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Published in the 16-30 June 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters to the editor: Page 1 | Page 2| Page 3

The Milli Gazette Online 

Was it proper for India to participate in 60 year WW2 ceremonies?
Was it proper for India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to attend a victory parade, while India’s role in the WW2 was more of a hired coolie at the beck and command of its erstwhile colonial masters? 

While some may wrongly feel that India was not given its due in the ceremonies, a contrary feeling is quite rampant over why India's Prime Minister should have gone over to participate in the 60-year commemoration. Indian soldiers were not free and independent India's representatives in the 2nd World War. 

They were most like indentured labour, hired guns, paid mercenaries. It is only if India had participated with the Allies, out of its free will and with conviction that it is fighting a just war, that was in India's interest, India should have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Allies at the 60-year ceremony. 

We cannot forget that one of India's most popular front rank freedom fighter was actually fighting on the other side with his own Indian National Army and that with his own free will and with full patriotic vigour. 

Under the circumstance, the presence of Indian Prime Minister was most awkward and embarrassing to the discerning people of India. The unthinking way, that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has accepted the invitation to join others, more in the nature of availing an opportunity to meet up conveniently with other world leaders, without having to go through elaborate protocols of formal visits, does not paper over the fact that India has been patronizingly included for its forced and involuntary participation in other's wars. 

A free India not only should have the cultivated a deep sense of self-respect and dignity to treat its colonial history as distinct and improper with the aspiration of its free people commensurate with its current free status in the world. 

India had gained an honourable place in the commity of nations, by keeping out of Iraq war, with full credit to its decision to treat US invasion as illegal and an ugly reappearance of western hidden urge to colonize the weaker nations of the world; even though initially Advani had slavishly announced in his Washington visit about India's willingness to join the US. It was only the public hue and cry that forced both Vajpayee and advani to retrace their steps and announce India's decision not to send troops to Iraq.

Compatible with that level of its positioning in world affairs, Indian Prime Minister should have politely refrained from showing India’s flag at such gathering where its presence was doubtlessly look down by some participants. The question could have been in the mind of some: is India not already reconciled to its colonial past and could be treated as a virtual colony of the masters --- yesterday the British, today --- probably the Americans.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

It refers to Union government setting a 3-ministers’ committee to suggest mode of enquiry against Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi for alleged misuse of government-machinery during infamous post-Godhra riots in Gujarat. Undoubtedly, no sensible person will ever endorse any type of riot or communal hatred. But the style of Union Government probing against Gujarat Chief Minister seems to be politically biased, and is likely to make Narender Modi a ‘martyr-hero’ in eyes of public. 

However if Union government wishes to bypass courts in acting against Narender Modi, it should also take similar action against its own tainted ministers for an impartial balancing act. Rambilas Paswan and Lalu Prasad Yadav are on record to level corruption-charges against each other on TV channels. Since such charges have been levelled by responsible persons posted as Union Ministers, there is no reason for not probing the charges by the Union government like is now being done against Gujarat Chief Minister.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Can the genie be pushed back into the bottle
However much US President Bush and his administration is trying to calm down the enraged Muslims around the world, over the over-spreading hysteria unleashed by Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, he seems to have opened a genie of anti-Muslim hatred within his own homeland, that seems to be difficult to be bottled back. 

Recent statistics released by a prominent Muslim advocacy group, CAIR,( Council for American Islamic Relations) show a very disturbing picture, in as much anti-Muslim crime has shot up 50% more than comparable period last year. 

Bush administration's very public and very forceful condemnation of Newsweek publication of a report on desecration on Holy Quran did surprise people around the world, though the story was factual and had been corroborated, even by international Red Cross, about desecration of Holy Quran by Guantanamo Bay interrogators. 

It will be huge task for Bush to now convince his own people and media, that all the drummed up propaganda against Taliban and Saddam was just an excuse to attack the two countries to impose US hegemony and now when the first goal is achieved the 'pacification' phase will not be achieved unless people back at home are properly managed as was the Administration attempt with Newsweek.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

 It may be under pressure of USA that Newsweek is retracting from the Qur'aan story. But such abuses are happening in US prison camp as has been confessed by a prisoner who was released recently from the Guantanamo prison for want of any proof against him. America should apologize for the desecration of Qur'aan by its army. It may be that USA wants to provoke the prisoners so that they may react and as such they can inflct more sufferings . There are 6666 verses in Qur'aan which are really 6666 bombs. All these verses are pregnant with wholesome truth of divine origin such as submission to God, truth, charity, piety, honesty, love, brotherhood, modesty, decency etc. which are detrimental to Western idea of life Qur'aan can change the world and minds of people. USA also may be alarmed by the increasing number of Christians embracing Islam and hence they detest the divine message Qur'aan. Allah will punish all those making deliberate errors. Newsweek should bring out another article as to why they retracted.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir,

Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs and actor Sunil Dutt passed away after a heart attack at his home in Bandra, northwest Mumbai. In a movie career spanning five decades, Dutt acted in 102 films and directed six, including the memorable Reshma Aur Shera. His most recent release as an actor was the 2003 superhit Munnabhai MBBS, where he acted alongside son Sunjay Dutt. Sanjay Nirupam, who unsuccessfully contested against Dutt from the Mumbai North-West Lok Sabha constituency in May 2004 as a Shiv Sena candidate and has now joined the Congress party. Nirupam, who had a history of bitter rivalry with Dutt, seems to be in a different tone now, said the veteran MP was like a father figure for him. I wonder how such people like Nirupam finds place in congress who were deadly against the a person like Dutt who had been a clean, hardworking and a secular person. Congress should introspect for this attitude of theirs since it would make it a party like others who fail soon. 

I wonder how come a person like him given as sports portfolio. A person whom the world has seen working with all tooth and nail in various communal riots. But still he played role being a sports minister too. Dutt not only had time to hear the plight of sportspersons, he also made a concerted effort to improve the standard of Indian athletes by taking up several initiatives. Fate seemed to have meted out a never-ending spate of tragedies in Dutt's life, but bitterness and self pity seemed to find no place in his soul, in spite of his receiving one shattering blow after another. But all these tragedies failed to deter the man from following his first love -- cinema -- and serve the community through politics. 

After his wife's death, he lost himself in politics and his involvement in it was complete. When he spoke about the country, he spoke selflessly from the heart. He can perhaps, best be described in his own words while quoting his philosophy.'You are just expected to perform your duties and not expect any rewards. As a citizen of India, I am concerned with giving my best.' 
Md Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur

A meeting representing the wide cross-section of he A.M.U. Community and leading citizens of Aligarh was held on 20th May 2005 at 1:00pm under the auspices of "Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC)".It thanked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of United Progressive Alliance and also Union Minister of HRD, Shri Arjun Singh for helping Muslim Community by endorsing the resolution passed by various bodies of the University regarding 50% reservation of Muslims in the admissions to Aligarh Muslim University which was long pending aspiration of the Muslims of India.

The Congress Government was bold enough to accept the fact through A.M.U. Amendment Act 1981, that Aligarh Muslim University is a Minority Institution established and administered by the Muslims of India accoriding to Article 30(i) of the constitution of India.

This new admission policy with the provision of 50% reservation for Muslims on All India Basis will help to maintain the All India Character of the University which had been gradually eroded and would also ensure the selection of meritorious students only, thus improving the overall standard. It reminded those who are opposing this policy of 50% Muslims Reservation in Aligarh Muslim University admissions that Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi as Minister of HRD in NDA Government had accorded permission to Jamia Hamdard University to reserve 50% seats for Muslims in admissions last year. It condemned insignificant minority of teachers in AMU who have always been in he habit of opposing any move for the welfare of Muslim Community, which is contradictory to the policies of the left parties at the National Level.

The resolution passed a special provision requesting Mrs.Sonia Gandhi Chairperson, UPA Govt.,to immediately implement the promises of Common Minimum Programme (page no. 11) which had declared reservation for religious and linguistic minorities in jobs and education as the professed aim of the Government. 
Dr.Mohammad Shahid
Hony.Patron President

The keenly watched Bhopal declaration of All India Muslim Personal Law Board has attracted a mixed reaction. When many Muslim and non-Muslim groups including All India Democratic Women's Association have welcomed it as a step forward, some little-known organisations from Mumbai like "Awaz-e-Niswan" and "Huqooq-e-Niswan" has termed it as dangerous and pro-men and anti-women.

Whereas the model "Nikahnama" is only advisory and not statutory, the Board may say that it cannot be made compulsory, as it is not a law-enforcing body and the onus of responsibility lies on the Muslim community to act responsibly and do away with the evil aspects of family life with knowledge, patience and spirit of forgiveness. 

"Shariat" is basically a word of God, Anything which is not clear directly from the Holy Quran and Hadith(teachings and practice of Prophet Mohamed. S. A. W), should be interpreted with inference, known as "Ijtehad" in Islamic terminology. There lies ascope for difference of opinion, by different scholars in the past and it will continue even in future too, depending upon the new situations arising at a particular point of time. But still there is no scope for playing tricks in the name of Ijtehad as basics should not be hurt or disturbed while arriving at a particular solution. "Triple Talaq" is one such issue, which should be solved with utmost care. 

The type of triple talaq is one, which is accepted in Islam is the one given in three different months, with sobriety, after all doors of reconciliation are closed. 

But the type of talaq-which is rampant in the society but has got no sanction from Quran and Hadith--- is pronouncing talaq thrice at a time, out of rage or ignorance. Now the scholars differ, whether this amounts to one or three. While the Hanafi school of thought says that since it has been pronounced three times, it is three, whereas the Ahl-e-Hadith school says, it is only one because it is the number of sitting which counts, the other two words of talaq are only repetitions. There has been a call from different sections of society, including from non-Muslim organisations, particularly after Shah Bano case, that system of triple talaq must be abolished. Here language must be minded, i. e. it should be called as "instant triple talaq".

Coming back to nikahnama, despite the limitations, the AIMPLB has faltered very seriously on the question of "instant triple talaq". 

The personal Law Board, though a conglomeration of different schools of thought is dominated by the Hanafi Maslak. The Board is delaying a final fatwa on this particular issue and it looks as if they are standing on false ego, sensing little that it affects thousands of women of Muslim community and it has got a socio-economic bearing. It is not a question of banning triple talaq, but defining and interpreting that if a person commits such a folly, where does he stand.

Going by some events happened during the time of Prophet Mohammed (S. A. W) and his companions and moreover going by rationale and practicality, the Ahl-e- Hadith viewpoint seems to be right. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board should, at the earliest, must clear the clouds on the interpretation of this issue 

Even many Hanafi ulema in the past and present, have clearly shown their inclination towards the accepting he instant triple talaq to be one. Moulana Abdul Kareem Parekh, a veteran scholar of international repute has reported to be advocating that there is no alternative to this viewpoint on this issue and the instant three talaqs have to be counted as only one. And there are many who accept at heart that that there is no alternative. But still the delay and hesitation on arriving at a conclusion is not understandable. There are many instances that when a Hanafi declares three times talaq at the heat of the moment, he feels sorry later on the cooling down of tempers and tries to seek the remedy according to Hanafi law. Finding no way out there, he desperately refers to Ahl-e- Hadis school, where he is told that only one talaq has taken effect and he can take it back. To avoid this discrepancy and put the whole community on one plank , this viewpoint should be accepted as this is not in the travesty of Quran and Sunnah. This viewpoint should not opposed because it belongs to aparticular school of thought, but should be viewd with point of whether it is according to Quran and Sunnah. The true spirit of Hanafism is that if you come across a better thing, the sayings of Imam Abu Hianifa should be thrown on the wall. This particular issue has a socio-economic bearing on divorced Muslim women. Hence streamlining of this law and consensus on this issue must not be delayed any further. Any false ego on Islamic issues is negation of the word of Allah, hence should be avoided for the sake of Allah.

As the Board is not competent enough to impose any law, what best it can do is to frame a set of rules, submit it to the Government of India and ask it to get passed a legislation through Parliament. All the cases pertaining to Muslim marriage and talaq would be adjudicated through this law by all the courts of the country. Mere advices would not bring out any desired revolution in the community.
42, Perambur High Road, Chennai-12

Another successful regime change
The French referendum’s ‘NON’ to EU constitution, can be safely regarded as one more successful item of action on the long list of ‘regime changes’ that are being revised and added to by Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld and their American Jewish Neo-con advisers and operators, in their relentless quest to impose their unchallenged hegemony on the rest of the world. 

In one blow, Bush has dispersed and destroyed the whole sand castle of European Union that had been painstakingly built over a period of 50 years. French President Jacque Chirac, has not fully taken into account of the potential of French Jewish citizens, who could manipulate and lead public opinion, as a revenge for Chirac’s ‘outrageous’ anti-US and anti-Zionist policies over Iraq and Iran, his audacious self-delusion of building up European Union to confront as an adversary to world’s lone super-power; the prospectus of Euro taking over as one of the two reserve currency of the world, thus denting US dollar monopoly. US was alarmed at the growing independence shown by EU to defy the dictat of Europe’s old benefactor, that has now other priorities in the world, that required some extreme sacrifices from Europe. At each an every step, US wanted EU to bend to its own exclusive interest in world affairs. Bush wanted EU support on Iran, stoppage of any arms supply to China, acquiescence to preferential treatment to US aircraft industry by withholding progress on Airbus. 

It is not long time when Rumsfeld had denigrated France and Germany as old Europe, and had pinned its hope on the new comers to EU balancing the Union in favour of the US interests. With this French NON vote, and the defeat of Schroeder’s party in one of the bye-election, Bush team has started the process to side-line the ‘Old-Europe’ and may have plans on the drawing boards for an EU with British as the kingpin and without France and Germany as the main leaders in any new configuration that may follow. 

Now the only gathering threat to US world hegemony is already shaping up with the closing of the ranks of Russia, China and India, while it becomes inevitable that the next war of confrontation will be moved on to the Asian soil. Even though Bush is in his second term, plans are on to do a Rabri act in Washington by supporting Laura Bush as the next President of the US, to break the chances of Hilary Clinton’s candidacy as the first woman President of the United States of America. Laura Bush’s choreographed acts in Washington and in Jerusalem, are the portents of which way the Neo-con wind is blowing.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

It refers to shocking news of opening doors for boys by Delhi’s women-exclusive colleges Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) and Miranda House in some courses. With increasing incidents of eve-teasing and other sex-related crimes, rather there was strong need to revert back to golden old system of separate schools and colleges for boys and girls. But surprisingly and regrettably, such a step by capital’s these two prestige-institutions will be a shock for those parents who wished their daughters to join women-exclusive colleges. The step is in just contrast to practical step taken by a leading five-starred hotel Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi which has dedicated one complete ‘women-only’ floor realising need of privacy by women. National Women Council and Delhi High Court should take sue-motto action to prevent admission to boys in women-exclusive colleges of Delhi.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Government fulfils formality of celebrating 31st May as ‘No-tobacco-day’ every year by spending too much on newspaper-advertisements but without any sincere intention to save public from hazardous effects of smoking! India should follow countries like Bhutan and Ireland in imposing a total ban on smoking and sale of cigarettes in the Country. Ireland experienced drastic forty-percent cut in heart-attacks after total ban on smoking. Studies reveal that chances of heart-attack remain just fifty-percent after a person gives up smoking. Government-spending on tobacco-related diseases accounts much more than revenue earned by sale of these products. Smoking starts in youngsters as fashion and status symbol. It does not feel good in initial stages, but later develops as addiction. Union Government should ban manufacture of cigarettes at least in interest of families of smokers which are the worst sufferers in case of fatality of smokers, defying all pressures from anti-public but influential tobacco-lobby in the country!
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Supreme Court has rightly directed state govt. to ascertain provision of appropriate faculty, library, laboratory and other facilities apart from basic infrastructure prior to granting the status of University to an educational institution. This will sure be a deterrent to the mushrooming crop of educational institution of dubious distinction. It is really difficult to maintain standard in colleges in view of prevailing corruption in universities to which these are affiliated.

Proposal for affiliating Minority institutions with Central Universities is a welcome step and efforts should be made to expedite the process. It is high time for the government to think in terms of quality education instead of churning out dim witted degree holders.
Dr. Salman Sultan
Shibli National College,

In the death of Mr Sunil Dutt the country has not just lost a fine actor, but also a decent politician, and above all a great human being. Though he was 75, but was very lively and energetic person, and rightly headed the Sports and Youth affairs ministry. He was among the few politicians whom one can call common man's leader. He belonged to the rare breed of politicians who are decent and truly respected. Dutt saheb recently showed his displeasure in public on the inclusion of Sanjay Nirupam into the Congress. He probably felt betrayed on not being consulted over this issue. One may recall that Sanjay Nirupam had fought the last lok sabha election against Dutt saheb on a Shiv Sena ticket and had left no stone unturned in attacking the highly respected gentleman. It was this issue which he probably took to heart. The party high command should wake up to this highest form of protest where the person did not leave the party but left the world instead, and punish all those who 
mis-led the party President to believe that Dutt saheb had accepted Nirupam's entry into the party. 

As for Nirupam, as a mark of respect to the great soul, should never contest election on a Congress ticket from Dutt saheb's constituency. 

May Dutt saheb's soul rest in peace and may God give courage to Sanjay and his sisters to over come this great loss, Ameen.
Abdul Monim 
Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703

It refers to Union Minister Meira Kumar talking about ‘reservation’ in private sector. When even two important government-departments namely of Defence and of Scientific Research are exempted from policy of reservation, why and how private sector can be compelled to induce the failed policy! Even Prime Minister Dr Manmohansingh assured that ‘reservation’ will not be imposed on private sector. Policy of reservation proves itself a failure in itself when the policy failed to achieve desired results in stipulated fifteen years by the Constitution-makers. Even though it may be a fact that in earlier time, there might have been cast-distinction. But in present era this policy is itself responsible for alienating dalits and others from normal society by making them identified separately only due to a separate category of being scheduled cast or OBC. Benefits of reservation are enjoyed mainly by scheduled-cast politicians who therefore oppose to do away with reservation. 

‘Reservation’ for turning India into a developed nation should be only for persons and families with upto two children, which will ultimately solve entire problems of the nation.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

It refers to media-version of UP Chief Minister Mulayamsingh Yadav having played his dalit-card just by announcing additional one lakh jobs for safai-karmcharis? Are these jobs administratively reserved for dalits only? Such a mind-set only keeps dalits alienated from main streamline. Since pay-scales for safai-karmcharis are also good in tune with other government-employees, unemployed youth from other casts can also take these jobs like is the system in other countries.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Childhood restored or childhood scarred?
The picture of 465 Muslim children, sitting hunched, in Mumbai, reminded Indian Muslims of similar media pictures of line-ups in occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers standing over Palestinian civilians, rounding them up as potential terrorists, or Indian Security forces rounding up Kashmiri civilians and forcing them to sit in a huddle, in most humiliating circumstances with a view to terrorize them and showing off that they are the power in the land that should not be forgotten. 

In Mumbai, these Muslim children, from age of 6 to 18 were not terrorists. They were child workers in Mumbai’s Muslim area's ubiquitous embroidery sweatshops. All hailing from as far away as Bihar, Bengal and even Nepal, trying to make a living for themselves and for their extended family members back home, who practically all living below poverty line and without any means to survive, bereft of agricultural land to till or employment to earn their subsistence bread. 

A vast wasteland of India, is surviving precariously over family remittances from India’s various urban centers or from foreign countries in the Gulf and Far East. Fully aware of such dire economic constraints, the supposedly welfare state hardly comes forward with humane measures of rehabilitation. All its policies are geared to make rich, richer and the poor, the poorer. Indian is passing through the dark days of Dickinson blight. And the worst sufferers are the Indian Muslims, who are the favorite targets of political victimization.

Lately, the one year-old Sonia Congress government in coalition with Sharad Pawar’s National Congress Party, has been unusually become most people unfriendly, brutal and almost sadist, in dealing with the lower class citizens of Mumbai city. In its infamous declaration to make a Shanghai out of Bombay, the youngish Congress Chief Minister, Vilas Rao Deshmukh, who has suddenly acquired a prominent paunch to go with his callous behavior when dealing with the people, had earned some notoriety, when he ordered demolition of slum houses, which uprooted over 100,000 people in one day through bulldozing their old colony that has been earmarked for state regulated housing, as per their own Coalition Election Manifesto. Eighty percent of all uprooted people are Muslims. 

While old Parsi family and religious trusts are holding out with over 2000 acres of land, which government under Urban Land Ceiling Rules, is legally bound to reclaim and use for public housing, the Deshmukh government, for reasons of its own, feels it most politically appropriate on cracking down on Muslim pockets, to be claiming to recover a mere 200-plus acres from the slum so forcibly cleared. Now an attempt is being made to revoke the Urban Ceiling laws, to do private deals with the illegal occupiers of the vast and vacant lands that should have been available to Mumbai people for decades earlier. 

While at the center in Delhi, Sonia Gandhi grandly attends Jamiatul Ulama’s annual gathering; sending out the message to all Muslims, that she has come over to claim their vote bank, as her mother-in-law had done in similar bogus exercises in the past, all Congress functionaries are deeply antagonists against Muslims and waste no opportunity to humiliate them, destroy their livelihood and deny them equal opportunity, whether in public or private job markets. The newly appointed Congress Prime Minister, who is supposed to be apolitical, has yet to come out with any concrete measure to address the political and economic hurdles that are used to keep Indian Muslims at the lowest of the low order of human existence. 

The plight of 465 children so inhumanly rounded up as common criminals, herded in Police vans, collected in open grounds, held up without food or water for the whole day, except as reported, given some fruits towards the evening --- has a deep wound over the brutal face of Sonia/Sharad Pawar governance. Even after 58 years, they treat Indian Muslims as aliens, if not as terrorists.

Whatever merits of the action to curb child labour, in pursuance of the muddle-headed agenda of foreign funded NGO’s who are more concerned with the foreign agenda, without giving priorities to the ground realities of grinding poverty in the land, the police action, has not only traumatized the whole lot of Muslim children caught between the arbitrary law enforcement and their need to survive, but the palpable humiliation felt by Indian Muslims over their helplessness to come to the help of their fellow community members, when the state so callously abuses them, either while bulldozing their houses, or rounding up their young children, should cause the President, Prime Minister and Congress President Sonia Gandhi to take urgent notice of affairs of this cosmopolitan city that is being rule by some very unusual group of inhuman and heartless short-timers, who are more interested in making hay while the sun shines, and least concerned about the urban unrest that they are continuously feeding by their brutal ways of governance. Such conditions cannot go on forever. Something has got to change and that better be sooner than later.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Veteran criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani has raised doubts about judges’ intellect in a paper circulated amongst selected ones in Indian judicial and legal system. I recall that during much-publicised ‘Wah India’ contempt case in Delhi High Court, a leading newspaper revealed that media and individuals in foreign country are free to criticise judges and judgements to the extent that a British newspaper published photo of a judge upside-down to criticise his judgement! But in India unfortunately, we have contradictory practice to call a judge learned while terming his judgement wrong in appeals filed! Undoubtedly, Indian judiciary has since devalued its dignity largely with judges of higher courts being transferred, promoted and appointed mainly on lobbying rather than on quality. Political influence in appointing judges is to the extent that a municipal-corporator with a political background could be appointed a judge in High Court. Judges are openly violating unpublished 16-point code with even Chief Justice of India ignoring documented-complaints against such violations. It was indeed a matter of shame that a former Chief Justice of India while arguing a case after retirement in USA cited that his experience as judicial head of the country was that justice was not possible in Indian judicial system due to loopholes in system causing delay.

Judges do not discourage feudatory practice of being called ‘Me-lords’. They pass stringent remarks on other government-functionaries, but kept silence when the file sanctioning luxury Baleno cars for judges of Delhi High Court against rules went ‘missing’ mysteriously. Ours seems to be a carbon-copy of British constitution for India in some aspects with immunity and long vacations to judges continued even after half-century of independence. Only judicial victims created by biased judges misusing immunity can realise burnt of judicial torture for which our constitution has no remedy at all. 
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Ten branches of State Bank of India are now being authorised in Delhi instead of present one where stamp-papers can be purchased. But why these should not be counter-available just on payment by arranging their sale through all bank-branches (nationalised or private) and post-offices by giving them sale-commission thereby abolishing private vendors who often indulge in irregularities like back-dated sale. Even much talked-about notorious Telgi-scam was also a result of private vendors selling these important papers. Considering high cost of printing, stamp-fees should be re-fixed with minimum Rs 10. Other denominations should be like Rs 100, 1000, 10000 and so on and all stamp-papers should be numbered. 

Procedure for attesting affidavits written on stamp-papers should be simplified by giving attesting powers to officers of governments and their undertakings, medical and legal practitioners, chartered accountants, and such other categories of responsible citizens. Authorities like oath commissioners or notaries public who generally attest documents just to charge fees without any proper verification of signatures must be abolished.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Bhuta Singh and UPA did not accept the peoples' verdict. As per the verdict of last elections, the people of Bihar wanted a govt. by all the parties. (milee jhulee sarkar) A multi-party govt. with a common minimum program, without giving any party a brute majority was their solution for the feuding elements of Bihar. But they are curtly told by the Governor that they are wrong and that they should go for another election and should vote one party or one combination of parties. How can the governor dictate terms and order the people as to what they should do? Has he got the right to do so? Our constitution should be amended to make a provision for such scenarios as such incidents very common as we have seen in Goa, Jharkhand etc.. In fact Biharis did not want to give any one full power. They wanted all should agree to a program of economic progress minus hatred and politics and corruption. In the next elections also if the same or similar verdict comes out what will happen then? Paswan and Laloo are not ready reconcile even now. Congress's position is not clear. Two decades have been wasted and the coming days are still bad for Bihar. Progress and plenty are the casualty.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir
Secretary General 
All India Letter writers' Association.

A meeting was jointly organized by Intellectuals Forum for Secular Democracy (IFSD) and Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) at NRSC Club, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh to condemn the insult of Holy Quran by American Forces in Guantanamo Bay (A place illegally occupied by USA in Cuba).

Presiding over the occasion Prof. Shamim Ahmad, National President, IFSD, said that the Central Govt. should respect the sentiments of 20 Crore Muslims of India. He defined the event as "highly objectionable" and called for the punishment of those responsible. He demanded that the Central Govt. should immediately condemn the matter and should demand to set up an international enquiry procedure in this regard. He added that nobody should be allowed to insult any Holy book belonging to any religion and the AMU fraternity will never tolerate such humiliating act.

While expressing his anger Prof. Razaullah Khan, former Principal Z.H. College of Engg. & Tech., AMU, said that it was a pre planned tactic of USA Govt. and using such tactics America wants to demoralize Muslims and wants to abolish "SHARIYAH". Attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, Murder of human rights in Abu-Gharib jail and now the insult of Holy Quran all are part of single agenda being implemented by the Bush administration to terrorize the Muslims.

Dr. Mohd Shahid, former Secretary AMU Teacher’s Association (AMU-TA), said that it is another example of American "DADAGIRI". Actually Bush administration knows that Muslims are the only community in the world that can resist the unlawful activities of Americans up to a reasonable extent. America wants to capture all the natural resources on the earth. This is why they are targeting those countries which have been blessed by the natural resources like petrol. Attack on Iraq is a live example of the same. It was not an attack on Iraq but on oil.

Mr. Jasim Mohammad of AMU and convener MBMC, said that such events hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. He asked what this Bush administration wanted. It seems that Bush administration wants to eliminate Muslims from the world. Jasim Mohammad called upon the Govt. to ban all the American products like Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. He urged the Indian citizens to boycott all the American products as a protest against this shameful event.

Among the participants were Mr. Feroz Ahmad Khan,Tabinda Iqbal,Mohsin raza Khan,Abdul Bari, Danish Khan, Jitender Singh, Amit Baghal, Shahid Jamal, Dr. Mohd. Tahir, Mohd. Zafar, Rahat Ali, Farhat Ali, Syed Waseem Ahmad,Rehan, Iftikhaar, Uzair, Namita Garg, Naheed Fatima, Shruti Saxena, Nadeem Khan, Dilshad etc.
jasim Mohammad
Millat Bedari Muhim committee (MBMC)

Prof. Shamim Ahmad
National President
Intellectuals Forum for Secular Democracy
96,Kashmir House,sulaiman Hall,AMU,Aligarh-202002
JasimMohammad <>

Sangh Parivar opposing AMU reservation when in NDA Govt accorded 50% reservation to Muslims in Jamia Hamdard University and accepted it as minority institution fully honouring article 3o(1) of Indian constitution and was ready to provide the same to AMU. Out of power they are singing different tune. In my opinion ,AMU reservation is not an act of "reservation" but a "representation" of Muslimsin the fielsd of education who lag far behind in comparison to the majority community. How can giving an equal right and opportunity to a sizeable Indian population be called communal. It is absurd thinking.

It is also hypocracy on the part of those who want Indian Muslims to be eduacted but when an opportunity is given to them by the govt, they (Hardlines)sitting on other fronts turn hostile.

So far the required help for the development of Muslims by Govt is concerned, the secular govts like Congress and SP in various states are sincere. Unfortunately the CMs of state appoint Muslim leaders as the head of welfare Programs for Muslims who either fight among themselves or distribute the powers among their relatives least bothering for their Muslim brethren. The saying that Muslims are enemy of themselves comes true. Looking at the present situation in the state of UP and UA , it is better that the development of the Muslim community be taken up by the secular Hindu leaders in the govt. They(Hindu Leaders) at least will be more sincere towards Muslims to win their confidence in comparison to the so called Muslim leaders who take Muslim common masses for granted. 
Nafisul Hasan 

Sagarika Ghose is flogging a dead horse, with the fond hope that India’s secularism can carry 150 million Indian Muslims across the great divide that has widened during the 58 years of its imposed jurisdiction on India’s political, social and economic life. (The Indian Express, June 6, 2005, ‘The Iftaar party trap’ by Sagarika Ghose -< content_id=71746>

The real trap is not a few Iftaar parties held once a year during Ramadan by party-going glitteraties in major cities of India, but the real trap is the very idea of submerging all religions, to the exception of Indian Brahmanism, under the pious and sanctimonious guise of Marxist defined ‘secularism’. 

India’s legislative secularism is the real ingenious trap that on the one hand promotes a hideous form of hegemony for the upper-caste’s ruling casteist ideology, while trapping Muslims, at the very door, for not being conformists to the casteist mold. 

That suits the Left liberals too, who have much to lose if Muslims to get their constitutional rights while fully consolidating their religious identity. 
Indian Muslim’s religious identity is anathema to both extremist fundamentalists of the Hindutva as well as Marxist variety, as both movements are led by the Brahmins, be they Vajpayee or Basu/Buddhadeb clique. ( Heads I win, tail you lose!)

All of Sagarika Ghose’s long prescription to solve the Muslim communalism, amount to brushing the whole problem under the carpet. 

All such misguided measures have failed over the last 58 years and cannot be sustained any longer without a big rupture in India’s polity, at a very crucial moment in time when India is poised to enter a new and more promising phase of its economic development. 

Much social energies will be saved if India’s ruling ideologies should confirm to India’s own ground realities rather than the ruling class forcing a foreign and packaged ideology on the one billion people, while still clinging to the mantra of democracy as India’s most prized USP. 

Indian Muslims must be given their due political and economic rights, ‘despite’ them being Muslims.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Unlike other Indian politicians who have a usual practice to blame media for alleged distortion of their controversial statements, BJP President has exhibited maturity by sticking to his much talked-about comments about Jinnah despite bitter-most remarks from his own sangh-parivaar. Whole-hearted welcome of Adwani in Pakistan has certainly raised hopes of better understanding between nationals of sibling nations, and welfare of Hindu-minority in that country when the Indian Opposition Leader was invited by Pakistan government to inaugurate reconstruction of Katasraj temple.
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

The Dgin Of Advani
Everybody has a right to better himself and mend his ways. Advani cannot be denied that basic privilege. 

For the discerning observer, however, Advani’s moves are aimed at occupying the centrist space in Indian polity following the realization that ultra right doesn’t gel with the nation’s ethos. The proponents of soft Hindutva and narrow nationalism with pretension of secularism will most certainly welcome this. 

The genuinely secular Hindus and Muslims will, however, judge him by what he says and does about Gujarat genocide and whether he at least now reaches out to the victims. 

It is ironical that the muscle flexers and politico-religious hooligans empowered by Advani are now asking for his blood. But without his political acumen this lunatic fringe will become ineffective. It will be interesting to watch how Modi responds to Advani’s overtures to Miyan Musharraf!

It is disgusting, though, that the Congress is fishing in troubled waters, purely out of political expediency. Can it honestly say that, regardless of what Pakistan actually became, Jinnah had envisioned a theocratic state? Should political parties necessarily oppose each other? 
M Hasan Jowher

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