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Published in the 16-31 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Barelvi split from Muslim Personal Law Board

This letter is rejoinder to the letter written by Kaleem Kawaja. His comment on a great reviver of fourteen century Imam Ahmed Raza Khan and on his great grand son deserve condemnation. This question is to Mr Editor, Sir would you allow any type of comment in the news paper on the founders of Deoband school. It must be remembered that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan did not divide Muslims rather he defended the Shan-e-Aqdas of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) Sahaba-e kiram, Auliaallahs and great imams of Islamic history. He never wrote anything from his own. Each and every book and fatwa contains the references of Quran and Hadiths and has the approval of other great imams of the time. The people who were mureed of different Auliaallah and had respect in Khankahi Nizam accepted him as their imam throughout the world. This great reviver of Ahle Sunnah wrote more than nine hundred books from Economics to Geology and from Islamic fiqh to translation of Quran. His fatawa e Razvia contains 12 volumes and more than 12 thousand pages is a unique contribution to the Islamic world .He warned Muslims from the writings and teachings against misguided Muslims, modern authors non-Muslim orientalist writers so that they could not be misguided by them.

People like Kaleem Kawaja see what is shown to them. Their little knowledge does not give them the inner essence of Islam. It is very easy to charge others with corruption but very difficult to realize about oneself honestly. As far as the voice of Barelwis is concerned it was the first time when grandson of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan, Mufti Azam-e Hind Mustafa Raza Khan who strongly opposed the family planning which was supported by Deobandi Ulemas to please the late PM Mrs Indra Gandhi. He declared it unIslamic and forbade Muslims to follow it. Whether it may be issue of Triple Talaq or Darul Islam Sunni voice remained unchanged. The AIMPLB did not give reasonable representation to Sunnis and played politics with the major and important issues of Muslims at national level. The result is before us you can not blame others.
Shahnawaz Warsi, MSO of India, Aligarh

The comments of Kaleem Kawaja on Imam Ahmed Raza Khan are worth of condemnation. He has hurt the feelings of crores of Sunnis throughout the world with out knowing him and the place which is given to this great Mujadid of the fourteenth century. He has not divided the Muslims but warned them against the evil writings and teachings of people who wanted to lessen the dignity of Nabi Karim (pbuh). He taught love and honour for the Sahabis and Aulias. 
He was accepted as Imam by the Sunni muftis of Makkah and Madina. No one has the right to say anything disgraceful about him .
Faiz Alam & Shanu Malik, AMU

Editor: We apologise to our Barelwi brothers. MG is against new outfits which split the community’s strength but it does not share the letter-writer’s view about the Barelwi sect who are an important part of our community.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) was to hold a meeting at Kozikode (Kerala), on Dec. 24 to discuss and decide the issue of Triple talaaq. The board was also to formulate a Model Nikahnama in this meeting. I am sure the meeting must have been held in which some deliberation must have taken place. Could you get this info and model nikahnama and send it to me. Many Muslims of Indian origin living in North America (USA and Canada) are interested in this. Your input will be a kind of service to them.
Firoz Khan, Vice-president,AFMI-Canada

Editor: The AIMPLB held its meeting today [25 Dec.] at Lucknow. According to media reports, the board adopted the Nikahnama format which was on its agenda for many years. Still it is not clear if the Nikahnama format is the same one proposed earlier by Uzma Naheed or something else. There is news that the board has decided that the triple talaq should be avoided. It seems the board could not muster courage to say that triple talaq is illegal and unIslamic which it is. I would suggest that Muslims in Canada and other countries should not follow what is happening in India or some other similar place. They should follow the correct Islamic positions in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith [instead of following Fiqh]. It is better to ask and follow ulama in the Middle East who are more learned and open to new thoughts and reasoning like Shaikh Qaradawi and Azhari ulama. Our ulama do not follow Qur’an and Hadith; they follow Fiqhi works compiled in the Abbasid era. Many of the opinions adopted and expressed in those books have no relevance today in respect of worldly matters. 

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