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Published in the 16-31 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News 

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TMMK volunteer at work in Kalappani, TN

TMMK volunteer at work in Kalappani, TN


New Delhi: The first three Haj flights of Saudi Airline carrying more than 1000 prospective Hajis from Delhi were seen off by Natwar Singh external affairs minister and Ms Shiela Dixit, Delhi’s chief minister at Indira Gandhi International airport on 30 December. While seeing them off, Natwar Singh asked them to pray to Allah for the welfare of thousands of Tsunami hit people in India and other countries. In all, there will be about 300 Air India and Saudi flights that will take 82000 odd pilgrims from India to Saudi Arabia for performing Haj. In addition to this number there will be another 40,000 odd pilgrims from this country for performance of Haj whose to-and-fro journeys will be arranged by private tour operators. The last flight sponsored by Central Haj Committee will be on 16 January from Jaipur. Return flights will start from 22 January just after Eiduz Zoha.

Kolkata: West Bengal Urdu Academy plans to bring out a directory of Urdu poets, writers, critics, research scholars etc. It therefore calls upon the concerned men of letters to immediately send their brief biographies with relevant details, passport size photos etc to the secretary, West Bengal Urdu Academy, 2/75-A, Rafi Ahmad Qidwai Road, Kolkata - 700.016 so that the directory could be published at the earliest. If necessary, printed forms can be obtained by post from the Academy’s office in which case self addressed envelop with postage stamps be sent along with the application for forms.

Bangalore: Rajya Sabha deputy chairman, K. Rahman Khan proposed that if four years’ Haj subsidy at the rate of Rs 250 crores every year is withheld, the Haj Committee can purchase its own chartered planes for transportation of Hajis to Saudi Arabia at cheaper rates. During non- Haj periods these planes can be given on rent, he suggested and said that his proposals should be seriously considered. He quoted the example of Malaysia from where 20,000 pilgrims go for Haj every year and where the Haj Committee has its own charter planes and has a reserve of Rs 40 thousand crores, he said. 

New Delhi: All the ulama, religious organisations and including Shoaib Iqbal, MLA from Jama Masjid area and deputy speaker of Delhi Assembly and Ram Veer Singh Bidhouri have strongly protested against demolition of many places of religious worship including more than a dozen mosques by DDA in Jamuna Pushta Jhuggi settlements. The MLAs have demanded a CBI enquiry in the whole affair, action against the guilty persons and rebuilding of the demolished mosques. In a joint press conference they have said that it is for the first time after Independence that so many mosques have been demolished in a single operation. They accused DDA authorities of not taking local MALs, MP or religious leaders into confidence before taking such a drastic action and said that they will be meeting the prime minister and President and carry on the fight against these demolitions. 

Gorakhpur: All India Shia Conference general secretary Sayyad Mohammad Husain Abdi, while disapproving the model Nikahnama prepared by Muslim Personal Law Board said that some amendments are needed to be incorporated therein. While talking to media persons here he said that while preparing the Nikahnama, some amendments in accordance with Shia customs and traditions need to be seriously considered and added that if this matter is delayed and amendments not incorporated, his organisation will oppose it at every level.

Islamabad: Pakistan’s minister of state for religious affairs, Dr Amir Liaqat Husain said in an interview to a newspaper that ijtehad (interpretation of Islamic law) on beard and burqa is needed because burqa or veil has no Shari’at sanctity. He clarified that for women, hijab is necessary, not veil and added that hijab implies covering of hair which does not include face. Similarly, growing beard is sunnat for every Muslim but this is not the only sunnat. There are many more sunnats in Islam, he said. He also said that there is no element of compulsion in Islam.

Panipat: It has been found that there is surfeit of bogus and fictitious madrasas in different towns and villages of Haryana which in fact have no existence at all. Many people, projecting themselves as representatives of such false madrasas, tour different places in the country, describe the pitiable condition of these madrasas which were wiped out in the wake of partition and now being revived and rebuilt by them, excite the pity of simple and even educated people and demand subscriptions for building, education, accommodation and meals of poor boy and girl students. These madrasas and their hired agents also take Muslim welfare institutions and large madrasas like Darul Uloom Deoband, Jamiatul Ulama etc for a ride and extract money from them which in fact goes in their pockets. They are also equipped with false receipts, photos etc to hoodwink the people and institutions. One such bogus group was recently detected in Panipat which exposed the existence of such nefarious business going on. 

Azamgarh: Jamaat-e Islami organised a meeting in a famous village in Azamgarh district dedicated to ‘Allah ka Paigham Hinduon ke Naam’ (Allah’s massage to Hindus) and Eeshwar ka sandesh manushya ke naam (God’s message to man) under the presidentship of Maulana Altaf Ahmad. Abdul Jawad Islahi, while introducing the Qur’an to the audience, emphasised that Qur’an has been revealed not only for Muslims but for the entire humanity. He advised Hindu brethren not to see Muslims but see Islam and Qur’an. If they study the messages of Qur’an and Islam, they will know that the message of Islam and Eeshwar will lead to the path of peace and harmony. President of Jamiatul Falah, Bilarya Ganj, Maulana Tahir Madni, who also spoke on the occasion said that peace will prevail only by following the message of Eeshwar. 

New Delhi: Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre sponsored a meeting in Jamia Nagar in which Prof Mohd Sabihuddin Ansari, who had come from Dubai spoke on eating habits of man in the light of Qur’an and Sunnat. He said that one should take meals in one-third part of the stomach, water also in one-third part of the stomach and one-third should be left vacant for breathing. One should avoid too much of eating and sleeping which are not good for health. A young man should sleep for a maximum of 6 hours, he said. Giving an example of the Prophet (SAW) he said that he (Prophet) generally took dates and water so much so that throughout his life, he never had even barley bread to the full capacity.

Greater Noida: Azim Premji’s Wipro Group, country’s biggest IT company, plans to build an IT city in Greater Noida (UP), a suburb of Delhi. Noida Authority has agreed to give 42 acres of land to this group in the first phase. In the second phase 100 acres more will be given to this company for the proposed city. Noida authorities have circulated Wipro’s plan to different IT companies who may be interested to set their units in the proposed city.

Allahabad: A meeting preside over by the general secretary of UP Moallim Urdu Berozgar Union, Mohammad Zaid was recently held in Allahabad’s Majidia Islamia Inter College premises wherein UP chief minister was reminded that during his previous chief ministership he had recognised Urdu Moallim degree as being equal to BT and CT degrees. Accordingly he had appointed 5000 Urdu Moallim degree holders to the posts of Urdu teachers in 1994 but the subsequent BJP-led government, because of political reasons, had de-recognised it in August 1997. A demand was made in this meeting that since there are 35, 000 vacancies of Urdu teachers in the state now and Mulayam Singh is again the chief minister, he may cancel former BJP government’s derecognition order, restore his previous order of recognition of this degree equal to BT and CT and appoint this degree holders to the thousands of posts of Urdu teachers in the state. This will also promote Urdu for which he is so desirous.

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