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Published in the 16-30 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters to the editor: Page 1 | Page 2| Page 3

The Milli Gazette Online 

I was pleased to receive The Milli Gazette, 16-31 May 2005. Please keep mailing me as I am very much interested.

In this issue of MG I have been I was happy to see the Special Report on Inter-Civilisational Dialogue and Prof. Ram Puniyani's "Hindu undivided family" apart from many other articles. I congratulate the Editor/Publisher for such thought provoking magazine. Keep it up.
Digant Oza, Editor, Jalseva
Satyajeet Trust, Ahmedabad

Thanks for translating and publishing my article on Nikahnama. The response is very good. I have been receiving positive views on it from all over India. Alhamdulillah.
Uzma Naheed, Mumbai

I saw your website during a web search. I should congratulate you for this priceless effort of starting a wonderful Muslim English newspaper. There should be more efforts for the upliftment of Indian Muslims. There is a vast Muslim population which is well-educated but the lack of true guidance and counselling leaves them unnoticed.
Dr. Sitwat Khatoon

As I understand you are rendering yeoman services for the upliftment of our community in India. And I very much appreciate your efforts. I am sure Alah will help you. Please keep up your good work.
Hassan Farooqi
Jamia Millia
I believe that MG is among the most circulated newsparers concerned with issues of Muslims of India and its readers have deep concern for the social, educational and political affairs of Muslims.

I hope you might be aware that Jamia Millia Islamia has not been given the status of Minority Institution despite the recommendations of Jamia Executive Council dated 09.05.97 and National Commission for the Minorities dated 06.05.97 (Copies of recommendations attached).

I have decided to challenge the Jamia Millia Islamia Act in the court of Law through PIL so as to ensure its minority character because the current Act does not reflect the basic objectives and principles of the institution.

However, I request all MG readers, especially those have experience and are advocates by profession, to kindly suggest me how beneficial it would be to challenge the Act in the court of Law. Other MG readers can also suggest me a better way out. All attachments are available on
Ahmed Abdullah, New Delhi-25

Justice delayed and deviated
The re-enactment the Best Bakrey inferno at the behest of Mumbai special court judge seems ridiculous. This mock attack is noting short of makeing the mockery of judiciary. It has failed to punish the culprits who dastardly killed 14 innocent Indians. They are still in the safe wings of Mr. Modi.

Delaying justice is an establised facet of our judiciary now the Best Bakrey case is also being deviated. The master mind behind the Gujarat riots has successfully influenced the judiciary. Now it wants to deter Muslims by re-enacting the Bakery inforno. The police who served as tool should have advised the judge to see the reality by burying alive Zaheera and her sister to asses the correct situation and analyse to go in favour of the culprits.
Dr Suriya Hameed, Gulbarga

Muslim performance in IAS exams
Dismal performance of Muslims this years in IAS exam is disheartening (Kulsum Mustafa, MG 1-15 June). There can be no two opinion about the importance of education but even well reputed Muslim Minority educational institutions are emphasising on construction of ornamental buildings instead of striving towards academic excellence. Improving the lot of Muslim youths will not only require a beautiful and magnificent façade but also an excellent library and laboratory facilities. How many Muslim minority schools/colleges have career guidance and coaching facilities? We must have these facilities in every Muslim minority educational institution along with placement bureaus where campus interviews can be arranged.

Muslims should be encouraged to spend on their children's education and efforts should be made for establishing reference libraries in every locality. In our city a small beginning has been made by starting The Azamgarh Library which is located at Shibli Nursery, Azamgarh and opens from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on all days except Friday.

We must discourage wasting funds on organising cricket tournaments and Mushairas. In recent years Mushairas have seen a downward trend and with ubiquitous presence of lady poets. Mushairas have lost its appeal for the connoisseurs of poetry. In a similar vein people should be reprimanded for extravagant expenditure on marriages, and utilization of precious funds should be on educational upliftment of the community.
Dr. Salman Sultan
Shibli National College, Azamgarh

Islamic banks
I want to open an account in an Islamic bank in India. Please E-mail addresses of the banks, this is a request to you, it's like as you are helping a needy person. This account in Islamic bank would be helpful regarding Muslim funds....Insha allah.
Shaker Kazi
Editor: There are no Islamic banks in India. There are financial companies claiming to operate according to Islamic laws but they are frauds and thousands of people have lost their deposits as a result of depositing their funds in such companies like Al-Mizan and Al-Falah. The best are ordinary banks and mutual funds.

Desecration of Qura'n
Visiting Assistant Secretary of State of USA Christina Rocca has said that the United States may make public the findings of the investigations conducted into the allegations of the desecration of Holy Qura'n in Guantanamo Bay. Pakistan and Muslim Ummah must ask for the inclusion of at least two of its members in the investigation team to ensure that the proceedings are transparent and acceptable to the Muslim world. USA invariably either asks for the deportation of the suspect terrorists to the USA or sends its FBI personnel to interrogate them here. Why can't we do the same?
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 46000

Jihad against intoxicants 
The other day a gentleman BN Pandya from Amod, Bharuch district came to me and asked my permission for writing a slogan on the wall of my house in Gujarati: Bidi tamaku na bhogi. Bane cancer na rogi (Avoid tobacco, and save yourself from cancer and diseases). I gladly allowed him to write the slogan. He has written such thought-provoking slogans on hundreds of walls in nearby villages and towns. He gave me some handbills written in Gujarati prepared by him for his Vysan Mukti Abhiyaan. English translation of one the handbills is given below:

A new born baby’s first dress after birth has no pocket. His last dress coffin too has no pocket. So why there is so much unrest after birth and before death? Before transfusion of blood you check its group. Likewise check the sources of your income. Have you earned money honestly or you have cheated people for money? This kind of money is Haraam?

Haraam money is spent in bars, clubs and hospitals. Usurped money causes quarrels in homes. If bank balance increases, but family bonds weakens then know for sure that such money is a curse not a bounty.
S. Akhtar, Bharuch, Gujarat

Advani on goodwill mission
It is a matter of great joy that Sri LK Advani visited Pakistan along with his family. What was the mission behind his visit? Advani paid tribute to Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the following words, "There are few who actually create history. Qaid-e-Azam was one such rare individual. In his early years, Sarojini Naidu described him as "an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity.”
Akhtar Hussain Aftab, Patna

US in Iraq
The issue of desecrating the holly Quraan by USA soldiers in Quantanamo prison is of a major concern to the muslim world . This incident reveals the attitude of the new conservative politicians in the US and shows how they look to the muslim symbols. .

Whether the Newsweek journal declines or retards from certifying its former report, it should be asked , how a reputable journal can publish a report before it takes all measures to be sure that it is true ?. One explanation to last declaration of the Newsweek journal , can be the pressure or possible threats exerted on it by the USA administration. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) officials said recently that, the newly declassified documents provide new evidence that U.S. authorities at Guantanamo Bay were mistreating symbols of the detainees' religious beliefs as a tactic to force them to talk. "The United States government continues to turn a blind eye to mounting evidence of widespread abuses of detainees held in its custody," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.

Large numbers of the USA troops have shown disgusting behavior towards the Iraqis. These cases have been manifested:-

  1. The abuses committed in the Abu-Graib prison, where many types of torture and even raping of prisoners have conducted. Those abuses were authenticated by more than 1200 photos.
  2. Some soldiers have documented their criminal acts by photographs. The attached photo, which is only one example among hundreds, shows one USA soldier who is acknowledging two crimes. These were the killing of an innocent civilian and the raping of his daughter. In spite of these two major crimes, the soldier is proud of his crimes and he is seen laughing.
  3. The second photo shows a group of USA troops desecrating a mosque with their shoes after they have stormed that mosque in Al-Ramady town.

Looking to these two examples we can say that if the American soldiers can do these, they can easily desecrate the holy Quraan.

Since the event of 11 Sept, the Bush administration has been relating all violent events in the world to Muslims and Islam religion and not to the injustice and oppression committed in the Muslims world. Therefore, the USA troops have been living among a media that accuses Islam and Muslims of bad deeds thus provoking aggressive action towards the symbols of Islam.
Mohamed Younis, Mosul / IRAQ

Letters to the editor: Page 1 | Page 2| Page 3

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