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Published in the 16-30 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters to the editor: Page 1 | Page 2| Page 3

The Milli Gazette Online 

Advani on goodwill mission
It is a matter of great joy that Sri LK Advani visited Pakistan along with his family. What was the mission behind his visit? Advani paid tribute to Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the following words, "There are few who actually create history. Qaid-e-Azam was one such rare individual. In his early years, Sarojini Naidu described him as "an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity.”
Akhtar Hussain Aftab, Patna

US in Iraq
The issue of desecrating the holly Quraan by USA soldiers in Quantanamo prison is of a major concern to the muslim world . This incident reveals the attitude of the new conservative politicians in the US and shows how they look to the muslim symbols. .

Whether the Newsweek journal declines or retards from certifying its former report, it should be asked , how a reputable journal can publish a report before it takes all measures to be sure that it is true ?. One explanation to last declaration of the Newsweek journal , can be the pressure or possible threats exerted on it by the USA administration. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) officials said recently that, the newly declassified documents provide new evidence that U.S. authorities at Guantanamo Bay were mistreating symbols of the detainees' religious beliefs as a tactic to force them to talk. "The United States government continues to turn a blind eye to mounting evidence of widespread abuses of detainees held in its custody," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.

Large numbers of the USA troops have shown disgusting behavior towards the Iraqis. These cases have been manifested:-

  1. The abuses committed in the Abu-Graib prison, where many types of torture and even raping of prisoners have conducted. Those abuses were authenticated by more than 1200 photos.
  2. Some soldiers have documented their criminal acts by photographs. The attached photo, which is only one example among hundreds, shows one USA soldier who is acknowledging two crimes. These were the killing of an innocent civilian and the raping of his daughter. In spite of these two major crimes, the soldier is proud of his crimes and he is seen laughing.
  3. The second photo shows a group of USA troops desecrating a mosque with their shoes after they have stormed that mosque in Al-Ramady town.

Looking to these two examples we can say that if the American soldiers can do these, they can easily desecrate the holy Quraan.

Since the event of 11 Sept, the Bush administration has been relating all violent events in the world to Muslims and Islam religion and not to the injustice and oppression committed in the Muslims world. Therefore, the USA troops have been living among a media that accuses Islam and Muslims of bad deeds thus provoking aggressive action towards the symbols of Islam.
Mohamed Younis, Mosul / IRAQ

Advani on goodwill mission
It is a matter of great joy that Sri LK Advani visited Pakistan along with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and daughter. What was the mission behind his visit? According to Advani, now Pakistan is a historical reality. The country has no doubt been politically divided, nevertheless, " there is a little bit of India in every Pakistani and a little bit of Pakistan in every Indian, Sri Advani said there. He paid tribute to Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the following words, " There are few who actually create history. Qaid-e-Azam was one such rare individual. In his early years, Sarojini Naidu described him as "an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity.
Akhtar Hussain Aftab

Islamic University in J&K
The decision taken by the Mufti Sayeed government to set up an Islamic University at Awantipore in Kashmir is a welcome move. So far various governments have time and again made such announcements. The National Conference government too had announced to set up an Islamic University at Malashadibagh, Ganderbal few years back but the did not fulfill its promise.

The decision of the Mufti government to set up an Islamic University is an encouraging step provided the government is sincere in its intentions.

The right understanding of Islamic teachings has become a dire necessity in the new emerging socio-economic and political developments. Madrasa education has benefited Ummah for many centuriesm, but now the madrasa education will have to be reinvigorated and made need based in the changing circumstances. Madrasa alumni do not good jobs. They work as muazzins in mosques on meager wages and are not able to improve their scholarship and widen their horizons of knowledge. The gulf between religion and sciences has widened and we have not been able to produce scholars like Ibn-Sina, AlJahiz, AlBiruni, Ibn-Khaldun who had mastered both religion and sciences. The medieval era Muslim scholars and scientists’ traditions later spread far and wide and awakened Europe which was then under the slumber of dark ages. But with the passage of time Muslims bifurcated the word Ilm (education), as mentioned the Qur'an, into religious and secular sciences and the religious education was considered a religious while science education was abandoned.

Madrasa students lack the holistic approach to knowledge. 

All those concerned with the establishment of Islamic University should formulate the curriculum and the courses of study in a manner that paves the way for the synthesis of religious and secular sciences 
Nasir Hussain Peerzada,
Jammu, J&K

Najma’s true colours
Najma Haptullah had earlier enjoyed her tenure as a Gandhian, upright person, and vice chairperson of the Rajya Sabha for more than a decade claiming herself as the nearest relative of late Maulana Azad. After coming to the light a morphed photo of hers with Maulana Azad, she is faced with much embarrassment. But disclosure of the fraud she has not resigned from the post of president of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR). She should resign from ICCR on moral grounds.
Mohd Azam Mominpura
Karim Nagar, AP, 

Polygamy and Muslims
In the wake of Bhopal session of AIMPLB, a misleading campaign against polygamy and talaq is going on in the media. History bears testimony to the fact that during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 14 centuries years ago, unlimited polygamy was practised in all the countries of world including India and by the followers of all the religions. Islam by limiting the number of wives to four with strict pre-conditions introduced a radical reform in the institution of marriage. 

Polygamy is not compulsory in Islam. In order to save society from evils, Islam has permitted polygamy but Muslims have been instructed to do to their wives. If a woman is barren or chronically ill, there are two options for her husband. He may either divorce her and then marry another woman or he may take a second wife without divorcing the first. Obviously, the latter option is preferable. The second option would not be a welcome situation for women. Polygamy is a safeguard against sexual perversion and moral corruption in society. According to a 1991 census Hindus were more polygamous than Muslims in India. The percentage of polygamy among Muslims is negligible in the country because of their poor economic condition.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

It refers to the news regarding suspension of fencing by India along Bangladesh border. Things have changed a lot since 1975 when India-Bangladesh accord was signed. Obviously Bangladesh has malaise intentions to resist fencing of Indo-Bangladesh border so that anti-Indian activities like illegal immigration of Bangladeshis to India, smuggling, cattle-lifting and abductions may continue for advantage to Bangladesh. Our BSF personnel are killed by Bangladesh-rifles while preventing such illegal activities. Since India is to do border-fencing inside its own territory, there is no reason to suspend on demand of a country which has no longer any friendly attitude towards India and rather has exhibited enmity in all respects. Right of self-defence by India must not be compromised in any manner!
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

It has become a usual practice of over-spoken UPA ministers to blame electronic media whenever they are trapped by their own allies or colleagues for their irresponsible remarks. Now it is turn of Union Human Resources Development Minister Arjun Singh who had to retract from his earlier stand about 50-percent reservation to Muslims in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) under pressure of his left allies. Earlier he had indicated as to be government-initiative for such reservation while now he is talking this decision to be of AMU! 

On an earlier occasion, it was Lalu Prasad Yadav who bluntly refused to have attacked Rambilas Paswan with charges of corruption even though video-tapes of such charges are with all the TV news-channels. It is indeed our misfortune that we are to be governed by such irresponsible ministers which are not at all worthy of the responsible posts they are holding.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

It refers to welcome order of Delhi High Court to abolish ‘privatisation’ of Delhi’s Jama Masjid and instead handing its charge to Waqf Board. The court has also been giving public-interest orders from time to time to remove encroachments in specified areas of the capital. Surroundings and roads around Jama Masjid are worst affected by encroachments because individuals and government-functionaries ‘sell’ or ‘lease’ public land to encroachers as if their own personal property! Delhi Higfh Court should also ensure cleaning of roads and markets surrounding Jama Masjid to be absolutely free from all encroachments like was done in disciplined emergency-era from 1975-77.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India) 

One year of UPA Govt fails to restore democratic rights
Civil liberties express its deep concern over the one year role of congress led UPA govt, this govt comes in to power by promising that they liberate the Gujarat from fascist modi Raj, provide justice to the victims of genocide and POTA victims, POTA will be revoke, detainees will be release, democratic rights will be resorted in all over India will protect human rights and civil liberties, providing of basic needs of a common man will be priority of the govt and prizes of goods will be in control

But after completion of one year congress failed to fulfill its promises, the suffering of common man is continue, prizes are hiked, drinking water problem become more serious, people lost their lives due to starvation in West Bengal, A.P, and many parts of the country. Muslims are still under threat of Hindutva fascist forces, In Gujarat Modi Raj is continue under UPA govt, thousands of people are in detained in jail, Genocide victims are still fighting for justice and there is no hope, they are still living out side of their villages, they are not permitted to inter in their home towns because they raise the voice for justice. POTA revoked but it is still continue in Gujarat, still Modi arresting the people under POTA, judiciary is under modi’s clutches, judges are working on the instruction of modi, advocates are afraid POTA review committee is just eye wash, it is failed to hearing the cases in free and fair manner, and the recommendation of PRC has no value in Modi’s Gujarat. Public prosecutor is not respecting the decisions of central pota review committee, so what is the use of this useless committee?

In Ahmadabad’s Sabarmati Jail the most respectable Mass leader Moulana Naseeruddin is in detained, he is seriously ill, the special pota court of Gujarat that has its own self made rule of law rejected the bail order after pending it 3 months, he is not providing medical treatment, his life is under threat, if any thing happened to him Got of India will be held responsible. Like wise Moulana madni is detained in coimbatur jail since last seven years with out any trail, he is seriously ill, his age is 42 years and has the weight of 40 kg only, Moulana Madni who lost his legs in bomb blast thrown by hidu manani is a mass leader.

The big question is why the central govt led by congress worried with Modi, what is the secrete for protecting modi who committed crime against humanity. May be it congress role during the genocide, it is a open fact congress leaders also participated in killings of Muslims and they evolve attack and killing of their own party M.P ahsan Jafari, Sonia Gandhi during his visit to Ahmadabad to participate in so called Dandi March, but ignored to visit Ahsan Jafari residence where his widow is still resisting the modi fascist Raj 

But now enough is enough congress must act immediately and impose article 356 and modi should be sac for the greater interest of humanity and for the cause to democratic and human right and up hold constitutional authority in Gujrat.Other wise the words of a young Muslim girl who said Modi comes in to power by showing the Muslims as terrorist and congress gained the power by showing the dead bodies of Muslim. What is the difference in between them? Both are two sides of one coin shows the reality.

Civil Liberties demands if congress wants its existence must fulfill the promises, by sacking modi govt imposing article 356,and liberate the Gujarat from the clutches of modi.congress should take the steps to provide the justice to the victims of POTA and genocide. Should take immediate measures to provide the basic needs to the common man, and should maintain distance from World Bank and American imperalism. Other wise people of India teach the lesson to congress once again which will be fit and fix for its leader ship.
Lateef Mohd Khan

An all-women delegation led by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit called on the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil about continuing incidents of crime against women in the state capital which are a great threat to society.

Ms. Dikshit has rightly impressed upon the Union Home Minister the urgency to bring about amendments to the Indian Panel Code prescribing life imprisonment for rape.

In view of present insecure scenario, it is imperative for both union as well as state governments to take stern action against culprits that may prove deterrent and persons with deceased mind may be tamed. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
P. O. Box: 93, Tagore Marg, 
Lucknow (U.P.) 

Letters to the editor: Page 1 | Page 2| Page 3

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