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Published in the 16-31 Jan 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News 

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Dr Faridi’s 91st birth anniversary observed 
New Delhi: United Muslim of India organised Dr Faridi Memorial Lecture at Madrasa Misbahul Qur’an at New Seelampur on 29 December on the occasion of Dr Abdul Jaleel Faridi’s 91st birth day under the presidentship of Maulana Rauzuddin Qasmi.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Abdul Haq, the chief guest and former head of Urdu Department at Delhi University said that Dr Faridi was the first political leader who tried to promote Dalit-Muslim amity. He played a vital role in liberating Muslims from the feeling of inferiority complex after India’s independence and convinced them as well as all others that Muslims are not responsible for country’s partition. He wa a successful medical practitioner and spent all his hard earned money on helping the needy. 

He raised his voice against atrocities being perpetrated on Muslims and brought about Shia-Sunni unity. He also tried to promote Dalit-Muslim unity. 
Maulana Rauzuddin Qasmi said in his presidential address that a library befitting Dr Faridi’s personality would be set up in this school where a book bank will be created to provide books free of charge to poor students.

PublicationS of Shah Wali-ullah Institute 
New Delhi: A function was organised in December last year in Jamia Millia Islamia’s conference hall where new publications of Shah Waliullah Institute, New Delhi were released. After recitation of Holly Qur’an, Hakeem Zilur Rahman gave a brief description of the research activities of the Institute and spoke about its future activities.

Officiating General Secretary of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, Maulana Ameeduz Zaman Kairanvi, while inaugurating Shah Ashbah wa Al Nazair fil Qur’anil Kareem, said that it was a manuscript of the book written by the famous Quranic exegesis writer, Miqabil bin Sulaiman Tharasani. It was translated into Urdu by Late Dr Abun Nasr Mohammad Khalidi, former teacher of Usmania University, Hyderabad.
Prof Zubair Ahmad Farooqui, head of the department of Arabic, Jamia Millia Islamia while speaking on this occasion said that these days not much attention was being paid to research and artistic books but we should value such books. Prof Abu Bakr, chairman of Minorities Commission, Delhi praised the research activities of the Institute.

Ameer of Jamait-e Islami Hind, Dr Abdul Haq Ansari who presided over this function said that Dr Abun Nasir Khalidi was a great scholar and had a deep knowledge about different periods of Islamic history.

“Zahira should be hanged”: grandmother 
New Delhi: The granmother of Zahira Sheikh, the main witness in the Best Bakery case, has condemned her attitude and her repeatedly changing statements. She said that she should be hanged. In a special interview to a private TV channel, Zahira’s maternal grandmother said that she was present when the rioters set fire to the Best Bakery, but after the riots her attitude has changed. She added that they had much hope from her that she would save all of them

Shah Rukh most successful actor
Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s two films Main Hoon Na and Veer Zara were released last year in January. Both the films earned huge revenues. 

Babar was a religious person
Lucknow: Sardar Rajinder Singh, a witness of Paramhans Ramchandra Das in the Babri Masjid ownership case admitted in the court of Special Commissioner, Hari Shankar Dubey that the Mughal Emperor Zahiruddin Babar had become a religious person and he had given up acts of sin. In answer to a question of Zafaryab Jilani he said that an Englishman, Talbot in his translation of Babar’s autobiography, Babarnama wrote that king Babar had forsaken his acts of sin. He had also got his gold and silver pots and other items used for drinking wine broken and distributed them among the poor people and thereafter had ruled over India as a religious person. He further said that Talbot’s translation of Babarnama was in English which was again translated in Hindi by Nawal Puri.

He said that Nawal Puri in his Hindi translation added something of his own. Puri has mentioned that Babar first attacked India in 925 AH. Nawal Puri however has not mentioned about the third and fourth attacks of Babar in the book. He attacked India for the fifth time and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and started his rule over India. He said that the Hijri year 925 began on 18 October 1525 and at the time of Babar’s third and fourth attacks, Guru Nanak Dev was alive. This has been mentioned in Guru Garanth also. Lawyers of Muslim parties were also present in the court.

Theft of Aurangzeb’s manuscript of Qur’an 
Pune: A guilded manuscript of the Holy Qur’an written by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was stolen in 1999. Three persons involved in this theft, Vijay Kumar Thakre, Ashish Bhavekar and H.N. Datatriya hailing from Bangalore, were sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of Rs two thousand each by first class judicial magistrate, R.K. Sheikh, on 23 December. They were found guilty of stealing and fraudulently selling this guilded manuscript which consists of 1000 pages. The value of the manuscript with Arabic text and its translation in Persian, is estimated to be Rs one crore in international market.

No mention of Janmbhoomi in Sikhs scriptures.
Lucknow: Rajinder Singh, a Sikh witness of Paramhans Ramchandra Das in Babri Masjid ownership case, while testifying before the Special Commissioner, Hari Shankar Dubey on January 4 admitted that there was no mention of any shape or area of Ayodhya’s Janmabhoomi in the religious scriptures of Sikhs. In reply to a question put by Zafaryab Jilani, he said that in his affidavit he had written that Baba Guru Nanak Devji, had gone to Ayodhya in 1510 but could not say for how long he stayed in Ayodhya and thereafter where he went from Ayodhya. He also did not know as to who was the ruler of Ayodhya then.

Later on, after many questions were put to him, he said that Sikandar Lodhi and Ibrahim Lodhi ruled in India from 1489 to 1514 and after the defeat of Ibrahim Lodhi only, the Mughal king sat on the throne of Delhi. He also failed to say whether at that time Ayodhya was under Delhi’s ruler. He said that during the 15th and 16th centuries there was no difference between Ayodhya and Awadh; Ayodhya itself was known as Awadh.

He also admitted that in his affidavit he has not mentioned about Skand Puran in which there is a mention of Ram Mandir. He also could not tell whose rule was there in Ayodhya in 1510. Jamiatul Ulama-e Hind (UP) secretary, Maulana Ghufran Qasmi, was also in the court during the hearing. 

Employment Fund by Majlis-e Amal, Delhi
New Delhi: Majlis-e Amal, Delhi an economic, social and welfare organisation set up in early 2004 completed one year of its existence on Ist January 2005. The objective of this organisation is the creation of an Employment Fund and an effort to put an end to unemployment. For the creation of this Fund, every member is required to contribute one rupee every day. It has laid down in its manifesto that effort will be made to provide employment to one person out of every hundred persons. By the grace of God this organisation is now in a position to provide employment to one person. That is to say, a total amount of Rs 40,000 has been collected in this Fund during the course of one year which can be used to easily provide employment to at least one person.
At the end of the year, in order to reward its members and workers for their efforts, the organisation had given two awards ie ‘Service Award’ for members to Nusrat Husain Nasir Banarsi and ‘Azmat Award’ for workers to Mohammad Alam Jaffery.
(Abdus Salam Siddiqui)«

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