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Published in the 16-31 March 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

The Milli Gazette Online 

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A Kashmiri woman is comforted after being refused travel permit to visit

A Kashmiri woman is comforted after being refused 
travel permit to visit Pakistan-administered Kashmir 
(Srinagar, 7 March 05)

kainat society festival
Aligarh: Science Aur Kainat Society of India, New Delhi organised a one day district level Science Festival on February 2 on the theme "World Year of Physics" at Black Dale Public School, Aligarh. The festival was attended by 200 students and teachers of various schools of Aligarh district. The activities included quiz, essay writing, science exhibition, painting, skit and debate on themes related to science and technology, health, and environment. The schools which participated in the festival included Aligarh Public School, Black Dale Public School, A Barkat School, Cambridge Public School, Aligarh City Public School, Amtal Public School, Abdul Baseer Khan Union School for Girls and ST High School among others. 

Cardiologial Society of India conference
Aligarh: Centre of Cardiology, JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University organised the XIth Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India, UP Chapter here on February 5-6. Professor MU Rabbani, Organising Secretary said that eminent speakers from all over India delivered lectures covering all aspects of Cardiology. About 400 delegates from UP attended the conference.

Regulatory body for small scale BUSINESS
Aligarh: The Centre for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India, AMU, Aligarh organised a two-day national seminar on the theme "Muslim artisans, craftsmen, trade: issue in entrepreneurship" on February 20-21.
Abu Saleh Sharif, chief economist National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi said that Muslims are risk takers and therefore they can contribute a lot to the national economy in the age of globalisation. Muslims should accept modern day’s interest and should not consider it as anti-Islamic, as it is no more related to exploitation, he urged. Since 90% of Muslims are working in the unorganised small scale sector "house hold sector", the government must establish a regulatory body to oversee economic activities of this vital organ of our economy. Regulation of small scale money-lending will go a long way in this regard. Every Muslim particularly girls should at least study up to class 7, he said.

New Delhi: A unique exhibition of Urdu books is presently going on in Jamia Millia Islamia’s Ansari Auditorium where one can conveniently ‘meet’ past and present Urdu poets, writers, critics like Faiz, Ghalib, Manto, Kaifi Azmi, Iqbal, Firaq and other ‘who is who’s’ in the world of Urdu under one roof. The exhibition which started on 27 February and will continue up to 6 March, is being sponsored by National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) with active cooperation of Jamia Millia Vice Chancellor Prof Mushirul Hasan. Books of Faiz, Kaifi Azmi and Javed Akhtar are most popular and Deewans of Faiz and Javed Akhtar are almost all sold out. About 70 publishers from all over the country are taking part in this exhibition. A number of new books were also released in this Book Fair. There is a separate section for science books in Urdu. 

New Delhi: A meeting of Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (Qasmi group) was held in New Delhi on 23 February under the presidentship of its vice chairman, Maulana Wali Rahmani to review the affairs of Muslims. Concern was expressed over Shia-Sunni riots and loss of life and property in Lucknow on the occasion of Muharram. It was decided to assign Maulana Sayyad Khadim Husain Naqvi, vice president of Mushawarat and some other important persons with the task of removing misunderstandings and to restore understanding and goodwill between Shias and Sunnis. The meeting also reviewed the promises made by government in its common minimum programme concerning Muslims and their implementation. It expressed satisfaction over the positive steps taken by the government in the form National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions Act but opined that since this Act was passed in a very short time, many important aspects were left out. Convenor of Mushawarat’s educational committee, Chaudhari Rahat Mahmood was authorised to convene a meeting to consider the missing points in the Act and prepare a detailed report for thorough consideration by all members. Thereafter a symposium will be held in which educational and legal experts will be invited to participate.   

Saharanpur: In view of the increasing number of students in Darul Uloom, Deoband, its advisory committee has accorded its permission for construction of a new 5-storied library to be named after Darul Uloom’s first Sheikhul Hadeeth, Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan at an estimated cost of Rs 9 crore. This library will be equipped with all modern facilities in which books on all classical as well as modern and technical subjects will be available. Whereas many people and circles have welcomed this step, many others have said that when this institution already has a large and grand library there is no sense in spending such a huge amount of the community for this rather unnecessary work specially when basic facilities like electricity and such other things are not being provided to the students and teachers of this world famous institution. Every body can feel the unrest that is prevailing in this institution, they say. 

Lucknow: Though Mohammad Ali Jauhar University is still a nonstarter, UP government has announced many other projects in his name. Chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav while presenting the budget of the state for the next financial year said that a scholarship project in Jauhar’s memory is being introduced under which 200 students who secure distinction marks in MBBS, MBA, MCA, BBA, IIT, IIM etc will be paid monthly scholarships of Rs 1000 each. A budget of Rs 1.11 crore has been set apart for developing Model Montessori School, Rampur, where Jauhar was kept as a prisoner, as a heritage centre. Another budget of Rs 1.99 crore has been provided for revival of Oriental College, Rampur which was at one time top class institution for Arabic education. An Animal Home in Jauhar’s memory, estimated to cost Rs 2.45 crore, is planned to be built. Madrasas and Maktabs are planned to be modernised and children will be taught mathematics, science, English, Hindi etc. The scheme of enabling ricksha - pullers belonging to minority community to become its owners will be continued in the F.Y. 2005-06 also. It is proposed to make special coaching arrangements in Lucknow for minority students for competitive examinations for medical and engineering courses. Still another scheme is to provide free computers in 140 madrasas of higher level which are estimated to cost Rs 1.54 crore. 

New Delhi: Founder President of Jamiat Law Institute, former chairman of National Minorities Commission and legal luminary, Prof Tahir Mahmood’s autobiography in English has been just published. In addition to other things, interesting revelations about a number of important personalities and events, his experiences with Aligarh Muslim University, Indian Law Institute, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Hamdard, Institute of Objective Studies, Urdu Council, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, National Commission on Minorities, Human Rights Commission and many other institutions and their responsible authorities are recorded in this 350 page book divided into 12 chapters.

According to a press release issued by the Jamiat, his personal experiences about prejudices against Urdu and Muslims in government departments, police force etc are also described in this book. In the foreword of this book he writes that his experiences with religious, legal and other authorities have been sweet as well as sour which have enlightened him about new and astonishing traits of human character and he does not want that these sweet, sour and bitter experiences and memories should be buried along with him.

Bangalore: All India Talent Identification and Promotion Trust (Regd), Bangalore has prepared a Talent Promotion Scheme for class X students under which the Trust will conduct a test of 10th class students at All India level. After passing this test and subsequent interview, it will arrange the education of successful students from Inter to PhD level in mass communication, sociology, economics and psychology and will also bear the cost of their education and other activities.

New Delhi: Union minister for social justice and empowerment Mrs Meera Kumar said that in view of the fact that vacant lands of Waqf are fast coming under illegal occupation all over the country, it is advisable to put them for useful and income generating purposes. In her first meeting with presidents and other top authorities of Waqf Boards, she said that whereas it is necessary to take strong steps to get illegal occupations removed, such vacant lands should better be used for building industrial projects which will check illegal occupations and also generate good income in the long run for Waqf Boards which can further be used for welfare of the community. Praising UP Waqf Development Corporation, she said that it has already started using its land like a professional industrialist. She said that Central Waqf Board has drawn up a plan of building industrial complexes for 168 project on these lands. Another good use of these lands in villages is to build educational institutions for promotion of education among girls, she suggested.

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