modi government in Gujarat. Forum’s president Prof. Razaulla demanded that innocent people held under POTA should be released immediately. The speakers regretted that in spite of irresponsible activities of Narendra Modi central government’s dilly dallying attitude is a matter of concern which has hurt the feelings of Muslims. They agreed that if at all necessary, those imprisoned should be charged with minor offences otherwise the innocent ones should be released immediately. 

Badayun: Maulana Aseedul Haq Mohammad Asim Qadiri has set up Al Azhar Institute of Islamic Studies in Badayun under the guardianship of Maulana Abdul Hameed Mohammad Salim Qadiri. Maulana Aseedul Haq is its founder and director. This is a unique institution of its kind. For students receiving modern education in this Institute, a two-month part-time course of Islamic education and training has been introduced in May, taking advantage of summer vacations. One hundred students out of several hundreds have been selected on merit basis. These students have been divided into four sections. In Section A, high school students, in B intermediate students, in C graduates and in Section D, post graduate students have been included. Syllabus includes reading and recitation of Qur’an, importance of bath, ablution, namaz, fasting etc. 

Patna: Governor of Bihar, Sardar Boota Singh in a meeting with a delegation led by Lok Jan Shakti Party leader and Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan assured him that necessary action will be taken for setting up a Muslim university in Bihar also on the pattern of Aligarh Muslim University. He also assured him that he will sympathetically consider the demands of Madrasa and Sanskrit school teachers, who are on strike in protest against non-payment of their salaries and bad condition of their schools and will arrange the payment of their salaries at the earliest and also the necessary funds for their school buildings. 

New Delhi: Sunil Dutt, film actor, MP, social worker and minister who died on 25 May said in his will that if by marrying Nargis he had hurt the sentiments of Muslims, he tenders his apologies to them. He also said that he is against idolatory and hence does not want his statue to be erected anywhere in his memory, nor any road or building etc to be named after him, nor any postal stamp issued nor any award etc instituted in his memory. Noble ideas indeed in this age when people are generally hankering after publicity, prestige, power and pelf. He also said that after his death his eyes should be placed inside the grave of Nargis. His will was revealed by his son Sanjay Dutt.

Allahabad: Urdu Development Organisation (UDO) has accused Union Bank of India that its branch managers at several places are refusing to accept cheques filled in Urdu and they misbehave with customers who submit cheques in Urdu. Founder of UDO, Bahrul Uloom said that once a customer submitted his cheque in Urdu in a bank in Phulpur (Azamgarh), the manager said that this time the cheque is being honoured but warned that if this happens next time, not only the cheque will not be honoured but his account will also be closed. Similarly in Jaunpur, seeing the cheque in Urdu the bank manager refused to accept it on the plea that there is no Urdu-knowing employee in his bank. Similar cases are taking place in other branches also. 

New Delhi: A conference on Auqaf, Waqf Council and Milli responsibility was held in a local madrasa under the presidentship of Hafiz Haroon in which ulama and intellectuals from Haryana, Punjab, UP and Delhi participated. A resolution was unanimously passed in this meeting in which Central Waqf Council was demanded to reconstitute the United Punjab Waqf Board which was divided into four separate Waqf Boards by the erstwhile NDA government. Maulana Reyazuddin Thanvi said that under Waqf Act, 1995 states whose income is less but expenses are more cannot have separate Waqf Boards. Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh Boards are facing great financial problems and even the salaries of employees are not being paid in time. Hospitals, scholarships for poor students and widows, stitching and computer centres, ITIs etc that were successfully running under United Punjab Waqf Board have now become non-functional because of financial constraints. 

New Delhi: Union home minister Shiv Raj Patil said in reply to a question in Lok Sabha that 566 persons are still in jail under POTA. He said that in September 2004 when POTA was abolished by the present government, different state governments had arrested 1031 persons of whom 431 were on bail. 

Though he did not give break-up figures, it is a fact that most of them are Muslims.

New Delhi: Jama Masjid: Call of the Soul written in English by NL Batra was released in a five-star hotel here on 1 June by poet and film song writer Javed Akhtar in the presence of a distinguished audience. The foreword of this book is written by Prof Mushirul Hasan, vice chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia. NL Batra, a former engineer with Archaeological Survey of India says about Jama Masjid in this book that the sanctity, serenity and eternal beauty of Jama Masjid has always impressed him and this book is an humble attempt to shed light on the qualities and beauty of this architectural master piece. Among the audience were Shabana Azmi and Prof Mushirul Hasan. 

Bahraich: The efforts of the principal, teachers and managing committee of Sir Sayyad Girls College, Qazipura have borne fruit and the girl students of this institution, by securing cent per cent results in High School and Intermediate Board examinations for the year 2005 have brought name and fame to their educational institution. In the Intermediate Examinations 28 girl students appeared, two of them secured first division and 26 passed with second division. Similarly in High School examinations, 100 girls appeared, four of them passed with first division, 61 with second division and only two with third division. Ninety seven percent of the students passed in examinations.

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