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Published in the 16-31 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

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Indian Muslim woman donating for Tsunami victims’ relief at Ongole, Andhra Pradesh

Indian Muslim woman donating for Tsunami victims’ relief at Ongole, Andhra Pradesh


New Delhi: Shervani Awards, instituted by Saleem Iqbal Shervani (Lok Sabha MP, chairman of Bharat Sewa Trust) have been awarded to 56 male and female teachers of Lucknow’s five Muslim educational institutions for their hard and sincere work which enabled the students in their respective subjects to secure good positions in UP Board examinations held in the year 2004. These institutions are Eram Inter College, Indra Nagar, Eram Convent College, Abdul Aziz Road, Sunni Inter College, Victoria Street; Girls Inter College, Mufti Ganj and Amirudduala Islamia Inter College, all in Lucknow. 

New Delhi: Maulana Azad Education Foundation has announced that the amounts of scholarship to brilliant girl students of minority community for the financial year 2004-05 have been increased from Rs 1200 to Rs 3000. In a press release by the Foundation it was announced that Union minister for social justice and empowerment and president of this Foundation , Meera Kumar distributed drafts of Rs 10,000 to fifty brilliant students each at the function on 4.1.05. Chairman of National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions, Justice M.S.A. Siddiqui presided over the function. 

Moral decline of AMU
Rampur: Alig Society of Rampur organised Sir Syed Dinner here on 3 January. Speaking on this occasion UP’s minister for Parliamentary affairs and urban development Mohammad Azam khan regretted that during the past 25 years or so Aligarh Muslim University has undergone moral and civilisational degradation. He said that for this not Sir Syed but those people are responsible who are more interested in fun and entertainment and less interested in education, promotion of which was the main idea of the founder of this institution and added that this University has also now become a meritorious university. In this connection he said that he wants to set up Mohammad Ali Jauhar University at Rampur on AMU’s pattern because it was here that Sir Syed first wanted to set up AMU but could not do so because Nawab of Rampur did not permit him to do so. His effort to set up Jauhar University at Rampur will please Sir Syed’s soul, he said. 

Rampur: Special secretary of UP Waqf Board, Mohammad Mustafa has issued order that the protection and safety of Waqf properties will henceforth be managed by the mutawallis (care takers) of the sects to which it belongs. As regards Shia Waqf, only a Shia can be its mutawalli. There was no such restriction in Sunnis but according to the government order issued by the UP Waqf Board secretary, a mutawalli or care taker of Sunni Waqf properties will be a man of Sunni sect only. According to Mustafa, special secretary, tenants who are paying rents of such waqf properties at old rates and are not willing to pay the rent at market or new rates will be expelled. 

Mumbai: Mahesh Bhat, the famous film director said at a reception in his honour in Mumbai that Muslims cannot be afraid of any body and those who get frightened are not Muslims. Some people who are misleading others for their self interest should be taught a lesson and for teaching them a lesson good people in society should break their silence and insensitivity. Praising Teesta Setalwad, he said that she has shown mirror to the rioters so that they can see their real face. This reception was organised by Rashtriya Ekta Abhiyan’s Message to Humanity and under this programme a big procession was taken out in Mumbai. Teesta Setalwad, who also spoke at this reception said that the kins and family members of those killed in Gujrat riots should get justice within a year. She said that changing of statements repeatedly by Zahira Sheikh will make no difference in Best Bakery case because there are 6-7 strong witnesses who will be very useful in bringing justice in this case as well as 425 other helpless people on whose behalf her organisation is fighting the case. 

New Delhi: Among many Islamic and Muslim organisations who are rendering help to the Tsunami-hit people in southern parts of India in different ways and whose volunteers are physically distributing relief materials to the affected people, Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre has donated Rs one lakh to the prime minister’s national relief fund. In addition to this, Kashmir’s separatist organisation, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has also donated Rs one lakh for providing help to the affected people.

New Delhi: Delhi’s Lt Governor, B.L Joshi has appointed a 3- member fact finding committee to enquire into the demolition of religious places of worship in Jamuna Pushta. It may be recalled that recently DDA’s demolition squad demolished Jhuggi settlements in Jamuna Pushta near ITO. In this operation 40-45 religious places including about a dozen mosque were also demolished. Strongly protesting against this action of DDA, a delegation of ulama led by chief minister Shiela Dixit met the Lt Governor and conveyed the strong sentiments of the general public. This committee is headed by T.T. Joseph retired IAS officer. Other members of the committee are O.B. Kelkar, chief secretary of urban development ministry and Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police, Qamar Ahmad. 

New Delhi: Almost all Muslim organisations, along with scores and even hundreds of government and non-governmental organisations and associations have come out with financial and material resources to help the victims of recent earthquake and widespread floods in southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Pondicherry, Maldives. Muslim organisations like Jamiatul Ulama, Jamaat-e Islami, Muslim Personal Law Board, Milli Council, Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, and dozens of big and small Milli organisations, in addition to expression of deep sorrow, sympathy with the affected people and prayers for the safety and welfare of their brethren in distress have devoted themselves in helping the unfortunate victims with human, monetary and material resources. Relief materials like food items, tents, blankets, clothes, medicines etc worth crores of rupees have been sent to those places along with volunteers who are actively doing whatever they can, without any kind of discrimination and motivated purely with the feeling of service to humanity in these hours of crises, to ameliorate the difficulties of the affected people. 

Patna: An organisation of backward Muslims, Pasmanda Muslim Mahaaz (Backward Muslims Front) has demanded Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) of Laloo Prasad Yadav to give at least 50 tickets to Muslims in proportion to their population in the state (Bihar) in the forth coming Assembly elections which are slated to be held in February. Another Muslim organisation, Muslim Backward Morcha, has promised to support RJD in the forthcoming Assembly elections because there is no other better alternative and it has come up as a secular party though they too have some grievances against this party.

Faridabad: Haryana’s own Haj House is proposed to be built on Haryana Waqf Board’s land in Gurgaon. Central Haj Committee chairman Tanvir Ahmad, who arrived here from Mumbai said that Haj Houses of most states have already been built. Thereafter Haryana’s own Haj House will also be built. In addition to the accommodation of Hajis, arrangements will also be made for their training, visa and all other facilities. Haryana Haj Committee member and Imam of Faridabad Eidgah, Maulana Haji Mohammad Ramzan said that tickets will be given to Hajis 12 to 14 hours before the start of their journeys. With the completion of this Haj House, prospective Hajis from Yamunagar, Hissar and other areas of the state can be accommodated and their requirements can be easily met by the Haj Committee here. 

Lucknow: Differences among Muslim Personal Law Board members over the issue of triple Talaq have come out openly now. Whereas Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, Shia leader and vice president of Muslim Personal Law Board openly says that triple talaq or utterance of talaq in one sitting is invalid among Shias, others hold the view that it is perfectly valid and permissible under Islamic Shariat, though disliked by God. Similarly, Maulana Sadiq says that Islam permits family planning and birth control, but not termination of pregnancy. A spokesmen of the Board had recently stated that there is no room for family planning (or birth control) in Islam. In support of his views, Maulana Sadiq says that 56 Islamic countries including Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc have legalised family planing methods and that even the famous Al Azhar University of Cairo had issued a Fatwa a few years ago in favour of birth control measures. Again, Maulana Sadiq said that Islam no where disallows men and women offering namaz together in mosques and even in the holiest place at Ka’ba, men and women offer namaz together but Sunnis and others hold the contrary view.

Relief & rehabilitation
Relief team led by Mrs. Rehana Undre, vice president of Mumbai;’s Royal Educational Society has distributed hampers worth ten lakh (one million) rupees, containing medicines, clothes, blanket, mattress, bed sheet and strawmatts, in worst affected areas of Karunapalli and Vuypeen near Cochin. To help, you may contact the RES at 

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